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  1. Just thought of an idea to maybe put in some kinda rating system in everyones profiles - like a 5 star or 10 star voting system in which traders and selling rate each persons successful trades and an overall rating of how the trade went or soemthing. Just an idea i thought i'd pass along
  2. damn man, i need money badly too, but i couldnt find it in me to sell off my jag collection hope things get better for you financially
  3. got mine yesterday the 11th i sent mine out a couple days ago - i just hope that person likes the gift
  4. I hope my message gets in on time - I just noticed there's still a message that has been undelivered since October 8th
  5. that blue xbox looks sweet- would look sweeter with lights in it - but nonetheless i want one - especially could use a reg one to play xbox live with ! hey starscream got any unmodded xboxes in that warehouse of yours for cheap $$$ sale
  6. FINALLY got my chance to play Halo 2...... Perfect...absoluty perfect. I fucking love it Thank you Starscream
  7. well MS didn't but..... SmartJoy FRAG is an adapter to use a mouse/keyboard on the Xbox. I have no idea if it works good but I have read that it does. I just wish they'd do away with the right analog stick and throw a trackball in there instead...... i like that right analog stick its in the perfect spot for my thumb
  8. im sick and im tired there's a pm headed your way
  9. damnt! - i was looking to eventually get Live once i had the xtra cash - looks like ill definitly have to get another xbox thats modfree kudos to the sales figures in that span of time - a friend at school couldnt believe the popularity in video games today when he saw the other other day a huge line xtending blocks here in ny for halo 2 - vg's are kick ass cant wait to play halo 2 soon Hi Foxy!
  10. JagMX

    Jaguar MPEG Card

    credit EGM for the mess up in captions
  11. i found on my xbox that it reads memorex 700meg cdrw's i think it did last time - ill check it again and confirm
  12. can't wait till Area 51 comes out these past and next several months have been really kick ass for the xbox gamers
  13. my fav version of the cdi is probabaly the 450 - its that grey flatish one with the push lid to open - the magnavox version. nicest one i think. and ive always wanted one of the of portables - lately they've been springing up on ebay a lot but i can't afford one
  14. hopefully they'll make history this weekend They put my interest in football back in full swing this year
  15. its one of the many versions of cd-i's
  16. compared to this system it still ain't that big
  17. the fmv sequence in the beginning intro is nicely done - ranks up in the one of the top fmv intros ive ever seen havent played it yet but ive seen it in action in person - can't wait to play it
  18. i will admit tho, raw vs crapdown does look very promising
  19. raw vs smackdown it is - check out ign or gamespot - i think its supposed to be released this month? i wish thq would pump out more wwf games for the xbox and stop paying so much attention to just the ps2 and gamecube -
  20. you know i would if i could get myself that free subscription
  21. Crash Bandicoot and Project Gotham Racing are sold
  22. Also if i don't get any offers by Saturday ill probabaly be ebaying them. For those who have no clue who i am, ive been around on this site for awhile and have plenty of people who would give you their word to trust me i don't screw around I can also provide pictures - not a problem. and if anyone is curious about my ebay record dragonoftragedy is the name on ebay.
  23. For sale only, no trades - only because im completely broke and need cash badly, so its time to start sellin off the goods. I have 6 games so far (probabaly more soon enough) Would prefer 10$ or more for each, but am willing to negotiate since these probably are 15$ and cheaper on ebay and such. PM me if interested. Id ship free of charge but i dont even have the cash for that! And i desparatly need cash for my metrocard, gas for my car and money for my bills Serious Sam - Complete with Original Box and Manual. Disc, Box and Manual are in Mint condition NHL Hitz 2002 - Complete with Original Box and Manual. Disc is in Near Mint with about 2 or 3 little light scratches, Box and Manual are in Mint condition (originally bought this pre-owned so marks aren't from me!) NHL 2002 - Complete with Original Box and Manual. Disc has 3 little scratches on it, otherwise its its in Near Mint, Box and Manual are in Mint condition Sega Soccer Slam - Complete with Original Box and Manual. Disc, Box and Manual are in Mint condition PAYPAL ONLY! sorry for those who don't/can't use paypal, but i can't wait forever for the cash. Ill only ship Priority Mail since its been good to me for so long without a problem. MEDIA MAIL AND PARCEL POST ARE NO_NO'S!
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