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Found 531 results

  1. One of my all time classic games must be UFO! for the Magnavox Odyssey 2. I was wondering would it be possible to have that game ported over onto Atari 2600? Or would there be all sorts of legal issues with it? Since I set this topic up as an open discussion I would like to know is there any games 'exclusive' to other consoles (Magnavox Odyssey 2, Intellivision, Colecovision, etc.) that you always wanted to see on the Atari 2600? Obviously mine's UFO! on Magnavox Odyssey 2....a VERY addicting game.
  2. This game is epic! it has 41 Atari 2600 games and 9 arcade games. Atari 2600 games;Backgammon,Basic Programming,Blackjack,Brain Games,Breakout,Canyon Bomber,Casino,Circus Atari,Codebreaker,Combat,Combat Two(Prototype),Concentration, Crystal Castles,Deamons to diamonds,Desert Falcon,Double Dunk,Fatal Run,Golf,Maze Craze,Millipede,Night Driver,Off the wall,Quadrun,Radar Lock,Realsports Basketball(Prototype),Realsports Soccer,Return to haunted house(Homebrew),Secret Quest,Sentinel,Space War,Star Raiders,Steeplechase,Street Racer,Super Baseball,Super Breakout,Super Football,Video Chess,Video Olympics,Video Pinball,Warlords Arcade games;Astroids Deluxe,Black Widow,Crystal Castles,Liberator,Major Havoc,Millipede,Red Baron,Super Breakout,Warloards.Now the people who made this game could have stopped and left it at this play these games and nothing else but they did MORE.when you are searching through the games they are divided in catagories;All genres,adventure,arcade at home(atari's arcade games on the 2600),gambling,mind games,racing,space and sports.While your browsing through the games there's the Cartridge of the game on the left side as well as a discription of the game.it's good so you can see the cartridge art because deciding which game to play just by the description is not possible because some games you pick by cover art and not discription.some of the Atari 2600 games use the touch screen for control but like all the games, you can use the D-pad for control,and all the games that use the Stylus you just move the Stylus left and right to move your character left or right. some games like Star Raiders,the touch screen resembles the Video Touch Pad with all the features it had.The Basic Programming game has the Keyboard Controller. Remember the Atari 2600 Heavy sixer where you had to flip the switches to change the difficulty and to select a game?well on the touch screen is those 6 switches you know and love and is not just for looks,it does just what they did on the heavy sixer with the stylus spin on them.i should note that if your right handed(i am too),the stylus control on the games are hard,for instance,Night Driver uses the Touch screen to move and like most of the games,the a button to drive.if your right handed,you use your left hand to hold the DS and the right hand to hold the Stylus but what,no hand free to press the a button.some games like Red Baron says you can use the L shoulder button to fire but when you click it,nothing happens.better get use to using your left hand for games or use the D-pad for games like i do.The Arcade games have a better Stylus support.You can have the game on the top screen and have a Simulated Trakball,Spinner,Flight Stick,or Slider just like they did on the actuall arcade machine but dont move like they did on the real thing.The Trakball especially moves very smoothly and you can tell on the screen.It actually moves as smoothly as it does on the real thing as far as i know.The Trakball when you move it the character on screen has that roll on it. and the Spinner has that you gotta keep the Spinner moving to keep the that effect feeling.you can edit the Arcade games stuff like change how many ball you have,how many points you need for a level up and you can even put Super Breakout in Vector graphics The multiplayer is cool because you only need one game and up to 4 players can play.some games like Combat was only 2 players so if you play it by yourself your controlling both characters at the same time.This game has a TON of extras!in the extras section it has various 30 to 50 second Interviews of Nolon Bushnell the creater of Atari from Failed products to the brand legacy.it's intresting interviews but nothing special.You have a arcade gallery where you can see pictures and Arcade flyers of the 9 Arcade machines. cool feature but the flyers print is so small you wish that gave you an option to zoom in.They added the Original manuals to each of the games so if you need to know how to play a game or just want to look at them there here.and with Basic Programming,without the manuals you would be lost.it even comes with the Original Atari 2600 manual which has no use in this game but goes to show how much extra they put in this game.Here's something that you would never thought would be in this game,a Atari 400 BASIC emulator!.it was one of Atari's first computers 30 years ago.I dont know how to use it but you long time Atari enthusiasts will know how Pros .41 2600 games 9 arcade games .Full Touch Screen support .loads of replay value .LOTS of extras .Atari 400 BASIC emulator exact 2600 graphics Cons .some games are bad(about . Touch screen supported games not good for right hand players i feel that some games suck BADLY(about 5 of them) and they could had been replaced by better ones(couldnt been lisenced because they cant get liscened games on here)and even the good ones could have been replaced by better ones but whatever.they have some 2600 games that are basically ports of Atari's arcade games on the 2600 like Crystal castles,Millipede, and Warlords.if you have the Arcade versions of it why would you wanna play the 2600 version of it with horrible sound,5x worse graphics,and okay gameplay?(Warlords 2600 is pretty good)(Crystal castles for 2600 look awful) but im guessing there saying well play both youll like both or see how bad the 2600 version looks compared to the Arcade version? I give this game a 9/10,4 stars,90%. this game has exact Atari 2600 graphics so exact the faint lines you see when you hit the ball on pong is there! if your an avid atari game get this game,if your not avid get this game.I got a Atari 2600 JR.for collection purposes and didnt really care for atari or the 2600.i actually only got this game because it said "make your own games"but once i got it i forgot about making my own games(its hard to with the Basic Programming capability) and i Love the 2600 and Atari for now on!
  3. I don't come to the Marketplace very often, but it's time I cleared out my duplicates and extra stuff! More accurately, I'd like to convert it into stuff I don't have yet. Right now I'm primarily looking to trade (preferably locally - where my Milwaukee peeps at?), but if you'd rather buy, PM me and we can talk price. As you'll see, most of this stuff is pretty common (and will be valued accordingly) but there are some diamonds in the rough, especially for Intellivision fans. I'll start by listing what I've got, by system: ATARI VIDEO COMPUTER SYSTEM: **********Atari/Sears Titles********** 3D Tic-Tac-Toe (Atari text) Adventure (Sears text) Arcade Pinball (Sears text) Asteroids Asteroids (Sears text) Basketball (Sears text) Backgammon (Atari text) Breakaway IV (Sears text; labels slightly faded) Breakout (Atari pic) Centipede 01 Combat (red border on end label) Combat (Atari pic) Combat (Atari text) -x3 Dare Diver (Sears text) Defender -x4 Demons To Diamonds E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Football (Sears text) -x2 Hangman (Atari pic) -x2 Haunted House Indy 500 (Atari pic) Krull Mario Bros. (fat cart, gray label; top label has small "autograph") Maze (Sears pic) Missile Command (small text both labels) Othello (Atari text) Pac-Man -x3 (1 has no end label) Raiders Of The Lost Ark -x2 Space Invaders (Atari text) Space Invaders (Atari pic; end label torn in corner) Space Invaders (Sears text) Star Raiders Super Baseball Vanguard Video Pinball (small text both labels) Warlords -x2 (1 with poor label) Yars' Revenge (Sears pic; poor end label) **********Third-Party Titles********** Barnstorming -x2 Grand Prix Keystone Kapers Laser Blast River Raid II Stampede -x2 Starmaster Dragonfire Trick Shot Moonsweeper Frogger (poor label) Donkey Kong Space Chase International Soccer California Games ATARI 5200: Defender Pole Position Realsports Soccer Realsports Tennis ATARI 7800: One On One INTELLIVISION: **********Mattel Electronics/INTV Titles********** Bowling (w/ Box, Manual, Overlays; box slightly smooshed) Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (w/ Box, Overlays; box slightly smooshed) Baseball (w/ Box, Manual, Overlays; box slightly smooshed) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Auto Racing (w/ manual, overlays) Burgertime -x2 (2 overlays available) Golf (w/manual, 1 overlay) Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Lock 'N' Chase -x3 (1 manual, 2 overlays available) NFL Football -x3 (2 manuals, 2 playbooks, 1 overlay available) Sea Battle Snafu Space Armada Space Hawk Star Strike -x2 Sub Hunt Triple Action (w/ manual) Pole Position Thin Ice **********Third-Party Titles********** Blockade Runner Dreadnaught Factor, The -x2 (labels need re-gluing) River Raid Stampede (w/ manual, 1 overlay) Dracula Nova Blast Demon Attack Centipede Zaxxon Donkey Kong COLECOVISION: Donkey Kong Venture Zaxxon -x2 Expansion Module #1 (Atari 2600 adapter) TI-99/4A: TI-99/4A Computer System (w/ Box, Power Supply, RF Module; Box is rough, but system is clean) TI-99/4A Computer System (w/ Power Supply, RF Module; previous owner ghetto-spliced a coax connector to RF Module; system is clean) Speech Synthesizer A-Maze-Ing -x2 (color label) Alpiner (color label) Video Games 1 (black label) Tombstone City (color label) Car Wars (black label) NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM: Batman Bubble Bobble Metroid (silver label) Double Dragon II Dr. Mario Fester's Quest Klashball Little Nemo: The Dream Master Metal Gear Super Mario Bros. 2 Wizards & Warriors Tetris (Nintendo) "How To Win At Nintendo Games #2" by Jeff Rovin "How To Win At Nintendo Games #3" by Jeff Rovin "How To Win At Nintendo Sports Games" by Jeff Rovin SUPER NINTENDO: Super Game Boy Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest NINTENDO 64: Spider Man Goldeneye 007 -x2 Perfect Dark -x2 SEGA: Shinobi (Master System, loose) Jungle Strike (Genesis, loose) Aladdin (Genesis, loose) Columns (Genesis, loose) ____________________________________________________________ STUFF I'M LOOKING FOR: (Now, before you start to think, "This idiot wants to trade five Combat cartridges for THIS?," bear in mind, I'm willing to trade a good chunk of my stuff for these items. I'm perfectly open to partial trades, also. Let me know what you've got!) At the moment, I'm on a real TRS-80 kick... TRS-80/COLOR COMPUTER: CoCo 1/2 game cartridges: Polaris, Microbes, Tetris, Androne, Spidercide, Color Baseball, Video Pinball, Football, Tennis, Skiing, Monster Maze, Mega Bug, Space Assault, Canyon Climber, CastleGuard, Dragonfire, Slay The Nereis, Clowns & Balloons, Stellar Life Line, Demon Attack, Dino Wars, Microchess, Star Blaze CoCo Cassette Games Tandy Deluxe Joysticks (Kraft-type) Replacement/Spare keyboard for CoCo 1 or CoCo 2 (or dead CoCo 1 or CoCo2, as long as the keyboard's good) TRS-80 Model II software (8" floppies) ...but I'm also on the lookout for this stuff... ATARI: (cartridges; loose only. Cassettes, w/ case preferred) Atari 400 Computer System Atari 410 Cassette Unit Atari 810 Disk Drive Replacement Keyboard for Atari 800 400/800 Cassette games 400/800 Cartridges: Specifically Pac-Man, Blue Max, Miner 2049er, Super Breakout, Gateway To Apshai, Star Wars: The Arcade Game...let me know what you've got! XE Light Gun Coleco Gemini (only need the console, in decent shape) 2600 4-switch mother board (working) or working 4-switch with crappy case (my Vader needs a board swap!) Heavy Sixer case (or dead heavy sixer) 2600: Sears pic label carts: Adventure, Chase, Poker Plus, Basketball, Race, Stellar Track, Capture 2600: Miner 2049er, Radar Lock, Dark Chambers, Xenophobe, Ikari Warriors, Motorodeo (Atari red label), Laser Gates, Tapper, Spy Hunter, Communist Mutants From Space, Rampage, other unusal/rare-ish games/items...let me know what you've got! 2600: Romscanner, Videoplexer 2600: Tron Joystick, Starplex Controller, Zircon Video Command Joysticks, Kraft Mazemaster Joysticks, other weird controllers 5200: Gyruss, Zenji, Beamrider, Zone Ranger, Rescue on Fractalus, Keystone Kapers, HERO 7800: Dark Chambers, Mario Bros., Xenophobe, Ballblazer 7800: Joypad Controllers PONG: Sears Speedway IV INTELLIVISION: (loose only) Dig Dug, Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling, Fathom, White Water, Super Cobra, Tutankham, Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, ECS games AQUARIUS: (Boxed preferred, loose okay) Burgertime, Chess, Utopia Aquarius Printer Aquarius Tape Drive COLECOVISION/ADAM: (loose only) Star Wars: The Arcade Game, River Raid, Galaxian, Centipede, Gateway To Apshai, Frogger II, Nova Blast, Pitfall, Omega Race, Frenzy Roller Controller Super Action Controllers ADAM Computer System/Expansion Module #3 (working) ODYSSEY 2: Dynasty!, Power Lords (loose only), Brazilian Parker Bros. titles Odyssey 2 console w/ detachable joysticks (9-pin type) CHANNEL F: (boxed games preferable, loose okay) Videocarts 6, 8, 10, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 25 TIMEX/SINCLAIR: Game tapes (Timex/Sinclair and ZX81) Timex/Sinclair 1500 Computer Timex/Sinclair 2040 Printer IBM/DOS: Games disks...action/arcade games; the older, the better! (Copies okay; must run on a 286) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TI-99/4A: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Protector II, Super Demon Attack Disk games (copies okay) Cassette games COMMODORE: C64: games disks (Copies okay...let me know what you've got!) C64: game cartridges...let me know what you've got! C64 Cassettes Commodore Plus/4 Computer System or Commodore 16 Computer System VIC-20 Computer System w/ power supply PET/CBM system _________________________________________________________________ In case it isn't obvious, I'm not trying -nor am I expecting- to get all the things on my want list, or even most of them, with what I've got to trade. Just saying what I've got and what I'm after. If you see something you like, make an offer, even if what you've got isn't on the "want list" above. Thanks for reading!
  4. In search of these goodies... updated with a grey box purchase, scroll to bottom of thread for the other grey box titles I'm searching for... Looking for CIB (if appropriate and/or unless otherwise noted) and NTSC whenever possible. Items do not have to be "museum quality", just decent, so box wear, use, and whatnot is typically okay. I open sealed items, so shrinkwrap and glue does not mean squat to me. Many of these are expensive items. Depending on my cash flow, I may or may not be able to afford them at the time when an offer to sell is made. While I'm always looking for a bargain (who isn't?), I try to make fair offers based on current market value, ability to forgo pesky transaction fees, and selling privately to a trustworthy buyer. If something is not listed, I likely already have it or am not currently in the market for it (but you can make an inquiry anyway). Feel free to PM me if you have something to sell. Atari 2600 Answer Gauntlet Malagai Apollo Guardian - box and instructions (will buy CIB if necessary) Lochjaw Atari Quadrun Swordquest: Waterworld Atari grey box variants Backgammon Blackjack Maze Craze Pac-Man Surround Avalon Hill Out of Control Bomb Assault Great Escape Wall Defender Z-Tack CommaVid Cakewalk MagiCard Stronghold Video Life DSD Camelot Tooth Protectors Exus - with Foot Craz controller Video Jogger Video Reflex Men-A-Vision Air Raid Panda Dice Puzzle Exocet Harbor Escape Scuba Diver Sea Hawk Space Canyon Stuntman Tank Brigade Playaround Jungle Fever/Night on the Town Sega Up 'n Down Simage Eli's Ladder Sparrow Music Machine Spectravision Bumper Bash Gas Hog Mangia Telegames Bogey Blaster Glacier Patrol International Soccer Super Challenge Baseball Super Challenge Football Universal Chaos Tigervision River Patrol Springer Ultravision Condor Attack Karate Universal Gamex X-Man Wizard Video Halloween Texas Chainsaw Massacre Xonox Artillery Duel Chuck Norris Superkicks Chuck Norris / Ghost Manor Chuck Norris / Spike's Peak Motocross Racer / Tomarc the Barbarian Motocross Racer Robin Hood - manual Sir Lancelot - manual Memorabilia & Merchandise Atari Club: coffee mug, bumperstickers, key chains, towel, frisbee, necklace, wallet, water rocket, game books binder Atari lapel pins for arcade games: Liberator, Pole Position, Quantum, and Star Wars Atari Missile Command van MPC model Atari Missile Command Halloween costume Atari pencils and notebooks Imagic Numb Thumb newsletter #1 other classic video game stuff (posters, cups, t-shirts, etc.) Atari 5200 Bounty Bob Strikes Back Vectrex 3D Crazy Coaster 3D Mine Storm & 3D Imager 3D Narrow Escape Carrying Case Dust Cover I also need the instruction sheets for the Light Pen and the Control Panel. Colecovision Alphabet Zoo - manual only Amazing Bumpman Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Boulder Dash Fathom (Telegames re-release) Jungle Hunt Motorcross Racer/Tomarc the Barbarian Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot Sewer Sam - manual only Sir Lancelot Skiing Slurpy - need box (will buy CIB if necessary) Super Action Soccer (Super Action Football - CBS - European release?) Tank Wars Threshold Tomarc the Barbarian Wizard of Id's Wiz Math Colecovision Experience magazine # 2 & 3 CV Club kit
  5. This is my collection of V-case cartridges for the Atari 2600 Most of them are PAL, but there are a bunch of NTSC carts too. Small jpegs - hover over jpeg for title. No duplicates, plenty of label variations. If you have one that isn't here - please consider selling it or trading it with me 11/9/15: Three nice carts to add = 273. 6/2/15: Three rare numbered funvision carts = 270!! big ups to AAer Chris Leach 3/2/15: A very rare Halley's Comet Funvision cart to start the year off = 267 9/12/14: 5 nice carts to add = 266 15/10/14: Slow and steady wins the race, 1 more = 261 21/7/14: 3 more = 260 Schtroumpfs!! 30/5/14: 2 more = 257 3/3/14: 3 more = 255 3/2/14: 2 more = 252 28/1/14: 12 new brings the total to 250!! Big thanks to Elsayed in Egypt with the crazy pirate stash!
  6. So last night I opened my 2600 up. This only occurred to me after having successfully opened up my 5200 controllers to get them working again and not destroying them. Now I've gotten cocky. When I was a kid, it never would have occurred to me that the Atari could be opened up. My dad was the one who instilled in us the reverence for the thing. He taught us to care for it and how. To save the manuals and all the documentation. The man doesn't kid around. We've got instruction booklets for things we don't even have anymore. So after watching (thank you areyouhim) and looking at this blog post, I felt ready to begin. The main goal was to clean up the corrosion on the game select and the reset switches and to not break anything. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the other equipment laying around) it was a success. I cleaned the case on the inside and spots around the face plate. It was while I was cleaning the face plate that I noticed this: An ever so tiny chunk of the face plate glued back in so that I had even forgotten it was there. That's the way my father works and the care he puts into things. I was actually very moved by that little detail even though that's Dad's standard operating procedure. He never even played the thing, yet somehow he became the care taker of it. Probably remembering the good times we all had around it when we were younger. One of the few things we shared as a family. When I told him over breakfast that I had taken it apart for cleaning, his eyebrows raised, but he was happy to hear I'd put it back together again and that it worked.
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