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  1. Bought a couple 26oos off of him and a few games. Items arrived extremely well packaged, would definately recommend to buy from in the future, very respectful and polite.
  2. Havn't played through this quest all the way yet, but I believe I found her in the inn...
  3. !!!!!! WHAT!?!?! Holy crap that blows. I have the PS3 version, don't have a PC capable of playing it or a 360, and ...*goes to check file size* Mine is 5.1 MB...why god, why? But it must not happen to everybody's file, i mean I haven't noticed it because i'm just barely at 5 MB but it's already been reviewed and played through by numerous gaming sites and wouldn't that've been something they'd notice and/or say something about, i mean if it's as serious of an issue as they are claiming...I will keep y'uns posted about mine..
  4. This game stresses me out more then anything, should I quit my job so I can play this all day or should I just keep paying bills?....err dammit I can't decide. @Leach: That's cool as hell that that happened lol, Taking realism to a whole nother level! I wanna get married..how do you find/get a wife? She stays at your house?
  5. I'm not sure what you mean here. You can take books with you. Reading them does not automatically take them but you can choose to take the book once you open it. Doh! Okay..dammit I left all those books behind!
  6. I think that sentence alone sums up this installment in the elder scrolls. What they added (especially to the environment) is amazing. And regardless of everything they took away, I can't help but be completely and happily immersed (yet again) in the elder scrolls universe. I got the CE and waited in line at GameStop until midnight, my first time doing that, and i even took half the night off work to do it LOL. I really wish i didnt have to work 8 hrs a day 7 days a week, that's the only reason I've got only 15 hrs logged into this baby. I like the textural world map, i just wish you could zoom out all the way and get an overview of the world. Although you should be able to take books with you, i kind of like having them in a set location, making you search/backtrack to find that final chapter in a series The water. Some of the best visuals I've seen in any video game plus the current carries you away! Cool shit. The Visuals overall are insanely detailed and polished, i would love to see how it looks on PC since it is claimed to be better, even though I dont know how thats possible. Horses. They can go alotta places they couldn't before, but they still could use a little fine-tuning. Love the magic system, seems much more user-friendly this time around even though many complain about it being overly simplified. Complaint!: My CE dragon statue's wings were bent slightly NIB and it doesn't fit properly on the rock Man that blows! And btw, Cocaine Skooma is still a hell of a drug! So cheers, to another marathon session of Skyrim, and another sleepless night in the factory. Sunday Night Football? Psh, you can find my playing TES.
  7. Ok let me begin by saying that I had to sell off my Atari collection 2-3 months ago because i had almost a grand stolen from me which was all my bill and rent money..moral of that story is that it KILLED me to get rid of one of my favorite parts of my video game collection. Now I'm back on my feet and I NEED to get an Atari. And after having an hour long conersation with a buddy of mine from work..he wants to get one too because his dad bought him one when he was little. LMAO its actually a funny story, for Christmas in '89, he asked his dad for a NES which was still all the rage, but when his dad gets to the store, he gets an Atari instead purely because he compared the prices of that with an NES and came to the conclusion that they were both essentially the same thing but with the cheaper one he thought that he was getting the deal of a lifetime But anyways, I'm going to surprise him with a 2600 and turn him back into a gamer > Now to get down to business, I REALLY want to get all this in one lot if I can... I wanna do about $100 shipped...nothing more than that though Systems/Accessories Atari 2600 Vader Model w/ power cord Atari 2600 4-Switch Woody w/power cord 4 CX-40 joysticks (I must have at least two, but it wont be a deal breaker if all four arent CXs) One Set of Paddle Controllers Games All I'm looking for are commons, well except Pitfall!2, which I am dying to play again. But here are a few I'm specifically needing to get back..I'm looking for cartridge only right now. Adventure Pitfall Pitfall!2 Space invaders Defender Asteroids Galaga Galaxian Frogger Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. Ms. Pac-Man Pac-Man (Hate this version of course but i feel like its necessary to own) Basketball Football Air-Sea Battle Combat Atlantis Missle Command] Demon Attack Centipede Dig Dug Yars' Revenge Pole Position Joust Street Racer And Many More On the more popular ones, ill take doubles if possible. Hell any R1 or R2 that are fun to play, send em my way. Because like I said I do have a nice $100 budget to get me started. Thanks, i found what i was looking for!
  8. My first day off n 4 weeks...I think I'm gonna sit and have a binge session with Dark Souls I bought the damn game 3 weeks ago, ragequit (lol), and never had time to pick it back up and play it. I've never played demon souls but i needed something to hold me over til ES:V hits the shelves. I feel that playing somthing this punishing is only gonna make me love the Elder Scrolls even more (because of how laid back that series can be). On top of that this is handsdown my favorite genre in gaming.
  9. Oh okay, thank you, yeah I was looking at it for like 10 minutes trying to find anything different lol.
  10. I looked at the two pictures, and I can't tell a difference besides the shrinkwrap, what is it?
  11. I would go with the Daxter combo because I'm pretty sure that comes with a 1gb memory card, plus i heard Daxter's a pretty good game. So all-in-all, that sounds like a much better deal, i didnt know the star wars one didnt have the 1gb memory card. BTW:I'm also looking forward to buying the Castlevania game, i really cant wait.
  12. Michael Jackson or Jack Thompson....haha yeah right, you know he'd never be in a video game, unless the game tried to influence you into not buying video games.
  13. I dont collect for it, but I have like 70 games, like 30 are CIB, and i have like 3 genny's, and lots of accessories. I do have something prized in my genny collection, and thats Beggar Prince, it's pretty cool that i can say i have 1 out of 900 games, at least for me it is.
  14. i would see if there is a GameCrazy around you, they still have tons of stuff i think, but not for too much longer.
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