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  1. Yes, thank you. I suppose it would have helped if I had posted the link.
  2. This is mine. As I mentioned in the posting there are probably a dozen or so that aren't working but I don't remember exactly which ones. My console with the video mod is currently lost somewhere in my basement. As soon as I find it and put it back together I'll be listing that as well. There are a few hard to find titles in there such as Shuttle Orbiter, Motorodeo, Bump & Jump etc. I just don't have the time or inclination to run a dozen or so separate auctions. If you have any particular questions shoot me an email at [email protected] ThanksI
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=180306442792
  4. Not with me. I'm going to have her type of a list of everything as well as gather all the boxes so I can say definitively what is boxed and what isn't I haven't seen that movie yet... But I've seen the video of the new m9750 Laptop... My god.... What a machine... Edit: Isn't there a website that generates a pdf list of all the games that one owns? It seems that I Created a database at one point. Perhaps I could retrieve it. That'd be a start.
  5. Hi Guys. I've been on the road for the last year or so and haven't had much time to enjoy my Atari collection. I've decided to splurge and buy an Alienware laptop (the new 9750) My question is this - I have about 225 games (nothing extremely rare - motorodeo is the rarest) and two consoles. Do you recommend selling it in one large bulk or selling it in pieces over time. My issue is that my girlfriend's daughter will probably be selling it for me since I'm away so I don't want to over load here. Also, the quicker it gets sold the quicker I can buy my precious... Do you think I'd make more money selling individually than by selling it in one large lot? Also - assuming that roughly half of the games are boxed (open in fair condition) and that 99% of them have manuals what do you think would be a fair "buy it now" price on ebay?
  6. But all those carts look so amazing cool when stacked nicely on a shelf. I love it when friends come over who've never seen my collection. I take them to "The Cabinet" and open the door and watch their jaws drop. I've only got a little less than 200 unique titles, but its still quite impressive for someone who doesn't see Atari carts very often. I used to collect boxes but quickly ran out of room. If I can find a boxed copy for a reasonable price I'll get it. But I take the cart and manual out and stash the box in a big "box of boxes" that I have in the basement. Not only does it take up room, but if I want to play a game its a pain to have to dig it out of the box. Plus, there's the ineveitable damage that results in constantly opening and closing the flaps. I have noticed that a lot of times I'll play the game on my Xbox (Atari Classics) as opposed to digging out the Atari though. A lot of times its much more convenient than having a pile of carts that I'm currently playing laying all over the coffee table.
  7. Hi all Check out this auction... Atari Storage Case I was curious if anyone had these at a more reasonable price. I don't mind the 12 bucks for the item itself. But I think 19 dollars is way too much for shipping. Especially since I bought one from them once and I think it was like 10 something on the label (not that I mind markups for packaging, but that's inflated) I'm actualy interested in about 6 or 7 of them (around 170 unique titles now) and since each one holds 27 I think that's be just fine. I'm not really concerned with the condition so much - and I don't need the plastic cover that goes on top of it. They are going to be stacked against a wall. Thanks for your help !
  8. Thanks for all the great information. I guess the trick now is to find one at a reasonable price. Prices for 128's seem to be all over the place - from 30 to 100. There's a system right now that's going for almost $250 though it looks like its MIB with all kinds of accesories What's a reasonable price to pay for the console + PS + original mauals. Let's just say CIB. How much for just the console + PS + any necessary cables?
  9. Thanks for your awesome explanation - Totally lost on me - But thanks! So what your saying is that there's no fundamental difference between a true C64 and a 128 being run in 64 mode?
  10. Hey guys. I came across an old Commodore 64 programming book I had from years ago and was reading it. So, I got to thinking about getting another one as I sold mine years and years ago. Anyway, I only had the 64. But since money is no object now (yeah right) I thought about getting a 128 instead. Other than the memory and case design differences. Is there a reason to prefer a 64 over a 128 or the other way around? Are 128's fully compatible with 64 cartridges and programs? If I remember correctly, there was a switch on the 128 to run in 64 mode. Is this a true 64 mode? FOr instance, if I was learning assembly for the 64 would it apply to the 128? Ok, enough of my rambling questions, whad'ya think?
  11. Bleh - Picked it up for 5 bucks. It was my first *rare* game. Bleh It sits on the shelf Bleh Its still sitting on the shelf Bleh Played it Bleh Now I see why its so rare Adventures of Tron ROCKS I've never played Porky's - But I hope its better than this.
  12. Interesting little update. I told the guy I wasn't interested because I didn't want to take a chance on buying untested equipment. Today he sent me an email saying that he tested it and that everything was working fine. He relisted the items saying as much. Guess he was just lazy LOL
  13. Haha - That is one ratty looking cartridge. Someone already got the 5 dollar one. I'm cheap though. I want the cart and manual for 5 bucks!
  14. I completely understand what you mean about technologically illiterate society, I install DirecTV for a living and deal with it every day. My issue isn't when grandma Phyllis wants to sell a few things out of her attic. Its when a seller who sells video equipment will have two auctions going, one for a Sega Gensis that's guranteed to work, and another for an Atari that that's "untested." Someone who sells a lot of games and systems (based on feedback history) *should* have the knowledge to hook up an adaptor. Heck, he should have a dozen laying around. This to me is code for "it doesn't work but I'm going to make it sound like it works" You know - to hedge his/her bets. Man I'm cynical...
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