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  1. I'd seen them circulating around school libraries back in the day. Between the lack of pictures, and trying to cover several large games in one small book, I never thought they looked worth a read.
  2. Can it run on a stock system, or do I have to hack it?
  3. Is this a thing? because if RetroArch could be ported to the Xbox, I'm *very* interested
  4. There's a very good chance they've thought about it. But I can almost guarantee you, Billy Mitchell is a "cash up front" type of guy.
  5. I'd be surprised if they didn't just grab an open-source app or acquire a ready-made app from a small developer and just slap their name on it. Everything about the VCS has been l'Atari writing checks to someone else who does the work. The only variable has been if the check actually clears or not.
  6. Are you a mom trying to watch netflix? If not, don't pretend you understand the market.
  7. If you're going to say "If you don't care, it gets the job done" then you at least need to weigh it against other 'gets the job done' solutions. A converter cable also 'gets the job done' and they start at $10. If the results are the same (or worse!) than a $30 Hyperkin cable, then the person who "doesn't care" will opt for the cable and be done with it. People who don't care, by their very nature, aren't going to spend a lot or go through the hassle of crowdfunding.
  8. I'm amazed that anyone is even surprised at GameStop's ability to make horrible decisions that don't benefit the consumer and, somehow, don't even benefit them. Their awful business moves are literally a weekly story at this point.
  9. Even if they're telling the truth, saying "we're going to give the backers the crappy version, and then design a good one later" doesn't instill any faith in the team behind this.
  10. A novelty shell with an existing Nintendo board shoved inside it. Where have I heard this before?
  11. Yo mama so dumb, when I said "Atari Token", she said "Well, of course they are!"
  12. Yo mama's so nasty, when I asked her for a paddle, she expected a tip!
  13. Yo mama's so cheap, she was #101 in Atari's 100-pack!
  14. The Atari VCS is its own "Your Mom" joke.
  15. I have a lot of respect for your approach.
  16. L'Atari: "We can totally do that! Of course, it'll mean delaying until 2024."
  17. There is literally nothing accurate in that blurb. Mr. Jones owes me for the electricity his article wasted illuminating pixels on my phone.
  18. What they did say, however, is "weeks not months" And that was almost a year ago.And that was almost a year ago.
  19. Oh, it's on Indiegogo. What could go wrong?
  20. Please do not attempt to read my mind and act like an expert on my interests and motivations. I can assure you, I'm much more qualified to say why I participate in threads than you are. Your insincere offer is noted. Have a good week.
  21. I listed the ways in which I disliked mobile games. I did this in such a way that focused on the games themselves, not the Amico (I'm in this thread to discuss mobile games. I generally don't join Amico threads). You threw a blanket disagreement over it and said I should try the games for myself. This is, in my view, a variation on "Just wait, you'll see". I would be happy to PM you an address, if your offer is sincere.
  22. Tommy, you're not the first wannabe console magnate to dismiss valid criticism with "Just wait, you'll see." Simple as that. From what I've seen of the Amico, nothing interests me. If you'd like to change my mind, you're welcome to give me the chance. I say "give" because by no means do I plan to spend money on it. I can provide a shipping address, if you like.
  23. This is EXACTLY why I don't buy the "it's not fair if we can't fill all the orders at once" jabber. There is NO business reason to not fill any orders you can once the product is ready. This is bad for the customers, and it's bad for l'Atari. The only people getting anything out of it are YouTube reviewers reaping those sweet, sweet clicks.
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