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Found 49 results

  1. Hey Guys, I have just started a new Game Shop in Sydney called Nerdlandia Games (named after my youtube show). The motto here is to sell Retro games at the right prices. Not reseller prices, not ebay prices (though I do sell on ebay as well but just for less than everyone else) the right prices. See we are gamers first so giving games a good home means more than over charging someone for a title. We have everything in stock from Dreamcast, N64, NES, Gamecube, Mega Drive, Master System, SNES even have a couple of Atari Lynx games in stock . Loose carts, boxed average games, boxed perfect games, rare games something for every level of collector or gamer. A sample of some prices below (please keep in mind we have hundreds of items in stock at anytime): Mega Drive consoles (with 1 loose game) $80 N64 Console (with 2 loose games) perfect joystick on controller $110 Donkey Kong 64 Special Edition Yellow Cartridge Boxed and Complete (no exp pack) perfect condition $100 Goldeneye Boxed and complete (average copy) $40 (perfect copy) $60 Madden 99 64 loose $5 South Park loose $20 Blue Shadow for NES cart only (make an offer extremely rare pal a game). B.C Kid (Bonks Adventure) SNES cart only $30 (rare) Bart VS The Space Mutants NES boxed and complete $60 Blaster Master loose $20 Trojan NES loose $15 Baseball Gameboy boxed and complete perfect copy $10 Micro Machines Gamesboy boxed and complete perfect copy $25 Tetris loose $5 Wave Race Blue Storm Gamecube boxed and complete $30 Rogue Ops Gamecube (uncommon title) CIB $35 Ecco The Dolphin Dreamcast Perfect Copy RARE $75 Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast perfect copy $50 Soul Calibur Dreamcast CIB $20 Again this is just a small sample of what we have in stock. Also very nice boxed and complete Mega Drive two with original instructions and even the plastic baggies for everything but the console for $120. A near new Gamboy Pocket Silver boxed and complete with instructions plus two bonus games and wall charger for $100. So much more. Ok so how do you get in touch with me ??? If your in Sydney we have a showroom in Parramatta open 7 Days a week by appointment contact Ric on 0431 139 692. For everyone else check my Ebay store (rocksstar2010) I update it 3 times a week with new items from loose to boxed and complete. I have 100% feedback and ship everything ultra securely (again gamer first seller second). Finally you can also check out our Game collecting vodcast latest episode here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OVE-TPPl_4 From Ric The Real Stooge Nerdlandia Games WELCOME TO THE STOOGE REVOLUTION.
  2. Sold - Just found and added an extra GH game, controller and pic, Pokémon system case and pet shop game case "see last 4 pictures" 2 DS lite Game systems only 1 charger and 1 stylus, and all the games. Both DS systems work although the flip top screen on both are loose with broke corner hinges / the thing that make them open slow with resistance . The screens look good while playing but they have some scuffs and scratches.
  3. I refurbish Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Micro's as a hobby and I currently have a few more in stock and want to get rid of them so I can move on to refurbishing something else. I have discounted them as far as I can allow them while still making a profit on them. At the moment, a Gameboy Advance is $65 and Gameboy Micro's is $70 each, free shipping included. Colors I have in stock: Gameboy Micro Pink/silver x 2 Pink/black x 1 Blue/silver x 1 For those that want one and don't mind imperfections and would like something a little cheaper, I also have a few Gameboy Advance models that have slight defects. The defects may vary and I can take pictures for whichever ones you're interested but they range from misaligned screens or dimmer screens (some aren't as bright as they should be). They're still completely playable and will range from $40 - $50 depending on severity of the imperfections. Please refer to the purple/violet GBA picture below of what this might look like. It's very minor but I'm too lazy to fix them so you get a discount on them. No longer have any for sale. Don't worry about the scruffs on the GBA screens - it's a screen protector and can be peeled off. Underneath, it's 100% brand new. Sorry, I don't sell faceplates separately. For reference: chargers are included with the Micro's - batteries are not included with the GBA's. If you want games, I also have the following available. One is $10, bulk pricing is $8 each (doesn't include the Pokemon games). Common questions: 1.) How is the GBA modded? The GBA comes installed with a Gameboy SP screen, AGS-101. Essentially the whole device is brand new as the inside components have been cleaned out and the outer casing as well as screen are new as well. 2.) How clean are the Micro's? How are they refurbished? The Micro's are as clean as I can possibly get them. Some will have light scratches on them but I try my best to buffer them out. None of them have cracks or chips or anything like that on them. The screen is also brand new (the screen, NOT the faceplate) and the insides have been cleaned out thoroughly. I've done the same to the faceplates as well and they're very clean; however, some have very very thin scratches but you don't notice them when you're playing nor do they affect gameplay. One or two may or may not show up but I try my best to provide faceplates that are as clean as possible. 3.) Will you accept a lower amount? No, sorry. If you factor in how much it costs for me to get the initial device, plus parts, I'm barely making a profit as is. At the moment I'm trying to recuperate my money I spent and move on to refurbishing something else. 4.) Will you accept trades? Yes! I'm willing to trade but note I only play PC games and 3DS games so anything on Steam or whatever would be cool. Feel free to make any offers one what you think I might like. I'm also looking for any extra Minecraft or Guild Wars 2 keys. 5.) Can I trade my broken GBA for a refurbished one? Yeah... no. If you have any other questions, please ask! If you want to buy in person, I'm in the Seattle area, for the curious. You can test it out before you buy.
  4. Make an offer on anything or everything, even if it's just to pay for shipping on some of these items. I am moving and cleaning out a bunch of stuff I don't want or need. I don't want to throw this stuff away. I want everything out in the next day or two. I'm not sure if the virtual boy works, I think it did, no controller. The intellivision doesn't work. I only got it to work with Vegas Poker, other than that a green screen. The gameboy looking thing is a famiclone with a bunch of games. The thumb stick on one of the controller broke off. The gameboy pocket is missing the battery cover. All the games should work. I can't make any promises on the controller. I will also post a TI-99 with games and controller next, look for that post. Any questions, just ask
  5. Hey guys, I have some more things for sale. PM me if interested. All items are in great condition and discs are scratch-free unless otherwise noted. General stipulations - - PayPal only (gifted/family/friends required if you are new/have little to no feedback here; normal payment is fine for anyone else). - I am shipping within the United States only. - Tight on cash now, so I can't guarantee any deals. Expect to pay actual shipping. I'll give you choice of First Class or Priority Mail where qualified. I generally prefer small flat-rate boxes where eligible. - My AtariAge and NintendoAge feedback links: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/156821-austin/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/159877-austin/ http://nintendoage.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Users.Feedback&User=Austin Dreamcast (all CIB) Sega Bass Fishing - $2 Giga Wing (Japanese import) - $18 House of the Dead 2 - $1 - Needs to be resurfaced professionally. Looks like someone used a consumer grade resurfacing machine on it, and it shows. Atari Jaguar (all loose) Raiden - $15 Sony PlayStation / PS1 (all CIB) True Pinball (Japanese import) - $5 Sega Saturn (all CIB, all Japanese imports) Virtual On - $5 (manual is in average condition) Darius Gaiden - $18 Sony PlayStation 2 / PS2 (all CIB) Final Fantasy X (Greatest Hits) - $3 Castlevania: Lament of Innocence *Limited Edition* big-box bundle (Japanese import) - $50 (not pictured) XBOX 360 (all CIB) The Outfit - $2 Kameo: Elements of Power - $2 Red Faction Guerrilla - $2 Gears of War - $2 Devil May Cry 4: Collector's Edition - $5 (tin case/slip cover/all three discs) Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection - $18 Otomedius Excellent - $5 Sony PlayStation Portable / PSP (all CIB) Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade - $2 Patapon - $2 Every Extend Extra - $2 Wipeout Pure - $2 Nintendo Wii / Wii U (all CIB) Bayonetta (disc-only, originally came bundled with Bayonetta 2) - $10 Ultimate Shooting Collection - $9 Rayman Origins - $7 MadWorld - $3 Resident Evil 4 - $7 Geometry Wars Galaxies - $4 PS3/Sega CD/Misc SEGA CD - Sonic CD - Sega CDX pack-in version - Case and Disc - $9 Nintendo Game Boy Pocket system - Fully working. Screen has small scratches on it (can't really tell when a game is on/powered up). Back serial number label looks rough/worn. D-pad and buttons work very well. Sound fully working. Screen looks good. Batteries included. - $14
  6. Hey all- Im looking to buy a game boy color or GBA-SP if anyone has something theyre looking to sell. Not too picky about the color of system Also, if anyone has any Pokémon games thatll play on either of these, Id be interested as well! Thank you!!
  7. This one is a bit of a rush job and I goofed When one uses the Handheld Legend back light kit you have to keep in mind that LED panel is seriously fragile, I got a spec of dust under the screen, used canned air, this produced bubbles in the top sheet, and a little what looks like a water stain (cause some of the canned air juice spritzed out) I got the bubbles gone, but if you have the console off and look at it on a angle you can see what looks like a water stain and some smudges ... its one of those things the more I go and mess with it the worse its going to get (learned that lesson the hard way a while back) , and you cant see any of it with the thing on. At this point its like spend more money on it for a new backlight and postage or just get my money back out of it Gameboy DMG-01, clean case hardly any yellowing (has battery door and link cable cover) Yellow backlight and bivert mod Glass Screen Cover F1 Racing Game Pack of new AA batteries 60$ (open to offers) shipped to the lower 48, paypal please Thanks For looking
  8. I have some Game Boy games for sale. I wanted to put Game Boy Advance as a tag, but I have a couple Game Boy originals as well. Ms. Pac-Man $2.50 Mr. Chin $2.50 Here is where the Game Boy Advance games are. Pinball of the Dead - $5 Mario Party Advance - $5 Jurassic Park: DNA Factor - $2.50 And I have some GBA Classic NES series cartridges, also. I was aiming for a complete set but lost interest. Perhaps these might complete one of yours? They're $5 or all for $25. Donkey Kong Dr. Mario Excitebike Ice Climber Pac-Man Zelda Zelda II Thanks for looking!
  9. From March 19th to March 21st, there will be a kids consignment sale taking place at Community Fellowship Church at 612 Cohran Store Rd., Douglasville, GA 30134. There will be kids clothes galore, kid stuff, toys, loads of books for everyone, a bunch of movies (Both on VHS (rare & common) & DVD), a good bit of music (on cassette, CD, and Vinyl!), lots of video games on all systems (Atari 2600 Sears VCS, Nintendo NES, Nintendo Famicom (COMPLETE IN THE BOXES!!), Super Nintendo SNES, Super Famicom, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis Mega Drive, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 PS3, PlayStation PS1, PlayStation 2 PS2 and lots more!! So put it on the schedule and when the time comes, come on out!!! See you then!! Hours: Preview (Wednesday night, must pay $5 to get in, all other days are free admission!!) - 7pm - 9pm Thursday - 8:30am - 7pm Friday - 8:30am - 7pm Saturday - 8:30am - 1pm
  10. UPDATED FEB. 26 2015 Please PM if interested in any items. Thanks Prices do not include shipping. Shipping extra. ____________________________________________ ATARI 2600 GAMES - $1.00 each Tennis Seaquest Chopper Command Skiing Megamania Sears - Space Invaders Sears - Asteriods Sears - Yar's Revenge Sears - Target Fun Sears - Missile Command Asteroids Star Raiders Missile Command Pac Man Defender Venture Riddle of the Sphinx Atlantis Centipede Yars's Revenge _______________________________________ INTELLIVISION GAMES - $1.00 each Donkey Kong Mouse Trap Venture Frogger Pitfall Beauty and the Beast Swords and Serpents Atlantis Demon Attack (space/rocket art) Demon Attack (winged/planet art) ________________________________________________ INTELLIVISION GAMES - $1.00 EACH White Label Games Utopia Golf Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Treasures of Tarmin Sub Hunt Tron Maze a Tron Burgertime Mission X Royal Dealer Poker White Label - Not Original Labels Tron Maze a Tron Loco Motion Poker Advanced Dungeons and Dragons ______________________________________________________ INTELLIVISION GAMES - $1.00 EACH Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Lock n Chase Burgertime B17 Bomber Bomb Squad Tron Maze a Tron Vectron Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Treasures of Tarmin __________________________________________________________ MISC. GAMES Dreamcast Sonic Adventure (cracked cd case) $4.00 N64 Jumper Pack $4.00 GBA Yoshi Topsy Turvy $5.00 Sega Game Gear Choplifter III $3.00 Game Boy Pitfall $3.00 Nes Burgertime $5.00 Nes Spy Hunter $5.00 Roadblasters $5.00
  11. All are g-vg as seen in pics AND cib...**NO TRADES PLEASE**...asking *pp* or Amazon credit only right now... Boxes WILL be packed and flattened for shipping AND SHIPPING (in U.S.) IS INCLUDED IN PRICE WITH TRACKING! Unless u wanna shoot an extra $2 for a priority mail box. Mario Bros. Deluxe $18 (shipped) Super Mario Advance $18 (shipped) Pokémon mystery Dungeon Red $16 (shipped) Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga (resealed) $28 Zelda LTTP 4 Swords w/ cellophane $32 (Shipped) **BUY ALL 3 MARIOS, GET POKEMON FREE!**
  12. ok, I'm so tired of not being able to sell my stuff on ebay and then having ebay charge me for the stuff i do sell. recently had someone "buy it now" for $300 worth of my things and then NOT PAY ME. So I'm over it. Game Gear: 1 glitchy system (no sound, display is dark, but visible when the knob is all the way to the one side) otherwise WORKING. Black, with both battery covers -- no plug, sorry (pics upon request) Tails Adventure game, I'll throw in a broken hard-plastic-case too for shipping purposes, cause it's broken, just wanna get rid of it. GAME IS WORKING IN LIKE-NEW CONDITION, cartridge only. (pics upon request) ^willing to group these 2 together. PM for negotiations. Tails adventure -- looking for around $22 shipped game gear -- i donno, $11 shipped or less. NES: Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt cart only (is the dark-blue label variant with no seal-of-quality) -- asking $4 shipped for one, or cheaper if you combine with another game or item Castlevania (yep, the original. cart only) -- asking $14 shipped both working great condition (pics upon request) Game Boy: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (working, cart only, good condition) -- asking $6 shipped 5200: these are all great condition carts that I was thinking about sending to Albert for re-use as Tempest carts, but he never replied to my PM, so... his loss... All are working, NO OVERLAYS INCLUDED, ALL CART ONLY LOT OF 9 GAMES, would like to keep them together... Pole Position Dig Dug Jungle Hunt Joust Super Breakout Qix Space Invaders Pac-Man Defender --Asking $36 shipped 2600: trying to sell these as a lot, would really rather not split them up, but might consider swapping a game for another, EXCEPT COMBAT, YOU WILL GET COMBAT AND YOU WILL LIKE IT! lol all working, all cart only. LOT 1:: 5 GAMES (3 are paddle games) Space War (atari picture) Night Driver (atari picture) STREET RACER (atari picture) Super Breakout (atari picture) Airlock (data age) for the lot, --Asking $9 shipped LOT 2:: 8 GAMES Combat (atari text screw exposed) Football (atari picture) missile command (atari picture, top of front label damage) Pac-Man (atari picture) STREET RACER (Atari picture) Asteroids (Atari picture) Star Raiders (atari picture) Sky Diver (atari text) for the lot, -- Asking $11 shipped LOT 3:: 12 GAMES Combat (atari text) Demons To Diamonds (atari picture) Keystone Kapers Vanguard Crystal Castles (no copyright) Pac-Man (atari picture) RIVER RAID II (sexy activision special label, ooo la la) Star Voyager (imagic) Asteroids (atari picture) GHOSTBUSTERS (sexy activision blue label, oooo) MISSILE COMMAND (atari picture, scotch tape over end label) Racquetball (Apollo) for the lot, -- Asking $34 shipped NINTENDO 64 Console(#1)(original gray) no power cord, no controllers, working, good condition, no door cover for jumper pak -- Includes Nintendo RF Modulator --Asking i donno $13 shipped or less Nintendo 64 Console(#2)(original gray) no power cord, no controllers, working, good condition, includes jumper pak (with door cover) -- Includes RF switch cord (by Performance) also includes Star Wars Episode I: Racer game cart only, working, good condition --Asking i donno $17 shipped Playstation (original) console no cords at all, no controllers, tested working --Asking i donno $10 shipped OGRE BATTLE (Limited Edition/ March of the Black Queen) Comes in a single-cd case only, instead of the double, like it's supposed to. Includes Disc, Instructions & BACK cover art ONLY. tested working. --Asking $42 shipped ---- SOLD!! Playstation NOT WORKING Rayman (greatest Hits) complete, instructions & artwork in great condition BUT THE GAME IS NOT WORKING, scratched beyond repair IMO jewel case also has small crack in the front --Asking i donno, $4 shipped Atari 2600 NOT WORKING CARTS Outer Space (text 17 tele-games, no end label, DEAD-- NOT WORKING, cleaned the hell out of it, only displays a black screen) asking $3 shipped or free with any purchase if you want it. Fast Eddie (20th century fox) screw exposed, DEAD-- NOT WORKING, apparently it has a scratch in the contacts somewhere, can't get it to play) asking $3 shipped or free with any purchase if you want it. XBOX 360 Blue Dragon (FIRST DISC ONLY -- THIS IS A 3 DISC GAME) in a generic blockbuster case. no instructions. WORKING --Asking $5 shipped or cheaper if you combine with something else DVDS: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION original DVDs with original paper-insert-sheets. will sell as a set or individually, just ask. Collection 0:4 (episodes 12-14) Collection 0:5 (episodes 15-17) Collection 0:6 (episodes 18-20) Collection 0:7 (episodes 21-23) Collection 0:8 Final Genesis (episodes 24-26) --Asking $6 shipped for each or $25 for all 5. VIRTUAL BOY: (SYSTEM A) 1 full-working system (this means, both sides sound is working, both eyes are fully working properly with NO glitching or glitch lines at all) includes EYE VISOR (see pics for details) & STAND! (includes the classic hairline cracks, still fully functional) & Mario's Tennis (cart only, sorry no dust cover) Also, a controller & AC Adapter unit (PLUG NOT INCLUDED!) All you need to get this working is a Super Nintendo plug or a generic cheap multi-snes plug (the ones that dont work with snes, they still work with virtual boy because it needs less power) Battery pak not included. the visor looks like someone got a tiny spot of paint or something on it, no big deal. also, not gonna lie, this was kept in a smoke-free home for 3 or so years, and the visor still smells of a smoker from the previous owner, it's not bad, but it is noticeable if you're not a smoker. i'd spray it with febreeze, but i have none right now... no big deal really, hardly noticeable. --Asking $115 shipped, and let me stress to you how RARE it is to find a FULLY WORKING virtual boy.. I've owned 13 total virtual boys, most were working fully, about 4 had glitches or one eye not working, leave them alone for 2 years and now about 9 of those have glitches or one eye not working. These things are ticking time bombs, finding a working one is a great accomplishment. I suggest learning how to fix one for the future..... too bad i'm too lazy to do that, otherwise i'd have a lot more fully-working virtual boys up for sale right now. 1 working but glitchy system. (SYSTEM B) SPECIFICS: Previously thought working fine until I tested it for the first time in two years about 2 weeks ago. tested again right now and still glitchy. Left eye working perfectly, Right eye glitches randomly, non-stop. includes controller and AC adapter (NO PLUG) only. AC Adapter is missing the door hinge, but that doesn't affect anything. it looks like the piece where the stand is supposed to go has been either melted a little or like... someone tried to glue a stand to it... still functions normally, you can attach a stand to it if you wish. NO VISOR, STAND OR GAME INCLUDED. http://i42.tinypic.com/wgxhyr.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/211ks92.jpg Asking-- $28 shipped 1 (possibly fully-) working (but possibly glitchy) system. (SYSTEM C) SPECIFICS: Previously thought working perfectly fine until i tested it for the first time in two years about 2 weeks ago then one of the eyes was slightly glitchy.. Now, testing it again just now,the right eye works perfectly, the left eye works fine except possibly very small almost unnoticeable glitch line (i tested with mario's tennis and i could see a small glitch line over mario's face only.) Ok, I left it on for 20 mins and the glitch line disappeared. turned system off, then back on again and it appears to be fully-working now with no glitch-lines. SELLING AS-IS, CAN'T BE SURE IT WON'T GLITCH UP AGAIN. Including 1 controller, AC-Adapter (NO PLUG), Stand base & Stand legs (Re-Make your own stand!) you'll be taking a slight risk on this one, but I'd say you're fine as long as you don't let it sit for a year. --working perfect as of right now. Asking-- $70 Shipped (WILL INCLUDE Mario's Tennis for $5 extra though I am NOT selling this game separately) http://i44.tinypic.c...m/120jj94.jpg http://i44.tinypic.com/sp91fb.jpg 1 working, but glitchy system (SYSTEM D) SPECIFICS: Previously thought working perfectly fine until I tested it for the first time in two years about 2 weeks ago then one of the eyes was glitchy and i think the other just didn't work. Now, testing it again, this was actually kind of fun, lol... I made a discovery that the flash of my phone was actually affecting the glitches of the screens! I flashed the right eye and it now works perfectly (possibly one small glitch line), though the left eye is still glitchy, it's funny though because when I flash it, the glitch changes, though I cannot get it working properly. ...ok so now the right eye is slightly more glitchy, but not as bad at the left eye. includes 1 controller, AC adapter (NO PLUG) and original stand base (no legs, see picture-- build your own stand!), no games. AC adapter is missing the original sticker on the back of it, but no big deal there. Asking-- $30 shipped http://i43.tinypic.c...m/11tamia.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/2vv2srd.jpg all virtual boys sold as-is even though i tested them all, they're just too unreliable of a system. VIRTUAL BOY GAMES: 1) Jack Bros. (NTSC USA version) cart only with dust cover. --Asking $130 shipped (very tiny spot of label damage in bottom corner) -- --SOLD!! 3-D Tetris (USA game) & Nester's Funky Bowling both cart only with dust covers, the dust cover for funky bowling has tiny dents like someone chewed on it, but it works perfectly normal and still protects as it should. --Asking $75 shipped for both or $60 for 3-D Tetris & $25 for Nester's Funky Bowling. http://oi44.tinypic.com/14ucnrr.jpg I HAVE SEVERAL MORE GLITCHY VIRTUAL BOY SYSTEMS FOR SALE, WHICH I WILL GO INTO DETAIL WITH LATER AFTER SOME OF THIS STUFF SELLS, PROBABLY WILL HAVE ANOTHER FULL-WORKING VIRTUAL BOY SYSTEM FOR SALE AS WELL, KEEP WATCH! really in need of some extra money right now, so anything you decide to buy will help me out. I accept PayPal only and will ship to USA peoples. canada peoples, i've never shipped to canada before, i assume it will be more expensive, but if you want to pay more for shipping, i guess we can work something out. I have over 220 100% feedback on ebay, here is my ebay name if you're curious: http://feedback.ebay...tab=AllFeedback
  13. ...I'm also willing to check lists for a few different items, make bundles and price lower that vgpc (just bear shipping in mind) Also have a nice black DSi i'd like to move as well...thanks! Listed below are most of my DS games, please refer to my listings link below for completeness (most are cib though), and some might be pending ...thanks ALSO, if u come across ANYTHING else on my available list ur interested in purchasing, shoot me a PM, everything is also FS, just TOO MUCH to list...ty AVAILABLE LINK: http://gametz.com/usertab/FibroFreak78/tab/AllAvailable.html DS GAMES: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Animal Crossing: Wild World (x2) One still Left Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Burger Island Carnival Games Club Nintendo: Game & Watch Collection 2 Factory Sealed Disgaea DS Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear Nintendo DS Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Kirby: Super Star Ultra The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Mario Kart DS Mega Man ZX Miami Nights: Singles in the City Nintendo DSi Black w/ charger Nostalgia Phantasy Star 0 Pogo Island Pokémon Black Version Pokémon Diamond Version Pokémon HeartGold Version (Big Box ,no pokewalker) Pokémon Pearl Version Professor Layton and the Curious Village Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon NEW/SEALED Trauma Center: Under the Knife Virtual Villagers: A New Home NEW/SEALED 3DS (all are cib or new) Club Nintendo Rainbow Styli http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/11100991846/ Fire Emblem: Awakening - NEW/SEALED Mario Kart 7 Paper Mario: Sticker Star - NEW/SEALED Star Fox 64 3D - NEW/SEALED Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
  14. I'm looking to purchase a GBA flash cart that's not the EZ Flash IV. I already have one of those. Let me know if you have one you're looking to sell.
  15. (no Pokémon yellow inc.) However, Donkey Kong Country AND Pokémon Pinball will be added to total 10 games in package! FO....pm if interested...thanks!
  16. Put up my full 29 game VGA graded collection. Thanks for looking! No reserve!!
  17. Selling the world's most comprehensive Bitcorp Gamate Collection. 57 of 60 known games. 40 of them boxed. PM or email anyquestions. Will ship worldwide. UPDATE: CIB handheld added. ALL GAMES PHOTOGRAPHED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER>>> Cube-Up $20 Witty Apee $50 Box Forum $30 Mighty Tank $75 (early release, later re-issued as "Vindicators". Only known complete example) Enchanted bricks $40 (early release, later re-issued as Brick blaster) Mini Golf $20 Galaxy Invaders $20 Legend of the Dragon Knight $ SOLD Tornado $30 Money Maze $30 Dino Bibo $25 Pharaoh Revenger $35 Time Warrior $30 Kill Shot $ 30 Volcano Panic $ PENDING Devil CAstle $ SOLD Kung-Fu Fighter $20 Dino Ball $30 Myth of Asamia $20 Pipemania $35 Tennis $35 Maurader $25 Flipuzzle $35 Monster Pitfall $20 Vindicators $35 Brick Blaster $20 Bomb Blaster $25 Cosmic Fighter $35 Treasure Hunter $30 Jewelriss $ SOLD Nightmare of Santa Clause $30 Mars Voyage $ PENDING (limited release) Mighty Boxer $ PENDING (Rare) Flying Goblin $ PENDING (limited release. Only known complete example) Boom! $35 Snowman Legend $30 World Cup Soccer $ PENDING Kiki Inland $ SOLD Fourtune N' Luck $ SOLD Super Baseball $ SOLD Punk Boy $ PENDING Fortress of Fierceness $100 (only known complete example) Famous 7 $ SOLD Magic Jigsaw $30 (not shown) Metamorphosiser $ PENDING GP Race $ PENDING Fantasy Travel $ SOLD Quiz Fighter $ PENDING Further Adventures of Hannibal the Cat $ SOLD Dinosaur Park $ SOLD Basketball $ SOLD (only known example) The Legendary Judge $ SOLD Robin Hood $ SOLD The Golden Tripod $ SOLD Mysteries of the ancient tomb $ SOLD Lost in the Green Field $ PENDING
  18. I'm a fast paced businessman who is always on the go. I need to stay in constant contact with my people so that I can buy high and sell low at a moments notice, but there is a problem... How can I stay in touch? Am supposed to lug around a computer wherever I go so I can send emails? Not likely. If only there were some type of magical device I could carry in my pocket and send an email with nothing more then the touch of my fingers. Believe it or not this device does exist and has existed for years!! Behold the Shark MX email for your Gameboy. It's so simple all you need is your Gameboy, the Shark MX, a length of phone cable, and access to a land line. It could not be more simple. But how do you type you ask? There is no keyboard you say. Well lets be honest keyboards suck. They are so cumbersome, there are so many buttons you can never find the letter your looking for. Well they solved this problem too. You simply move a cursor around over a bunch of letters and select the one you want. Now that's the best way of typing an email that I can think of. But such a powerful device would cost hundreds of dollars you say. Well it should and it would be worth every penny. I got mine at a thrift store for .25 cents so good luck finding a deal like that. There you have it, like I said the future is now. If you don't have one of these items yet get one or be left in the dust. We are embarking on a world where everyone will be connected with a single handheld device that they can keep in their pocket and that my friend is a world I want to live in.
  19. Hallo Atari manaics... some joining in here know me already, for all others here's a short introducing: I am Markus Roesner from Germany, I run a mailorder in the 90ies called Powersoft and got many own releases before I had to bring down activities due several matters. Since last year I am back on Atari and released several things which may for interest for you. If there are questions please feel free to send me here a PM or mail directly to my email which is: 8bit<at>proc-atari<dot>de I run the PRO( C ) ATARI fanzine which is released four times a year and feature most Atari XL/XE. if you are interested in the magazin directory please send me a line and I will send over. This ONLY printed magazine is surely the biggest Atari homecomputer-magazine worldwide, we release in german and english and more than 750 Atari maniacs worldwide join our tribute to our mighty homecomputer. Available are in german: Issue 1-4 in english: Issue 1-3 fourth issue in english is in progress at the moment. Also we released official on disk special limited big boxes of Caveblaster+, Thetris/Rolltris and new is Ransack. All are in special boxex with custom styled dik envelopes, manual in german and english plus download-link for .ATR-files And last not least as music is my passion (and also job) I released also: Two music-tapes (pro manufactured, looks like in the 80ies/90ies) with computer music comoposed by Pokey-soundart maniac Poison. The two tapes are limited each 50 units and on the tape envelope there is the link to listen to the songs online or download them also, so you can make your own CD if you want. The tapes are pro-manufactured and pro-printed. Really killer! A CD with Gameboy-Music we also released. German well known musician Tronimal tracked a whole album with the cool Gameboy. The CD is also pro-manufactured and containing a nice booklet. Would be nice getting some feedback here... Prices are: PRO( C ) ATARI Magazine, each issue Euro 1,50 CAVEBLASTE+ Disk Collectors Edition Euro 15,00 THETRIS / ROLLTRIS Disk Collectors Edition Euro 18,00 RANSACK Disk Collectors Edition Euro 15,00 POISON Music Tape Epic Fall Euro 10,00 POISON Music Tape Cyber City Euro 10,00 TRONIMAL - Intergalactic Nomad Gamboy-Music CD Euro 10,00 Postage: 1-2 Magazine / and or 1 CD: Germany Euro 1,50 / World Euro 3,50 all other: Germany Euro 4,00 / World Euro 6,00 Please order by sending the total amount by PayPal to 8bit<at>proc-atari<dot>de and do not forget your shipping adress please. Also any request or question is welcome. Thanks for your time and it would be nice supporting the fine Atari Homecomputer Scene with purchase of items from this nice collection here... Cheers Markus
  20. Up for sale or trade is a like new Super Retro Advance adapter for your SNES so you can play Gameboy Advance games on the tv and use the wonderful SNES controller. It comes with the A/V cables but no box. Looking for about $30 or I would very happily trade it for a gameboy player with disc for the gamecube so I could do what I originally intended and use my Ez Flash 4. PM me...
  21. Four original battery packs for the original Nintendo Gameboy. These are all in fair shape, one of them is missing the wall cord, None of them hold a charge. I was going to open them all up and replace the batteries, but that's just another project I'm never going to get around to. $15.00 shipped.
  22. So, this thread is all about the original Gameboy, Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance! I love Nintendo's line of Gameboy handhelds and they are certainly my favourite systems of all time! They are what I have the biggest collection of too out of all of my consoles as the vast majority of the games are extremely affordable nowadays. I just think that there are so many classic first party titles from Nintendo on the Gameboy as well as a ton of hidden gems! So, if you fancy a discussion about the Gameboy line of systems and the games on them, feel free to have these discussions here! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them! Anyone who is friendly and respectful is welcome here regardless of whether you're new to the Gameboy or very familiar with it. So, I hope you enjoy! So, let's get this started with a question! What are some of your favourite Gameboy games? Two of mine have to be the Super Mario Land games! In my opinion, they are simply classics! Here is a review that I did of the first Super Mario Land if you are interested:
  23. The battery in my Gameboy Micro is dying after 14 years. I'm in the United States, so if anyone happens to have an extra battery, let me know. All the ones on eBay are in China, except for one and it's 3 times the price. They are also all aftermarket and I'd like to have a good original battery.
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