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  1. JagMX


  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. A very long time - hey everyone!

  4. "you know what your problem is? i'm too good looking"

  5. "you know what your problem is? i'm too good looking"

  6. Wow, you are like me gone for a long time!

  7. Great times with an insane UT3 computer.Great game,great shooting and grate cheese.GREAT SCOTT!!!!!!

  8. A borough neighbor. That's Far-Out man.. A friendly yahoo hello from the Bronx, NY.


  9. Xbox Live (or just online gaming in general) is great. It's fun, challenging and a great experience altogether. Of course people who use hacks, cheats and glitches screw it up for everyone, but when you get yourself a nice core of players, for example on your xbox live friends list, to play on a rather consistant basis you never really have to worry about that stuff Glad you're havin a good time!
  10. I can't find one - Would it be alright to just go ahead and make this an official one? Wouldn't mind gaming with some of you guys from here So if the thread takes off, here's mine! Game with me anytime people!
  11. I reported the user to ebay about the auction with proof of my recent ended auction. Hopefully they'll do something about this. I also noticed that the 1 bidder canceled their bid. I don't want to see anyone get ripped off.
  12. How's about Swagman? lol That game could definitely be done on the Jag. I've never played it, and it looks and sounds bad after reading about the game. But after seeing some screenshots I would say the Jag could definitely do that game.
  13. Scanner is being a pain in the ass. But I should be able to get it working soon. The page is really no big deal except for the one paragraph. The other side has some nice shots of early Jag games and canned stuff which I'll scan as well, as soon as I get this hewlet crappard to work
  14. @ Buddybuddies -- I forgot who it was that sent me a copy, but he sent it to me with those inserts. Looks custom made but nicely done from screenshots. Well the auction is over and it netted me nearly what I originally wanted. 1925.00. I wanted to at least get 2000.00 but this is fine and i'm satisfied. plus it looks like the winner is going to enjoy the majority (if not all) of the entire collection. And nothing personal to sweetstuff4u, but I'm glad you didn't win the auction. Your bunches of emails sent to me through eBay (all in caps no less) was rather annoying and your kinda sneaky attempt to get me to say my reserve price was what really bothered me. I stated in the auction that I would not release that info to anyone no matter what but you still tried to find out in some way. While your honesty about what you would do with the collection is fine and whatnot, i'm very happy that it'll get more use from the current winner. (which hopefully he/she won't back out!)
  15. Found it! Going to hook up my scanner tomorrow/today and post it up then @ Video - Yeah I was one to think also that most likely it couldn't handle it. I mean I like the way it displays pre-rendered graphix and Hover Strike for the CD looked pretty good with it's textured graphix. And when I look back on the first tomb raider the textures look bad enough to where I think the Jag could handle it and make it look a little worse . Probably not all on one disk, maybe 2 and the loading would be something to probably get aggravated over . But I definitely think Swagman would've worked on the CD. I mean if you really think about it, usually all CD system based consoles have a "bad" first run of games. You have some good and some bad and it always takes some time to tap into a systems full potential. I think the Jag CD is really capable of displaying better FMV sequences and in game graphix. Unfortunately it didn't live long enough for us to see -
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