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  1. I have a few auctions i just set up if any is interested in them, just click the links. I will xcept offers by email if no bids have been made yet. 3DO FZ-1 w/Games CD-I Sega Saturn Sega Saturn
  2. I bought SpaceWar 2000 from them, as did many others, and i got first class service, as im sure many others did.
  3. Hmmm I think it'll go up to about 250.00, I havent seen a Catbox act as a BS, (unless i missed it). I had gotten mine for 167.00, so it maybe might be cheaper than 250.00
  4. I have a few Phillps CD-I Titles for Sale. All games are Mint and in Perfect Condition and come in CD Case and have Booklets. 1) Litil Divil 2) Escape From Cyber City 3) Kether 4) Lost Eden 5) X-Men Night Of The Sentinels(Cartoon/Moive) If any one is interested email me! I also have a copy of Blitz 2000 for the DC for sale for 2.00 Thanx!
  5. If you want IS2, telegames.com has it. Might be a bit pricey but its worth the moolah. Battlemorph and Priaml Rage are great games. And dont forget to give Highlander a chance
  6. Ok, recently i started playing Hyper Force again since i have some time now, and i noticed that at times when i load a game or get ready to go play a game, pause and go to the option screen the game goes Black, i know its not my Jag, does this happen to anyone else besides me? do i have a defective game?
  7. Im trying to get some money together so i can get me some atari computers, mainly the Falcon. Im looking get rid of some games and accessories for the following systems. Sorry there is nothing for the Jag or other Atari's as i cannot give up anyhting from my collection . I have stuff for the 3DO, CD-I, DreamCast, Sega Saturn, VCD's and some computer parts (hardware/software). I have a list of everything so email me if you are interested, everything is in mint condition otherwise its noted. Very cheap prices. thanx in advance!
  8. Heres alink for BS on ebay for anyone currently seeking BS for chap starting at 10.00, wonder how high it will go Im betting it'll go up to 200.00
  9. JagMX

    Catbox question

    quote More rare to find than Battlesphere and Aircars combined. And xpect to pay hefty bills. Atari Jess said 100+ to 200+, Take that 100+ out and keep the 200+, i got mine for 225.00 and i only got the catbox and nothing else!! not even a manual! But worth it for linking and hooking up to an old Atari monitor, headphone jacks....etc. Nice piece of hardware, a shame not everyone can enjoy it.
  10. quote: I really like talking to people over there about non-Jaguar topics because I usually get a plethora of civilized answers (for instance, I asked about some N64 games the other day). I dont recall JI2 being called N64 Interactive or any other name. Not saying that other topics besides the Jag cant be talked about. But it seems as though Jag topics are barely even spoken of. I come over here and all i see are Jag topics, Catbox, Battlesphere, Zero5 the system and other games and stuff. And if anyone has a topic other than the Jag theres another Board on the site that you can talk about it. quote I've only been posting on JI2 for about 5-6 months. About a week or 2 ago all that you can see on the board was... Tbird answer me this and Jimmy where are you, Tbird this and jimmy that, Tbird wanted his picture and Jimmy telling him to drink his Urine, i mean cmon, what the hell was that, couldnt they do that by email? And a couple of weeks ago flames were being through in the mix of Jag discussions and its seems its a must to happen. Its like Someone has to start something or it isnt a regualar day at JI2. And besides people tend to look at a new name and most of the time ignore your question or comment, or respond with a rude answer. I come on here and the first day im here i can hold a good discussion with everyone and not have someone telling me to drink my urine or me trying to counter words in a flame war. JI2 aint the worst, but then again it aint the best. Was a good thing Gunstar came over and mentioned AtariAge
  11. ""JI2 is MUCH better now, most if not all of the flame war posts are gone now. Id say its much better now"" I truly must say that it will never be better. Flame wars and such have been going on for quite awhile and will continue. The only usefulness of JI2 page, as it was stated before, are the Links at the top of the page, Keita should do something to JI2 and the posters. I mean JI2 can be decent for a few days straight with luck, ubt then it turns into crap. For xample my first day on the board i asked a simple question about a certain game with the initials BS. And i got animmediate response with rude comments. I then asked a question about unreleased games and got a reply stating..and i quote.."Are you stupid newbie? why dont you go find another board to post ridiculous questions." What a way to say welcome ay?!! JI2 needs a little adjustment, no more like a major adjustment
  12. I am crazy for spending 405.00 on Battlesphere, but lucky me its also came with JUGS, which didnt work with my old computer, nor with my friends computer, but wishful thinking it will work on my new one, anywho, at that time BS's were going for anywhere between $300-400$. I needed it and now my Jag collection is complete with my recent purchase of Aircars =) which was quite xpensive as well. But i now have all the games and fun forever I recommend Zero5 or Skyhammer to hold you over till you can afford one for a cheap price, IF, (and thats a big if) Scatologic would like to release them for affordable prices and not "silent acutions" Anywho Good luck in your search for BS, its worth the have
  13. If you have $405.00 (thats how much i paid for mine ) i might conider selling it to you but then again, i dont know
  14. If Conan were to be made and released, even a prototype, that would be sweet If anyone could and would do it, Carl is the man!
  15. They made something Called Team 13 Joystick, erally ugly looking, It was just a Joystick either taped or glued to the Jag D-Pad. Dan from the GoatStore made Jamma Joysticks for the Jaguar and a few other systems, Its got the actuall joystick and buttons like a arcade, ...wish i had the money to get one right now
  16. What Happened to all those lost games that were partially made. With Spacewar 2000 being found and fixed up a bit and released (in a good quantity) for people to enjoy, what happened to all the other games like Conan, Maxforce, BretHull hockey and so on..If these games were found or someone has them, could they still be made as prototypes and released like SpaceWar2000? Just a thought...
  17. JagMX


    Thanx for the nice welcome, Its much better than the one i recieved on JI2, and im sure you can guess what kind it was. I checked out most of this site and the message boards... very cool site, board and people.
  18. Iron Soldier II for the Jag CD is a great pick up Even the Cart Version is basically identical to the CD version, nonetheless, a wonderful game for the Jag altogether. I also think that Highlander is a great game,(dont know who would agree with me on that) The controls shouldve have been a little bit simpler and the polygonal characters should have been more detailed, but i think overall a great game, be sure to pick that one up AFTER Iron SoldierII
  19. JagMX


    Im new here, I jumped over from Jaguar Interactive 2, due to the hostility on that board. Just wanted to know if this board doesnt have the slandering, flamers, nasty comments and poking fun at someone who asks a simple question, no critizism, no ego inflated heads and so on.... Those who spoke on JI2 on this board know what im talking about... Thanx for the answers in Advance
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