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  1. And thanks for selling some of that collection to me. Still enjoying iWar. Well, having sold things in the past all I can say is, I've sold some things off. Like when I sold my first Mac PowerMac to be able to buy a Atari TT030. Then I later sold the TT030 which made it possible for me to buy Battlesphere. Later on I sold my VGA card for my Newton MessagePad and bought Battlesphere Gold. Money was used to fix up an Atari Portfolio and then later I sold that and bought something else. But have to admit, of the things I have sold, I did later get basically the same things back. I eventually bought another VGA card for the Newton for a little less than what I sold my last one for. I missed the fun of having a TT030, and spent like three years (with the help of a friend) getting a junker TT030 up and running. Looking back, my current TT030 is no where as nice as the TT030 I sold. And I have missed having a Portfolio, though haven't bought one. From time to time I feel tempted to sell my TT030, but I know if I do I'll miss it again. So I keep it around. I keep one of about everything around. 957325[/snapback] @ Gooch - Yeah 2k could be a stretch, but hey, anything is possible @ Doc - That's the one thing that's goin through my mind about unloadin my collection, the fact that donw the road, I could get my chances to reclaim and rebuild my Jag Collection - Perhaps a little better - but then again what if ican't and what if i'd have to pay more? - it's a tough decision
  2. I just might do that - but still pondering the ultimate decision
  3. thanx for the tips guys - now just comes the hard part on whether or not i choose to sell it or not
  4. i was thinkin about something like that if i did (separating them) but didnt even cross my mind to whore it around lol - man i need more sleep
  5. Probably a little high, but you never know if you can get a couple folks to fight over it. Do you have some pics? Are you going to go ebay? 956705[/snapback] I dont have the kind of pix i'd like to have right now - still undecided if i want to let the jaguar loose. but if i do, id ebay it since that could get me the best possible cash.
  6. is 2k a near possibility? that would be pretty awesome if i could get that much. Normally I could figure out how much I could get for this shit as a apckage or individually, but I've kinda been out of the loop as far as Jag prices are concerned lately and im getting close tog etting up to speed on a few things I've missed out on over the past few months.
  7. but I need cash - I need a new power house of a pc, along with a laptop and maybe a mac - a good way to start is just to sell off collecitons I have. One in particular is my Jag collection - before i even consider it again, I want to know your opinions on how much this package could rake in: NOTE - All games come in original boxes/cases, with manuals and a few inserts - nothing missing unless otherwise stated. And it's all bascially in Mint/New condition xcept Blue Lightning which has a few scratches. 1 Atari Jaguar (bought back in 94) All Hookups w/Box and Manuals. 1 Brand New Atari Jaguar still boxed. 1 Jag CD w/all Hookups and box. 1 Memory Track w/Box and Manual. 1 CatBox. 2 Standard Controllers w/one box. 1 Pro Controller. 1 JagLink w/Wires, Box, Manual. 2 Controller Extensions. 1 Jaguar Pin 1 Jaguar Hint and Tips Book/Cheats. A shitload of random Jaguar Mag's Cutout's, Clippings, Magazine Ads, Mailing Promotions. Jag CD Games Baldies Battlemorph Blue Lightning Braindead 13 Dragon's Lair Highlander Hover Strike The Unconqured Lands Iron Soldier 2 Myst Myst Demo CD Painter Primal Rage Space Ace Vid Grid World Tour Racing American Hero Demo Soulstar Demo Black Ice White Noise Rev.18 9/20/95 Black Ice White Noise Rev.19 9/27/95 Black Ice White Noise Rev.23 10/5/95 Native Demo Jag-Ads (CD-R Copy) Varuna's Forces Early Alpha Demo (CES Demo) Varuna's Forces Alpha V2 1995 Tempest 2000 Soundtrack Jugs CD AirCars - no box. Aliens Vs Predator Atari Karts Attack Of The Mutant Penguins BattleSphere Breakout 2000 Brutal Sports Football Bubsy Cannon Fodder Checkered Flag Club Drive CyberMorph Defender 2000 DOOM Double Dragon V Dragon The Bruce Lee Story Dino Dudes Fever Pitch Soccer Fight For Life Flashback Flip Out Hover Strike Hyper Force Iron Soldier Iron Soldier 2 Cart I-War Kasumi Ninja Missle Comman 3D NBA Jam Tournament Edition Pinball Fantasies Pitfall The Mayan Adventure Power Drive Rally Protector Protector SE Raiden Rayman Ruiner Pinball Sensible Soccer SkyHammer Soccer Kid Super Burnout SuperCross 3D Syndicate Tempest 2000 Theme Park Towers II Trevor McFur In The Crescent Galaxy Troy Aikman Football Ultra Vortek Val D'Isere' Skiing and Snowboarding White Men Cant Jump Wolfenstien 3D Worms Zero 5 Zool 2 Zoop Space War 2000 - w/instruction sheet - no box. I think that's pretty uch it - If anything I may have left off mayeb one or two things - but that's about it -- so how much you guys think this could net me?
  8. I'll never bash, nor have I ever bashed the Jag - I love my Jaguar - the only thing i'll complain about is Double Dragon V for being the absolute worst piece of shit ported to the Jaguar. By the way, #1 Club Drive fan right here
  9. I've been away from this site for quite some time, if anything I may have made one post many many months ago real quick in another forum. Been busy and ran into a bunch of shit here and there so i've been 'out of the loop' for a while now. Was wondering if the wonderful Jaguar community can fill me in on what's new for the Jag thats been released (hard or soft-ware), new projects being worked on and such. Just really curious on what (if anything) i've missed out on! would be much appreciated
  10. Freefall is fucking annoying
  11. Maybe they can get Henry Rollins to do some more voice acting
  12. jeff minter is freekin awesome - im glad he did somethign with MS/Xbox - I really think now that this system is going to be great - cant wait to get my hands on one
  13. regardless its going to be a great system - all sony fans will say it sux and it'll be a crappy system - when the truth is, is that most will say that just because they are sony fans - or just hate ms in general - its pretty stupid to think something sux when you dont give it a try, and when you just hate the company. I think it's going to do great, but time will tell and ill have to see for myself when it comes out to pass any judgement. as for pc gaming vs console gaming - i too will not shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars each year on brand new video cards and super upgrades ot mycomputer to have to play the next game that gets released on pc - console gaming is close enough to a game on pc and thats all that matters - look at me im going to sell some stuff so i can pay for the new ati card which is 600$! so that in 6 months from now i can sell that card and other shit to buy the next 600$ ati card! i love pc's and gaming on its coool and all, but i think itsridiculous to have to contantly fork over that much money just to play ONE game (or a few others ) but back to the new xbox - everyone knew that console gaming was going to get a PC style more and more The first xbox started it really, and will continue to pave the way
  14. i'll have to say that the smackdown games weren't that great either - this game kinda mimics those SD games in certain ways this game is really bad, the more i play it the more i realize whats wrong with it - ugh i guess ill have to wait another year or something with the hopes for something better
  15. i can name 1001 things thats wrong with this game - absolute crap - im very upset this game is a piece of garbage
  16. horrible - studio gigante did a bad job - its like they took the ps2 and gamecube style of the effects/pyrotechnics and put it on here and they look bad just like they do on those systems - and the slow down in the fatal four way matches? what the hell? even the character models are different and they don't look as good as the ones in Raw 2 i hope the next wrestling game on the box isnt done by gigante very disappointed
  17. I got my Jaguar back in 94 i believe. So i've definitly been a fan of it for over 10 years myself But I havent really played much of anything on it in months. Contribute that to being busy too much with school - that and my xbox is a large piece of entertianment but havent touched other systems in sometime as well. its also kinda tough to play my Jag when my ProController is fucked up from i dont know wha tand i dont know how - i need a new one maybe that'll spark the playtime again i think my interest is going to be around for a much longer time - love the jag and will always love the games
  18. Just a few of my recommendations: Doom 3 Panzer Dragoon Orta - just for the frustration it helps you let out Soul Calibur 2 The Thing The Suffering Halo 1 & 2 (of course) Beyond Good & Evil Fatal Frame XIII Deus Ex Invisible War 007 Nightfire Serious Sam Splashdown SSX Tricky Crimson Skies JSRF Voodoo Vince and others also if you're a fan of hockey i HIGHLY recommend NHL 2002 and the ESPN line of hockey games - Hitz 2002 is pretty damn good too
  19. JagMX

    Surreal64 update?

    thanx for the info man
  20. xillent job on the xbox version - to shit with pc gaming - you need mega super computers to play games nowadays - thats why i gave up on it awhile ago - great job on the xbox version - looks fucking killer!
  21. does anybody know if there's been a surreal64 update for the xbox version of this emulator? been lookin around and can't find anything, but havent done searches in full in some forums to find out - figured i'd ask in case anyone knew here
  22. yep there is a warp - i forgot if there was multiple warps?? been quite some time since i played this game as well - hmmm now i got the feelin to fire it up and play me some highlander - great game
  23. screw the sword - get the chicken!
  24. the CD-ROM attachment is definitly worth the price - you get to play some cool cd games out for the Jag. The VLM is a great thing to watch too
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