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Found 534 results

  1. From the album: My Collection

  2. Hello all - I am wondering what years and what models of Atari 2600 systems came bundled with the Combat cartridge. I know their are two versions of labels and the one I remember was the label with text only. Or was it the only cartridge that ever came with it? Thanks, just trying to remember fuzzy memories.
  3. The Atari 2600 has a huge library and many a really good. But there are some games who did not use the full potential by far and wasted a good game idea. Name your top 3 (or less) of existing Atari 2600 games who deserve a remake most. Mine: Miner 2049er (both!) Zaxxon BTW: I got the idea from the Videogamecritic when he complained about Miner 2049er's speed.
  4. From the album: My Collection

    This box was never for sale. Nobody knows how it came to be. But now I own it. Tee hee hee hee!
  5. DoctorSpuds

    Tunnel Runner (CBS)

    From the album: My Collection

  6. Does anyone on Atariage know when Othello was released
  7. The interesting trend in the 70s was store-branded video games. There were store branded everything in the 70s. I posed this question asking about "linear media" on lddb.com, a laser disc website, and I knew about the Sears Beta, and later found out about the JCPenney VHS, and was wondering if there was a store brand Laser Disc or Selectavision (a format often confused with Laser Disc, but different). I used video game store brands like Sears Telegames, Sears Super Telegames, Tandy Vision, and Montgomery Ward Game System, which were respectively, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Intellivision, and Bally as examples. I don't know the logic behind it. I assume it was to keep store brand loyalty. But I assume it can backfire. If Sears was talking about the Telegames and Super Telegames, and didn't have an Atari 260 and Intellivision section, if you were from Mars, you'd say the were promoting their own brand. Kind of like what Aldi does with most of their food products. Was their marketing not to mention the brand name, and use only the store name? I understand they wanted store loyalty, but did they keep more sales they'd lose to other stores with store brands, or did they lose more sales from brand name people by browsing and seeing only store brand stuff? I'm trying to figure out whether it was a net positive to have store branding or a net negative. If you've owned any of these system during their prime, whether you were a kid, a parent, or a childless grownup at the time: Atari 2600, Intellivision, Bally Astrocade, Sears Telegames, Sears Super Telegames, Tandyvision, Montgomery Ward Game System, the question is "Have you dabbled or stayed loyal, ether out of ignorance of their intercompatibility or out of pride?" By the way, I voted no interactive media, since my first was a Colecovision, which had no store brand problems, and a Sanyo BetaCord (a name brand), and dad didn't avoid Sears for Beta tapes. I think they were branded as Sears Beta brand tapes, which he has bought before. I see them downstairs, so No for avoiding Sears Brand Beta tapes.
  8. Hello there! I'm new here, and I came to ask few questions to the mighty atari fans out there! I'm from a scoring website https://www.video-games-records.com/home.html (which I highly recommend you if you want to show your scores on every atari systems, or more), and I was wondering what was the main differences between games that are in all these platforms (2600/5200/7800). Let me explain you: when I propose a new game on the website, the game will be tidy with games from the same system (2600, jaguar...) but sometimes you can link some games when they are the same (for instance, games that are on PS3 and PS4 will be both add on the same platform, together). So, I was wondering what was the differences between the games that are on 2600, 5200 and 7800, and especially, what are the differences in the SCORING itself? For example, Joust or Ms-Pac Man both came on the 3 systems. Are they the exact same game? Or are they different? What about the gaming itself, is it easier to score/play on a 7800 system or 5200 than on a 2600? It's confusing, because you can play your 2600 games on the 7800. To conclude, my major question is: are the games different? Does something change in the way of playing (with the controller for instance) ? And if not, should I regroup both games (for instance Moon patrol) in 1, or add 2 on differents platforms? Thanks for clarifying this, if you know more! I have all these systems, but I can not fix my atari 7800, for a reason I ignore (even if I follow every tutorial out there to clean/repear it), and my atari 2600 is still functional. Great to see so many still pationated guys here! Cheers!
  9. From the album: My Collection

  10. Hey guys, In my ongoing effort to play my favorite old video games with original controllers on my modern living room TV, instead of being banished to the CRT in my cold, dark basement, I've come up with the Ultimate Atari FB! Here's the software in action: Why trash a perfectly good Flashback? • Crisp full-screen HDMI output. • The ability to add any 2600 game. • Upgraded menu selection screen with woodgrain goodness! • The FB's make great Raspberry Pi cases! What you'll need: • Any Atari FB with front facing ports (FB's 3-7) • Raspberry Pi 3 • Two 2600-daptor II's sans cases • Upgraded FB 2A power supply • Two USB A-B cables, on 6" and the other 12" • Four 4-40 by 3/4" machine screws • Wires and soldering skills • Custom RetroPie software (see link below) With the custom software, the console buttons all work, and holding down Select and Start (Reset) will get you back to the game menu. See the attached manual below. Console Button Wiring (Starting closest to power button): 1. 5V Power at GPIO 2 2. Ground at GPIO 6 (or any other GPIO ground) 3. GPIO 20 4. GPIO 16 5. GPIO 26 6. GPIO 21 Suggestions: • Remove the capacitor on the console PCB and solder in a jumper wire or you won't have enough power to the Pi. • I suggest pairing a Bluetooth keyboard with the Pi or running a USB extension cable out the back. You'll need this for adding box art, editing file names, transferring roms via USB, etc. Software Manual (thanks to timdu!): Ultimate Atari FB Manual.pdf Micro-SD Card Image: • Download it here. • Contains several great homebrews that have been publicly released in rom form! Credits: Thanks to fdr4pres, Tom Hafner, pimpmaul69, timdu, and intvdave for all the help!
  11. Hello Fellow Members, Well, there are a few Atari 2600 clones I'm looking to find. (1) is the CCE Supergame VG-2800 System, complete with all cords & a controller. (2) Atari 2600 Polyvox Video Game System, complete with everything & (3) Atari 2600 Apple Vision Video Game System, complete with everything. I hope these systems are out there to buy & if you do have one of these you would like to sell, then please pm me!! Thanks a bunch!! Adam
  12. From the album: My Collection

    Formerly of 8_is_enuff thanks M8
  13. I'm selling an Atari 2600 4-switch CIB. This one has a Sunnyvale sticker on it. Discussions on AtariAge seem to indicate that these are either promotional units, or have been factory reconditioned, or maybe manufactured for a test market. They usually have a light 6-switch bottom shell that has been modified with a plastic plate to cover the controller ports; this one also has two speaker vents. The AC adapter and paddles are in the box. The paddles are presumably brand new and don't look like they were ever used, the cable twist looks factory. Joysticks are nice and clicky. There's a little serial number sticker that matches the one on the bottom; I'm not sure where it fell off from. Comes with everything shown including 8 games, and the games are in great condition. $80 shipped. (Shipping will be a good $20-25 of that.) Cross-posted to AtariAge FB group and also NintendoAge.
  14. For my first ROM hack, I changed the the player and enemy graphics in Jawbreaker to robots. Edit:Added screenshots. Robot Panic.zip
  15. I have an Atari 2600 with Longhorn S-Video/Composite mod. The yellows are kind of greenish on it. See picture below: This is using Composite output on CRT TV. Things get worse when I use S-Video output on Framemeister and LCD TV: And this is from another Atari 2600 I have, with RF: It looks better, but also not quite right. I already adjusted the tint trimpot on both of them, but it won't help. Is there anything else I can do to make them better?
  16. Does anyone know if it's possible to add background images for the game selection screen? I've been spoiled with emulation stations.
  17. If anyone is interested, please contact me. I am open to possible trades as well. I'm mostly interested in Atari 8bit game cartridges. I recently purchased an Atari 130xe, and the only game I own is Donkey Kong. Thanks for looking! Taking offers on all items New Items Added 9/11 New Items Added 9/9 Save when you buy multiple titles! Atari 2600 : Moon Patrol (Cart) $5 Realsports Tennis (Cart) $2.00 Take both carts for $5! Atari 5200: Blueprint (Cart) $4 Pengo (Cart) $5 Take both carts for $7 PC Software: Simcity Societies (CIB) $4 Day of Defeat (CB) $3 Sega Smash Pack (CB) $4 Global Operations (Sealed, Never Opened) $5 Half-Life 2 Episode 1 (Sealed, Never Opened) $5 Gun (CIB) $4 Take all 6 PC games for $15! Intellivision World Championship Baseball [C] $5 Nasl Soccer [C] $2 Snafu [C] $4 Atlantis [C] $4 Take all 4 carts for $10! New Items Added 9/9: Timex Sinclair Timex Sinclair 1000 Computer (CIB) Works great! SOLD! Playstation 2 Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Fighting Pad Ryu Edition w/ Comic SOLD! Turbografx-16/PC-Engine Timeball (CI) $50 + Shipping OBO Dungeon Master (New, Sealed) $30 + Shipping OBO Nintendo 3DS Steel Diver (New, Sealed) $10 + Shipping OBO
  18. In today's video, I'm bringing some exposure to new AtariAge releases as well as some others in the retro community. GAMES SHOWN: Justice Duel (NES) - https://megacatstudios.com/ Super Cobra Arcade (Atari 2600) - https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1106 Sydney Hunter & the Caverns of Death (SNES) - http://collectorvision.com Cowlitz Gamers 2nd Adventure (NES) - http://www.mteegfx.com/cowlitz Assembloids 2600 (Atari 2600) - https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1094 Creepy Brawlers (NES) - https://megacatstudios.com/ I have to say I'm extremely impressed with Assembloids 2600. Really fun puzzle game! Anybody else play it?
  19. In games, there is a 6-digit number at the top or bottom of the screen, indicating the player score or anything else 6-digit-related. How does the TIA draw that score counter?
  20. iesposta


    From the album: 2600

    "New" Atari 2600 4K Pac-Man 02-26-2015
  21. iesposta


    From the album: 2600

    best costume
  22. From the album: QbBertari

    September 9 work in progress.
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