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  1. Just my words above. I also hope the SEX 7264 (89) chip will use the Digital speech in Berzerk, and other games with Digital sound/speech. 😊
  2. ten-four


  3. There is no doubt that our original ColecoVision console is dying. There could be another need for a new console like the Phoenix VGS. And we know that Eduardo dream about a console with his own format. If you want to support the ColecoVision people, you should definitely focus on developing a console still based on ColecoVision. It can still be a new system based on the 68000 + Z80 environment as you like, but it should, like the Phoenix VGS, be familiar with ColecoVision in the form of a single cartridge port for original ColecoVision games. The console must have the necessary graphics and contemporary sound chips. I imagine a standalone console with built-in ColecoVision + SGM1 in a 68000 + Z80 environment. There should only be one pcb mounted and one single cartridge port that can handle both ColecoVision and 68000 based games. You can call it the Opcode Super Game System (SGS). The new 68000 + Z80 based games should be in the same cartridge shell, with a new SGC2 or SGC3. I can see a problem in not being true to the original games and there should still be a market for ColecoVision games. CV + SGM1 have limits, same has 68000 just don't make games that aren't bigger than they really are or can be. And yes I agree, arcade ports is a must for our ColecoVision fans. And I think there is a basis for both options in a single console. I think CV+SGM should still be supported together with your SGC1 which I also will support like the Phoenix VGS. Based on my own opinion and sorry my english.
  4. I was contacted by RB in 2013 about Pink Panther, SAT Defense and Quest for Volcan. He got those protos directly from HQ Knoxville TN. He shared some pictures and a little story from RG with me, but it was confidential at that time. Nice demo J-F.
  5. It looks really good. I like the design very much, with a touch of "retro". Well done.
  6. Hi dj_convoy. As I understand can you not upgrade the Opcode Games Super Game Module. SGM Pro is a whole new design, and there will be added a custom sound chip that can produce any sound you like to a given ColecoVision game. So if there is a digital speech or sound in a converted game, SGM Pro can reproduce this sound. As I understand will a large part of the new upcoming ColecoVision premium games have this function. DKA, PMC DX, Gradius DX and so on. So If you want this feature in you further ColecoVision game, will you have to invest in this SGM Pro. If you don't want this extra sound feature, will these new ColecoVision DX games still work with your ordinary SGM module. Your sound experience will be bigger with the new SGM Pro. Just hope this will be added for CollectorVision Phoenix Video Game System.
  7. Is this for ADAM built in or is this for ADAM expansion. Just curious.
  8. I personally think Penguin Adventure and Gradius will work on our new consoles. (HB - Phoenix - Prometheus). I think many of our original ColecoVisions can't handle the new tech, and will work fine in a future hardware. I assume Penguin Adv. and Gradius is tested before release, so it's not there the fail is. Both my games fails in my ColecoVisions. For me,it could be hardware or power supply). If both Penguin Adv. and Gradius could be tested on Phoenix, then we could be sure.
  9. I think if you read #67 #68 and #69 could this be the reason. #67 is not good reading.
  10. Hi Brian. Will the amount of money from Phoenix pre-order be put together with the amount of money from the Phoenix Kickstarter project. ? Will the goal of the kickstarter project in that case be less when about 140 already have supported CollectorVision Games through pre-order. ?
  11. Found the SGM Pro video again. Totally forgot this video This Module shown is with a Blue LED and further expanded sound.
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