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  1. Double sided scotch tape, tin foil, and a single hole punch. Clean both sides (both the black dot and the flex circuit) gently, apply the tape (with tweezers preferably so as to not get the oils from your finger on the tape) then the tin foil and you'll be set for a LONG time.
  2. $10.00 shipping? Damn skippy I reported him.
  3. Gotcha. Thanks for the info. I'll probably just hold on to it then....it is loaded with emulators and games, I just wanted to be cautious about mentioning that.
  4. I bought a Raspberry Pi a while back, used it a fewX and it's basically sitting in a box now. I paid $150 (shipped), but I'm not looking for that, just a decent amount in trade or cash. I'm mostly looking for Atari Homebrews, or a flashback system (NES/SNES/Atari (at least the controllers lol). Cash I'm thinking $85 shipped. Here's what it includes; 1. Raspberry Pi 3 in SmartiPi case 2. Quality heatsinks applied to the chips 3. 2.5A heavy duty power supply 4. HDMI cable 5. 64GB microSDXC card with pre-compiled RetroPie image loaded with various full sets of vintage console games This was made by an AA member, great quality, the truth is I just don't use it. Don't mind the RCA cable in the pic. It somehow wound up in the box (yours if you want it though lol). Make me an offer here or via pm.
  5. 42

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    2. thanatos


      How many roads must a man walk down?

    3. GoldLeader


      The Answer!

    4. CPUWIZ


      Fuck off, I ran out of 42.

  6. I would advise; Definitely organize your files. It's a daunting task, but for me its become a hobby of sorts. I started with three custom directories. Favorites, Arcade Games, Sports. Then separated it by pal/NTSC, Hack/Homebrew...etcetc... Just don't, like get obsessed about it. Also, sometimes the file you are trying to run doesn't work and you're like..."WTF"? Just seek out a different version. I damn near cried when Bump N Jump didn't run. Then I found a different file here @ AA and it runs like a charm.
  7. What is the record number of marshmallows stuffed up one nostril?

    1. Lord Innit

      Lord Innit

      That be 604 by Toxteth O'Grady (USA) who also happens to hold the record for the world's stickiest bogey. Can't catch me out on a bit of The Young Ones trivia! :)

    2. Eltigro


      Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry were on that episode.

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      That would have to be an extremely large nostril to have 604 marshmallows stuck up it.

  8. jetset

    Wanted: Harmony cart

    ^This the Uno cart has its good and bad points, but there are quite a many games that work on Harmony that don't on Uno. Don't get me wrong the Uno is a fine piece of work...I find it loads much faster (although that may have to do with the filename characters being limited and the directories can't have more than 80 games.), and is a cheaper alterntive. And yes I ordered a new Harmony (Encore) on the 28th and got the same notification the label was created yesterday. Not worried about Batari coming through. He likely had real life going on so I waited and made sure and one of our more trustworthy members here gave me an extra endorsement that he's ok just a bit behind. That said, the Pi is still available for sale or trade
  9. Meh. I used to be so much better than this! 6130
  10. jetset

    Wanted: Harmony cart

    Yes I have that link, but since I sent 2 PMs to Batari over a course of two weeks and as well emailed him and didnt get any replies, I dont want to buy until I at least get a reply from him so I want to wait until I hear back. Im thinking maybe hes on vacay or has something personal going on.
  11. The regular or the Encore, preference being the encore. I've tried reaching out to Batari to try and buy one direct from him...I'm guessing he's got some more life issues going on (which I can def. relate to) and I haven't heard back. I got my $$'s worth from my original, but the card slot seemed to stop working over time. Sent it back, he cleaned the slot, and it worked a few X but then started messing up again ("initialization error"). Ultimately from turning the unit on and off each time to get the cart to load may have fried the cart. SO..... Of course if it's in good working condition lmk how much, I also have to trade a nice Raspberry Pi setup; 1. Raspberry Pi 3 2. 64GB microSDXC card with prebuilt retropie with many systems and tons of files, as well as Kodi 3. Quality power supply, heatsinks pre applied 4. SmartiPi Lego Case 5. HDMI cable Bought it for $150, works great but I did not anticipate the programming knowledge needed (of which I have zero), so it's still in the box it was shipped to me in. Of course I know I'll not get near that, but it should be more than enough trade for a used Harmony. I also have for trade an UNO cart (works 100% great but tbh, I don't like the file structure, being there's a limit on characters and # of files per folder, plus some of my fave games that work on Harmony don't on UNO.) I also have a non-functional Harmony cart, maybe one of you know how to get it up and running for yourself. Reply here or PM. I don't need a sd card or...files, just a working unit. Cheers! Of course pics upon request.
  12. I got a little black book with me poems in it!

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      But my cat peed on it.

    2. Swami


      You! Yes, you laddie! You behind the bike shed!

  13. Apologies. if that's a rule type thing I'm cool if you keep my score where it was. I'll know for next time no probs.
  14. So I bought an Uno and it's due to arrive tomorrow. Anything I need know? Like are there any brands of sd card that don't work (for example). I heard each directory is limited to 100 files, but then I saw someone on youtube about it saying it was 80. I am SOOOO pumped to be able to play some of the hacks and the goofy little 2k games again.
  15. Not much of an improvement, but my updated score is slightly higher, 34300.
  16. For sale: Parachute - Never opened, used once. Small stain.

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      Nintendo G&W Parachute? How much?

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      Pair a shoe - used during skydiving accident

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      "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

  17. My participation post. Never was too good at HERO. 34,300
  18. jetset

    Jr Pac-Man fix?

    So if one of the floating prizes, like the bicycle, or the kite...collides with a power pellet at the same time a ghost kills you, the power pellet stays and can't be eaten. At that point the level you're currently on can't be finished, so all you can do at that point is start the game all over. It makes the game virtually unplayable. It sounds like a rare occurrence, but it's an inevitability if you're decent enough at the game to make it past the first few screens. It's still fun to play as a quick novelty, but the bug ruins any chance of playing for long. Shame too it's a great game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWtSXjiDePs
  19. Is there a fixed version of the Jr Pac-Man game anywhere? That damn power-pellet bug always seems to find a way to ruin a good run!
  20. It is SO nice to have a functioning 5200 again to be able to join in!
  21. jetset

    Wanted modded 5200

    Thanks, yeah I emailed him, he has none. Modded at least.
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