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  1. Aside from the aforementioned 2600 versions, the Vectrex.
  2. It's not the higher frame rate that's the issue per se. It's that there are less free CPU cycles left after updating the screen on NTSC computers, cycles that could be used for other things gameplay wise, or generating double buffer for scrolling purposes.
  3. Obviously the AA Store is a huge sales point for Atari, there's quite a few for the C64 too, physical is popular (Psytronik, RGCD, BitMapSoft, Bobr Games, Protovision, Poly.Play to name a few). Sam's Journey for the C64 has sold over 3000 copies, of which about half are physical, but I agree, that's the extreme end of the market (it really is a mega game though). Vector Pliot and Vector Patrol for the Vectrex have both sold over 1000 copies.
  4. Bit late coming back to the party here (that's what life, work, looking for a new place, my daughter, and writing for Zzap do)... but to echo the previous sentiment, the "current" brand of "Atari" is just a label, and has nothing to do with the original company. That ended in 1998 when the name and assets got sold to Hasbro. In the same way the original Activision ended when Mediagenic bought it (ironically later renaming itself back to Activision). No different to the plethora of Commodore branded items out there, it's a name only. Considering Curt and Roman's contribution to the 2600 scene in general, them doing something is way more official in my eyes than anything Atari SA does.
  5. Hmm Curt Vendel basically was the entire inspiration behind the Flashback series of consoles, pitched the ideas, the driving force behind getting them made. Curt worked with Roman (CPUWiz) on the set of physical releases for the (at the time) exclusive new games to the FB2 console. That's damn near fucking official to me in my eyes.
  6. I've got the Sesame Street games that are on cartridge, but I don't think I own this.
  7. Not going to complain if you want some playtesting from this end (also in the UK if that helps!)
  8. 1) I owned a complete set of PAL 7800 until selling it recently, didn't spot any differences box wise between PAL and NTSC. 2) Only a P sticker on the cart that was liable to fall off. 3) Exactly the same, some releases in Germany or France had a local language photocopy attached to the outside of the box.
  9. Mayhem

    Pal or ntsc.

    Neither have I. One trick that has worked is to run the RF through a VCR and have that connected to the TV via RGB Scart. But you're going to need a better TV in general. I've got a modded NTSC 7800 for S-video and every TV bar the Sony 14" Trinitron I had in the early 90s supported it fine.
  10. Not Bedford, but I've got PAL and NTSC consoles, and live in the UK
  11. Correction apart from one aspect: yes, you do have to dump it yourself. How they prove that, I have no idea though.
  12. I think you've already pre-empted the answer there
  13. Bump up a bit, but yes, a few of us have tried out the game, it's being worked on by a couple of established homebrew authors to improve it and iron out bugs and add more to what's already there I believe.
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