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  1. It is, if the shipping is quite high (I've had £100+ ship costs on some items I've sold, mostly due to size and value) and you need the money to be able to ship in the first place.
  2. The original CIB of DK64 had the pak bundled with it iirc. Certainly how there's one in my N64.
  3. Think the last few posts have covered most of the carts I could think of that weren't in the list already. Will double check tonight hopefully.
  4. I saw you signed up to GB64, I've just activated your account there SuperKitten.
  5. I'm looking at that list and I'm sure there's a few I have that are missing, but I can't cross check as won't be back to my place with my collection until next week.
  6. I saw the original arcade literally once. Way more familiar with it once it released on the C64.
  7. Cheers... yeah with a daughter, my time to peruse is less, and missed anyone posting that it was up for sale at Video61. Hey ho, I halted buying 7800 homebrew anyhow due to time and costs, and didn't get Ricki & Vicki either.
  8. Got some of these... some are sealed mind you, so they'd be more expensive, especially a couple of these. Yes, all NTSC. PM me to discuss. Only looking to sell, no trades.
  9. When was this released? I don't recall ever seeing it mentioned or sold before, and I don't own it, and I had pretty much everything homebrew for the 7800 at one time.
  10. Partly. Met him several times at various functions over the last ten years or so. He's more personable in public than the online avatar would suggest, but some of the other traits are still evident (such as the desire to prove he knows more than you about retro games).
  11. Yeah I've commented to Rebecca about trying to either finish it or share it, hopefully one of the two will occur.
  12. In the lyrics, they DO say they've got all the patterns down, up until the 9th key
  13. Yeah I definitely joined eBay as well before there was a UK site.
  14. Try Zolyx, it's not quite Qix but very similar.
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