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Found 531 results

  1. Hello, A couple years back I posted about this kiosk and now I finally got around to getting a couple shots up. Its one giant, HEAVY mofo. Early 80's. Every part is still there down to the nuts and bolts, and still lights up! Its for the Atari 2600 and has the controls built right into the table like an arcade! Its in great condition, not mint. It has the typical wear of an in-store display and several moves from house to house. Tested and works, but it is currently unassembled because of its size. I assure you its all there. I am accepting offers if anyone is interested. Its local pickup only! Thanks
  2. I have for sale a copy of Quest For Quintana Roo from Sunrise Software Inc. for the Atari 2600. Not the Telegames re-release, bur the original. I have it up on Ebay at eBay Auction -- Item Number: 281032212098 I'm taking offers and if I accept your offer I will pull the listing from eBay and ship it to you free of charge. I accept PayPal only. There are pictures in the eBay link but PM me if you want more or have any questions. Thanks! ~Matt
  3. From the album: DK 2600 Jumpman

    Level 1 - One Playfield
  4. I have the following Atari 2600 lot up for sale. I would like to sell it as a lot if at all possible. Price is $200 shipped. Shipping includes Delivery Confirmation, but Insurance is NOT included. If you want to pay extra for insurance, I will add it. I prefer to only ship to the USA, but will ship internationally. International shipping will be more expensive. I am aiming to clear $175 on this, but I am an honest and fair person... If the shipping cost is lower than what I charge, I will refund the difference. If it is higher, I will take the hit. Consoles, controllers, and most games have been tested. They will also be cleaned, if they haven't already been, before I ship them. If a game is found to be defective, I will refund 50 cents per degree of rarity and let you keep the cart. I only accept payment in US currency via PayPal gift. 1 Atari 2600 4 switch woodgrain 1 2600 standard joystick 2 Wico Command Control joysticks--2600/7800--Only partially working; One with box. 1 Wico Black Max joystick--2600/7800 3 sets of 2600/7800 paddles--jittery. 2 2600/7800 keyboard controllers--Both work fine, but do have electrical tape on the cords because of holes in the cords. GAME COMPANY LABEL RARITY NOTES 3-D Tic Tac Toe Atari Picture 2 Adventures of Tron INTV White 3 Air Sea Battle Atari Picture 3 Amidar Parker Brothers Standard 2 Armor Ambush M Network Black 3--2 copies Asteroids Atari Picture 1 Astroblast M Network Black ? Label Variation "U.S.A." Astroblast M Network Black ? Label Variation "Philippines" Basketball Atari Picture 2 Basketball Sears Telegames Text 2 699826 2 Tele-Games Berzerk Atari Picture 1--Instructions Blackjack Atari Text # - "51 blackjack" 3 Bowling Atari Picture 2 Bowling Atari Red Text 2 Bowling Sears Telegames Text 2 6 Tele-Games Boxing Activision Standard 2 Brain Games Atari Text 3 Breakaway IV Sears Telegames Text 3 12 Tele-Games Breakout Atari Picture 2 BurgerTime M Network Black 3 Canyon Bomber Atari Picture 2 Championship Soccer Atari Text 2--Instructions Chopper Command Activision Blue 3 Circus Atari Atari Picture 2 Codebreaker Atari Text 3 Combat Atari Picture 1--Instructions Combat Atari Text 1 Box and Instructions Commando Raid US Games Black 2 Cosmic Ark IMagic Picture 2 Decathlon Activision Standard 3 Defender Atari Picture 1--2 copies Demon Attack IMagic Picture 2 Demons to Diamonds Atari Picture 2 Dodge 'Em Atari Text - "dodge 'em" 2 Dragster Activision Standard 2 Enduro Activision Standard 2 Fast Food Telesys Color Standard 3 Football Atari Text 1 Freeway Activision Standard 2 Frogs and Flies M Network Black 2--2 Copies Galaxian Atari Silver 2 Golf Sears Telegames Text 3 No number on cart Grand Prix Activision Standard 2 Gravitar Atari Red 2--Box x2, Warranty Card Haunted House Atari Picture 2--Instructions Home Run Atari Picture 2--Instructions hunt & score Atari Text 3 Indy 500 Atari Text 2 Journey Escape Data Age Standard 2 Jungle Hunt Atari Silver 2 Kaboom! Activision Blue 3 Kangaroo Atari Silver 2?--Upside down label Kangaroo Atari Silver 2 Laser Blast Activision Standard 2 Lock 'N' Chase INTV White 3 M Network--Instructions M*A*S*H 20th Century Fox Standard 3 Maze Craze Atari Picture 2 Midnight Magic Atari Red 3 Miniature Golf Atari Text 3 Missile Command Atari Picture 1 Missile Command Sears Telegames Text 2 34 Tele-Games Mouse Trap Coleco Standard 2 Ms. Pac-Man Atari Silver 2 Night Driver Atari Picture 1 Night Driver Atari Text 1 Outlaw Atari Picture 2 Box and Instructions Pac-Man Atari Picture 1--2 Copies, Instructions Pitfall! Activision Standard 2 Instructions Poker Plus Sears Telegames Text 3 4 Tele-Games Pole Position Atari Silver 2--Box Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari Silver 2 RealSports Baseball Atari Silver 2--Instructions RealSports Football Atari Silver 2--Instructions RealSports Tennis Atari Silver 3 RealSports Volleyball Atari Silver 3 River Raid Activision Standard 2 Skiing Activision Standard 2--2 Copies Sky Diver Atari Text 2 Sky Jinks Activision Standard 2 Solar Fox CBS Electronics Standard 3 Space Attack M Network Black 2--2 Copies Space Invaders Atari Text--1 Instructions Speedway II Sears Telegames Text ? Label Variation 27 Tele-Games Spider Fighter Activision Standard 2 Spider-Man Parker Brothers Standard 3 Stampede Activision Standard 2--Instructions Starmaster Activision Standard 2--2 Copies, Instructions Star Wars Jedi Arena Parker Brothers Standard 3 Star Voyager IMagic Picture 2 Street Racer Atari Picture 2 Street Racer Atari Text # - "12 Street Racer" 3 Super Breakout Atari Picture 2 Super Challenge Baseball M Network Black 2--2 Copies Super Challenge Football M Network Black 3 Super Football Atari Red 2 Instructions Surround Atari Text # - "41 surround" 3 Swordquest: Earthworld Atari Silver 2 Tank-Plus Sears Telegames Text 2 Red 27 Tele-Games, same as Atari Combat Target Fun Sears Telegames Text - 49-75102 2 27 Tele-Games, same as Atari Air-Sea Battle Turmoil 20th Century Fox Standard 3 Vanguard Atari Silver 2--Instructions Venture Coleco Standard 2--Atari Box, Instructions, and Warranty Card Video Checkers Atari Picture 2 Video Checkers Atari Text 2 Video Chess Atari Text 3 Video Chess Atari Picture 3 Video Olympics Atari Text 2 Same as Sears Pong Sports Warlords Atari Picture 1--2 Copies, Instructions x2 Yars' Revenge Atari Picture 2--2 Copies Some of the other games may also have boxes now, but I haven't updated this list for a few years. I do know for sure that everything that is listed I have. PM me if you are interested, have questions, or want to see more pics. TIA. Updated June 10, 2013 to remove games I just sold and lower the price of the lot. Edited on June 25, 2013 to remove the Wico Ball Top Joystick. Sold on eBay.
  5. I have the following Atari 2600 games and controllers for sale. The rarity of each, if known, is in parentheses after the name of the game. All have been cleaned and tested and are guaranteed to work, with the exception of Pac Kong (I can't test it because it is PAL) and Super Ferrari/Enduro (Because the cart is sealed). Prices are based on Atari2600.com, eBay, and a few other internet sites. All prices include shipping with Delivery Confirmation in the USA. Insurance is NOT included, but if you pay for it, I will add it. I only accept payment in US currency through PayPal as a gift. Alpha Beam With Ernie (4): $10.00 Baseball: Import, $18.00 Basic Math Text # 61 basic math (4): $14.00 SOLD Big Bird's Egg Catch (4):$10.00 Bump 'n' Jump (4): $10.00 Chess: Import, Game is Othello, $25.00 Coconuts (4): $10.00 SOLD Cookie Monster Munch (4): $10.00 Chinese Konfu: Import, Game is Dishaster, $25.00 SOLD Football Realsports Soccer (4): $8.00 Frogger II: Threeedeep (6): $22.00 M.A.D. (4): $8.00 Oscar's Trash Race (4): $15.00 SOLD Pac Kong: PAL, $25.00 Apollo Racquetball (4): No End Label, $8.00 Spelling (4): No End Label, $10.00 Sprintmaster (4): $8.00 SOLD Star Raiders Starpack: $20.00 Enduro Box With Super Ferrari Cart: Import, Cart is Sealed, $30.00 SOLD PM me if you are interested in any of these. Thanks in advance!
  6. From the album: DK 2600 Jumpman

    Latest Elevator Level 3
  7. Due to me posting this in this in Marketplace by accident I am reposting it here in Auctions where it belongs. After many years of owning this Gem I decided to auction it off. The complete story and lots of pictures are on the auction. But a quick description for those who don't know what this is. This is the only stand alone Atari 2600 Computer ever made. Yes a complete computer and not a plug in computer keyboard module. It is a full computer with an Atari 2600 cartridge port on top. Unit comes complete in the box with manuals, power supply, cassette recorder in the box. http://www.gamegavel...item=0000690175
  8. From the album: DK 2600 Jumpman

    Newer Rivet Level 4. Ladders redone. Turquoise cage edited to appear not so bright. Rivet cover test (cyan) successful. Screenshot taken without phosphor effect on leaving half a Kong. The whole kong is there and animated.
  9. Decided to blog my progress in creating a game for the Atari 2600. This thread launched this project: http://www.atariage....new-dk-for-vcs/ Asked for a new DK for the VCS, I had done some mock-up screens with the latest batari Basic and posted them. 01-27-2014 The game, now called DK Arcade 2600, has all 4 levels, with the adding of Level 3 elevator screen. Might release a playable demo soon! 10-30-2013 Byte Knight starts coding game logic with my art and sounds, basically starting fresh. In two weeks Level 4 has exceeded what I had coded by miles. Working score, hammers, climbing fireballs are all working. Most recent binary: Jumpman1234_20130217.bas.bin 10-15-2013 Blog name changed to: "DkbBDPC+ 2600 Jumpman" to be more obscure. My idea of PUSHing playfield data to the screen along with routines from bogax and SeaGtGruff have resulted in the opening "horizontal girders to sloping girders" not going over cycle, and therefore rock steady on real CRT televisions! Thanks everyone! Also work done in compressing data has resulted in compression of the data for the Rivet Level 4. Big ROM savings! Kong sprite changed to frowning, then the toothy grin with three "growls" made from only changing audio volume - (I have always wanted to use that effect.) The "How High" screen now has custom score to show 25m 50m etc. (probably only ever one monkey though). Also now drops into the game after the How High tune (before it looped until fire button). Unsuccessful in attempts to flicker playfields in more than one level (runs out of ROM). Ideally Level 1 would have red girders and blue ladders like Level 3 (the elevators). Four playfields do fit, but then there is no room for sprites and color data. Sorry, no binary as Level 1 needs reverted due to unsuccessful attempts at "Playfield Flipping." Latest binary is Level 4 (Rivet Level) found in this post (with source code): http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216037-dkbbdpc-source-code-learn-help-needed/ Latest progress: 01-24-2013 Nobody thought to mention the rivet screen girders were off? (I didn't realize either!) 11-24-12 11-24-12 .I will probably go with this titlescreen, it uses less ROM. 11-20-12 . Started putting all levels in one ROM . Changed 1st level to one Playfield (all red, no flicker) so all 4 levels can fit. . Lots of bugs and sloppy code. Levels 1, 2 & 3 in ROM. . No gameplay logic programmed yet. Get to top to see next bank http://www.atariage.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/icon_smile.gif . On real hardware Level 2 bank crashes back into Start ?? On emulation you can move to the top to see Level 3. . Note: Making anything playable is indeed a challenge. Ideas can make you run out of bytes very fast! . Note: If I can get this far in batari Basic, in full assembly with an EEPROM chip like Chetiry uses, there would be space for many original levels and music. It remains to be seen how far I can get with run, jump and climb with the space remaining in Basic (and then there are bonus items and hammers I haven't even begun to think about) JumpmanREDORA20121120b.bas.bin 10-31-12 . Fixed girder graphics level end of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & end of 6 - they were inverted . Saved hundreds of bytes graphic data by- defining only one Player0 colors for many Jumpman animations Using only 2 values for the 2 playfields' color instead of repeating the same color value for each line (358 bytes) . Lady appears when at top of level 6 . Ladder detection started (proof it will work), can only climb when at ladder X Sprite incorrect when ladder detected, but not climbing X Ony jumps when moving or facing right, jump left broken JumpmanRED20121031.bas.bin 11-03-12 . Made a barrel sprite roll down the girders from top left to bottom left. . Princess version 2.0 JumpmanRED20121103.bas.bin 11-04-12 . Artwork for blue girder level. . Fireball JumpmanBLU20121104.bas.bin 11-05-12 .Level 2 - Pie? JumpmanOra20121106.bas.bin - OLD Tiny changes new: JumpmanOra20121109.bas.bin 11-06-12 Another pretty picture coded: Latest progress: 11-08-12 I was dreading doing the elevator screen. I was thinking it couldn't be done -- that it was too much and should maybe just be skipped. Then I had an idea how to make the elevators work well. The layout went very quickly. The sprite copy lined up perfectly! I was amazed, after having to make a 1 color clock compromise on the pie level moving ladders. More thouhghts below. NEW: JumpmanELe20121108.bas.bin OLD: JumpmanELe20121108.bas.bin .Good news: Levels 2 & 4 ( orange and blue girders ) do not flicker the playfield. Levels 1 & 3 flicker. Sprites 1-9 will always flicker when aligned horizontally. .Four levels (6 playfields) will not fit in the graphics bank. Playfield data can go in another bank, but using it is not so easy. Shouldn't I be able to pass a low / high pointer to this data instead of plotting pfpixel a whole playfield? Melody board can be built with extra RAM / ROM to hold this data, but batari Basic will have to be changed to allow compiling into a larger graphics bank. Help!!!! .Sound is already done for the TIA if you want to use that horrible noise from the 7800 version (groan)...
  10. From the album: DK 2600 Jumpman

    Atari 2600 Titlescreen Kernel DPC+
  11. iesposta

    IMG 2386

    From the album: DK 2600 Jumpman

    Level 2 Factory
  12. After many years of owning this Gem I decided to auction it off. The complete story and lots of pictures are on the auction. But a quick description for those who don't know what this is. This is the only stand alone Atari 2600 Computer ever made. Yes a complete computer and not a plug in computer keyboard module. It is a full computer with an Atari 2600 cartridge port on top. Unit comes complete in the box with manuals, power supply, cassette recorder in the box. http://www.gamegavel...item=0000690175
  13. Selling Dig Dug (PAL version) for Atari 2600. Mint Shape, catridge only. $5
  14. Anyone selling H.E.R.O. for the Atari 2600?
  15. Slowly selling off part of my collection of PAL rarities. Supervisions to be sold as one lot. Over 70 titles on these multicarts. AU$ make an offer SOLD Up to 500g to the USA is AU$17.25 standard post or AU$23.25 with tracking Europe is AU$21.25 standard post You can go to the Australia post website to get a postage estimate for more - or ask me.
  16. Get a jump start on your Atari collection with this great lot sale! --Sold as a lot only --Buyer to pay for shipping --Please make a reasonable offer . . . --PM or email offers for quickest response All boxed and with manuals - --Atari 1200 XL Home Computer --Atari 410 Program Recorder --Atari 1050 Disk Drive --Atari Programmer Kt with Basic --Games (Pengo, Rosen's Brigade, Target Practice) --(2) joysticks Atari Video Pinball (Pong) --model c-380 --with instruction manual, but no box Atari 2600 Console (nearly new - boxed with manuals, plastic, etc . . . Only used a handful of times) Atari 2600 Games --Real Sports Football - Factory sealed --Battlezone - Factory sealed --Galaxian - Factory sealed --Basketball - Factory sealed --Real Sports Volleyball - Factory sealed --Dig Dug - Factory sealed --Jr. Pac Man - Factory sealed --Circus Atari - Factory sealed --Phoenix - Factory sealed --Asteroids - opened, box + manual --Missle Command - cart only --Defender - cart only --Space Invaders - cart only --Combat - cart only --Baseball - cart only --Football - cart only, no label --Colleco Donkey Kong - cart only
  17. Well, I've been thinking. Since I've spent some time in the chat room here and looking around the site, I've decided I need to focus on one system to collect for. I really can't afford to collect for 3 or 4 systems, so I've made my choice: the Atari 2600. The games (common ones, anyway) won't break my bank account, and since there's so many fans of the 2600 around here, I shouldn't have too much of a problem getting the games I need from the good folks at Atari Age. I probably will focus on "complete in box" games for now, with some loose thrown in so I don't have to manhandle the box to play a particular game. As far as my PS2 and Gamecube? I will play what I got, but I haven't actually touched them for a few days. I keep coming back to my 2600 over and over again for games like Asteroids, Pac-man, Space Invaders, and Missle Command. I probably WILL focus on collecting for my DSi over time, as money allows, but it's not a priority. Well, my 2600 isn't a priority, either, so I figure I have about 30 years more or less to get a good collection built up. As someone stated in the chat room, and I'm paraphrasing, "It's hard to collect or multiple systems, and better to focus on the one that gives you the most enjoyment"...admittedly, that is my Atari 2600.
  18. I've got 4 Y (or Wye) adapters. They have the standard 9 pin arrangement, and have the 2 branches are all pins and one end is all holes. If I remember right form owning Colecovision in my youth, there were Colecovision adapters which let you plug in an Atari 2600 controller for the joystick and one button and a Colecovision joystick for the keypad. This let you use any 2600 bat stick (which was better than the short, flat 'shroom top of a standard Coleco stick) with any one button games for Colecovision. (The only reason I never got one was because I have a solution which worked for every game I had and still have EXCEPT QBert's Qubes and The Activision Decathlon, that is the Super Action Controller.) Over the years, I went thrift shopping and found on separate occasions, a Gemini, a Gemini Instruction Book, and 4 different Y adapters of 9 pin arrangements. I read through the Gemini Instruction manual, and found out about the Wye Adapter (this was before I was looking for Y adapters) and that got me thinking, how do I tell the difference in the wild between the 2? Some one told me of pin testing, but I don't have the equipment or knowledge to do it. I've got a couple of theories,but I want to make sure none of them ruin my controllers systems or adapters, because the ow of best-electronics-ca.com the repairers of Atari equipment, says be care not to do anything that will short out my equipment due to the 5 Volt connection. If I can plug 2 joysticks in in either a 2600 or Colecoviison (a little help on which is safer?) and if both joysticks and buttons activate the character, then it's the first type. I can't think of a definitive test for the other except if only 1 joystick moves the character in the above test, then it's. Or maybe it's a paddle game fire test, like Steeplechase or Party Mix, something where you can test 2 independent fire buttons on 1A and 1B, As well as 2A and 2B The things I don't have for my gemini are joysticks, RF switchbox, and power cord. First I know that ANY controller made for the 2600 will work on a Gemini, so that won't be a hard test. Also I know standard pre-NES RF switchbox or an RF to RCA adapter on that useless analog RF plug on a VCR and a standard single RCA cable would do it for any RF system with a Single RCA hole out. But about power, I don't know if a 2600 JR power adapter would work with it, or if I have to get a "regular" 2600 cord, or even a special Gemini Cord. Finally will using Track&Field controller on the Colecovision for The Activision Decathlon ruin your system? I've had temporary problems with it, but got cured when I remove it. Will it work with Carnival? (I assume left button equals left press, and right button equals right press, and there's no up and down and only 1 fire button in Carnival.) Although not technically Y adapters because there's only 2 branches, not 3, does anyone know where I can get a lefty adapter for either the 2600 stick, or the 7800 pad (such an adapter would invert up and down as well as left and right. There might have to be a button swapping adapter for 7800 games where the concept of left and right are important than main and secondary) or an Atari-joystick-to-Astrocade system adapter, or an Astrocade-joystick-to-Atari-system adapter in either Joystick (easy) or Paddle (much harder engineering-wise) mode?,
  19. Hi, i'm new in this forum. I have an old Atari 2600 JR Long Rainbow PAL, but i'm chilean, so i wish convert my console to NTCS, i need a special TIA for that? Please guys, i need your help.
  20. Hello, I would like to trade 7 Atari 2600 games Complete in Box. I'm looking for some INTV games. The Atari 2600 games are : - Tutankham, CIB - Thresold, CIB - King Kong, CIB - Frogger II Threedeep!, CIB, but the top of box is missing - Star Wars : The Arcade Game, CIB - Star Wars, Return of the Jedi : Death Star Battle, CIB - Demon Attack, NIB Don't hesitate to send me a message for any information.
  21. Well, since I have a few boxed games, I was wondering how folks around here went about keeping them in good condition. If you see some that have slight rips, do you put clear tape on them to patch them up or leave them be? Some of my boxed games do have the plastic cover that goes over them, but a few do not with some flaps that have seen better days. Any thoughts on how to "fix" these and what do you guys and gals do to keep your boxes looking spiffy?
  22. For Sale Atari Flashback II Cartridge Mod Front Loading!! A look at the insides... The switch I added to alternate between cartridge play and the built in games... If you're interested Make an offer! Trades will be considered
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