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  1. Last post in 2007. It is 2013 and I am still placed on moderator queue. All content I submit will need to be approved by a moderator before it will be shown. I click on "more" and I get an error. Apparently, there is no explanation for this. ;)

    1. Andrew Davie

      Andrew Davie

      We are watching you very closely indeed.

  2. That's fine but he can't talk to people only read. He doesn't have to talk. Follow the directions in order to write. Optionally, one could contact a helpful member of JSII... a great resource of people who are always willing to HELP others. :MegaData: (doesn't work here, but you get the idea)
  3. You don't have to be a member of Jaguar Sector II to see the forum posts.
  4. You can view the forums without being a member, Matthias.
  5. Interested in Pitfall the Mayan Adventure, sealed, factory new?
  6. Simple Not to a simpleton like me! Sounds like a good DIY project though, I wish someone write up a guide and I would be all over it like bees on honey! 924141[/snapback] Well if I ever manage to make a start on version two I might post up instructions and circuit diagrams for the original although don't expect anything untill at least the middle of next year if at all. Was this ever done?
  7. Do we need a specific media player for the videos? They just seem to display the same thumbnails in a new window. It is nice to see some larger detailed images though, especially the screenshots.
  8. Not sure what difficulty I made that score on, but I know I don't want to play the easiest setting again. It would be taking the fun out of it if I played that way.
  9. It would be cool if the portfolio thumbnails were clickable, opening up to a more detailed view, even if it was just a smidge larger.
  10. Excellent, but you simply must tell me what the FINAL score I should be aiming for is and what your difficulty setting is, now. If it's the easiest setting, I won't bother getting into it again.
  11. When someone breaks 554,300 let me know.
  12. I've deleted cookies and such with no effect. I have to sign in, close the window when it goes all white, open another Internet Explorer 6 window, point to my favorites to open JSII again and see me logged in.
  13. Yahoo Jaguar Homebrew has a similar "registry" but includes other homebrew options besides Alpine.
  14. Good to know it worked out for you.
  15. I have problems logging in there coupled with my posts being delayed here.
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