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Found 31 results

  1. Following up on another thread that discussed having a complete collection and inspired by Cmart's 125 Game List thread in the Intellivision Forum, I have decided to list things out in more detail. This list of 135 is unique titles and does not take into account release variations such as those made by Coleco of Canada Limitee and CBS Electronics, although there is an Addendum to the list at the end which covers some other unique games for the CV & ADAM. I have finally decided to include the Bit Corp. titles in this list seeing as they were produced during the ColecoVision's lifespan as well as being made available in CIB form and sold in stores. The addendum contains some unreleased and prototype games, but by far, not all. You can check my Collector's List attached below for complete listings of these. Coleco 1. 2010: The Graphic Action Game 2. Antarctic Adventure 3. B.C.'s Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge 4. Brain Strainers 5. Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom 6. Bump 'n' Jump 7. BurgerTime 8. Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park 9. Cabbage Patch Kids - Picture Show 10. Carnival 11. ChopLifter! 12. Congo Bongo 13. Cosmic Avenger 14. Dam Busters, The 15. Destructor 16. Donkey Kong 17. Donkey Kong Junior 18. Dr. Seuss Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler 19. Dukes of Hazzard, The 20. Fortune Builder 21. Frenzy 22. Front Line 23. Gorf 24. Illusions 25. Ken Uston Blackjack & Poker 26. Lady Bug 27. Looping 28. Monkey Academy 29. Mouse Trap 30. Mr. Do! 31. Omega Race 32. Pepper II 33. Rocky - Super Action Boxing 34. Roc'N Rope 35. Slither 36. Smurf - Paint'N Play Workshop 37. Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle 38. Space Fury 39. Space Panic 40. Spy Hunter 41. Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator 42. SubRoc 43. Super Action Baseball 44. Super Action Football 45. Tapper 46. Tarzan 47. Telly Turtle 48. Time Pilot 49. Turbo 50. Venture 51. Victory 52. WarGames 53. Zaxxon Coleco of Canada Limitee 54. Evolution Activision 55. Beamrider 56. Decathlon, The Activision 57. H.E.R.O. 58. Keystone Kapers 59. Pitfall! 60. Pitfall II - Lost Caverns 61. River Raid 62. Zenji Atari/AtariSoft 63. Centipede 64. Defender 65. Galaxian 66. Jungle Hunt CBS Electronics 67. Super Action Football (Soccer) Epyx 68. Gateway to Apshai 69. Jumpman Junior 70. Pitstop Fisher Price 71. Dance Fantasy 72. Linking Logic 73. Logic Levels 74. Memory Manor Imagic 75. DragonFire 76. Fathom 77. Moonsweeper 78. Novablast 79. Tournament Tennis 80. Wing War Interphase 81. Aquattack 82. Blockade Runner 83. Sewer Sam 84. Squish'Em featuring Sam Micro Fun 85. Heist, The 86. Miner 2049er 87. One on One Basketball Parker Brothers 88. Frogger 89. Frogger II: Threeedeep! 90. Gyruss 91. James Bond: 007 92. Montezuma's Revenge 93. Mr. Do's! Castle 94. Popeye 95. Q*bert 96. Q*bert's Qubes 97. Star Wars - The Arcade Game 98. Super Cobra 99. Tutankham Practical Peripherals 100. Super Sketch - Sketch-Master Probe 2000 101. War Room Sega 102. Up 'N' Down Sierra On-Line/SierraVision 103. B.C.'s Quest for Tires 104. Learning with Leeper 105. Oil's Well 106. Sammy Lightfoot 107. Threshold 108. WizMath, The Wizard of Id's SpectraVision/SpectraVideo 109. Flipper Slipper 110. Frantic Freddy 111. Sector Alpha 112. Spectron 113. Super Cross Force Spinnaker 114. Alphabet Zoo 115. Facemaker 116. Fraction Fever 117. Jukebox Sunrise Software 118. Campaign '84 119. Gust Buster 120. Mountain King 121. Quest for Quintana Roo 122. Rolloverture Xonox 123. Artillery Duel 124. Chuck Norris: SuperKicks 125. It's Only Rock 'N' Roll 126. Motocross Racer 127. Robin Hood 128. Sir Lancelot 129. Slurpy 130. Tomarc the Barbarian 131. Word Feud Bit Corp. 132. Cosmic Crisis 133. Meteoric Shower 134. Strike It! 135. Tank Wars   ADDENDUM   CBS Electronics 136. Victory (additional game elements versus Coleco release) Nuvatec 137. The CAT Scheduled Oil Sampling Game (only 1 confirmed to exist) Sierra On-Line/SierraVision/Sydney Development 138. Energy Quizz (only 1 confirmed to exist) Splice 139. Castelo (rom file may only exist) TeleGames UK/USA 140. Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (Activision) 141. Amazing Bumpman (Number Bumper by Sunrise Software) 142. Boulder Dash (MicroFun) 143. Rock'N Bolt (Activision) 144. Skiing ColecoVision & ADAM Computer Collector Rarity List v2.10 (2014) (NIAD).rtf
  2. As we all know, Mystery Man and Team PixelBoy have done a tremendous job of converting three ADAM specific games (Dragon's Lair, Zaxxon and Buck Rogers) to ColecoVision format using the MegaCart PCB and of course requiring the Opcode Super Game Module for the CV, not the ADAM. The down side is that PixelBoy has stated that he does not have any further interest in publishing the remaining ADAM Super Games that are worthy of such an endeavor due to his need to concentrate on other projects that have been pushed back for far too long as well as another exciting project, the Trading Cards. that he is currently working on. Also, it seems that Mystery Man may not be interested in doing any further ADAM to CV conversions from what has been mentioned previously... but hopefully never doesn't really mean never if you know what I mean. It hasn't been said, but I wonder if the possible/upcoming/one day/etc. release of DKA by Opcode and his interest in possibly developing DKJrA may play a part in why the ADAM Super Games haven't been considering for conversion as well as the current limbo state of Opcode producing further SGMs. I personally feel that possible Opcode releases of these two games would NOT hurt sales of the Super Game conversions and in turn the Super Game conversions would not hurt sales of the possible Opcode versions... they could co-exist very nicely and all would be very good sellers especially considering the ADAM Super Games are true Coleco programmed games based off what their programmers envisioned for the games and Opcode's version will/would be true Arcade ports with numerous inclusions like we see in Pac-Man Collection. Also, the fact that enhanced proto versions of these two games have been available for years in rom image format might make it worriesome to produce a large enough quantity of each to justify production even those these protos have their respective issues. Thankfully SubRoc doesn't have these problems. I would be willing to put my money where my mouth is as far as financing the conversion by Mystery Man, but from there, perhaps someone like CollectorVision could take over with the box, manual, cart and distribution seeing as they have everything in place already (not to mention a pretty lengthy release schedule for the year!) and it wouldn't seem smart to try and reinvent the wheel which could lead to higher retail pricing on each game. I would also "LOVE" to see any possible releases made in the same style (box, manual, cart label) as the other ADAM Super Games that have been released by Team PixelBoy for consistencies sake, but with some small additions to credit CollectorVision as well. This, of corse, would all be dependent on PixelBoy giving his permission, otherwise Coleco and CBS style boxes would be the fall back choice. For those that may not have ever played or seen these three ADAM Super Games that I am talking about, I have provided links to YouTube videos for your viewing that were supplied by AtariAge member ed...., (no, not Eduardo ). The Hall of Fame screen are not shown. BTW, the version of Donkey Kong Junior - Super Game that would be converted is the 5 screen prototype version that Coleco originally intended to release, but Nintendo would not allow seeing as they did not want their intellectual property changed in any way... even making it better by adding new levels. This proto does not require a keypad sequence to be entered to activate the 5th screen, unlike some version floating around, so it is complete. So what say you? Donkey Kong Super Game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlFF8JCfBS0&feature=player_detailpage&list=PL6E8742BD1C44CB71 Donkey Kong Junior Super Game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35fBcsORTCo&feature=player_detailpage&list=PLC5D531A62475BD13 Donkey Kong Junior Super Game (Prototype but complete) - 5th Screen only http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9CqzBNxJ3k&feature=player_detailpage SubRoc Super Game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxmV8a0X4X4&feature=player_detailpage
  3. 3rd Party Controller Package for use on the ColecoVision or ADAM Computer Asking $65.00 plus shipping Command Controller by Wico (Product #50-0299) - Complete replacement for the Coleco Hand Controller that has been completely tested and is in excellent condition. Joy-Sensor by Suncom - Complete replacement for the Coleco Hand Controller that has been completely tested and is in excellent condition with the exception of small scuff marks on the face and back from use. Includes a Rapid Fire Button that is mapped to fire button #1 and a 4 or 8-way selectable switch. Mini-Champ Joystick by Champ (Product #JC 351) - This is the original Mini Champ Joystick that features 3 fire buttons for left or right handed players that function as fire button #1, the left side fire button (games that require a second fire button are not compatible with this version of the Mini Champ. Includes a 3 foot retractable cord. It is compatible with all videogame and computer systems (Atari 2600, 400, 800, Vic-20, C=64, TI, etc.) that use a DB-9 connector. The joystick is in MINT condition and has been fully tested. 2-into-1 Joystick Y-Adapter - Allows for the hook-up of two joysticks to one Joystick Port and works great with the Mini-Champ above and a Coleco Hand Controller to allow for keypad input. Will also work with other videogame and computer systems with a DB-9 joystick port. Q*bert's Qubes for the ColecoVision & ADAM Computer $28 plus shipping Very rare cartridge that is in very good to excellent condition cartridge and has been play tested. Check out the following link for further information on the game and also to a recently ended eBay auction that had 13 bidders to compare prices. http://www.colecovis...erts_qubes.html eBay Auction -- Item Number: 280806814181 PM me if interested.
  4. Here are the pics of some rare ADAM Software CIBs that were discussed in the ebay auction thread....
  5. Here's the link to the MarketPlace post with full details and pictures. http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/197052-coleco-adam-in-house-utility-cart-rare-cv-cibs/
  6. Follow the link to the gallery of pics. My ADAM collection is not included yet, but I'm working on it. http://www.atariage.com/forums/gallery/album/789-niads-colecovision-adam-computer-coll/
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