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Found 107 results

  1. SOLD Atari 800, 48k, fully tested, great condition. No cracks, breaks, chips, etc. Comes with the attached RF cable (no monitor cable, but readily available), power supply, and BASIC cart. (Beef Drop cart not included, I was just doing some "testing" ). Don't buy untested, or unknown condition, or a repairable, buy one ready to go. Buy from someone (me) who knows how to pack equipment like this, not from some random schmuck who will likely toss it in a box loose and cause you a world of dispute hurt. $75+ Exact shipping. US 48 only. Thanks.
  2. Hey fellow Atari ST [sT/STe/TT/Falcon] fans, On Saturday, June 14, 2014, the free-to-the-public Sunnyvale Atari Party will take place at the Sunnyvale Public Library from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Please come and join Bill Kendrick and the rest of us there. There will be Atari 2600s/Flashbacks, 5200s, 7800s, XE Game System, Lynxes, Jaguars, arcade machines, Atari 8-bit computers, Atari STs, and modern PCs emulating the classic consoles. In addition, we are fortunate enough to have two legendary ex-Atari employees who will be speaking. The first is Al Alcorn, Atari employee #3, builder of Pong, who worked on the Atari 2600, Atari's holographics, and countless other items. He later became an Apple Fellow*. And then there's Dan "The TrakBall Man" Kramer who is personally responsible for the 2600 and 5200 TrakBall Controllers, amongst many other projects during his time at Atari Inc. He is also promising to show off some prototype hardware as well. http://www.newbreeds...tariparty/2014/ Sunnyvale CA is, of course, Atari's old hometown. Please visit the website link above for more details. Volunteers are also welcome. This is a kid-friendly event so bring the whole family... *If you've watched the recent Steve Jobs film [Jobs], Mr. Alcorn is represented in the film. He's referred to as "Al" during the Atari scenes and "he" is the one who tells Jobs that he's "an a$$hole".
  3. Hello everyone. I am parting out an Atari 800xl Stackpole type keyboard. I am selling one key cap, white carrier, small spring and large spring as a unit for $1.50 each unit (example in photo below). That price will include shipping in the 50 US states. If you are somewhere else and need these, we will have to add some appropriate shipping. Right now, I have most keys EXCEPT - I do not have: the space bar or the plus (left arrow) key and do not have one of the square silver function keys.
  4. Hello! I am very soon moving abroad for a living. so the time has come for me to sell most of my collection. Everything is on sale, except my "main" CreatiVision stuff, which I'm keeping jealously. :-) What I am selling: - Atari 2600 - Intellivision - Colecovision - Videopac - CreatiVision (duplicates only) - handheld electronic games and tabletops - miscellaneous consoles - Italian videogames magazines (contact me for a full list, incl. TGM, HC, EG, etc.) - a few German magazines with articles on CreatiVision Everything must go before the end of October. Some items are VERY RARE, some other items are worth next to zero. I have set up a list of stuff, with also pictures, and prices. We can discuss on prices, I'm open to suggestions. The list is here, and it includes a set of pictures of each item on sale: http://www.madrigald...y/saleslist.zip Be the first one who makes a good offer, and you have a deal. Or, in case you're not interested in the stuff, please spend a minute to spread the voice to your friends. Thanks much for your attention :-) PS: I will make separate posts/threads with all the pictures equally divided Attached pictures: * Atari computer: Aufgepasst (aka Concentraction), Italian release, extremely rare * Atari computer: Boccone (aka Gulp!), Italian release * Commodore 64: Music Composer * Sinclair ZX-80: Data Base * Sinclair Spectrum: Aspect Assembler Editor * Sinclair Spectrum: Horace Goes Skiing * Sinclair Spectrum: Music 1 * Sinclair Spectrum: Spectres * Sinclair Spectrum: Vu-3D (still sealed) * Sinclair Spectrum: Italian book "Ai Confini dello Spectrum" + demo tape
  5. Looking for a copy of Adventure International's Adventure #7: Mystery Fun House, as long as the game works, I am fine with it.
  6. I have an Atari 800XL, 1050 disc drive, covers, 4 carts and 4 disc games for sale. Wanted to post here before I put on eBay. PM me if interested.
  7. Hope he does Haunted House next. Check out jamesbit.etsy.com
  8. Hello all, I'm looking for these various empty atari 2600 game boxes for sale. PM me if you have any of these and we can work something out. Asteroids Atlantis Baseball Combat Cosmic creeps Defender Donkey kong Football Frogger Gorf Gyruss Kaboom Laser blast Maze Missle command Outlaw Pole position Space war Stampede Star voyager Starmaster Street racer Swordquest earthworld Swordquest fireworld Target fun
  9. Make an offer on anything or everything, even if it's just to pay for shipping on some of these items. I am moving and cleaning out a bunch of stuff I don't want or need. I don't want to throw this stuff away. I want everything out in the next day or two. I'm not sure if the virtual boy works, I think it did, no controller. The intellivision doesn't work. I only got it to work with Vegas Poker, other than that a green screen. The gameboy looking thing is a famiclone with a bunch of games. The thumb stick on one of the controller broke off. The gameboy pocket is missing the battery cover. All the games should work. I can't make any promises on the controller. I will also post a TI-99 with games and controller next, look for that post. Any questions, just ask
  10. After a cheap and compatible ram upgrade for the 800xl, had a look at Lothareks stuff and tbh think it's overkill and overpriced so hoping someone has something like a good priced 320 xl ram upgrade.
  11. FOR SALE: Atari 8-Bit List Various 8-bit Hard/Software for sale: Will accept reasonable offers Buyer also pays postage but can choose which category/rate by which items will be dispatched. Will also accept collection buyers. There's a quite a bit here, so have a browse and let me know: mbrennanATblueyonderDOTcoDOTuk Atari 1029 Printer : £20 now £15 + p&p No box - powers up, print head seeks, no SIO. Atari 1027 Printer : £20 now £15 + p&p No box - powers up, print head seeks, no SIO. Various Atari 8-bit Cartridges : £25 now £10 each + p&p Loose carts. Basic x2, Assembler Editor (sold), Defender Atari 400/800 Programming Language PILOT with "Turtle Graphics" : £20 now £18 + p&p Complete. Atari Turbo Basic/Turbo Compiler XL/XE : £10 now £8 + p&p SOLD Complete. Printshop + various Printshop disks: £10 now £8 + p&p SOLD (15x 5¼" disks in total) Page 6 Library: £25 now £20 + p&p SOLD 70x 5¼" disks Atari 800xl and 1010 tape drive: £35 now £30 + p&p working...but NO leads or boxes xc12 tape drive with rambit turbo fitted - £15 SOLD working but no power lead avail a box of 8-bit joysticks to be sold a job lot - £30 and either 65xe or 130xe - £35(working but no leads) only ONE of the two to be sold sale pending sale fallen thru - available again as i said, will accept offers, but first offer of £140 (plus plus postage or collection) gets the lot. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A further "find" has unearthed the following original 5¼" disks - no instructions (except where included on disks)... Full details: Asylum Paint 6x Home Filing Manager (5 x red labels, 1x mono) 4x Atari Master Diskette 3 3x Atari Writer (manual on reverse) 2x The Pay Off / Atari Demonstration Disk The Pay Off / Paint Murder On The Zinderneuf Pal Translator Side A & Side B (two disks) Jewels of Darkness (with lenslock + instructions) ** Data Management System Disk Operating System 2.5 Pokey Player The XL Fixer Chop Suey Electraglide All of the above £1.50 each + shipping or (10 disks £10 + shipping) or all 27 = £25 + shipping) except ** = £5 + shipping - if bought separately +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  12. I tested this and the memory tested good but some of the keys did not respond ( C, V, K, ; ). I will also include an original owner's guide/manual along with an original power supply. Please look at the pictures and ask if you have any questions. Everything is already boxed up and it measures 19.5x13x5 and weighs 10.5 lbs shipping from 75054. SOLD. Thank you, Roger
  13. Two great games in flat boxes. ($12 each, including shipping or $20 for both, including shipping) Both in nice shape with (flat) boxes, including original disks, disk sleeves, instructions, Quick Start guides, and warranty cards. Not tested recently. Additional pictures available upon request. I will ship either item within the continental US for $35, or both for $60. I'll take care of the shipping costs. I will pack them carefully, but I will not insure them as I will not be shipping them personally. Insurance is up to the buyer. No warranty expressed or implied. No returns. I don't have time to deal with that. If you think my prices are inappropriate, please post offers here (PM is ok too). No reasonable offer will be refused. If I don't respond, it's only because I think your offer is unreasonable or the item has already sold. This offer is good for one week from the posted date. John (Fres)
  14. I have some spare Atarimax Maxflash 8mbit cartridges which I am unlikely to be using in the near future, I have 3 available out of the 5 I originally purchased and they are unused. £21 each + P&P*, I'm happy to program a cart with software if you don't have the facility & if you have the original's for no charge. Can be collected from: Rugby, Coventry or Solihull Town Centre's if preferred by arrangement. I also have an XC12 drive which I will be listing once it's been tested. *Add 2% if paid with paypal.
  15. SOLD!! Atari XE System, COMPLETE 2 beige controllers & beige light gun. I'd like to see $150 + ship ATARI MULTI CART IS NOT INCLUDED - only used to show i plays carts fine see photos, a little dusty but very nice. kept in storage bin buy itself. works perfectly. someone remind me how to boot the built in game??
  16. Atarimax - SIO2PC-USB - single SIO version >> £20 - SOLD AtariBuff SIO2BT - bluetooth SIO adaptor >> £15 SOLD elsewhere SIO2PC - this is the kit version >> £10 SOLD elsewhere Atari 800XE - v.nice condition, working (no leads) >> £65 no longer for sale Atari 7800 - French RCA video version - 2 controllers, video lead and mains lead (needs UK adaptor) >> £40 - SOLD AtariBuff C2600 Television Computer System - (2600 clone - 250 games built-in, needs UK PSU) >> £30 no longer for sale Notes: prefer post to UK only. Will post to EU/USA, but buyer please estimate your shipping before declaring interest item sizes 1-3 (15x10x3cm, 200g); 4-6 (45x30x12cm, 2kg) all shipping will be insured post with tracking - and is NOT included in above prices paypal gift only - or buyer pays fee items advertised elsewhere - so first come, first served open to sensible offers/deals on combined purchases
  17. Hi, I have recent purchased a 800XL (PAL) and paired it with a SIO2SD external drive, all appears to work fine, expect on a lot of games I'm getting a corrupted sprite, and I'm not sure why, would anyone be able to shed light on what may be causing this? Configuration, software, PAL/NTSC issue, RAM or Antic failure? Note that some games appear to run perfectly. Also passes memory tests fine. I apologize for the poor photos, but you can see the corrupted missile or sprite running vertically down the display, these will follow the player or enemies. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Update: Final version can be found here. I have always been a big fan of Mario Bros. Mario Bros XE is the BEST home conversion, out of the box! Not only does this version include the icicles, but it also includes most of the animations and cut scenes. This is my effort, with the help of Playsoft, to make the graphics more arcade-like. Please keep in mind, there are hardware limitations limitations: All enemies and background characters share to 4 colors and 1 background. eg: If the pipes were green, the ice would later be green. If the turtles shells were green, text would be dark, and other items combinations would be messed up. A RED Mario would result in a white face. The flesh tone is not selected. it is a result of overlapping the two player colors. I chose a darker brown. It is closer to red than the old pink color, and allows for a more natural blue. I am limited to the original enemy character widths. The shellcreepers do not jump out next to their shells, because the software sprites are not wide enough. I think the original animation is pretty good. I only tweaked slightly to match the more arcade-like graphics. Mario Bros Intro Level 10 Mario Bros IceAge (The icicle levels)
  19. Hello, I'm new to Atariage.com. I bought an Atari 2600 "Light Sixer" as a family gift for the holidays and then ended up picking up a Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade "Heavy Sixer" soon thereafter. I'm weeding out duplicate games, stuff I'm interested in from stuff I'm not, etc. My ebay seller name is rusticmountain and I have a 100% rating - and always have (since I started on ebay in 2001). LOT 1 $100 + Shipping via USPS Priority Mail / O.B.O (or best offer) I will calculate shipping based on your address. USA Shipping Only Payment via Paypal 17 Atari 2600 / Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade video games with boxes. Used. All with box. Some with instruction manuals and other paperwork. All games have been tested and are working. See photos for details on condition and what may or may not come with game cartridge and box. Adventure Asteroids Berserk Combat E.T. The Extra-Terresterial Freeway Laser Blast Missile Command Pac-Mac Pitfall! Space Combat Space Invaders Speedway II Star Raiders (does not come with overlay for keypad) Target Fun Tron Deadly Discs Yars’ Revenge
  20. SOLD: (elsewhere) 3x 8-bit Ataris for sale: 800XL - nice condition - working order - £35 130XE - clean & tidy - working order - £35 65xe - working, but some keyboard faults (break in mylar tracks) - £10 in a bid to clear some shelf-space, I will make the above available as ONE complete sale also @ £65 1x UK - "brick" UK power supply is available @ £10 (but posting outside the UK will be prohibitive) in any case - buyer pays postage/shipping in addition to the above
  21. No joke!! I looked on Ebay for Atari XE stuff just to see some cool things, and wow! 2 out of the top 3 searches for the system on Ebay are above $100-$150. What is making XE stuff, specifically the Entire package itself in original box, get so expensive?
  22. Lot of 11 Atari 400/800 XE/XL 8-Bit Home Computer Games Boxed Complete CIB eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121375836255 Not mine, no link to me, just saw it whilst browsing and it looks like a nice clean collection! Paul
  23. Atari 7800 PMP 30th Anniversary Cart Here are the games - note Space Invaders and Moon Cresta have a bug in them which is discussed in the thread below, all others work 100%: - Armor Attack II - Crazy Brix - FailSafe - Meteor Shower - Moon Cresta* - Pac-Man Collection (Non Pokey Version) - Scramble - Space Invaders* $90 shipped - details here: http://atariage.com/forums/blog/374/entry-11477-atari-7800-pmp-30th-anniversary-cart/ ABBUC SIO2USB Interface $100 plus shipping - details here: http://atariage.com/forums/blog/374/entry-11476-for-sale-abbuc-sio2usb/ Function Specification Can boot an ATARI 8-bit Computer without physical Floppy Drive Emulation of up to 3 (virtual) Disk drives simultaneously Simple device, attached to SIO-Port, no modification of computer necessary Mixed operation of real Floppy and SIO2USB possible Fully compatible with all ATARI DOS and OS and all ATARI compatible extensions Storage of ATARI-Imagefiles on standard USB FLASH Drives Configuration of the device by built-in keys and LC-Display or configuration program on the ATARI Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) Power supply for the device and USB FLASH Drive from SIO-Bus Updated SIO2USB Firmware can be applied from within the ATARI (no additional device or computer required) Updates available via Internet (USB FLASH Drive) or direct from the ATARI (real Disk Drive)
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