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  1. I was glad to see Rom Hunter added to the hall of fame in 2014. As an archivist he added he added immensely to my knowledge and enjoyment of collecting Atari 2600 items. For 2015 I am voting for Philflound another archivist who has spent considerable time adding to my Atari2600 enjoyment.
  2. I vote for Philflound because of the large number of variation photos he has accumulated and shared with the Atari variation community.
  3. The cartridge shell shown above looks like the Boing prototype/lab loaner cartridge shell shown in Atarimania for the standard cartridge version of Boing. The cartridge shown above may be a preproduction or early production version of Boing.
  4. Attached is a 1986 Atari Corp Code Breaker error label that has had the black tape covering the label error removed. The Code Breaker label should have said "Use with Keyboard Controllers". I bought this cartridge with the tape already removed. I keep it with my black tape version to show the reason the black tape was added.
  5. The HES BMX Airmaster sold for the reasonable BIN price of AU $15.00. Unfortunately airmail shipping to the United States was AU $47.30. Hopefully the winning bidder will post a scan of the cartridge. I am not aware of any available scans of the HES BMX Airmaster cartridge.
  6. Although most if not all blue label Activision cartridges came in boxes with bar codes on the bottom, not all bar coded boxes contained blue label cartridges. Specifically, some of the sealed Activision Skiing boxes with bar codes on the bottom do not contain the scarce blue label Skiing cartridges.
  7. Are any of these PAL cartridge scans the HES version? Neither the Atarimania or AtariAge databases show a cartridge scan of the HES version.
  8. Curt, thank you for sharing this very interesting information. Gamerz, thank you for pasting the information so that everyone can see it. The information is very understandable, even if the pasted columns don't line up
  9. I also can't open up these files. I also would also appreciate seeing this data as a PDF file.
  10. I am interested in hearing whether the new reproduction joysticks are as good as the joysticks that came with the Atari consoles after the heavy sixer. Joysticks wear out and/or break over time, especially if used on games like Activision Decathlon. I have bought used later version Atari joysticks on eBay and found some still worked well and some did not. It would be tempting to buy new reproduction joysticks if they performed as well as original Atari joysticks .
  11. Al, I have six from the list. You can have them and I will pay for the shipping. Please PM me your shipping address. I appreciate your efforts that make AtariAge available for us to use.
  12. Can the carts be PAL or must they be NTSC? Does it matter if the carts are the variety that have rectangular holes in the upper corners of the front of the cart?
  13. Sears Football game instructions come in two different varities. One has "GAME INSTRUCTIONS" in red like your copy. The other has 'GAME INSTRUCTIONS" in white. I posted scans of these two varieties in my November 14, 2007 reply to http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...c=114993&hl.
  14. There are two 1986 Atari Corp Flag Capture picture label variations that are relatively easy to find. There is a 1978 Atari Inc Flag Capture picture label that is very scarce.
  15. Orange background Breakout labels have only been reported on NTSC cartridges. Bright blue Defender labels have only been reported on PAL cartridges. Being willing to purchase both NTSC and PAL cartridges increases the enjoyment of label variation collecting. Although I cannot play PAL cartridges on my television, in most cases I have NTSC versions of the PAL label variations in my collection.
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