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  1. CPUWiz - Vorsprung durch Technik!
  2. Well this changed since I last checked in yesterday. Shit, god damn, no doubt that will get bleeped out by the forum filter. Are the liver issues due to the reason you were hospitalised, or something else they discovered while treating you? If the latter... haunting similarities to my mother in law. Went into hospital due to suspected stroke, while running the tests, bam, discovered stage 3 pancreatic cancer. She lasted another four months. My thought with you my man, it was wonderful finally meeting you all those years ago at CGE, and 2020 has been sucky enough with Covid, and Curt's passing to let another Atari stalwart go.
  3. Wow, glad you've been posting here Roman, all the best, here's to a complete recovery. We lost Curt already this year sadly
  4. And the original release of Magicard was just the plain circuit board (which i used to own), the version in the shell with label came later.
  5. They did, it was CPUWiz/ShyOne, I had both Survival Island and Sword of Saros inside those, until I sold my Supercharger set several years ago.
  6. Mayhem

    Rikki & Vikki

    It’s very very variable depending on where it’s going through. Had something take six weeks to reach me from US to U.K. recently. I’m still waiting on something 2.5 months later! Other letters have taken under a week.
  7. The artwork won't be released afaik, but everything else should. Packrat likely just do game in a plastic clamshell with inlay as per all their other games, they don't do special versions.
  8. Last couple days for the remaining Atari...
  9. I've got a boxed and complete 220V unit I'm looking to sell, but it doesn't work 100% (has odd issues with certain memory expansions). Not sure of worth, but aiming to sell if can.
  10. Likewise... less people emailed in than I thought, so the odds were reasonably good...
  11. Wow, I am shocked. I spoke to Curt occasionally about the XM project and his revamped High Score cart (which I was going to bug him about again after the XM project was finally complete) and he seemed like a great guy from our messages, trying to put as much as could back into the Atari community. This is a huge loss to the community in general
  12. Too risky to sell. A couple of folks have made their own versions though.
  13. I've had the Vic20 version of this in my hands (it's the copy that the GTW entry references), but Gamebase64 is still missing the C64 version. If you are willing to loan it out to someone to transfer, we'd be very grateful too! And I can second Frank Gasking's site GTW if you want to send it their way.
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