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Found 38 results

  1. Hello, everyone! While I've been a long time AtariAge member, this is my first time in the Atari computer forum. I hope you folks can offer some advice on a rummage sale purchase. I recently acquired a working 800XL unit. Thrilled, I brought it home and everything worked great! While searching this forum on another topic, I discovered that some of the power supplies for this model tended to die violently with a huge spike in voltage destroying the computer. Unfortunately, it looks like the power adapter I have is of the infamous Ignot design: Fortunately, I tested the output with a multimeter, and it was outputting a nice 5.14 volts unloaded. Still, I was nervous about the whole thing, so I went looking around for another power supply. Low and behold at the same rummage sale the next day, they had this puppy: 2.8 amps at 5 volts, a switching power supply which I think should be more reliable. The unloaded output is the same 5.14 volts as the original power supply. It is much smaller than the original Ignot, but that shouldn't make a difference, should it? What do you think? Can I use this to safely replace my 800XL ignot power supply after cutting the cords and splicing them to the DIN adapter? Your advice and opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I picked up an Atari 800XL a few months back and will soon start to enjoy it. I understand that they came with BASIC revision B and later Atari models had a less buggy version called revision C. To upgrade the 800XL, are the two options (1) buy a revision C cartridge or (2) upgrade the BASIC ROM? For option 2, would I just buy something like this off of eBay? https://www.ebay.com/itm/162564860327?ul_noapp=true I do have a EPROM burner so is another option to find revision C online and burn it to EPROM? In either case, is it a matter of popping out revision B ROM and putting in revision C? (assuming the ROMs are socketed.) Thanks
  3. Hi, I have recent purchased a 800XL (PAL) and paired it with a SIO2SD external drive, all appears to work fine, expect on a lot of games I'm getting a corrupted sprite, and I'm not sure why, would anyone be able to shed light on what may be causing this? Configuration, software, PAL/NTSC issue, RAM or Antic failure? Note that some games appear to run perfectly. Also passes memory tests fine. I apologize for the poor photos, but you can see the corrupted missile or sprite running vertically down the display, these will follow the player or enemies. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi folks I recently recovered an old 65XE from the loft, and with the addition of a SIO2PC connected have been rediscovering the fun I used to have with it 15 years ago. I then came across AtariAge by chance, and am fascinated by all the things that you get up to with yours! Having been bitten by the bug, I couldn't resist adding an Atari 800 to the collection (unfortunately it's afflicted with the "red screen of death" so I need to work out how to fix that with my next to non-existent electronics skills, but that's for a separate discussion...). However, on reading through this forum I notice that there's a lot of love for the 800XL - which makes me wonder whether I'm missing out by not having one of these creatures too. On the one hand I appreciate that it's just the 65XE in a different case, but on the other hand it seems to get thumbs up for better build quality and expandability - although if I've understood correctly, the PAL versions tend not to have socketed chips, which makes them no easier to work on than the XE - is that right? Is there much use for the PBI that comes on the XL? (Incidentally, my XE has an ECI port, which I gather is unusual for a 65 - or maybe that's just a US vs UK thing too?) Maybe it just boils down to whether I have spare money to blow on eBay and space in my living room for another machine? Your thoughts??
  5. Today I started the long process of trying to restore my childhood 800XL. I received it as a Christmas gift in 1984, and it served me well for years as my platform for learning programming, and maybe more importantly, meeting lots of other people via the BBS scene in the late 1980s. Eventually my interests in programming would merge with my interest in electronics, and this Atari was one of the most important pieces of the puzzle that eventually lead to my career in embedded software and hardware. Years of playing with circuits via the Forrest Mims III books from Radio Shack combined with later discovering the book Your Atari Comes Alive by Richard Leinecker, led to the moment of epiphany when I understood the power of computers not only reacting to the world, but being able to control it. I more or less ruined this Atari as I took my first fledgling steps attempting to learn the craft of hardware hacking. I utterly destroyed the case. First, drilling holes in it to add the hidden function keys. Then, for some reason, I cut most of the cartridge area out. At some point I had been fancying PC tower cases, so I made one out of wood and plucked the 800XL from its plastic case and put the computer into a fake tower case, complete with detached keyboard via a ribbon cable extension. Eventually I gave up on this computer and had convinced my parents to get me a 65XE, which failed not due to my tinkering. It was replaced by a 130XE, and then eventually my first PC around 1990. Anyway, I've held onto this thing all these long years. It's still a complete mess, but I assumed one day I'd get it working again. I was hoping today would be that day, but the saga has only begun.
  6. I have a European (Turkish) version of Atari 800XL. I checked its serial number and definitely this is a PAL version of Atari 800XL. Recently on my way back to USA from Turkey I brought this 800XL with me. Never occured to me at the time that the TV signals in Turkey and USA are different. Anyways I connected this 800XL to a Dynex LED TV using a 5-pin DIN monitor to 4 color output (black, red, yellow, white) composite cable to the TVs AV composite connection area. I hooked up the red male cable to the yellow monitor input, and the white cable to one of the audio input. In the TV's video mode I get a color image, but the image looks like it has shadowing, it is not a clear image, and I do not get any sound but some sort of interference noise. Do you think the problem lies in the fact that PAL Atari 800XL cannot handshake well with a NTSC TV? A PAL to NTSC converter might solve the problem? I bought 17 cartridges (most likely NTSC cartridges) on ebay and I thought all NTSC games would work on PAL systems. But vice versa is not true, such that PAL cartridges might not work on NTSC machines. Could you please help me in resolving this issue? Thank you.
  7. Morning, folks. Up for grabs is a nice example of a late 800XL - the 800XLF (as printed on underside of motherboard). I understand these are quite collectable. Fully working, she just comes on her own, (no leads/PSUs) which will naturally reduce your postage/shipping. I'm looking for £70 and p&p will be at cost - ie. UK £4, rest of the planet a tad higher - mail me for a quote with your location. Many thanks for looking and all the best. BAZ PS. She's just had a wipe over - rear port cover in place - casing beginning to go a little yellow in places and she's had some use around the OPTION / START keys... can't think why...?!
  8. In the April 1984 issue of Compute! is a favorite type-in game called Worm of Bemer. It was largely written in basic, and is a great example of a basic action game. The author challenged readers to improve upon the game, and I do not know how many times this has already been done, but my son and I are taking the challenge! The author Stephen Fultz said "Some features you might add include a routine to save the high score to disk, adding more players, or having Nerm go to a different room depending on which exit he takes. " Now - I'm telling everyone about the WIP, because I just love hearing all the news about other works in progerss, and I hope everyone enjoys various updates around this game as well. Also, so that this doesn't become a never ending project, the feature list is set in stone. We are taking Stephens challenge by adding these features: 1. Save high score to disk 2. Two player mode 3. Different exits lead to different room PLUS: 4. Rewriting in C/Assembly 5. 2 player mode will be competitive or cooperative 6. And re-doing the graphics, including new welcome screen and animated snakes. There is always the possibility that the game never finishes, but I have a good feeling about this one.... be setting out the goals, in public no less, I will not let feature creep cause this to never finish....lol This weeks task, is to re-do the Welcome screen. Here is the original One thing we could do is change the fonts only - and leave it at that, here is a new font: And lastly, we could try to put an image on the screen - or do that and the fonts also, here is a mockup of placing an image:
  9. Atari 800XL - $100 Fully repaired & functional computer. Replaced OS chip with latest revision and system now works. Also cleaned mylar to stop sticking key (the "A" key was filling the screen with A's.) From the pics can see the keys no longer stick and the system will load and run games. Comes with Computer, PSU, RF Cable, & switch box. NTSC system. Atari 810 Floppy Drive - $100 Also repaired & functioning. can see from pic that a game loaded just fine. Can only see the corner of the drive in the pic (sorry.) Will take more if requested. Include Unit, PSU, & Serial cable. Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees. If both are purchased together will include the loaded game
  10. Evening guys, I originally had a broadcast signal converter that I could plug all my 8 and 16 bit'ers into and fed nicely into the VGA port on a 25" Philips monitor but unfortunately DHL in my local country have made sure I'm never going to get it back after sending it for repair. The signal converter allowed lots of different resolutions and aspect ratios and was virtually limitless in the signals it would accept. Here in Ecuador there are a huge amount of 15-17" CRT's and LCD's and virtually nothing with S-Video inputs or that will accept happily the PAL composite video that my 800XL is knocking out. I have tried a $20 S-Video/Composite to VGA converter which gave me nice multicoloured blurred text on everything that I plugged into it (including a Raspberry Pi). So I'm looking to connect to VGA, especially as I still prefer the look of CRT's for my vintage machines. So, rather than going UAV now, I'm looking at getting a Sophia Board. I've tried reading through the Sophia threads but struggling to get a clear answer to some queries before I start hassling Simius with an order. I could do with hearing some experiences of other users findings. Firstly, the Sophia Rev.B is shown as RGB. Is this directly compatible with VGA or would it feed into one of the Arcade RGB to VGA GBS8200 converters found on Ebay? I ask about this board in particular because I'm getting one for an Amstrad CPC 6128 and could probably build a switch to shift between the tow machines. Secondly, regardless of this going VGA directly, or through an RGB converter, do I need to determine the resolution when I order the Sophia? Some of the monitors here are 1024 x768 and others 1280x1024. Are these the correct aspect ratios to be as similar as possible to old CRT TV's that the Atari's would have plugged into originally? Thirdly, if I end up having to order the DVI version, presumably there's a 1280x1024 option available, will I get black bars on the left and right of my full HD monitor to keep the aspect ratio or is it more likely to stretch to the whole screen or black borders on all sides with a tiny image in the middle? Lastly, is Simius based in Europe, or in the US, as I need to find out the best method of getting it to me without using couriers? USPS tracked service is ideal, but if it's coming from Europe then I'd need to get it shipped to the UK first to be forwarded by Royal Mail. Apologies for the long post and multiple questions. If you've any further advice or help to offer (unused Sophia Board??) please let me know, and thank you in advance.
  11. Morning, guys. Up for grabs here is a really nice 800XL all working, boxed and with all necessary RF cables, PSU/brick. Also included - 2 copies of ANTIC magazine. I'm looking for £60 plus P&P (UK £7-50, rest of world please contact me for a quote stating your location). Many thanks for looking. Best wishes, BAZ.
  12. Cleaning out the extra stuff... to make room for more. If you are interested in any of this, please PM me with your address and I can get you a shipping quote. I'm located in Canada and it is sometimes expensive to ship to the US-less so to ship within in Canada. I'll ship to anywhere, buyer pays all shipping costs. Atari 800XL with 256k RAM upgrade (Rambo/Bucholz type). There is a small hole drilled in the back of the case... no idea what this was for, maybe an upgrade that is no longer there. Tested, working. Includes power supply and RF box and cable. SOLD! 65XE, clean, tested and working. No power supply, but can include RF box and cable if desired. SOLD! Mattel Aquarius computer. Includes what is shown, user manual and power supply. Tested and working (typed in some BASIC programs from the manual). There is a BASIC keyboard overlay that is removable (picture shows it in place). SOLD! Atari Lynx. Tested and working, fairly clean. Mild small scratches on the screen cover. SOLD! Compute!'s First Book of Atari, Second Book of Atari and Third book of Atari. Full set, SOLD! Compute's First Book of Atari Graphics and Second Book of Atari Graphics. Both for $10 Compute's Atari Collection Volume 1, and Compute's First Book of Atari Games. Volume 1 is SOLD. Volume II: $5 Machine Language for Beginners and Second Book of Machine Language. Both for $8 From BASIC to C, Electronic Computer Projects for Commodore and Atari Computers, CP/M Primer, Home Applications and Games for the Atari Home Computer, Forth on the Atari, Your Atari Computer - Guide to the 400/800 Personal Computers. Mapping the Atari is already gone, sorry. $2 each, or $10 for all of them. PS. Open to offers on the items if you think the prices I've set out are too high.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm ~30 years late to the party but I finally bought my first Atari computer this week, the 800XL!! As a complete beginner to Atari and this whole scene I'm excited but also a little confused and would love some advice. The computer came with a 1010 Cassette deck (I've replaced the belts) and about 8 games on cassette - the computer and tape deck work fine but unfortunately none of the games load, I keep getting BOOT ERROR - so I haven't been been able to do anything on it yet The main purpose of this is for games, programming (basic and assembly) and the general fun of discovering what this thing can do. I have seen many great looking devices such as: sio2pc, sio2bt, sio2sd, Ultimate 1MB, Side2, Pokey Stereo Sound Where do I start, what should I get? importantly, who should I get these things from and what should I avoid? Please tell me which devices you have yourself, what you found the most and least useful and your recommendations. Thanks to everyone in advance - hopefully this post can help future noobs like me. All the best - I look forward to some good advice!
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