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Found 71 results

  1. New Game recommendations for your Apple & Android tablet & touch devices. Games Shown: Asphalt 8 Airborne Sine Mora Shadowrun Returns Rise to Fame CSR Classics Mikey Hooks Device 6 House of the Dead Overkill Is anybody picking up the new iPads that launched today? My wife is getting the new iPad Air for work...
  2. Road Hunter is a racing game where you score points by bumping into the other cars and knocking them off the road! However, you need good driving skills and fast reflexes to avoid ending up in the road side yourself. You also have to make sure you don't run out of fuel. Fortunately you car is equiped with an advanced system that allows you to refuel on the fly using fuel drums that others have dropped on the road. Occasionally even guns may turn up on the road, and these make it easy to clear the road ahead of you. Just be aware that if you bump into other cars while carrying a gun you will probably lose it. It's not all about destruction, you should also attempt to finish the track to collect the bonus (depending on the amount of fuel you have left). But watch out, the next track may be even harder to complete... The game is written in 100% assembly language, and was assembled/compiled using WinAsm99. Testing and debugging was primarily done using Classic99, but it has also been tested on MESS 0.150 and a real TI-99/4a console. To run the game you game either use E/A#3: DSK1.RH, or E/A#5: DSK1.ROADHUNT or use the Extended Basic loader. In any case you need the 32K RAM expansion installed. If you need to run this under emulation I suggest the latest version of MESS, where I have found that the scrolling works most smoothly. Enjoy! Updates: January 19, 2014: First version releases. January 24: New version with 'lives', oil pools, and shadows. January 31: 2nd track added, extended music, fuel bonus, XB loader. January 31: Drums, boot tracking, renamed map files. February 1: Stuck in oil bug fixed? February 9: 3rd track added, extra life every 3000 points, enemy cars collide with each other, more intelligent movement of enemy cars (level dependent), oil spills moved to level 3. February 11: Demo mode added, bug fixes. February 13: Fixed corrupted E/A#5 file in the last release. February 14: Minor bug fixes. February 18: Small adjustments and bug fixes. February 22, 2014: Version 1.0: New font, new gun sprite, explosions, Pause key. The latest version also includes a 64K ROM image (32K RAM required). Road Hunter v1.0.zip
  3. I've always been into collecting original games and never "cheating" by using emulators or contraptions that use an SD card and such. But I've learned that there's loads of homebrews and new games being made for a lot of the older systems that I play, it mainly started with the C64, but I just recently purchased the Harmony cartridge for the Atari 2600 as well, only to be able to experience these new games that I've missed out on I don't intend to use the Harmony for the original released games, these I will continue collecting But I intend to use it for the types of games that I can't find physical releases of. Since I'm a total n00b when it comes to this field I'm wondering if there's some kind souls on here that might give me som advice on where to start looking, and any particular homebrew games that I really should try to get Thanks in advance!
  4. I have the following Atari 2600 games and controllers for sale. The rarity of each, if known, is in parentheses after the name of the game. All have been cleaned and tested and are guaranteed to work, with the exception of Pac Kong (I can't test it because it is PAL) and Super Ferrari/Enduro (Because the cart is sealed). Prices are based on Atari2600.com, eBay, and a few other internet sites. All prices include shipping with Delivery Confirmation in the USA. Insurance is NOT included, but if you pay for it, I will add it. I only accept payment in US currency through PayPal as a gift. Alpha Beam With Ernie (4): $10.00 Baseball: Import, $18.00 Basic Math Text # 61 basic math (4): $14.00 SOLD Big Bird's Egg Catch (4):$10.00 Bump 'n' Jump (4): $10.00 Chess: Import, Game is Othello, $25.00 Coconuts (4): $10.00 SOLD Cookie Monster Munch (4): $10.00 Chinese Konfu: Import, Game is Dishaster, $25.00 SOLD Football Realsports Soccer (4): $8.00 Frogger II: Threeedeep (6): $22.00 M.A.D. (4): $8.00 Oscar's Trash Race (4): $15.00 SOLD Pac Kong: PAL, $25.00 Apollo Racquetball (4): No End Label, $8.00 Spelling (4): No End Label, $10.00 Sprintmaster (4): $8.00 SOLD Star Raiders Starpack: $20.00 Enduro Box With Super Ferrari Cart: Import, Cart is Sealed, $30.00 SOLD PM me if you are interested in any of these. Thanks in advance!
  5. Am needing to sell a big part of my collection to pay for some more important expenses, so I'm wondering how much my Atari 2600 collection is worth. It consists of: 1 Atari 2600 4 switch woodgrain 1 Atari 2600 Light Sixer--Game reset switch does not work. Probably an easy fix, but I don't have the time, money, or knowhow to do it. 1 2600 standard joystick 1 Wico Command Control Ball top joystick--2600/7800 1 Wico Command Control joystick--2600/7800 2 Wico Black Max joysticks--2600/7800 2 sets of 2600/7800 paddles 2 2600/7800 driving paddles 2 2600/7800 keyboard controllers 1 2600/7800 video touch pad controller 1 2600/7800 Trak-ball controller 2 LeStik 2600/7800 controllers GAME COMPANY LABEL RARITY NOTES 3-D Tic Tac Toe Atari Picture 2 Adventure Atari Picture 2 Adventures of Tron INTV White 3 Air Sea Battle Atari Picture 3 Alpha Beam With Ernie Atari Children's 4 Amidar Parker Brothers Standard 2 Armor Ambush M Network Black 3 Asteroids Atari Picture 1 Box and Instructions Astroblast M Network Black ? Label Variation "U.S.A." Astroblast M Network Black ? Label Variation "Philippines" Atlantis IMagic Picture - Day Scene 2 Baseball ? Taiwan Cooper ? Box Basic Math Atari Text # - "61 basic math" 4 Basketball Atari Picture 2 Basketball Sears Telegames Text 2 699826 2 Tele-Games Battlezone Atari Silver 2 Berzerk Atari Picture 1 Instructions Big Bird's Egg Catch Atari Children's 4 Blackjack Atari Text # - "51 blackjack" 3 Bowling Atari Picture 2 Bowling Atari Red Text 2 Bowling Sears Telegames Text 2 6 Tele-Games Boxing Activision Standard 2 Brain Games Atari Text 3 Breakaway IV Sears Telegames Text 3 12 Tele-Games Breakout Atari Picture 2 Bump 'n' Jump M Network Black 4 BurgerTime M Network Black 3 Canyon Bomber Atari Picture 2 Casino Atari Picture 1 Centipede Atari Silver 2 Comic Book Championship Soccer Atari Text 2 Instructions Chess/Othello ? Taiwan Cooper ? Box Chopper Command Activision Blue 3 Circus Atari Atari Picture 2 Coconuts Telesys Color Standard 4 Codebreaker Atari Text 3 Combat Atari Picture 1 Instructions Combat Atari Text 1 Box and Instructions Concentration Atari Picture 3 Cookie Monster Munch Atari Children's 4 Commando Raid US Games Black 2 Cosmic Ark IMagic Picture 2 Crystal Castles Atari Silver 2 Dancing Plate/Chinese Konfu Quelle Short ? Import--PAL, Box--Chinese Konfu, Game=Dishaster Decathlon Activision Standard 3 Defender Atari Picture 1 Demon Attack IMagic Picture 2 Demons to Diamonds Atari Picture 2 Dig Dug Atari Silver 2? Label says c 1985, not 1987 Dodge 'Em Atari Text - "dodge 'em" 2 Dodger Cars Sears Telegames Text 3 3 Tele-Games, same as Atari Dodge 'Em Donkey Kong Coleco Standard 1 Instructions Dragonfire IMagic Picture 2 Dragster Activision Standard 2 E.T. Atari Silver 1 Instructions Enduro Activision Standard 2 Fast Food Telesys Color Standard 3 Fire Fighter IMagic Picture 3 Fishing Derby Activision Standard 3 Football Atari Text 1 Football - Realsports Soccer Atari Silver 4 Freeway Activision Standard 2 Frogger Parker Brothers Standard 1 Frogger II: Threeedeep! Parker Brothers Standard 6 Frogs and Flies M Network Black 2 Galaxian Atari Silver 2 Golf Sears Telegames Text 3 No number on cart Grand Prix Activision Standard 2 Gravitar Atari Red 2 Box x2, Warranty Card Haunted House Atari Picture 2 Instructions Home Run Atari Picture 2 Instructions hunt & score Atari Text 3 Indy 500 Atari Text 2 Journey Escape Data Age Standard 2 Jungle Hunt Atari Silver 2 Kaboom! Activision Blue 3 Kaboom! Activision Standard 2 Kangaroo Atari Silver 2? Upside down label Kangaroo Atari Silver 2 Laser Blast Activision Standard 2 Lock 'N' Chase INTV White 3 M Network Instructions M.A.D. US Games Beveled Case 4 M*A*S*H 20th Century Fox Standard 3 Maze Craze Atari Picture 2 Megamania Activision Standard 2 Memory Match Sears Telegames Text 4 8 Tele-Games Midnight Magic Atari Red 3 Miner 2049er Tigervision Standard 5 Miniature Golf Atari Text 3 Missile Command Atari Picture 1 Missile Command Sears Telegames Text 2 34 Tele-Games Moon Patrol Atari Silver 2 Mouse Trap Coleco Standard 2 Ms. Pac-Man Atari Silver 2 Night Driver Atari Picture 1 Night Driver Atari Text 1 Oscar's Trash Race Atari Children's 4 Outlaw Atari Picture 2 Box and Instructions Pac Kong ? Skull ? Import--PAL Pac-Man Atari Picture 1 Instructions Pele's Soccer Atari Picture 2? Label Variation--"Game Program Instructions" Pitfall! Activision Standard 2 Instructions Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Activision Special 4 Poker Plus Sears Telegames Text 3 4 Tele-Games Pole Position Atari Silver 2 Box Pong Sports Sears Telegames Text 3 50 Tele-Games, same as Atari Video Olympics Q*Bert Parker Brothers Standard 2 Racquetball Apollo Standard 4 Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari Silver 2 RealSports Baseball Atari Silver 2 Instructions RealSports Football Atari Silver 2 Instructions RealSports Tennis Atari Silver 3 RealSports Volleyball Atari Silver 3 Riddle of the Sphinx IMagic Picture 2 Instructions River Raid Activision Standard 2 River Raid II HES/Activision Picture ? Australian Import--PAL Skiing Activision Standard 2 Sky Diver Atari Text 2 Sky Jinks Activision Standard 2 Slot Racers Atari Picture 2 Solar Fox CBS Electronics Standard 3 Solaris Atari Red 2 Box Space Attack M Network Black 2 Space Invaders Atari Text 1 Instructions Speedway II Sears Telegames Text ? Label Variation 27 Tele-Games Spelling Sears Telegames Text 4 9 Tele-Games, same as Atari Hangman Spider Fighter Activision Standard 2 Spider-Man Parker Brothers Standard 3 Sprintmaster Atari Red 4 Stampede Activision Standard 2 Instructions Starmaster Activision Standard 2 Instructions Star Raiders Atari Picture 1 Pack - Box, Instructions, Controller, in Telegames box Star Wars Death Star Battle Parker Brothers Standard 4 Instructions Star Wars Jedi Arena Parker Brothers Standard 3 Star Wars The Arcade Game Parker Brothers Standard 5 Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Parker Brothers Standard 2 Instructions Star Voyager IMagic Picture 2 Street Racer Atari Picture 2 Street Racer Atari Text # - "12 Street Racer" 3 Super Breakout Atari Picture 2 Super Challenge Baseball M Network Black 2 Super Challenge Football M Network Black 3 Super Ferrari/Enduro ? Picture ? Import--PAL?, Box, Cart sealed Super Football Atari Red 2 Instructions Superman Atari Picture 2 Surround Atari Text # - "41 surround" 3 Swordquest: Earthworld Atari Silver 2 Tank-Plus Sears Telegames Text 2 Red 27 Tele-Games, same as Atari Combat Target Fun Sears Telegames Text - 49-75102 2 27 Tele-Games, same as Atari Air-Sea Battle Tennis Activision Standard 2 Instructions Turmoil 20th Century Fox Standard 3 Tutankham Parker Brothers Standard 3 Instructions Vanguard Atari Silver 2 Instructions Venture Coleco Standard 2 Atari Box, Instructions, and Warranty Card Video Checkers Atari Picture 2 Video Checkers Atari Text 2 Video Chess Atari Text 3 Video Chess Atari Picture 3 Video Olympics Atari Text 2 Same as Sears Pong Sports Video Pinball Atari Picture 1 Instructions Warlords Atari Picture 1 Instructions x2 Yars' Revenge Atari Picture 2 Some of the other games also have boxes now, but I haven't updated this list for a few years. I do know for sure that everything that is listed I have. Activision 1983 catalog Activision 1983 winter/spring catalog Atari 2600 catalog Atari Stars 1983 catalog Centipede comic Imagic 1982 catalog Atari 2600 catalog Condition of games, manuals, and catalogs ranges from fair to mint. I haven't had a chance to test everything yet or take pics. I'm just trying to get a ballpark figure of what I could ask for it. Also, neither system is modded. Again, I don't have the time, money, tools, or knowhow to do it. Thanks in advance! ETA: Sorry. I had the games formatted in a list, but it didn't take. So I apologize for it being hard to follow.
  6. Hey guys, here we will discuss what games we want that we already do not have. You can put as many as you'd like but I'll just put ten. 1. Adventure 2. Moon Patrol 3. Combat (Mine has a black screen) 4. Demons To Diamonds 4. Indy 500 5. Millipede 6. Ice Hockey 7. River Raid II 8. Name This Game 9. Gravitar 10.Basketball
  7. Nintendo collectors may not realize that collecting Japanese Famicom games can be a cheaper option AND get you some games that we never got! Game Collector John Riggs shows us some fun & cheap Famicom games for Nintendo fans! Games Shown: Akumajo Special: Boku Dracula-kun Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti New Ghostbusters II Parodius Da! Star Wars Joy Mech Fight Kid Niki 2 Samurai Pizza Cats Holy Diver Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! What other Famicom games would you recommend to a non-Japanese speaker like me?
  8. There are over 200 EXCLUSIVE games released for the Original Xbox. In this video I show you a bunch of them that never came out on any other game console! ** Games Shown ** Ninja Gaiden Black Conker: Live & Reloaded Breakdown Panzer Dragoon Orta Phantom Dust Buffy the Vampire Slayer Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Outlaw Volleyball Red Hot! Sneakers Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal Ka-Kuto Cho-JIN Whacked! Kingdom under Fire Heroes & The Crusaders Blinx: The Time Sweeper Otogi / Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors Quantum Redshift The House of the Dead III Xyanide Galleon Superman: The Man of Steel Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit Azurik: Rise of Perathia MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf Brute Force Voodoo Vince Amped 2 Deathrow Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes Spikeout: Battle Street What Games should be in Part 2?
  9. Hi Everyone! I have an Atari 1040ST for sale, includes: Owners Manual x2, Music Maker and Organizer Personal Software,Mouse, Jooystick and Dust Cover. Furthermore I have dozens of games, including Football Manger 2, populous, Austerlitz, Full Metal Planet, STOS the Game Creator. I have already put two games on ebay, War in Middle Earth and The Hunt for the Red October, here are the links respectively: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221724125152?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221724146770?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I shall put a full list up of all the games I have soon. Feel free to ask any questions, or ask for photographs and I shall supply.
  10. I have too much stuff and between a few sites including ebay I've been selling off chunks of my collection for a few years now. I'm now under 400 physical games, like to push it under 300. If anything is marked as pending there's an ebay bid or someone has interest in it. Prefer to only sell or trade within the US, but if you're in good standing I may work it out with you but shipping below is for US only. Sales Terms: - Shipping usually on anything first class mail will be $3, up to $4 if closer to the 15oz limit. - US Shipping Only (may make per person exceptions) - I will trade, but few games I want (ask) but I do like G1 Transformers and other 70s/early 80s Japanese Robots, also some Lego I will bundle and drop the price with more stuff picked up. I have images of anything up for sale in my photobucket account: http://s232.photobucket.com/user/tanooki-suit/library/sales?sort=9&page=1 Current Gaming Stuff for Sale: Game Gear: $7 (GG) Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse $7 (GG) Dragon Crystal $7 (GG) Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse $7 (GG) Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse $15 (GG) (The) Lost World: Jurassic Park $6 (GG) Revenge of Drancon aka Wonderboy $15 (GG) Ristar the Shooting Star $15 (GG) Samurai Shodown $25 (GG) Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya Genesis: $8 (GEN) Disney's Aladdin $15 (GEN) Exile $8 (GEN) Mystic Defender $15 (GEN) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 $20 (GEN) Steel Empire $10 (GEN) World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck $15 (GEN) ASCIIWare Fighter Stick SG-6 Arcade Joystick NIntendo Handhelds (All Gameboys, DS, 3DS): $12 (GBC) Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine w/manual $5 (GBC) Rampage World Tour $35 (GB/C) Pokemon Yellow Version Special Pikachu Edition - (9/17) Freshly Installed NEW Battery $30 (GBC) Pokemon Silver Version - (9/17) Freshly Installed NEW Battery $5 (GBC) Batman Beyond Return of the Joker $5 (GBC) Lemmings / Oh No More Lemmings $65 (GBA) Pokemon LeafGreen complete in box with wireless adapter, box is damaged $5 (GBA) Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel (Plays in English) $7 (GBA) Godzilla Domination $15 (GBA) Ice Nine $20 (GBA) R-Type III $6 (NDS) Prince of Persia the Fallen King NIntendo Consoles (NES, Famicom, SNES, N64): $10 (FC) Twinbee $7 (FC) Macross $15 (FC) Daiku no Gen San $15 (SNES) Prince of Persia $7 (SNES) Smart Ball $40 (PC) Civilization Chronicles Complete, Card Game Still Sealed and Maps never unfolded, most discs never used, spotless Sony Playstation 4 Games (ALL CIB, Like New or New): $7 (PS4) Call of Duty Ghosts $10 (PS4) Destiny - The Taken King: Legendary Edition $10 (PS4) God of War III: Remastered $10 (PS4) Tomb Raider the Definitive Edition $10 (PS4) Wolfenstein the New Order $10 (PS4) Wolfenstein the Old Blood $15 (PS4) Godzilla $20 (PS4) The Pinball Arcade NON-Gaming Stuff -- Vintage Toys, etc: $7 Terminator Endo Skull LootCrate Exclusive $30 Samurai Giral Real Bout Highschool DVD Box Set w/audio CD complete excellent $15 NEW - Lupin the 3rd Castle of Cagiolstro BluRay Sealed w/sleeve $30 New (w/busted box and 1 of 4 bags but 100%+ -- Lego 8011 (2002) Jango Fett Complete mostly sealed/new $70 GI Joe 1989 Sgt Slaughter's Marauders Armadillo Tank Sealed NEW IN BOX $5 Low-Light (v1)(Series 5-1986) - Red/Black goggles $5 Cobra Commander (v3)(Series 6-1987) - Blue/Silver helmet $(LOT) Crystal Ball (v1)(Series 6-1987) - Gray/black hair-brown Psyche-Out (v1)(Series 6-1987) - Blonde/Green shirt Star Wars Vintage Kenner Action Figures --Empire Strikes Back-- $5 Bossk (1980)- missing blaster rifle (lizard head) --Return of the Jedi-- $7 AT-ST Driver (1984) -missing blaster (gray helmet, shades) $10(LOT) Bib Fortuna (1983) -missing staff, soft-goods cloak, chest armor General Madine (1983) -missing baton Klaatu (1983) -missing vibro lance, soft-goods skirt (green head) Rancor Keeper (1984) -missing headdress, staff
  11. Ok, so after the Oregon Trail (California Bound) Project, I am rather bored, and need a new challange! Are there any games (Preferably text-based) that you would like to have on the TI-99 series? Depending on the size of the project, the game(s) may or may not get their own thread.
  12. I'm selling a bunch of ST games and Atari 8-bit and Mac software on eBay, low starting prices: http://www.ebay.com/sch/alandavies780/m.html - if shipping from here is expensive, I'm happy to ship untracked (at my risk) for people with good feedback or who contact me on AtariAge.
  13. SmellyJelly

    Disc Games

    From the album: Smelly's Setup

    Here are all of my Disc games (minus my PS3 collection). From top to bottom we have OG Xbox, Wii, Wii-U, Gamecube, PSX, Dreamcast, and Manga :^)

    © SmellyJelly

  14. I've created this thread to contain all of my future Astrocade video overviews and reviews. Let's get started! Today, I made an overview video of Bally Artillery, a game for the Astrocade. I was browsing random issues of Creative Computing on archive.org on June 7, 2018 when I came across a game that I had never heard of before: Bally Artillery by John W. Rhodes. This game isn't to be confused with Artillery Duel by John Perkins. Both have the same idea, but they are completely different programs. Even though this game was published in August 1982, the author seems to imply in his write-up that it was written in late 1978 or early 1979, shortly after he got his Bally Arcade. You can view the Bally Artillery article with the type-in program, here: http://www.ballyalley.com/type-in_programs/basic/basic.html#BallyArtilleryBASICTypeIn Here are the authors notes from the Bally Artillery article: "In December of 1978 I was ready to buy my first computer system, but my requirements were not easy to meet. I wanted something that could handle arcade-quality games, had high- resolution graphics capability, color display, and Basic in PROM. "I was not satisfied with anything my local dealers had to show (no one I visited had a Compucolor. the Apple dealers were showing low-resolution only, and the Atari was only a rumor), but on the basis of the (somewhat premature) advertising for the keyboard/expansion unit. I decided to buy a Bally Professional Arcade. I could use Tiny Basic for a while, and turn it into a "real" machine in just a few short months. "It was just a few short months later that the local dealers began to show Compucolors and high-resolution Apples, and it seemed that the Bally expansion unit was more of a rumor than the Atari 800. I would visit the showrooms, see those beautiful full-size keyboards, watch people work in "real" Basic and be as green as the color monitors. "I particularly liked the artillery game that Compucolor called 'Shoot...' This game generates a random terrain display and wind factor and positions two artillery emplacements on the screen so that two opponents can take turns trying to obliterate each other. Eventually I resolved that I either had to buy a Compucolor or program this game on my Bally. I chose the latter. "This turned out to be quite a challenge with less than 2K of memory and integer-only Tiny Basic. But the Bally Basic is quite sound for game programming and easy to work with. The greatest difficulty was finding an integer sine routine, but after searching the magazines I found a routine to adapt to my purpose. I started out using a full ballistic equation, but soon found by experimentation that I could use an approximation. This eliminated an integer square-root routine and added speed in the bargain. "I spent approximately two months writing, debugging, and fine-tuning the program, but it was worth the effort. "A few months later I did buy the Compucolor and have been using it ever since. I'm well satisfied with it and use it for a variety of tasks. But my wife and I still enjoy the Bally for its games, especially the artillery game." The article also includes notes and an explanation of how the program works. I'm not sure how I overlooked it before now. Bally Artillery appeared in a major publication. How has it remained under the radar all of this time? Thanks to Lance Squire for typing in Bally Artillery last week. Since he put in the effort, I was able to give the game a try today. I made a video of the game that includes gameplay footage, an overview, and a BASIC listing. You can watch my video on YouTube, here: You can download the original 595MB MP4 video from archive.org: https://archive.org/details/BallyArtillerybyJohnRhodesforAstrocade When Lance get the kinks worked out in Artillery Duel and it's error-free, then I'll added this "AstroBASIC" game to BallyAlley.com. Enjoy! Adam
  15. Though the two machines have different arcitechture internally in many areas, both deserve a place of notability. What the 128k spectrum could have had: 128k specific Version of Star raiders II(aka The last Star fighter re-branded), Donkey Kong Jr., Jr, Pacman, Double Dragon 3, Wizard of Wor, Qix, Tron: Deadly Discs, Mr. TNT, Sinistar, Montezuma's revenge, and Abyssal Zone. Needs to be ported to SAM coupe: Actual SAM version of Elite, (the one already released is the ZX spectrum 48k version placed into a floppy disc) MAniac Mansion, Ballblazer, Qix, Double dragon, Turrican 1 and 2, Montezuma's Revenge, Sinistar, SAM specific version of Commando, R-type, Pacmania, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Aliens, Alien Syndrome, Gradius, Salamander, Star raiders, Terra Cresta, Batman: The Caped Crusader, Strider, and Alien storm
  16. Mega game collector Kacy da Game Nerd walks us through his COMPLETE Nintendo Wii collection. 1260 games make up this impressive collection, but what we want to know is : WHY?! Are you CRAZY? I sincerely think there are about 100+ games on the Wii that are legitimately worth collecting and a lot of fun. Is there a huge amount of shovel ware? Sure...but I still think the system is worth owning. What are some of your favorite Wii games?
  17. Lets see them! Share the glory that is your 3DO collection. Pictured are my games cased and long boxes (have a few more in storage) and games in CD cases which i will be casing in DVD cases soon. Finally got the Doctor Hauzer english translation. I'll take a pic of my FZ-1 and controllers when i get home.
  18. Hi. I went ahead at full speed for IntyBASIC v0.9 with new powerful features to ease programming, in order to help to the many programmers that are using actively IntyBASIC: Cybearg, catsfolly, freeweed, atari2600land, Tarzilla, grips03 and many other people. (put a message in this thread if I missed you!) Most suggestions made it and some really needed features: Added ON [expr] GOTO/GOSUB statement (to alleviate the need for dozens of IF statements and it's faster!) STACK_CHECK statement to verify your code on the go for unwanted recursion (GOSUB without RETURN) INCLUDE statement to separate your code/graphics/music in different files (needed for bigger games!) DEFINE statement with expressions as parameters. (atari2600land suggestion) Fixed numbers and two fixed operators for playing with them (+. and -.) (GroovyBee suggestion) Multiplication and division operators optimized for constant 256. (intvnut suggestion) Remainder operator optimized for constants 32, 64, 128 and 256. Extra comments in manual for SOUND, MUSIC, MODE and DEFINE. (freeweed suggestion) IntyColor limited to 16 GRAM per block in order to support PLAY without modifications. Thanks everyone for using IntyBASIC, it feels great to contribute! Enjoy it! intybasic_compiler_v0.9.zip
  19. Playstation 3 had some great games released for it and in this video I highlight some of the lesser known Hidden Gems for your PS3 game collection. Games Shown: Nier Yakuza 4 AquaPazza: AquaPlus Dream Match Ski Doo: Snowmobile Challenge Dragon’s Crown Brutal Legend The Bureau - XCom Declassified Valkyria Chronicles Ridge Racer Unbounded
  20. This question has probably been asked on here already but I thought it would be nice to start a new thread about it. What are your personal favorite 2600 games that could also be considered a hidden gem? Please try to include screenshots if you can find them, the company of manufacture and a short description (or not so short if you would like) of the game. I have two personal favorites: 1. Fast Food by Telesys: Game in which you play as a disembodied pair of lips eating up as much food as you can to gain "calories" or score as most people would call it. The food files from left to right at various speeds (some moving faster than the lips can) and you can pretty much move anywhere in the play field but watch out for the eggplants (or pink pickles as I like to call them because they have the exact same sprite as the pickle just pink colored instead of green) because if you eat 6 of them the restaurant closes (Game Over). After a certain amount of food has passed a new round starts and the food gets faster. There are various types of food as well and different foods will net more or less calories. Unlike something like stampede there is no penalty for letting food pass by you. The strategy of this game all involves the position of the lips, the closer to the left of the screen you are the easier it is to eat more food but makes it harder to dodge eggplants, and the closer you are to the right of the screen the harder it is to eat the food but easier to dodge eggplants. This game is for those who love twitch based gameplay and want to test their reaction times. This is honestly probably my favorite Atari game I've played. 2. Turmoil by 20th Century Fox: A single screen shooter in which your object is to blast as many enemy space ships as possible (I know super groundbreaking stuff for Atari 2600). While conceptually unoriginal it's the layout of this single screen that's intriguing. Instead of just being a horizontal or vertical single screen shooter you have to worry about all four cardinal directions. Your ship can move up and down along a column in the center of the screen and face left or right. On either side of this center column are seven rows stacked on top of each other in which enemies of various types will come at you one at a time per row from both the left and the right. These enemies have various properties including having different speeds, shooting projectiles, invulnerability from the front, and more. you die by get hit by a projectile or colliding with a ship passing the center row. There are also these eggs(?) that will spawn within the rows every once in a while in that can be collected for major points (this is the only time you can travel down the rows). If these eggs(?) are left uncollected for to long they'll hatch(?) into an incredibly fast frog(?) enemy that can be extremely hard to deal with, but be careful as when your in the rows because an enemy can spawn in the row your occupying and you can't shoot while in the row. This game is an amazing S.S.S. (can I coin this abbreviation or is it to silly sounding?) that is a complete far cry from the standard space invader clones the system is riddled with. The term "Hidden Gem" is pretty subjective term especially for the 2600 library (barring the obvious Black Label Atari produced games and most Activision titles) and even more so on this forum with extremely knowledgeable 2600 collectors so let's try not to get hung up on whether a title is really a hidden gem or not. I'm still fairly new to 2600 collecting so all I really want is to learn about games that don't often get brought up when discussing good Atari 2600 games. I want this to be a thread for those looking to expand their library of good Atari 2600 games to come after they have picked up the well known classics. *Couldn't find useable screenshots right now have to go but will try to post some later
  21. Hi All, When looking around at Atari sites, I notice so many different versions of the same game (such as Centipede) and then within the different versions, different revisions. Normally, the difference between versions are clear, such as the two different versions of Dig Doug. When it comes to revisions within a version, things get confusing. Some are clear and obvious hacks when you run them (such a screen that say "provided by" or games that give cheating options) but others are not so clear. In one game I played, it seemed like the difficulty was greatly reduced in one of the revisions My goal, if it is possible, is to try and play a game (be it on an emulator or MyIDE II) exactly as it is on the cart/disk/tape that I may pick up from Ebay or one of you in the future. So what I’m wondering is if there are any hard or soft general rules I can follow to try and make sure that what I’m playing matches what I’ll be getting on the cart? Like perhaps the .XEX with the smallest file size, etc… ? Are they most likely dumps by different people, with different headers and the like? Is there any software to compare headers of games to known headers/dumps so that I understand what I have? Or perhaps, as a general rule, are these revisions not different enough to warrant any concern? At the same time, I understand some of the people here on this forum have worked very hard to create revisions/hacks of known games, and when I find something interesting that I like (such as the trackball centipede hack for the 7800) I want to be able to recognize it and appreciate their work. Thank you for your help, --SilvaHaloOne
  22. The 3DS eShop is a busy place for popular Nintendo franchises as well as cool indie games. I cut through the clutter to recommend 10 eShop Hidden Gems for your 3DS handheld! Games Shown: Gunman Clive AiRace Speed & Xeno Liberation Maiden Monster Shooter The Starship Damrey SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt Aqua Moto Racing 3D Mighty Switch Force! 2 SkyPeace Undead Bowling What games should be in Part 2?
  23. Hey guys, I'm only 14 so I am a beginner in this so no bad comments please. I get about 15 games per month.
  24. Just pm me if your interested it's te easiest way to reach me. NOTE I'm looking for these in acceptable condition please and no sealed games, too. I just hate opening those. I'm too over protective of my games value Anyway, here's the list of what I've been wanting: WANTED / WTB Cib Vectrex Console Loose Vectrex Controller Cib Cosmic Chasm Cib Bedlam Cib Space Wars Cib Star Trek: The Motion Picture (aka Star Ship) Cib Spinball Cib Hyperchase Cib Armor Attack Cib Space Wars Cib Starhawk Cib Rip Off Cib Hyperchase Cib Melody Master Any part of the 3d imager or it's games ex: just the plastic shell or the manual or color wheel etc. Cib Polar Rescue Cib Blitz Action Football Or any of the Japan released games(bandai) Animaction Manual VecVox HOMEBREWS: Vector Vaders (1996) Patriots (1996) All Good Things (1996) Vecmania (1998) Moon Lander Vectopia I, Cyborg Revector Thrust Protector Y.A.S.I. Debris Gravitrex Nebula Commander Logo Space Frenzy Colorclash Star Sling 3D Scape cart Vector 21 Spike's Circus Vectoblox Vectrexians Shifted Sectis Continuum Zantis War of the Worlds Sundance Vector Pilot Pls pm me if interested! By the way I will not accept limited editions of the homebrews, too pricey for me. Thanks!
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