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  1. Yes, please! I wonder, though, did you just get the LD player or did you get the whole thing? I think the LD player is simply a rebadged Pioneer (can't remember the model number) and it seems a lot more players were made than whole units. If you got the whole thing, just about the find of a lifetime!
  2. Dunno what the problem might be (brightness knob bad was the first thing that popped into my head). I do know that if you run it for very long in that condition you will soon have another problem-a big spot of fried phosphors in the exact middle of your screen! That would be damage that you could not fix except by getting a new tube (good luck with that!) or taking one from a parts vectrex. In a perfect world, you would be able to fix this without even having the monitor connected, but that may not be possible. Try to minimize the time it's on, though.
  3. He sent me an email about two weeks ago to get my address for shipping cost. I have replied twice but have not gotten any response yet...
  4. I use an old 8-track case. Vec carts are much smaller of course, but they fit just fine and that leaves plenty of space left over for overlays, manuals, etc.
  5. The Atari arcade game Quantum also filled in some objects.
  6. True, but not by me! I got all three of my Nuon players at pawn shops, both of my CD-i players at thrift shops, and my Laseractive with Sega PAC at a thrift shop. I don't think I paid more than $10 for any of the Nuons or CD-i's but I will admit that the Laseractive was around $50. For some reason, thrifts are still way overpricing LD players, so the Laseractive wasn't any more than if it had been a regular player. By the way, my 910 has exactly the same problem with the drawer not closing all the way. I wonder if that it common.
  7. I beleive that I, Robot was first to use polygons and Cosmic Chasm was first home game ported to arcade (from Vectrex).
  8. Well, not the whole thumbstick, only the part that screws on top. Alex, who had these made and has them for sale, asked me to post about the project on AtariAge for him. Details at the link: http://vectorgaming....play&thread=407
  9. I am the same way, and my grail would be my MBX as well. I have all of the games and overlays except the Trolley game (can't recall the whole title). We had a 99/4A when I was growing up, and I LUSTED after the MBX. Voice control! Are you kidding! Alas, my dad could not be convinced to purchase one, even if one could have been found. Well, finally picked one up on eBay and it is just as cool as I thought it would be, although I don't have as much time to play as I would like. Also picked up loaded PEB at a pawn shop (who took that in?) and so now I can play Tunnels of Doom off of a floppy instead of the cassette deck I had to use back in the day. I also am a sucker for add-ons and oddball controllers as well, and own many such failed products, like the ECS, the Vectrex light pen and 3-D imager, the 32X, the SMS 3D glasses and adapter, etc. I've always thought it interesting that so many of the games meant to highlight these products were baseball games. The MBX, ECS, and ColecoVision Super Action Controllers, at least, all had baseball games as their "flagship" titles. I doubt if this is a coincidence, and I suppose it reflects the overall popularity of baseball in the early 80s. Today I suppose all the games would be football games.
  10. "bayoucollector". He purchased a boxed Vectrex for $20 and, as if that were not good enough, inside was a boxed Mr. Boston. There's a thread in the "show us your collection" forum. Puts all of my finds to shame, not to mention everyone else's...
  11. Don't think I'm making any friends with my posts in this thread, but I also once bought CIB Chronotrigger and Final Fantasy III on the same day at the same thrift store for $1 apiece... I have indeed been very lucky! Nothing compared to the guy on here who got the Vectrex Mr.Boston, though.
  12. Believe it or not, never got a free cart. Got a big bag (around 20 titles) of SNES carts a thrift for $6 once, though, so that's about a quarter a pop. Oh yeah, the titles included Super Mario RPG and ... Earthbound. Funny thing is I don't remeber either one of those being visible before I got the bag home and opened it.
  13. This would only be the third boxed Mr. Boston known. Pretty lucky, I would say! By the way, I'm willing to bet that either your cartridge contacts or the connector on the Vectrex itself are dirty. If it loads a little, as you describe, I wouldn't think that bad solder inside the console is the problem. Whenever I have a game that freezes like that, reseating the cart a couple of times is the most I have ever had to do to get it going. If you decide to try cleaning, I wouldn't be too aggressive cleaning that cart, though...
  14. Ok, not as impressive as some here, but: All USA games w/ manuals and overlays (Ok, no Minestorm II or Mr. Boston) with the following boxed: Scramble (x2) Pole Position Polar Rescue Star Trek Armour Attack Rip Off Cosmic Chasm Web Wars Solar Quest Clean Sweep Fortress of Narzod Homebrews: Spike's Circus Debris Zantis Sectis Sundance War of the Worlds 3D Sector X I, Cyborg Royal 21 Warrior and Hellhole on the way Vecflash Harware: 3 Vectrexes w/ controllers 2 additional controllers light pen 3D imager and color discs carrying bag Overdrive controller Vectrosis controller homemade lightpen homemade arcade-type controller
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