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  1. Sold ghost1313 an Atari Touch Tablet, couldn't have asked for a better transaction. Will definitely deal with again.
  2. In box, with foam insert, instructions, stylus, touch pad cover, and pack-in cart. Cart has the back torn off, so the PCB is exposed. Box has some staining on the back, and mild shelf wear, but otherwise looks good. Untested as I don't have an old Atari rig, if anybody's interested I'll be more than happy to post pictures.
  3. Bought some games from me, paid quickly. All in all, a really nice guy!
  4. Excuse the techno-ignorance, but what does that mean? Also in regards to the reading when exposed to light, it reads fine as long as the screen and frame are removed, I have not noticed light to be an issue.
  5. Yeah, the clicking stops the PSP from reading anything, when the screen and metal support frame are removed however it works fine. But when pressure is applied with my finger or pencil to the motherboard the laser goes back to clicking and not reading. My guess would be that the motherboard is to blame?
  6. The way I've rationalized it, the game was freely available prior to the controversy, it's still available now, and I clearly haven't accessed the material, I think there's enough actual disgusting child porn out there for the government to concern themselves with. I have no intention of playing the game I doubt anyone else does either, it's an interesting curiosity, that's all.
  7. Alright, here is my weird problem. My PSP 1000, when trying to read a UMD, the laser doesn't light up and moves to the left, clicking as it hits the side, I noticed a lot of people have this problem. I took it apart, removing the screen and metal frame, and decided to try it again, to my surprise the laser lit up, moved to focus, so I hooked up the LCD back up and put in the UMD, as long as I kept the screen a good distance from the motherboard the game loaded. but as soon as the slightest amount of pressure was applied to the board, the laser started clicking again. Somehow the pressure of the frame and screen stops the laser from working right, anybody have any suggestions, everything clearly works separately, what could be wrong?
  8. I'm well aware of the controversy, but after checking ebay, amazon, and atari age, I figured the game hasn't quite "hit it" as a collector's item. I'm guessing demand/supply haven't coincided yet to make it a goldmine. I'll just be happy to get rid of them all, especially at that price. Maybe look at this as an investment, I hear pornographic games that were pulled off the shelves are the most secure place to put your money.
  9. Alright, I've got the following four "Guy Games," sealed and mint for the Xbox. I wasn't sure what it's worth, checked eBay and Amazon and decided $30 $25/each shipped to the US seemed fair; you may disagree, if you're interested let me know and we may be able to work something out. I accept Paypal. It's been a some time since I've last been here, but I've sold a couple things a good while back. Pics below, please PM with questions.
  10. great game, i loved it from the very beginning, was hooked from the very first cinema. Finished it after 80 hours but still missed like half the social links and about 20% of personas, would love to go again unfortunately I can't spare the time. on a related note, Persona 4 will be coming to the states on 12/09/08
  11. Alright I doubt anyone wants this stuff, but just in case here it is. These odds and ends were in a box I bought so a large portion I couldn’t test. (Prices don’t include shipping, I’m in area code 45305, and I’ll do my best not to overcharge.) I accept PayPal. -Model 1 Genesis, with HD graphics written on top and EXT. port in back. Works; no power cable, RF cable, or controller included. Has the little cover on the underside. $5 -Quickshot joystick for PC, untested. Looks nice. $5 -Logitech Wingman Extreme Joystick, untested. Nice. $5 -Original power supply for a Model 2 Genesis. $3 -Original power supply for the Sega Channel. $7 (Please ignore the third power supply) -Thrustmaster Nascar Pro racing wheel, no pedals, disc, or cables. $5 -Gameboy Advance, White. Powers on, I hear the intro sounds, but screen is busted, and I don’t have carts to test further. Case is just a tad banged up and it has the battery cover. $5 If everyone wants it all, or a large portion (like without the wheel) I’ll let it all go for $10. Feel free to make offers, I’ll try my best to be open to anything.
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...focusZbsQQfviZ1 Thanks for looking, ask me if you want a description cleared up, or if you need a picture from a different angle. Link fixed, thanks Zwackery, I don't remember having that problem before
  13. Thankfully that hasn't happened to me; but I feel like if a buyer hasn't left feedback, then there is a problem with the item and the buyer doesn't contact me, then I am at fault in some way. If it's a problem that can be solved by a quick email and a couple of questions then I would much rather answer them and get the feedback I deserve.
  14. I've bought and sold stuff on eBay in the past and never had a problem with this. Now, as I've started to get rid of more junk and the sales have been racking up, I've noticed people not leaving feedback even after I left it. Is this just a way for buyers to show disapointment with the purchase, but not finding a reason to leave negative feedback? Anyone else have this problem?
  15. Ok so I just bought a second copy of FFVII, and on the back, the ESRB Descriptor box, it lists "comic mischief, mild animated violence, and mild language" as reasons for Teen rating. However on my other FFVII box it only lists "realistic violence." What's the deal with this variation? Is there a significant monetary difference between the two, oh and both are black label (non GH)? EDIT: After some more searching and closely inspecting the game I just bought, I discovered that it is the "missprinted" version. The "i" in "masterpiece" is higher on the back of the case. Anyone know if the missprint is only associated with one type of ESRB rating description?
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