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  1. Is the future for portable gaming going to be Sony vs Nintendo? im pushing aside ngage, because well, it isnt really competing well against anyone. I mean if Atari/Infogrames released a portable that plays Atari 2600,5200 and 7800 games, i bet it would sell much more and be greatly popular tha nthe ngage But aside from that, i mean being that Nintendo has been ruling the ranks of the portable gaming - and now sony moves in, will there be anyone else? you think any more surprise compaines will come out with a failure like the ngage? or anything? Im not really a huge fan of portables but i always like to see and try them out and most importantly, anyone think that portables will eventually die out? just curious what everyone else thinks
  2. Do not refund him any money - end of story
  3. If anyone is having/still having a problem downloading the game, cant dl the game cuz they are on dial-up, or any other problems preventing them from dl'n and burning the game, PM me and i can burn and send you a copy - All i ask for since im broke/short on cash is that you pay for shipping via my paypal account if paying for your own shipping is too much for you then too bad
  4. yeah i can agree on that also - the music isnt good at all, but i kinda zone out from it whilst playing the game - wel lthat and i turned it off
  5. yeah but i dont wanna think like them , but anyway - its still fun to play, im really enjoying it
  6. You can dl' Discjugglar for free, only thing is, is that it only writes at 1x in the free version - But once you dl and install it, the file's logo will turn to a DJ CDI logo - click on it and DJ will automatically run oh and if you have a firewall - it'll come up as saying it blocked a Trojan horse - dont worry about that, i never read up on it, but its jus tthe Discjugglar program -
  7. This game is prettycool - i really like it ..... xcept for one problem - controlling the plane is annoying sometimes - Its slow and couldve used some tweaking - but overall a cool game - note: ive just been playing this game more, and its very fun to play. Reminds me just a little of crimson skies, but this game is very fun to play -
  8. this is some very good news - i just hope that MK1 and MK2 would be following in the footsteps
  9. id start off by saying any new game thats released, no matter how bad it is, id buy - for the jag i love getting and playing everything - no matter how bad it is like DDV but to make a real answer to your question id have to say: Charlies Blast Territory - i had tried out that game on the N64 and that game has to be one of the TOP worst games ever made - but if it were made for the jag id definitly buy it
  10. i too can vote for the Xecuter Lite- got one of those of my system and it works perfectly without any probs
  11. Definitly, but some things people also forget is the fact that these other people that are making games also have lives outside of making a jag game - they have jobs to go to, families to take care of, and personal problems that get in the way of things too. But with Carl too you dont have to skeptical - actually i say he can take all the time he needs -
  12. you're the man Carl, you're the man
  13. Oh! i didnt know that was the name - i got me one of those - (paid 130$ for it off ebay a few years ago) wel lthat xplains that
  14. Darknight analog? is that the "team13" stick that was taped or something to the jag controller?
  15. you can do a LOT - end of story im too tired right now to type out a huge list
  16. These types of games used to cool in the arcades many years ago, Dragons Lair and Space Ace i think were the very first 2 (correct me if anyone must ) i enjoy these games, Dragons Lair 1&2, Space Ace, Braindead 13 anda few others varied. They play flawlessly on the cd-i but i still love em on the jag. all in all i think the jag's version were prettygood - definitly better than the 3DO's version consdering 3DO's would freeze for a second or 2 after every scene
  17. not bad - so far i basically have most of everything mentioned so far all i didnt know about was Brett Hull Hockey and Varuna's Force 2 - i need some xtra cash to get what im missing
  18. Id recommend also Darkstalkers Street Fighters Alpha's Lunacy Mr. Bones Sonic Jam Xmen vs Street Fighter Nights Xmas Nights World Series Baseball 98 Burning Rangers Panzer Dragoon Saga Castlevania: Dracula X Metal Slugs The saturn is mainly a great 2D system with justa few stand-out 3D games - hope you enjoy your system!
  19. what you gotta do is select the smaller circles - Dont select the very first Large pic/circle - just move right and choose whichever one you want to copy and 'copy/delete' will show up hopfully the file isnt too large to copy over and that theres enough space on the Memory Card.
  20. yeah took some time away from online most of the time - and occasionally threw in a post here or there around the board - and i had received the email about lars' new game - and id love to get the early release, but im limited on funds at the moment - im hopin when i do get paid soon i can pick it up - my jag hasnt been played in awhile now hey Lamont - id love tocheck out the list if you do have it - im too tired to doa search for myself right now
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