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Found 112 results

  1. Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know that there will be a kids' consignment sale at Community Fellowship Church at 612 Cohran Store Road in Douglasville, Georgia from August 21st to August 23rd! There will be the usual stuff you find in a kids consignment sale: Clothes, books, toys, baby stuff, and then there will be about 300 games to choose from, including games for: Atari 2600, Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear, PlayStation, PS2, DreamCast, PS3, XBOX360, PS3, Game Boy and more! All for very reasonable prices! So come on over and buy some games and maybe even a couple of systems for your collection today! Hours are: Preview - 7pm - 9pm (Entry fee on Preview Night is $5 or 5 perishable food cans to benefit the church's food pantry! All other days of course, are free admission!) Thursday - 8:30am - 7pm Friday - 8:30am - 7pm Saturday - 8:30am - 1pm Please PM me if you have any questions. Thank you!
  2. Clearing out a bunch of controllers. All work, except for the 5200 controllers, which have not been tested (I assume they work as well as any of them, which is to say, not much.) Everything is $5 each plus shipping. Any other questions, let me know. Thanks! Or, take everything pictured for $50 shipped in the USA. EDIT 3/20/14: New controllers added including Wico bats, slik sticks,SOLD and Gemsticks.
  3. Well, the time has now come for me to permanently end my modding/repair services. I no longer have the energy for it, and I plan to get a full-time job and save up for a potential move, so I figured now should be the time to put the Mod & Repair Shack to an end. I want to thank everyone who has dealt with me over the past few years, and I will still be around to give out references and technical advice. I will also stand behind my work and should any previous customer of mine need help with their modded/repaired system, I'll be there.
  4. I'm looking to get rid of everything I've 'collected' over the years. I don't really consider myself a collector, I just rarely get rid of stuff I buy. More like a hoarder. Most of what I have came from buying it retail when it was available. I have boxed stuff from Colecovision and Intellivision from when I was a young teenager so the boxes suffered a little but survived. I don't have any rare titles, it's the condition that make it unique. The ColecoVision is 'like new' in the box complete. The Genesis, SegaCD, SNES, 3d0, Saturn, and Dreamcast are all complete in box as are most of their games. They are all US / NTSC versions (except for one import [Japan] SNES cart). Also available are some Playstation longbox games. These items are headed to EBay but listing is going to take way too much time and I've had varying results in the past. I will sell as lots or break them up. I'll consider all cash offers and don't wish to trade. Buyer pays shipping and payment will be accepted through Paypal. My list and pictures can be seen at www.kozscorner.com and I can be contacted through this the link or through Atariage. I can also take more pictures and send upon request.
  5. Discontinued 7800 Ball mod service 4/4/2014. Info left for posterity. 7800 Controller Mod: The CX-24 controller for the 7800 has WAY too tall of a joystick, causing a lot of torque and pulling it out of the players hand. I have been modding ColecoVision controllers with ball knobs for a several of years now, so I decided to do basically the same thing with the 7800 joystick. I experimented with different joystick lengths and the one in the pictures below worked the best in my tests. This is a huge improvement IMO. Ball knob mod price is $10 for 1 or $15 for a set This service is for ball knobs only not controller refurbishing. For those looking for 2600, 5200 and 7800 console mods, I highly recommend electronicsentimentalities.com for 2600, 5200 and 7800 mod boards. Joe provides a great product and excellent customer service and is a pleasure to do business with. Here is a link. http://electronicsen...mbled Mods.html I also recommend the high quality pause mod board offered here on AtariAge in the AtariAge store. http://www.atariage....ct_detail&p=953 Battery Replacement Services Discontinued.
  6. I'm selling some of my extra stuff. Everything is fully working and as seen in pictures. Prices don't include shipping. NEC PC-Engine CoreGrafx (region mod plays USA and Japan Games) $110 Controller, power supply, A/V and 10 games. Sega Dreamcast (Sega Sports) $45 Controller, power supply, A/V Sega Dreamcast $20 Controller, power supply, A/V Sega Saturn (Grey Model 1) (JPN) $110 Boxed with Controller, power supply, A/V, Marel Super Hero (Disk Only) Saturn Games: All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua Fighter (JPN) $4 Clockwork Knight (JPN) $9 Dark Savior (JPN) $6 Decathlete (JPN) $3 Fighting Vipers (JPN) $3 Daytona USA (JPN) $4 Hideo Nomo World Series Baseball (JPN) $3 Astal (JPN) $30 Nights Into Dreams (JPN) $9 Panzer Dragoon(JPN) $9 Panzer Dragoon II Zwei (JPN) $9 Panzer Dragoon RPG (JPN) $23 Rayman (JPN) $45 Sega Rally Championship (JPN) $5 Sega Worldwide Soccer 98 (JPN) $9 Sonic R (JPN) $12 Steep Slope Sliders (JPN) $9 Tomb Raider (JPN) $5 World Series Baseball II (JPN) $5 Genesis Games: Acme All-Stars $3 Foreman For Real $3 NHL 95 $3 NHL 98 $3 Ms. Pac-Man $3 Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures $3 Super Battleship $3 Monopoly $3 Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure $3 R.B.I. Baseball 93 $3
  7. My name is John Hancock and I am a longtime collector. I go by swlovinist on all forums. Years ago, I decided to create a DVD movie series that showcased a visual guide to collect videogames. These DVD videos are not simply showcasing my videogame collection, but a well organized movie series that breaks down system packaging, accessories, and games for wide range of videogame systems. These videos have been featured at various gaming cons such as the Classic Gaming Expo, Portland Retrogaming Expos, Seattle Retrogaming Expos. They also have been featured on Youtube channels MetalJesusRocks and Gamester 81. Here is what I am offering. The Entire DVD set of all 8 DVDs is $30 shipped. Nuts and Bolts to Video Game Collecting Vol.1 Oddball Systems 70's to Mid 80s This video runs 62 min and showcases the following systems. Each Chapter showcases a different system, game, accessories, and system packaging(If I had it) The DVD showcases the following APF M-1000 ATARI XEGS BALLY ASTROCADE EMERSON ARCADIA 2001 FAIRCHILD CHANNEL F MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY 2 MICROVISION RCA STUDIO II VECTREX Nuts and Bolts to Video Game Collecting Vol. 2 is focused on home NINTENDO SYSTEMS. Each Chapter is focused on system packaging, games, or accessories of a specific system. The DVD runs 82 min and is an excellent guide and overview showcasing many holy grails as well as good value games to pick up. The DVD overviews in detail the following Nintendo Entertainment System Super Nintendo Nintendo 64 Virtual Boy Gamecube Nuts and Bolts to Videogame Collecting Vol. 3 is focused on all US Sega Systems. This project grew in size and is featured on two DVD discs. The DVD runs over 2 hours and overviews in detail system packaging(if I had it), games, and accessories of the following systems Sega Master System Sega Genesis Sega CD/CDX/X'ye Sega 32X Nomad Game Gear Pico Laseractive Saturn Dreamcast ATARI TWO DISC DVD VOLUME 4. IT RUNS HOUR AND A HALF. IT COVERS ALL US ATARI SYSTEMS AND COVERS MUST HAVE GAMES, SYSTEMS, AND ACCESSORIES FOR THE FOLLOWING: 2600 5200 7800 8-bit COMPUTERS LYNX JAGUAR JAGUAR CD VOLUME 5 Playstation Playstation, Playstation 2, and thePlaystation Portable. This DVD series showcases packaging, accessories, and games for Playstation systems. This DVD series is to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to find out more about videogame collecting. The following game systems are covered: PlAYSTATION -System Packaging/System Variations -Recommended Accessories -Greatest Hits/Longbox Game Variations -Hidden Gems -Top RPGS/Strategy Games PLAYSTATION 2 -System Packaging/System Variations -Recommended Accessories -Greatest Hits and TopRated Games -Hidden Gems -Top RPGS/Strategy Games PLAYSTATION PORTABLE -System Packaging/System Variations -Recommended Accessories -Top Recommended Games Vol 6 Neo Geo Turbo Grafx DVD Turbo Grafx Turbo Grafx CD Turbo Duo Turbo Express AES MVS Neo Geo CD Neo Geo Pocket Neo Geo X ALL EIGHT DVDs ARE FOR SALE FOR $30 shipped. The best way to contact me is to pm me. I have appreciated the positive support of this homebrew project.
  8. From the album: SkullBlade's collection.

    I probably should stop getting hold of these now. On the plus side, I will never need to bother modding them with region switches I guess lol.
  9. From the album: My Collection

    © Photo by Michael Luenzer

  10. From the album: Flashback Console Hardware

    Reference picture of SEGA Geneis HD Flashback 2017 motherboard - Front.
  11. snume

    WP 20160424 001

    From the album: Sega Stuff

    My collection of Sega Genesis models with Add-ons
  12. So I've got 32X once again and my life is filled with the joy of 32-bit power and Virtua things, but I can't help but wonder if I could get a slightly better picture out of my 32X with a nice thickly shielded composite cable instead of the el-cheapo generic Genesis Model 2 composite cable I have been using. I definitely don't want to drop a ton of money on a SCART cable and RGB converter box, I'm perfectly happy with using composite on my 480i CRT TV (though my TV does have component inputs too so that would be an option if there was an affordable component cable out there that does 480i), I was just wondering if anyone knows of a good Genesis 2 / 32X composite cable that's a bit more heavy duty and more nicely shielded than the generic ones you find on eBay? I had looked at Retro-Bit's Genesis 2 / 32X composite cable on Amazon but a couple reviewers mentioned that it doesn't actually output proper stereo sound, so I thought I'd ask around here for other recommendations. Any advice would be be appreciated.
  13. All prices are in U.S, funds, but I will gladly accept the equivalent in Canadian funds. Payment by paypal. All prices included shipping to mainland U.S. and Canada by Canada Post. I will not ship to other countries within the Americas. Shipping overseas with tracking & insurances costs hundreds of dollars. I will ship overseas untracked if you pay the difference in shipping, payment is made by paypal "gift" and you want to take the risk. I've sent many packages to Europe this way and none have been lost, but it can take a couple months to arrive. Red Famicom Twin system with newer belt and NESRGB, games and Sansuii pad: $400 shipped I can add the matching Famicom Everdrive pictured below for $80 The belt was supposed to have been replaced not long before I bought the system a few years ago, but I haven't spent many hours playing FDS games using the actual disk drive. Working Disk games load fast and work flawlessly. I've already sold most of the working FDS games I had. Zelda loads side A fine, but gets Error 27 loading side B. Galaxy Odyssey loads side A fine, but gets Error 27 loading side B. I have tried the audio cassette. Kiki Kikkai works fine. Kid Icarus works fine. The weird disk with different stickers on either side and the Castlevania case does not work. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(10).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(11).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(12).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(13).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(14).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(15).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(16).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(17).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin%20(18).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ftwin.JPG PC-FX $175 shipped http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/pcf%20(9).JPG Neo Geo CD system with AES stick and 4 games $300 shipped I can include an 8-way gate and arcade ball top if you like. All games play flawlessly. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(10).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(11).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(12).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd%20(13).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neocd.JPG Neo Geo Omega CMVS system with AEST stick, power supply and component cable: $530 shipped I can add the NeoSD flashcart pictured below, with 32(?)GB microsd card for $350 The AES stick has an 8-way gate installed and arcade ball top. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(10).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(11).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(12).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/neoo%20(13).JPG Sega Master System with S-Video, composite and audio output mods + one controller: $80 shipped No power supply or video cables. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/smss.JPG HDG Genesis with "all" the mods: $150 shipped[b/] I'll update this with more info after I find the full list of work done. Definitely includes 2 overclock speeds, language switch, component, s-video, composite and audio output mods. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/genm%20(.JPG Atari 5200 system with rebuilt controller and 27 game carts $300 shipped I can add an Atari 5200 Ultimate SD Cartridge for $90 and/or the pictured controller adapter + overlays set for $80 This system was cleaned and refurbished inside and out from the seller I bought it from. The controller was rebuilt with modern parts and works great. If you are interested I will test each cart again. I don't remember any being duds. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a5200.JPG Atari 2600 system with 2600RGB mods, refurbished paddle controllers and Harmony Encore flashcart $350 shipped http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/a2600%20(10).JPG Colecovision system fully refurbished and modded $300 shipped I can add the pictured Atarimax flash cart for $80 I also have a Famicom controller with full keypad, modified for Colecovision that will be available if the lot sells. This Colecovision console was refurbished and upgraded by Yurki and includes the following mods: 2 black controllers with ball knobs and straightened cords Composite and Audio out jack (cable included) RGB output (scart cable included) Pause button Bios skip LEDs to indicate Power On and Pause Comes with the original power supply, 2 original controllers, RGB scart cable and composite/left/right audio cable. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(.JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(9).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(10).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(11).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(12).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(13).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/coleco%20(14).JPG "Hong Kong Version" NES $200 shipped http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(6).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(7).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/hknes%20(.JPG Korean SNES/Hyundai Super Comboy $150 shipped http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/ksnes%20(6).JPG Clear black/smoke gray Dreamcast system with 10 games and SD card adapter $220 shipped More details soon. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(2).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(3).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(4).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(5).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/dclot%20(6).JPG Just Breed CIB Famicom game with English translation: $90 shipped Authentic Famicom cart with translated rom chips installed. Saving works great. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/jbreed%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/jbreed%20(2).JPG Lagrange Point Famicom game with English translation: $90 shipped Authentic Famicom cart with translated rom chips installed. FM sound and saving works great. http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/lagr%20(1).JPG http://superpcenginegrafx.net/misc/lagr%20(2).JPG
  14. Cleaned, polished, tested, working, and PRICES ARE SHIPPED. Feel free to bundle! I prefer cash or trading a bundle of my stuff for one or two items of similar value. Much love, folks. Thanks for all the games you've given a good home thus far ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NES: Dragon Warrior (in clamshell case) - $12 Metroid (Yellow Label/in clamshell case) - $20 NES OEM controller - $10 Nintendo OEM NES clamshell protective cases (not pictured, about 15 in total) - $5 apiece SNES: Donkey Kong Country 3 - $25 SOLD Final Fantasy II - $40 Gradius III (manual only) - $10 Mario Paint w/ manual - $10 MLBPA Baseball - $6 Mortal Kombat - $15 Pilotwings - $15 Secret of Mana 2 (PAL Reproduction) - $40 Super Mario All-Stars w/ manual - $25 Star Ocean (Reproduction Cart) - $55 Super Metroid - $40 Super Street Fighter 2 - $20 Terranigma (Repro) - $40 AC Adaptor (3rd Party) - $7 N64: Donkey Kong 64 w/ manual and paperwork - $22 (no custom case, can be created if requested) GameShark Pro V3.3 - $35 Goldeneye 007 w/ manual - $25 Mario Kart 64 - $35 Mario Tennis w/ manual - $25 Perfect Dark (Factory Sealed) - $45 Star Wars Episode I Racer w/ manual and paperwork - $13 Super Smash Bros. (CIB) - $90 N64 AC Adapter (3rd Party) - $11 Gamecube: Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue (missing manual) - $12 Hitman 2 - $10 Mario Party 5 - $45 Lego Star Wars - $8 Controllers: Interact SuperPad Black - $14 Mad Catz MicroCon Black - $17 Nyko AirFlo w/ built-in fan - $18 Game Boy Advance: Action Replay GBA (missing logo) - $60 Game Boy Advance Cobalt Blue (battery fully functional, no charger) - $35 Game Shark SP (CIB w/manual, CD rom, USB cable, and promo card) - $180 Pokémon Sapphire (cart only with Nyko protective case, needs new battery) - $17 Wii: Epic Mickey - $8 Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 - $15 Super Paper Mario - $15 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - $15 Wii console box (complete with manual and all inserts/bags/cardboard) - $20 Sega Genesis: (Custom case games in top row, original case/CIB games in bottom row) Alien Storm (game only in custom case) - $20 Bulls Vs. Blazers (Game, new case, all original inserts) - $8 Cool Spot (game in original case) - $13 Mortal Kombat 3 (CIB) - $20 NBA Jam (CIB) - $15 Phantasy Star IV (game only in custom case) - $45 Shaq Fu (game only in custom case) - $8 Sonic the Hedgehog (game and Sega Classic Box) - $15 Super Baseball 2020 (game and original case) - $15 Wayne’s World (game only in custom case) - $13 OEM Genesis 3-Button Controller - $14 Sega Saturn: High Frequency Controller - $15 Daytona USA - $8 Dragon Force - $75 SOLD Fighters Megamix (JAP manual only) - $5 Nights Into Dreams (US Not for Resale Version CIB) - $28 Pebble Beach Golf Links (game, custom case, original back insert and manual, no longbox case) - $8 Sonic R - $35 Virtua Cop (US Not for Resale Jewel Case Version) - $13 Virtua Cop (game and custom case) - $10 Virtua Fighter (US Not for Resale Version CIB) - $15 Imports (CIB except where noted): Astal - $55 Last Bronx - $25 Magical Hoppers - $25 Nights Into Dreams (Game only) - $12 Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash (Satakore) - $80 Sega Dreamcast: Dreamcast Magazine Vol. 4 and 11 in custom cases - $6 each Phantasy Star Online I case only - $6 Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram JAP (Manual Only) - $5 Web Browser 1.0 - $6 XBOX: Original Xbox (console only, untested) - $35 Tetris Worlds/Star Wars: The Clone Wars CIB (includes Xbox Live Trial Promo Card) - $6 Miscellaneous (PS1, PS2, DS): Diddy Kong Racing DS (Case and Game) - $13 Enter the Matrix Player's Guide - $5 NBA Live 2003 CIB (includes NBA Livestyle soundtrack) - $6 Spyro: Year of the Dragon CIB (Greatest Hits) - $23
  15. Hi All, A strange issue has developed with my Model 2 Sega Genesis. Under most circumstances, the Sega system seems to think that the "up" button on controller 1 is being perpetually pressed. However there is one very specific circumstance where it works correctly. It will work correctly if I have a 3 button controller in the first port and a 6 button controller in the second port. Only in this specific configuration will it work correctly, and these are genuine Sega controllers. If I swap the controllers or have only one controller connected or even no controller connected, perpetual "up." Any ideas? Is there any chance I am damaging anything continuing to play it since it does seem to work in that configuration? --DiscoDr.Bones
  16. I'm selling new 6-foot joystick extension cables for use with anything that uses DB9 connected joysticks / controllers, including Atari 2600, 7800, 8-bit computers, Colecovision, Genesis, Commodore VIC and 64, Atari ST, etc. $6.50 each ($12 / pair) + shipping. PayPal accepted for payment. PM with shipping address if interested and I'll send you a total. Thanks!
  17. (I also posted this on Nintendoage) I am looking to sell most all of my videogame collection. Most of it just sits around not being played. Now on to the hard part. I don't know what to do. I want to get a good price for all of it, but I don't want to rip anyone off. What would all this be worth? Do I need to sell it here, or on Ebay? I don't think I want to part it out. I want to just sell it off in one big lot...I think. Help!
  18. ..ok, here it is...my few hr flash sale... SO, without hesitation...FREE SEALED Retro GAME (my choice) w/ $40+ PURCHASE! ALL PRICES ARE SHIPPED IN THE U.S.... Thanks for looking The Wonderful 101 WiiU Sealed $29 Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Wiiu Sealed $29 Luigi's Mansion CIB $20 Metriod Prime Trilogy CIB $42 Skies of arcadia legends CIB $75 Pikmin 2 gc disc only $30 Amiibo - Fox McCloud U.S. New $30 Luigi's Mansion SEALED (offers) Mario golf toadstool tour SEALED (offers) Dark Souls 2 PS4 cib $35 D.A. Inquisition Xbone CIB $28 Battlefield Hardline SEALED Ps4 $35 Dark Cloud 2 Sealed $70 (Released tomorrow) Batman Arkham ps4 SEALED w/ all preorder codes $53 shipped!! (all other handheld) Advanced Wars Dual Strike CIB $28 Monster Hunter 4 sealed $27 (possibly x2) SMT Devil Summoner Soul Hackers Sealed (some wear to outer box though) $27 Pokémon Y CIB $20 Zelda:Link between Worlds Sealed $30 Fantasy Life Sealed $29 Survival Kids cart only (gbc) $27 Smash Bros 3ds cib $24 Gods Eater Burst Psp sealed $38 Akiba's Trip Vita Sealed $27 and older console stuff Contra Hard Corps CIB $60 Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter C/B $20 Phantasy Star IV cart $32 DOOM (Jaguar) CIB w/ overlays too $40 Boxyboy hucard only TG-16 $18 Pokémon Stadium 2 cart $28 Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon w/ manual $35 Diablo ps1 cib $40 Harvest Moon Back to Nature cib ps1 $34 Battletoads in Battlemaniacs CIB snes (offer) Battletoads/DD snes CIB (offer) Hydlide cib Saturn $35 Super 3d Noah's Ark snes CIB rerelease (offer) Actraiser 2 snes cart $20 Midnight Mutants cart Atari 5200 $32 OK, there's a ton of atari, nes and other items I just don't have time to list, so please take a look at my availables link below. There's pics on there of some of these items as well as conditions. TY in advance for at least looking!
  19. Other - Priced Individually ------------------------------------------- Skyrim Strategy Guide $4 Pokemon Guide Books $6 each Pokemon X & Y Pokemon Black & White Black & White Volume 2 Pokedex Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 BioShock Infinite $4 Here's a list of the items, but I don't have a picture for anything at the moment. I'll get one up here in a day or so though. Free Items (Pay shipping) ------------------------------- Mario Kart Wii guide (Special Digest Version) Universe At War: Earth Assault (PC) Game Boy Color shell (painted blue) Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt (NES) Spyhunter (NES) Elite Beat Agents (NDS) (no manual, generic case) Various Game Boy manuals -Star Wars -Donkey Kong Land Only a few rules here! First and only rule is to POST HERE before you message me. Seriously. I will ignore your message if multiple people message me but only one responded here. Let's keep things at least remotely organized so people aren't all charging to get the same thing.
  20. Gremlins cart only vg $18 shipped w/ tracking in U.S. Bachelor Party Case/Manual & Cart (vg I rate it, see pic) $45 shipped w/ tracking in U.S. SOLD Panasonic 3DO Controller NEW IN BOX $38 shipped w/ tracking looks like this: Starpath Supercharger (no carts, vg see pic) make offer please (cash/trades accepted as well) ALSO have: Ys III:Wanderers of Ys CIB (turbografx) vg $50 shipped w/ tracking in U.S. Magical Tree NIB (Colecovision) Offers please ....SOLD Learning w/ Leeper cart only vg (Colecovision) $15 shipped w/ tracking in U.S. Mutant League Football (genesis) CIB g-vg $24 shipped w/ tracking The Lone Ranger (NES) FACTORY SEALED w/ Hangtab (oooo!) $86 shipped w/ tracking in U.S. http://www.flickr.co...N05/8412838852/ http://www.flickr.co...N05/8411740121/ Maxi 15 (NES) CIB W/ Manual,case,foam,sticker intact on case $126 shipped in U.S. SOLD Clockwork Knight II (Saturn) CIB VG $35 shipped w/ tracking in U.S TRADED/SOLD Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Saturn) CIB vg $35 shipped w/ tracking in U.S. SOLD Hudson Super Multitap COMPLETE IN BOX (Contents NEW inside, still has 95% cellophane on outside, with paperwork) $45 shipped w/ tracking in U.S. SOLD http://www.flickr.co...N05/8477662382/ Pikmin 2 (gamecube) VG CIB $33 shipped w/ tracking Club Nintendo: Game & Watch Collection 2 (DS) NEW/SEALED $30 shipped w/ tracking
  21. Another price check, please... Again, none of these have been tested for a year, but I will test them before I put them up for sale. And I will also post pics if I put this up for sale. 1 Sega Genesis Console, RF & power cables, 2 controllers (1 Sega, 1 Third Party), 1 One-Player Joystick Columns--Cart only Caesar's Palace--Cart and color manual Tengen Ms. Pac Man--CIB Klax--CIB Monopoly--CIB Serious responses only please. TIA.
  22. Messiah NES wireless Controllers now on EBAY. Since this isn't the auction section, no link posted. I decided to do this, to stop a pm'ing bidding war, that started right as I accepted an offer. Possibly a dick move on my half, but I think this is better for everyone. New adventure Island Box. Box is in fair condition, with a noticable tear on the front. But it's still functional and looks great on the shelf. Nothing with this box, just the box itself. 17 Shipped USA Just a small lot of random games I've got. I'd like to lump these together to save shipping, but may take offers. They all work, just fine: *I need to update pic* Alex Kidd in High Tech World (SMS) Ecco the Dolphin Tides of Time (Genesis) *sticker and sticker residue gone* Frogger II (2600) *r6* Hang on Safari Hunt (SMS) *not pictured yet) $23 shipped I don't really know much about this game, except for the fact that its fun. I hear it was a hack and someone then just put it on a cart. Please feel free to help me, and others out about more info. I'm not the one that made this, and I don't know it's origin, but I did grab this over a year ago from the Neo Geo forums. Game looks great and plays great. $25 shipped USA I'm also thinkin about throwing a bunch of randon accessories in a flat rate box. I'm thinkin random system controllers, rf switches, power supplies, remote controls, etc. If I did something like this, it won't be a mystery box, but trying to gauge some interest if this is what people would want.
  23. Shipping is included in prices below to all of U.S. and will include tracking as well. I will ship to Canada for an additional fee. Any questions or pics wanted, please ask prior to buying. All games are complete in box unless specified. I WILL MAKE BUNDLES *psvita* (ALL $20) Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Curse of the Great Curry God SOLD Soul Sacrifice cart only ($15) Ys: Memories of Celceta *psp* The Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch (no manual) $18 Class of Heroes UMD $15 Harvest Moon Boy & Girl (umd in printed case) $20 Darkstalkers Chronicle: Chaos Tower (NEW) $20 *gba* *gbc* etc. Pokémon Ruby cart (saves but dry battery so time based events do not occur) $15 Sigma Star Saga (NEW) $18 Zelda: Minish Cap CIB $60 Super Mario Bros. (Classic Series) GBA CIB $30 *2600* Marauder cart only $50 Starpath Supercharger $30 *Gamecube* Double Dash $30 Smash Melee (disc) $40 Metal gear solid: twin snakes $40 Pokémon xd $30 Windwaker $30 pokemon colosseum $25 pokemon colosseum bonus disc (yes, cib) $30 RE 3: Nemesis $32 *Genesis* Shining Force cart & manual only $30 Shining Force II cart only $22 Zombies Ate My Neighbors $30 *N64* Conker's Bad Fur Day BOX & MANUAL ONLY (no cart) $50 Smash Bros. cart $50 Pokémon Stadium 2 cart $28 *DS* Pokémon Heartgold (complete, BigBox- from outerbox to new/wrapped pokewalker (may need a new battery though) $55 SOLD *NES* Princess Tomato (CIB - minty) $195 Jackie Chan CIB vg $80 Mario's Time Machine BOX & MANUAL ONLY (VG+) $35 SOLD *SNES* MegaMan X2 CIB $175 FFIII CIB $75 DKC 3 cart $16 Super Nintendo (console, controller, new hookups, 1 free mystery game) $50 shipped *ps4* Call of Duty Ghosts - Hardened Ed. (NEW/SEALED) $46
  24. Dreamcast $50 + shipping, including games SOLD Console, 2 white controllers, 2 VMUs Sonic Adventure Hydro Thunder (no insert) Rainbow Six Virtua Fighter 3tb All of the games have been cleaned and tested. Hydro Thunder and Rainbow Six were resurfaced Genesis 2 $15 + shipping SOLD Console, AV cable, AC Adapter, three-button controller Sonic 2, loose Ms. Pac-Man, CIB Contacts have been cleaned and both work I am also willing to trade for 2600 paddle games. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/233514-wtb-paddle-games/
  25. Hey Guys, I have just started a new Game Shop in Sydney called Nerdlandia Games (named after my youtube show). The motto here is to sell Retro games at the right prices. Not reseller prices, not ebay prices (though I do sell on ebay as well but just for less than everyone else) the right prices. See we are gamers first so giving games a good home means more than over charging someone for a title. We have everything in stock from Dreamcast, N64, NES, Gamecube, Mega Drive, Master System, SNES even have a couple of Atari Lynx games in stock . Loose carts, boxed average games, boxed perfect games, rare games something for every level of collector or gamer. A sample of some prices below (please keep in mind we have hundreds of items in stock at anytime): Mega Drive consoles (with 1 loose game) $80 N64 Console (with 2 loose games) perfect joystick on controller $110 Donkey Kong 64 Special Edition Yellow Cartridge Boxed and Complete (no exp pack) perfect condition $100 Goldeneye Boxed and complete (average copy) $40 (perfect copy) $60 Madden 99 64 loose $5 South Park loose $20 Blue Shadow for NES cart only (make an offer extremely rare pal a game). B.C Kid (Bonks Adventure) SNES cart only $30 (rare) Bart VS The Space Mutants NES boxed and complete $60 Blaster Master loose $20 Trojan NES loose $15 Baseball Gameboy boxed and complete perfect copy $10 Micro Machines Gamesboy boxed and complete perfect copy $25 Tetris loose $5 Wave Race Blue Storm Gamecube boxed and complete $30 Rogue Ops Gamecube (uncommon title) CIB $35 Ecco The Dolphin Dreamcast Perfect Copy RARE $75 Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast perfect copy $50 Soul Calibur Dreamcast CIB $20 Again this is just a small sample of what we have in stock. Also very nice boxed and complete Mega Drive two with original instructions and even the plastic baggies for everything but the console for $120. A near new Gamboy Pocket Silver boxed and complete with instructions plus two bonus games and wall charger for $100. So much more. Ok so how do you get in touch with me ??? If your in Sydney we have a showroom in Parramatta open 7 Days a week by appointment contact Ric on 0431 139 692. For everyone else check my Ebay store (rocksstar2010) I update it 3 times a week with new items from loose to boxed and complete. I have 100% feedback and ship everything ultra securely (again gamer first seller second). Finally you can also check out our Game collecting vodcast latest episode here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OVE-TPPl_4 From Ric The Real Stooge Nerdlandia Games WELCOME TO THE STOOGE REVOLUTION.
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