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  1. i really enjoy Club Drive - as a matter of fact, i think its about time i play it again
  2. Got em both I love my Nuon - of coruse id love it more if i had Iron Soldier 3 for it The demo DVD i have for IS3 just doesnt cut it anymore
  3. i had a feeling you might not understand what i mean - its kinda hard to xplain - and even harder right now being that im xausted and my brain dont function that well with words and thoughts when im near sleep - so later on when i wake up ill put a better discription (maybe with pix) on what i mean
  4. i had that restarting for awhile (not that long actually) but it got so frequent that i figured out that the problem mainly was the cdrom piece. I had pushed it back and in and then it stopped - when i let go it restarted on its own so i opened it up (cleaned nothing by the way) took it apart, but it back on and made sure everthing was tight and never had another problem since and its been over a year and no more restarts
  5. ill go ahead and add another opinion here, even though youve made youre decision - id say go for the CD Add on also man, its very much worth having - you are missing out on a lot without it. and Same thing with the ProController - i prefer using that over the reg and from a collectors stand point everything is worth getting for the Jag , even the horrible Double Dragon V game
  6. 3DO, Dreamcast, CD-I, Sega Saturn, XboX are my main ones aside from the Jag, i do enjoy playin the SNES and NeoGeo emulators also
  7. I remember when it was all about gameplay....
  8. id have to say that its potential really started to get released towards the end of atari - the worst possible time - also isnt it messed up how jaguar game maker newbies and other (non-newbies) tend to put the most effort into making Jag games? I mean for xample take Songbird - Carl really brought out the best and maximum potential in Skyhammer, Hyperforce, and others. Not to mention Starcat's upcoming game which looks fukin killer.
  9. yes i guess it wouldnt matter much - but to be on the safe side to use xbox live enabled games i should get the original copies? or just chance it with (if it matters) with the games on the HD?
  10. If youre a big FPS fan, Get DOOM, or even Wolf 3D, but doom first otherwise checkout Rayman while youre at it, Pick up Ultra Vortek, Breakout 2000 and Hyper Force from Songbird
  11. i want to xbox live, but iheard somethin that even if you shut the mod switches off they can still detect a modded xbox - is that true?
  12. im not sure how itll be - heard it was comin out on the ps2 first - not sure if it did - it looks alright - this game was used to show off the xboxes capabilites when it was first introudced at shows - so im pretty sure itll be a good good - but who knows
  13. i guess you are... xignore
  14. and Jasco, if youre the type of person who gets aggrivated by others opinions, or someone who just doesnt care about other opinions, or someone who thinks his opinion is a fact and is always right, then please dont respond to me with nasty remarks or attitiude - im not looking for aggrivation or problems with anyone on this site
  15. It keeps getting compared to mario 64 so theres a great reason why i think Vexx suxx. I hated mario 64, it was just too dull and boring for me - it was said, everyone has their own opinion - and they do - so there was mine and for your information i bet i DID fuking play it for more than one fukin minute - i was palying it for close to hour and i just couldnt keep my interest in it - i thought it was alright for 5 minutes - but the game didnt even give me much information to understand what i had to do right away, like other games. This game to me is just bad - i went back to give it another shot last night, but not to my surprise, it still did nothing - i played 3 worlds and they either got me aggrivated cuz i had to keep starting at the fuking beginning all the time, or i got bored cuz there just isnt enough to keep me interested. ive played better... much better than this
  16. Rayman is fukin great. you're gunna love that wholegame through
  17. ugh, man, 13$ is too much for it - it should be 8$ or less - Its really bad - i mean you might find it interesting or 'fun' for about 5 minutes or less. lack of enemies, all youhave to do is collect hearts, while gathering other balls of light, and i mean if you get/do something, it usually sends you back tothe beginning for xample - i had to fight this sumo wrestler, best out of 3 - i lost and i had to start from the beginning to go all the way back to fight him again its just bad - and it couldve been so much more
  18. edit the line 'are mind blowing....to ARENT - damn no editing
  19. ugh, what a promising game this looked like - then when i played it, whata boring dull game this is. shit even the intro made it look to be a great game ahead - the visiuals are mind blowing and eye candy, but they're nice - but this game is just soo doring - this game is getting deleted ugh so disappointing - im just very disappointed
  20. http://www.lik-sang.com/image.php?category=87&products_id=1945&img=xbox-dust_preventer those are just dust covers for the sides, back openings and controller ports and controllers - dont know if you might be interested
  21. ahh no problem dude I just hope this doesnt get out of hand - its interesting reading about other peoples opinions on the outlook of portables
  22. sorry man if this was brought up before - i havent been comin round here as frequent as i used to, so i guess i may have missed this somewhere - sorry if anyone gets all upset with me - if you're gunna please dont give me any sarcasitic remakrs or anything - just ignore this thread or ill get it deleted
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