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  1. None of this has been introduced yet to the UK or Europe, but I'm waiting for it. Making people think dealing with Paypal before was actually not so bad, at least you got your money immediately! I opened a new bank account just for Paypal years and years ago when they "forced" you into adding one to your profile, and to be honest, it has been useful when selling to then get money out of Paypal that I need to spend on non Paypal related matters. No way would I have ever added my main bank account though heh. So if I'm forced to add a bank account for eBay, it will be the same one as for Paypal.
  2. Laird irony alert! 😝
  3. I had a pile of 2600 homebrew at one point (most now sold off) and all of them worked fine on my 7800 (PAL and NTSC depending on which I bought)
  4. Complete Atari published silver box PAL Atari 7800 collection (42 games). All games complete, almost all boxes are in great condition or better (see photos). All games worked when last tested. Ballblazer is the slightly harder to find red label version. Asking £900 or best offer, plus whatever for insured tracked postage to your location.
  5. Mayhem

    A Question

    If the source and target both use the same type of CPU (for example Apple II, NES and C64) then the term "port" is more appropriate if moving code over between them (for example both the Prince of Persia and Super Mario Bros ports released on the C64). Conversion definitely used for one unrelated platform to another, usually from the arcade in the 80s.
  6. That's because all the boxes are the same, Atari used the same boxes for NTSC and PAL releases. Can't tell what region a sealed title is unless you open it.
  7. Mayhem

    Rikki & Vikki

    True but I don't do Steam either, my PC isn't up to most games on the platform.
  8. Mayhem

    Rikki & Vikki

    Still debating whether to stay in the 7800 scene or not, as I'm selling up all my originals currently (but not the homebrew yet, just the games from the 80s). Best make a decision soon, although I do have the money spare to buy it right now...!
  9. CPUWiz - Vorsprung durch Technik!
  10. Well this changed since I last checked in yesterday. Shit, god damn, no doubt that will get bleeped out by the forum filter. Are the liver issues due to the reason you were hospitalised, or something else they discovered while treating you? If the latter... haunting similarities to my mother in law. Went into hospital due to suspected stroke, while running the tests, bam, discovered stage 3 pancreatic cancer. She lasted another four months. My thought with you my man, it was wonderful finally meeting you all those years ago at CGE, and 2020 has been sucky enough with Covid, and Curt's passing to let another Atari stalwart go.
  11. Wow, glad you've been posting here Roman, all the best, here's to a complete recovery. We lost Curt already this year sadly
  12. And the original release of Magicard was just the plain circuit board (which i used to own), the version in the shell with label came later.
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