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Found 38 results

  1. Atari 800XL - $100 Fully repaired & functional computer. Replaced OS chip with latest revision and system now works. Also cleaned mylar to stop sticking key (the "A" key was filling the screen with A's.) From the pics can see the keys no longer stick and the system will load and run games. Comes with Computer, PSU, RF Cable, & switch box. NTSC system. Atari 810 Floppy Drive - $100 Also repaired & functioning. can see from pic that a game loaded just fine. Can only see the corner of the drive in the pic (sorry.) Will take more if requested. Include Unit, PSU, & Serial cable. Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees. If both are purchased together will include the loaded game
  2. Relisting as possible bundle... Even though no replies (or even view,) cannot delete it
  3. Evening guys, I originally had a broadcast signal converter that I could plug all my 8 and 16 bit'ers into and fed nicely into the VGA port on a 25" Philips monitor but unfortunately DHL in my local country have made sure I'm never going to get it back after sending it for repair. The signal converter allowed lots of different resolutions and aspect ratios and was virtually limitless in the signals it would accept. Here in Ecuador there are a huge amount of 15-17" CRT's and LCD's and virtually nothing with S-Video inputs or that will accept happily the PAL composite video that my 800XL is knocking out. I have tried a $20 S-Video/Composite to VGA converter which gave me nice multicoloured blurred text on everything that I plugged into it (including a Raspberry Pi). So I'm looking to connect to VGA, especially as I still prefer the look of CRT's for my vintage machines. So, rather than going UAV now, I'm looking at getting a Sophia Board. I've tried reading through the Sophia threads but struggling to get a clear answer to some queries before I start hassling Simius with an order. I could do with hearing some experiences of other users findings. Firstly, the Sophia Rev.B is shown as RGB. Is this directly compatible with VGA or would it feed into one of the Arcade RGB to VGA GBS8200 converters found on Ebay? I ask about this board in particular because I'm getting one for an Amstrad CPC 6128 and could probably build a switch to shift between the tow machines. Secondly, regardless of this going VGA directly, or through an RGB converter, do I need to determine the resolution when I order the Sophia? Some of the monitors here are 1024 x768 and others 1280x1024. Are these the correct aspect ratios to be as similar as possible to old CRT TV's that the Atari's would have plugged into originally? Thirdly, if I end up having to order the DVI version, presumably there's a 1280x1024 option available, will I get black bars on the left and right of my full HD monitor to keep the aspect ratio or is it more likely to stretch to the whole screen or black borders on all sides with a tiny image in the middle? Lastly, is Simius based in Europe, or in the US, as I need to find out the best method of getting it to me without using couriers? USPS tracked service is ideal, but if it's coming from Europe then I'd need to get it shipped to the UK first to be forwarded by Royal Mail. Apologies for the long post and multiple questions. If you've any further advice or help to offer (unused Sophia Board??) please let me know, and thank you in advance.
  4. talanthalus

    800XL Online

    From the album: Atari 8-bit Collection

    This is the 800XL online with the Wimodem232 w/ OLED through the ATR8000.

    © Todd Livingston

  5. I am looking for good games I can download and use on my 800XL. I am not an arcade person. For the Commodore, there were games like The Bards Tale, Wizardry, and the SSI Gold Box games. I know about Alternate Reality and Phantasie, but not how to get them. I dont have a physical drive to use disks, even if I could find any that still work. All I have, for now, is an SIO2PC-USB. The 800XL is stock, just 64k.
  6. I now have two Atari computers. The 600XL that I was trying to get th3 keyboard working on and then I quit working altogether. I tried buying another off eBay. It was advertised as a 600XL, but turns out to be an 800XL. That would be great if it worked. The weird thing is that they both display the same symptoms. With one power supply, I get colors flashing across the screen and a hum from the sound. Using th3 other power supply, I get top half of screen black and the bottom very snowy, mostly white. I have a multimeter and a logic probe. I figure the first step is to check power supply voltages. Then what next? Is the test cartridge sold by Best Electronics any good?
  7. I recently bought an 800XL with the coveted Alps keyboard—I've been wanting to try one out and see how it compares to other variants. Unfortunately, the seller packed it diagonally in a small box with wads of paper stuffed in so tight that most of the keys were pressed down. On the plus side, this prevented the "ingot" power supply from rattling around inside the box and smashing up the case. However, when I pulled the case out, I heard what sounded like something snapping. Hopefully it was just something shifting in the bottom of the box, but I did notice that the spacebar was somewhat loose. I took the case apart and took the keyboard out. The unit looks pristine, almost like it was never used save for a little bit of dust between the keys. I noticed that the Alps keyboard spacebar has the key switch under the right side of the spacebar, and a spring under the left side. Coincidentally, it's the side of the spacebar away from the switch that is loose—I'm able to move the left side of the spacebar up and down a little with light pressure. For those that have an 800XL with an Alps keyboard, is this just normal behavior? It makes sense that the side of the spacebar that's not attached to the switch would be a little looser, so I'm hoping no damage was done. If I'd known about the tight packing, I would have just cut the box open from the start.
  8. I have an 800XL that suddenly is having audio problems. The volume will be OK for a few minutes then will go almost completely out. The problem occurs only with the monitor cable. The RF audio output seems to be constant. Any ideas about where I could start trouble shooting.
  9. Hello, I picked up an Atari 800XL a few months back and will soon start to enjoy it. I understand that they came with BASIC revision B and later Atari models had a less buggy version called revision C. To upgrade the 800XL, are the two options (1) buy a revision C cartridge or (2) upgrade the BASIC ROM? For option 2, would I just buy something like this off of eBay? https://www.ebay.com/itm/162564860327?ul_noapp=true I do have a EPROM burner so is another option to find revision C online and burn it to EPROM? In either case, is it a matter of popping out revision B ROM and putting in revision C? (assuming the ROMs are socketed.) Thanks
  10. Hi, I have recent purchased a 800XL (PAL) and paired it with a SIO2SD external drive, all appears to work fine, expect on a lot of games I'm getting a corrupted sprite, and I'm not sure why, would anyone be able to shed light on what may be causing this? Configuration, software, PAL/NTSC issue, RAM or Antic failure? Note that some games appear to run perfectly. Also passes memory tests fine. I apologize for the poor photos, but you can see the corrupted missile or sprite running vertically down the display, these will follow the player or enemies. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hi guys! I dug out my 800XL from my mom's house this past week and hooked it up to my Plasma TV using one of these Atari to Composite cables: https://www.8bitclassics.com/Atari-800-XL-XE-5-Pin-DIN-S-Video-Cable.html?search=AXL-SVIDEO However I cannot get it to work. The 800XL power light comes on but the TV just says no signal. I tried with both composite (Yellow, Red, White) and S-Video connections on the cables, and also tried composite on another LCDTV in the house. I also have two of the same cable converters linked above and both had same results. Same thing for all tests, "no signal" on TV. I am not sure what to do next. Is it likely that there is an issue with the monitor out on the 800XL? Or is it just that my TV's cannot recognize the signal? Maybe I need a different converter? What steps should I take next? I appreciate your help 8-biters! Gabriel
  12. There have been a lot of good thoughts on how to clean 800XL keyboards here. I decided to follow a more traditional approach and it worked well. Phase 1 - The Quick and Lazy cleaning: First I tried cleaning by using q-tips and 91% Isopropyl alcohol to get all of the dirt out from around the keycaps. I was only able to get about 80% down the keycaps because of how tight the keys are relative to each other. I was also certain there was material below the keycaps I could not get to. I wanted a deeper cleaning. Phase 2 - Prep for cleaning: - I used a standard keycap puller such as those used for cherry MX keycaps. ($6 shipped in the USA https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TAUJDJK/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 - I tried to remove all keycaps except for the Spacebars. Spacebars are always special on keyboards as they have extra clips/mechanisms that like to break when removed -- so never try to remove a Spacebar . The other big keys (Control, Shift, etc) all came out easily and have no extra clips/mechanisms. - 90% of the keycaps came off completely cleanly with no problem. The 800XL keycaps required less force to remove than most keyboards I've worked with. (Various Cherry MX, Focus 2001, IBM Models). A successful remove looks like the missing 'J' key in this picture: http://blog.pixelpracht.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Atar800xl_06.jpg - The remaining 10% would come out with a plastic square embedded in the keycap (instead of the keyboard). Underneath this square are two springs - a tall/narrow and a wider/shorter spring. When this happened, I would put the big spring back into the keyboard (there's a ring slot for it). Then I'd placed the tall/narrow spring into the plastic square embedded in the keycap (where it belongs), and push down a good bit on it/twist it a bit so it would stay in place. Then, very carefully I'd make sure I had the keycap oriented the right way, sliding the thin spring into the middle of the wide spring while putting the keycap back in place. Put the keycap back in place in a 'left to right' or 'right to left' orientation as that's how the clips want to attach. If you go in the perpendicular direction you might break the clip. If the spring falls out before the keycap is back on or the key press feels weird, repeat this process until it's better. - I would then try to carefully/slowly pull the keycap out a second time, and 50% of the time the plastic square would stay in the keyboard. The other keycaps I just left back on the keyboard after a second try. Phase 3 - the actual cleaning: The Keycaps -- Fill a bowl with dish soap and hot water. Sprinkle in the keycaps you've removed.. Stir with a plastic brush occasionally. When ready, empty into a strainer (don't lose your keycaps down the drain!) and dry on a towel. The Keyboard -- With everything verified securely in place on the keyboard (push on each item at least once) -- use compressed air to blow any/all dust out from around the keycaps, keyboard, and 'start-option' keys on the side. The 800XL has a lot of nooks/crannies that make doing this only with a q-tip EXTREMELY tedious. Once the air cleaning is done, follow up with q-tips and Iso alcohol to carefully clean extra dirty spots, including the keycaps that remained on the keyboard. The Spacebar has an amazing capacity for holding dirt. Don't forget to clean the back of the keyboard too if needed. Phase 4 - Reassemble Ensure the keycaps are fully dried as any trapped moisture could cause the springs to rust. Wipe off any remaining dirt with a paper towel on keycaps as needed. Place the now clean keycaps back on the keyboard. Here's a layout reference if needed: http://atariage.com/forums/uploads/post-8944-1176212341.jpg Test press on the keys before connecting the keyboard into your Atari. If any keys do not operate normally, remove the keycap carefully and place the key back onto the keyboard. Test again. Phase 5 - Results It works, It's clean, I'm happy. Other recommendations: - Do not push too hard on the tall spring when placing inside a 'stuck' keycap. If your finger slips off it will fly pretty far away from you. - You might look into replacing the 'chrome' option/start/reset keys while doing this work as they don't always wear well with time. - Do not work on the keyboard over your lap -- springs and clips will disappear or get crushed by your chair when you move to try to find them . - There are other variants of 800XL keyboards that may have slightly different mechanisms for the keys. - This is always a good time to clean the plastic 800XL case with dish soap and water, and if needed -- retrobrighting (one pass only) the white parts of the case. - Atari music such as 'Bad Apple by R0ger', the intro and game music to 'His Dark Majesty', 'Near' by Agenda Demo, and Desire's Arsantica 3 make excellent background music while removing keycaps and cleaning. - PROTIP --> Don't confuse your water glass with the bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol.
  13. Today I started the long process of trying to restore my childhood 800XL. I received it as a Christmas gift in 1984, and it served me well for years as my platform for learning programming, and maybe more importantly, meeting lots of other people via the BBS scene in the late 1980s. Eventually my interests in programming would merge with my interest in electronics, and this Atari was one of the most important pieces of the puzzle that eventually lead to my career in embedded software and hardware. Years of playing with circuits via the Forrest Mims III books from Radio Shack combined with later discovering the book Your Atari Comes Alive by Richard Leinecker, led to the moment of epiphany when I understood the power of computers not only reacting to the world, but being able to control it. I more or less ruined this Atari as I took my first fledgling steps attempting to learn the craft of hardware hacking. I utterly destroyed the case. First, drilling holes in it to add the hidden function keys. Then, for some reason, I cut most of the cartridge area out. At some point I had been fancying PC tower cases, so I made one out of wood and plucked the 800XL from its plastic case and put the computer into a fake tower case, complete with detached keyboard via a ribbon cable extension. Eventually I gave up on this computer and had convinced my parents to get me a 65XE, which failed not due to my tinkering. It was replaced by a 130XE, and then eventually my first PC around 1990. Anyway, I've held onto this thing all these long years. It's still a complete mess, but I assumed one day I'd get it working again. I was hoping today would be that day, but the saga has only begun.
  14. When I turn on my machine now, I get a "bizzzz" sound about once every 3 seconds, and I assume, a blue screen (I say assume because the no-signal screen is blue on my TV as well) Other than blown capacitors, does anyone have suggestions on troubleshooting?
  15. UPDATE: As of 18 Mar 17: 34 Ordered, 16 to go. All payment emails sent. We are OVER HALFWAY THERE!!! If we can get to 40 orders, I will order the parts and this thing will be a go. We will still need to get to 50 to pay the balance for the SMD assembler, but if we can get to 40, we can start this process and move the timeline up. I have found another supplier for some of the parts and they had a deal, so I have started to order some of the parts. . Let me be clear: I STILL NEED 50 PRE-ORDERS. Tell your friends. Hell, I even gave Facebook $10 to advertise! Folks, As promised, here are the details: Starting TODAY, 17 FEB 17, I am taking pre-orders for Electrotrains' Ultimate Atari Cart. Here is how it will work: Process: 1. Send total payment via PayPal to [email protected] Please, make sure you use the "Pay for goods/services" option. 1a. Please include email & AtariAge handle somewhere in the notes when sending PayPal. 2. You may order as many cartridges as you wish, but your payment MUST be received IN FULL (including shipping) for you to reserve one or more of them. 3. There needs to be 50 pre-orders by April 18, 2017. If there are not, all pre-orders will be refunded IN FULL. 4. I will send you an email verifying receipt and telling you your # on the list. The number does nothing but let you know how close we are to starting production. 5. As soon as I receive 50 pre-orders, I will order the parts and start the process of making the cartridges. TIMELINE: 17FEB: Pre-Orders Start ASAP: As soon as 50 pre-orders are made, I will order the parts. I already have the PCBs. The LATEST this date could be is 18 APR 2017. Faster pre-ordering means, earlier start date. 25 APR Parts & PCBs to assembler 02 MAY Assembled boards received back. Begin doing hand solder parts (3), programming, casing, testing 16 MAY Begin shipment 01 JUN All carts should be in your hands NOTE: If the 50th pre-order comes earlier than 18Apr, then everything gets moved up. It is all dependent on how fast the 50 pre-orders happen. Costs: US$95.00+shipping Includes one Ultimate Atari Cart inside of a custom printed, 3D case. Case is BLACK, unless you choose differently. The label is waterproof and laser printed. If you do not want the case, subtract $5.00. If you want a different COLOR for the case, ADD $5.00 (See the attached PDF file for available colors. Do Glow in the dark!!) Shipping is as follows: US-based PayPal Addresses: $10.00 for up to three carts Canada-based PayPal Addresses: $15.00 for up to three carts Rest of the world PayPal addresses: $20.00 for up to two carts US shipments will go out Priority Mail, insured. Everybody else will go out International First Class Package. WHAT IS THIS CARTRIDGE? It supports most ROMs up to 1 megabyte in size, including standard 8k and 16k cartridges, XEGS, AtariMax 1 & 8mbit ROMs, SIC! Cart, Bounty Bob, OSS, SDX & Williams. ROM dumps can be easily converted into CAR format with my html/javascript conversion utility, RomToCar. It will also load .XEX files directly from the SD card. Design, PCB & FPGA firmware by Robin Edwards (electrotrains at atariage) Atari boot menu & XEX loader by Jonathan Halliday (flashjazzcat at atariage) Debugging - Matthias Reichl (HiassofT at atariage) Help, suggestions and FAT32 LFN code from Mark Watson (foft at atariage) For more information, here are some links: #1 #1 http://tinyurl.com/gtwzaew Also details further down in the thread here: #25 Inland PLA Colors.pdf
  16. I ended up with several boxes of parts from a local collector who was selling off his Atari stuff. In one of the boxes, I came across these 800XL shields marked "Rev. B Submission 1" and "1st article." It also says "Wing Hang (Atari, H.K.)." As I understand it, these would have been samples sent from the factory so that someone could check tolerances and make sure everything was correct with the manufacturing process. Are these of any historical interest?
  17. Hi Everyone, I'm ~30 years late to the party but I finally bought my first Atari computer this week, the 800XL!! As a complete beginner to Atari and this whole scene I'm excited but also a little confused and would love some advice. The computer came with a 1010 Cassette deck (I've replaced the belts) and about 8 games on cassette - the computer and tape deck work fine but unfortunately none of the games load, I keep getting BOOT ERROR - so I haven't been been able to do anything on it yet The main purpose of this is for games, programming (basic and assembly) and the general fun of discovering what this thing can do. I have seen many great looking devices such as: sio2pc, sio2bt, sio2sd, Ultimate 1MB, Side2, Pokey Stereo Sound Where do I start, what should I get? importantly, who should I get these things from and what should I avoid? Please tell me which devices you have yourself, what you found the most and least useful and your recommendations. Thanks to everyone in advance - hopefully this post can help future noobs like me. All the best - I look forward to some good advice!
  18. Recently I brought "the one that started it all" out of storage: the 800XL my dad bought for our family as a Christmas gift when I was 6. I wanted to clean up the video and add chroma, so I opened the case for the first time in probably almost 30 years. I was also curious to see the Rambo XL upgrade my dad installed to increase the memory to 256K. My dad was a member of the Madison (WI) Area Atari User's Group, or MAAUG. Having heard that "more memory is good," we decided to install the upgrade, which we purchased from the user's group. I think we thought that the existing programs we had would automagically run faster or better once the additional memory was in. The reality was that, years later, I dug out an old MAAUG newsletter and realized that unless you wrote your own software, had a program specifically written to take advantage of the 130XE's extra memory, or used a special DOS to set up a ramdisk, that memory was just sitting there idle. Other than using the ramdisk to save a few BASIC programs I was typing in (I was amazed at the speed), I never really used it. I'm hoping to change that now Upon opening the case, the upgrade in all its glory was revealed! My dad has excellent soldering skills, but he told me he was terribly afraid that he would hook it all up and find out that he had bricked the computer. Some of the MAAUG members held "soldering parties" to install the upgrade and test it out. I'm sure my dad was greatly relieved when everything worked. I have attached a picture of the upgrade. Luckily we had a socketed motherboard, so soldering the pins on the PIA was easier. If I can find the newsletter that details the upgrade, I'll post that here too. One other "time capsule" find. At some point a year or two after we got the computer, I had the stomach flu and threw up all over the keyboard! Undaunted, my dad disassembled the computer, took out the keyboard, and washed it. It's still working today! After I opened the case, I noticed some discoloring that could only have come from this incident. Memories...
  19. In the April 1984 issue of Compute! is a favorite type-in game called Worm of Bemer. It was largely written in basic, and is a great example of a basic action game. The author challenged readers to improve upon the game, and I do not know how many times this has already been done, but my son and I are taking the challenge! The author Stephen Fultz said "Some features you might add include a routine to save the high score to disk, adding more players, or having Nerm go to a different room depending on which exit he takes. " Now - I'm telling everyone about the WIP, because I just love hearing all the news about other works in progerss, and I hope everyone enjoys various updates around this game as well. Also, so that this doesn't become a never ending project, the feature list is set in stone. We are taking Stephens challenge by adding these features: 1. Save high score to disk 2. Two player mode 3. Different exits lead to different room PLUS: 4. Rewriting in C/Assembly 5. 2 player mode will be competitive or cooperative 6. And re-doing the graphics, including new welcome screen and animated snakes. There is always the possibility that the game never finishes, but I have a good feeling about this one.... be setting out the goals, in public no less, I will not let feature creep cause this to never finish....lol This weeks task, is to re-do the Welcome screen. Here is the original One thing we could do is change the fonts only - and leave it at that, here is a new font: And lastly, we could try to put an image on the screen - or do that and the fonts also, here is a mockup of placing an image:
  20. I am selling all the components and the following software as one bundle, unless you let me know what you want and how much you want to pay for a certain item. This was all found in my inlaws home and as of right now, untested. I am going to start testing some items this week. I will take offers as I dont know what it is worth. I dont have the time to separate and list everything by itself. After I get say 4-5 offers, I will sell it to whoever wants it most. I feel here, it will go to people wanting items for their own, not just a reseller although I know you will sell items you dont need. Ok, this is what I found for software. Almost everything has the box, disk or cartridge, and manual. Most boxes are not great, but they are there. Not faded, but just smooshed. Centipede Pack Man Space Invaders Pacific Coast Highway Sesame Street Print Kit Congo Bongo Davids Midnight Magic Ball Blazer game only Monopoly game only Wheel of Fortune game only PrintShop & Print Shop companion no box Net Worth Data Soft Spell Wizard Star League Baseball Time Wise Atari Writer Computer Facts in Time Paint Advanced Music System looking for disc Music Composer Paperclip looking for disc Pole Position Touch Typing Invitation to programming 2 Ms Pack Man Star Raiders Astrology Wiztype Also some books if people are looking for that kinda stuff 101 Atari computer program tips & tricks your Atari computer 400 & 800 Inside Atari Dos Computes 1st book of Atari Atari Basic Book Inside Atari Basics Atari Games and Recreations Picture this All the hardware seems to have the owners manual as well. I am almost certain all the cables are in the one box as well. I dont have the time to piece it all, but will piece some if needed. If you need something, just let me know. Brad
  21. I'm just getting into the Atari 8-bit computers after enjoying my 7800 for quite a while. I try to do things by the book since I'm just starting out, and I find the Atari field service manuals to be very useful. I wouldn't say I'm a complete amateur when it comes to electronics in general, but I do appreciate the time Atari put into their documentation and schematics. Recently, however, what was supposed to be a simple upgrade has made me second guess both myself and then Atari. I have found two different versions of the 800XL field service manual, both of which seem to show my problem. Rev. 01 from archive.org Rev. 02 from atarimania.com Since the 800XL I recently bought definitely needed some TLC, I got myself a Rev. C BASIC ROM chip while I was at it. I figured I'd have the thing apart in order to dust it out and clean it up anyway, so I may as well configure it how I would like. Quickly looking at page 5-5 of either field service manual shows that the BASIC Rev B chip is silkscreen designator U5. No big deal (especially since my XL turned out to be fully socketed). After cleaning things up a bit, I get my trusty IC puller and go find U5 on the silkscreen: https://atariage.com/forums/uploads/monthly_03_2016/post-45329-0-48836500-1458871501.jpg Looks like U5 designates that larger 28 pin chip there at the bottom of the picture, right? Man, this is almost too easy. So I pull U5 and place my new BASIC IC.... but wait, the replacement chip I have is only 24 pins while the chip I just pulled and the U5 socket has 28 pins... what gives? Here's what the field service manual has to say if you give it more than a quick glance like I did the first time (again taken from page 5-5 of either revision): The chip I just pulled has the C061598B-08 label as pictured above... which is the OS ROM! But I pulled U5 like I was supposed to... So now my question: are U4 and U5 switched in the 800XL field service manual on page 5-5? This seems like the most logical solution, and it's what I am currently assuming. If you didn't happen to notice, U4 in my picture above is the new Rev C chip (C024947), which replaced the C060302 chip I found there. And I reinstalled the C061598 into the U5 socket where it was originally. So if I'm proven wrong, I'll have to go get the IC pullers again! I wanted to see if anyone could confirm, since I'm brand new to these 8-bit computers and am not sure if I should be second guessing Atari so soon...
  22. Folks, I have a pile of trade/sale fodder that needs to hit ePay or trade for other stuff I do not have. I am open to offers for cash and VERY open to trades. The only thing I have a definite price range on is the 7800 as I need to *try* and get what I paid for it. I have a LOT of stuff to put up, so I will slowly add to this post and, hopefully, edit as stuff gets sold/traded. I have attached photos. (WARNING: They are big, click at your peril!)1 DETAILS: I take PayPal // eBay feedback is eBay Seller: marlin4 I ship worldwide, but be aware USPS raised its rates recently. I prefer trades, in the following order of 'desire.' WANTS: Atari 8-bit carts/hardware. (IDE Plus 2.0 hint, hint ) Not so much disks, but sometimes cassettes. TI 99/4a carts/hardware/cassettes. Sometimes disks. Atari Jaguar games Atari Lynx games PS3/PS4/PS Vita games I do not have (ask for haves list, is long) Exactly which ones? Anything that is NOT on the attached PDFs is something I would be interested in trading for. If you have it and it is NOT listed on my "Haves" list, I am interested. Some may think that is too much. I assure, I am serious. If you want to buy something, make an offer, I will respond politely either way. HAVES: (Pictures attached, but not in body): [Everything that is going up right now is photographed. Some trades are being discussed, but not finalized. As soon as everything gets written up and/or traded. Then, it goes to ePay. Please save me (and the stuff) from that painful fate!] [However, don't wait to message if you want to trade/buy, I will trade/sell it right away!!] MISCELLANY: 2015 Playstation Experience Trading Cards PM for pics and list Consoles Atari 7800 - Peritel/French/PAL Version in box, with docs SOLD to AA Member Tested & Working, Works JUST fine with a US power supply. This is my second one. Includes: 2 CX78 Joypads, working (both have the little joysticks, but only one actually stays in) 1 220v//european power supply 1 SCART cable Manuals & registration cards Why you want this: 1) It has an RGB board & port BUILT-IN by Atari!! If you get an Atari ST SC1435 cable (or build your own), it will connect directly to an RGB (15KHz) monitor!2 2) It plays all of the PAL versions of the 7800 carts which are less expensive say, for example, Motor Psycho! 3) The serial number matches the box What I am asking: US$200 OBO (shipping worldwide, NOT included) INTELLIVISION Major League Baseball (Box, docs, overlays, catalog) Atari 5200 THREE versions 5200 Owners Manual (some water damage) 2 5200 SuperSystem manual/poster Controller Holder manual VCS Cartridge Adapter (severely water damaged) RealSports Football w/ manual Pac-Man w/ manual Pac-Man w/ manual & overlay Super Breakout Pole Position Missile Command (manual ONLY) Q*bert (manual only) Qix (manual only) Galaxian (manual only) Centipede (manual only x2) MAC/WINDOWS Intellivision Great Hits CD (from 2003!!!) MS-DOS Police Quest (5.25" floppy) ask for pic Atari 400/800/XL/XE Hardware & Software ANALOG Magazines January 1985 February 1986 April 1988 November 1989 +1 more Parker Bros. Atari 8-bit carts (in box w/ docs) --as a lot-- Frogger Box is a little discolored, cartridge holder a little flattened Super Cobra Label has Actiplaque™ Manual has tear Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle Box is a little crushed Loose Atari made A8 carts --separate or as a lot-- Galaxian traded Centipede Jungle Hunt traded Pole Position traded Robotron: 2084 AtariWriter Missile Command traded Pac-Man Asteroids traded E.T. Phone Home SUPER RARE HTF MOAR POWER UBER RARE: "Star Raider" {ahem}3 Dig Dug Defender Loose Grab Bag A8 Carts --as a lot or separate-- XE Lode Runner XE Ace of Aces XE Flight Simulator II K-Star Patrol Fun With Art Super Cobra Actiplaque! Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom River Raid Demon Attack Loose Atari carts Grab Bag #2 --as a lot or separate-- Defender Dig Dug Asteroids Pengo Super Breakout Pac-Man River Rescue Loose Atari Made A8 cartridge --separate-- Educational System, Master Cartridge (Brown label) Loose w/ Manual A8 carts --separate or as a lot-- Qix traded Frogger Computer Chess Complete A8 Carts --separate-- Kickback (Thorn EMI, Box, docs, catalog, all good shape) Plattermania (Epyx, sealed) Gorf (Roklan Software, grey/blue cart; docs & box: see pics) Robotoron: 2084 (Atari, big box w/ Joystick holder, manual) E.T. Phone Home (box is "okay") Jungle Hunt Asteroids Lg Box (even has a notice telling you if you leave it on pause too long, you cannot unpause!) Galaxian (lg Box, okay) Joust (Lg XL Box, fair to middlin box) Sealed A8 Carts --separate-- Blue Max Ballblazer Food Fight Centipede Jungle Hunt (smooshed box)4 Caverns of Mars (smooshed box)4 Qix (smooshed box)4 RealSports: Football Galaxian (small) Joust (smooshed box)4 K-Start Patrol (box is old, dusty, but technically sealed) TI 99/4a Software & Hardware TI Books Using & Programming the TI 99/4a Including Ready-To-Run Programs Entertainment Games in TI BASIC & Extended BASIC Complete TI 99/4a Carts Defender (AtariSoft, Box, docs, reg. cards) Demon Attack (TI, Box, docs, stickers on box) TI 99/4a Carts with manual & loose CartVer: Bg=Beige, Bk=Black, CL=Bk Cart, Color Label, BgBL=Bg Cart, Bk style label ManVer: P=Plain version, F=Fancy graphics version TI 99-4a Loose Trade.pdf MORE COMING SOON!! 1PM if you want additional pics or have questions 2LIke a Commodore 1084/1084S/Phillips/Atari SC1435. I have tested them working with all but the Phillips. The connector is the ST monitor port, but the 7800 did not sync correctly to the SC1224 I had. 3I say, I KNOW it's not rare, that's what makes it funny. Now go away, you're bothering the customers . . . 4"smooshed" is a highly technical term. You should PM for pics TI 99-4a Collctn.pdf Atari8bit Lists (Have).pdf
  23. I started similar topic on Polish Atari Area. http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=13760 I have crazy idea. What about STM32 cartridge. It will make faster only some of CPU instructions so Atari will stays Atari. For demos or to have hundred sprites on screen...? Why STM32? Its cheaper than ATMEL and more common than PIC. It is 32bit... Bigger EEPROM, RAM in MCU. There will be no new graphics, no new sound. Only massive CPU upgrade but only for some instructions. For example 256 sprites, fast 3d or vector, game with 128 sprites and sample playback on pokey (as you know MOD on Pokey eats CPU). Or I can image pictures in lot of colors (multiple pages switching). So they will be not blinking... I know there is Veronica. It is beautiful but price of 65816 is higher than STM32 (few cents max to 10 dollars). I know there is very nice Tomek8 but as I wrote PIC is not so powerful as same priced STM32... And as bonus you can get STM32 in huge quantities... I somewhere read something exactly same exists for ColecoVision or 2600... For example 6502 emulator on STM32: GITHUB https://github.com/BigEd/a6502 "On that dev board, the CPU runs at 168MHz and the emulated speed of the 6502 is 18MHz." Thats almost 10x+ faster as original Atari. And there is also 180MHz model STM32... Price is 10Euro... for STM32F407VGT6: 32 Bit Microcontroller, Ethernet MAC, Camera Interface, ARM Cortex-M4, 168 MHz, 1 MB, 196 KB, 100 Maybe we can have Ethernet too on that cartridge for multiplayer games. I can imagine NUMEN engine shooter and LANPARTY! like QUAKE! Or DUNE2 / Settlers 2 game !!! Multiplayer / online... This will adds new dimension to our ATARIs... Playing games together. New speed for CPU. Lot of sprites, pokey sample playback etc etc... So it will be turbocard but also will accelerate graphics and sound. Plus online multiplayer gaming or local LAN party as bonus. Bad or good idea? Lets brainstorm this. I can imagine games in hires with huge sprites. Or 160x200 games with ultra fast scrolling (space shooter) for example. Or vector game with samples. Or 3D demo looking almost like from Amiga 500... When price of cartridge will be 20-30Euro. Everyone will be able to buy it.
  24. Morning, guys. Up for grabs here is a really nice 800XL all working, boxed and with all necessary RF cables, PSU/brick. Also included - 2 copies of ANTIC magazine. I'm looking for £60 plus P&P (UK £7-50, rest of world please contact me for a quote stating your location). Many thanks for looking. Best wishes, BAZ.
  25. Morning, folks. Up for grabs is a nice example of a late 800XL - the 800XLF (as printed on underside of motherboard). I understand these are quite collectable. Fully working, she just comes on her own, (no leads/PSUs) which will naturally reduce your postage/shipping. I'm looking for £70 and p&p will be at cost - ie. UK £4, rest of the planet a tad higher - mail me for a quote with your location. Many thanks for looking and all the best. BAZ PS. She's just had a wipe over - rear port cover in place - casing beginning to go a little yellow in places and she's had some use around the OPTION / START keys... can't think why...?!
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