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  1. Mayhem


  2. Now I see what people meant by the need to drag... Because I will quite often type a reply to the main thread as a general comment, and then address a specific point that's in the quote as well, in the same post
  3. There are a few tricks for Impossible Mission, one definitely is don't bother with the puzzles until you have all 36 pieces! Another is knowing (or working out from multiple plays) that 18 of the pieces are always the same, in nine pairs. The other 18 are nine randomly selected other pairs that fit the mainstays. Once you understand which 18 always crop up, it becomes a lot easier heh. My best score for completing the game is just over 30k iirc.
  4. And in the process of submitting that reply above, noticed something else, don't know if it was in the previous forum build or not. If you are on page X, and quote and reply to someone, but the latest page is page X+4 for example, when you submit the reply, you aren't taken to the last page. So I submitted, thought nothing had happened, submitted again, when to the last page and then realised I'd posted twice. So editing the second reply to put this here! @Albert you can probably remember better than me on this front!
  5. Now on my proper PC with Firefox looking at the site and the Status Update text box is showing correctly, so might have just been a mobile browser problem.
  6. Currently viewing the site using Firefox on my iPad (had a weekend away!). I’ll have a look see on my laptop when I get home and if the same problem exists.
  7. I was baffled by that @Albert , there was no text box for entering a status update UNTIL I tapped on the header text “status update” in the window and then it suddenly appeared! My question... on the main forum page, on the right hand side, there are lists for the latest status updates, topics and blog entries. Any way to turn that off?
  8. Still figuring out a new daughter six months on...!

  9. Having played both, oh there's a ton of differences, mostly not for the better on the 7800. Just doesn't feel quite right.
  10. Even better, some video footage of me demonstrating it from about ten years ago...
  11. It wasn't sold cart only iirc, so you'd only get that if someone's lost the box and manual since.
  12. Would be interested in one Just to note, one of the original lightpen prototypes from 1983 (which I own) was a combined unit with the buttons on, so it's only fitting that eventually the idea is realised...!
  13. Wow, got to say I like that! I love the original C64 version of IM, one of my faves of all time. The 7800 version is solid, a few things amiss or different, but definitely completable (which I have done!).
  14. Well you need a 5 pin cable, not an 8 pin.
  15. Only way to be sure, dump them and hex compare.
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