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  1. Very sad to hear. 54 years only. My heart goes out to the family, they're always the ones that feel the loss the most. RIP Kurt.
  2. Why do I get the feeling some utter moron killed a decent bin on this item only to have the ending price twice what the bin was (which happens 99% of the time?)

    1. Shawn


      Doesn't look like it. Seems he started a bunch of sealed 7800 games at $20 each with no buy it nows. Search his sold listings to see what he had. Some pretty decent tittles.

    2. jetset
    3. jd_1138


      If you do see a great BIN price, you better snatch the item, or else someone may bid on it and then the price goes up to whatever the market will pay.


      I never do BIN's when I list an item, as I don't wanna pay their extra fee for that. I just start the item at 99 cents with no reserve. Does ebay let you do a BIN but let you keep the BIN even if someone bids less than the BIN price? At the point where the price hits the BIN, the item can then be instantly sold to the buyer who bid above the BIN?


      I do set reserves on items sometimes, because I know that selling prices can vary greatly depending on who's looking at the item the week you have it listed. It may go for 1/5 its usual value one week while had you waited another week perhaps it would've been bid up to its usual value.


      A huge ebay seller who has a pawn shop, what he does is just has his entire inventory listed with BIN prices -- reasonably priced -- not overpriced at some theoretical amount someone once got for the item. He has like 1,500 items listed. Each day he sells about 30-40 items which he boxes up and ships out.  He's Craigslist Hunter on YouTube.

  3. I wish I were 14 again and had all the time in the world to play. 100790
  4. Thank you for this! Always great having new games for the 5200. Is there a link to the other released games?
  5. Is Circus Convoy still available? How much is/was it (I may have missed the boat)

  6. What is the record number of marshmallows stuffed up one nostril?

    1. Frozone212


      I know i shouldn't advance the cause of idiots on youtube but...


      Oh screw it


      (looks it up)


      found it...i think lol🤣

      Farthest marshmallow nose-blow | Guinness World Records

    2. Lord Innit

      Lord Innit

      604 by Toxteth O'Grady (U.S.A.)  who also happens to hold the record for the world's stickiest bogey.

      One of my favourite comedies, The Young Ones.

  7. jetset

    AVGN Game

    On second thought...I used to suffer trolls - now I don't. Welcome to blockey-town. I come here to enjoy videogames, not argue with some random kid who's clearly never owned a 5200. Cheers!
  8. jetset

    AVGN Game

    Wow. Angry much? Yes the controllers are prone to the fire buttons wearing out, the rest of the controller rarely fails. A quick watch of a youtube vid, a piece sliver of aluminum foil, and a dab of glue the controllers work like new. If you owned the system back in the day, they were far from a slap in the face, unless you straight sucked at videogames. Both the INTV and CV controllers were way, WAY worse, but like the 5200 controllers, a little practice and a little skill and you adapted. I never heard of anybody having trouble with the non-self centering until the internet took hold, and people (like the AVGN twit) got the system, played once, sucked, and blamed the controllers. What's 100% true my friend is you have no clue of that which you speak. If you honestly think 5200 controllers cost $200 (exaggerate much?) I'll sell you my working four for $100 each. But whatever your opinion of the sticks, AVGN is a jackass. Cheers and have a great day friend! Maybe have some milk and cookies or come camomile tea. Helps calm the nerves.
  9. Stupid gorilla!! 20,630 - Gonna have to practice. Used to be much better at this game.
  10. Pretty handy! That's some serious love for the community you have to go to a loading dock to drop off stuff for shipping! You're probably keeping the PO afloat. Kidding aside. Thanks for all you do. I'm too lazy to even alphabetize my stuff. I see the hundreds of boxes and carts and manuals and shipping boxes and am amazed. You da man!
  11. LOL I bet the post office reps fight to see who goes on coffee break when Albert pulls up!
  12. Decent enough game. Might try and get into it thanks to playing (badly) for the HSC.
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