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  1. That's a good idea. Hadn't thought of that.
  2. Thanks! Ya I've been checking Craigslist, Nextdoor, and Letgo. There's actually a free 13" but I'm looking for somewhere in the 19" range. I'm probably being too fussy lol.
  3. Title says it all. Looking for a 19" or so crt tv. All the thrift stores here got rid of them and I can't find a damn one anywhere. PM me if you have any and live in the Ft Lauderdale area.
  4. 21,800 Things with wings - Parachute...11
  5. Zombie thread alert! I searched for this because I'm playing in the High Score contest on Facebook. When I hit the score I thought I was a lock for the weeks top points, but alas....just a glitch, or an Easter Egg? Anyways, here's a screenshot...Are those possibly initials on the bottom right corner?
  6. Damn tempting but too many mouths to feed already. Someone needs to jump on this deal!
  7. Batari helped me out (as always lol)
  8. My Harmony started doing this...any suggestions would be appreciated. It was working one minute, not working the next. Tried multiple SD cards, and it does this on both my 2600 & 7800. IMG_8759.MOV
  9. Bounty Bob. I had a loose copy but parted with it when I was out of work and $$ was tight. Thankfully, I'm not as obsessed with having every cart (anymore lol).
  10. Albert, can you check your PM?

  11. Is the AA store back open?

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    2. atari2600land


      Was it closed?

    3. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      They were closed briefly. They had to clean up after a big staff party or something.


      I understand there was a lot of mopping involved.

    4. jetset
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