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  1. My strategy with that level is to just keep moving full speed ahead while shooting and hope for the best I can usually get out of it without TOO much trouble..
  2. Yeah, exactly. I have one of these boxes and it really ruins it for me. The image quality itself is great, and I don't get any blurring or input lag, but the 16:9 stretched image just ruins everything.
  3. Anyone that thinks FFL (beta or final release) is up to par or better than ANY version Virtua Fighter is clearly nuts
  4. I would be shocked if the Jag CD could actually handle Road Rash up to par of 3DO.. I think the hardware had too many flaws and limitations to really allow it.. and I think RAM or the way the Jag CD handles RAM would have nixed the chance alone..?
  5. haha. reminds me of this old gem that was coming to the Jag back in the day from DKG
  6. I bought one when they eventually went down to ~200 or so bucks, right before or around the time PS1 came out in 95 and had a ton of fun with it. At the time, the 3DO's version of Madden completely blew every other version out of the water.. first couple PS1 versions were terrible in comparison. Road Rash, Wing Commander, Street Fighter II, Samurai Shodown, FIFA, Muhammad Ali's Boxing, Blade Force, etc really showed off its power at the time and were overall very fun.. I even liked some of the silly FMV shooting games like Mad Dogg and that Police Force or whatever it was called and places like Wal Mart were HEAVILY discounting the games, so it was a good deal at the time.. got many of my games for about 5 bucks each... however, nowadays unfortunately most of those haven't aged well.. but I still keep the system for one game... Return Fire.. yeah it's also on PS1, but it's also slightly worse on that system, PLUS 3DO has the Maps of Death expansion.. such a great party game.
  7. Kasumi Ninja is pretty terrible.. but in a good sort of way and has a sort of charm to it.. but maybe it's nostalgia too, since it was one the earlier games I bought for the system back in the mid 90's. Probably my favorite fighter on the Jag, and i'd play it ANY day over Fight for Life, Double Dragon V or Dragon. Ultra Vortek may be a better game technically, but I had more fun with Kasumi over the years.
  8. I've been so far out of the Jag scene over the past few years, I have no idea what is even considered reasonable anymore... but yeah..
  9. on a side note.. it's a real bummer that Breakout 2000 doesn't support the rotary... main reason i'll probably sell off that one.
  10. No one has a problem.. that's why the guy makes variants of the controller. For me, I play a lot of the original Tempest arcade, so it makes sense for me to play T2k with a similar control setup.
  11. Do you use your left hand to control an Atari 2600 paddle controller? It's unnatural for a right handed person.
  12. Finally bought a back mounted one (smooth rotary), this summer and very pleased with it. Definitely prefer that setup to the ones placed on the front because it's more traditional to how the original arcade was with using the right hand for the spinner and left for buttons. It is surprisingly comfortable and natural to hold backwards like this more than a thought it would be too... my only complaint, which most likely isn't the fault of the hardware, but how extremely fast the blaster moves, and since the game doesn't have the fastest framerate, there isa lot of frame skipping if you move it too fast which makes things much less accurate.. compared to the smooth as silk original arcade controls.. but if you can get used to having to move it very precisely it's definitely a preferred method. I played a couple games the other night back to back, one with rotary, one with regular d-pad, and both received similar scores, around 650k, but the way I actually play and move between the two are vastly different..for instance with the d-pad, I have to constantly keep moving and rocking back and forth, for getting power ups, I normally "ram" into them instead of waiting for them to come to the particular part of the web they come in on, where as with the rotary it's too twitchy to do that, so I make sure to zoom over to the spot and sort of "lock" it in before it reaches the rim, otherwise you'll likely miss it if you keep moving... so yeah, things like that make it play much differently for me anyway. It is kind of annoying having to switch over to player two controller to play the first and third sets of bonus rounds.. for some reason it doesn't allow you to play the green line bonus level with the 2nd controller though. I found it much easier to complete with the d-pad for that level. Don't even bother trying to play the bacon bonus levels with the rotary though.. it's impossible. But yeah.. i can't believe I waited so long to get one of these, especially considering it's one of my favorite games of all time, and been playing since the 90's.
  13. Bought mine just to play TxK... but I also found myself downloading a couple PS1 classics while I was at it. Not a bad little device if you can get it cheap. Hopefully Sony doens't pull the plug on the thing though rendering it useless if you need to re-download the games.
  14. It's actually a pretty fun game.. yes the framerate is pretty bad, but I got used to it after a while. It still plays pretty well and the music is cool.
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