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Found 112 results

  1. BITS edition of Pier Solar is not yet officially available, but it's a real thing and you could see it being sold at some eBay Japanese auction (going for 58$ and 70$). I have one for sale, brand new and sealed (got it from co-founder of WM). (click on preview images for high resolution) 69$ + premium registered air shipping (with tracking number) to any country (15.5$ - 17.7$). Total price is almost exactly the same as from the latest Japanese auction (70$ + 15$). Western Union is preferred, but PayPal is also possible. Please write to sashadarko(a)gmail.com
  2. used 4-switch Atari VCS (aka 2600) rf to coaxial adapter (very decent video quality, next best thing to a/v mod) 3 button Genesis controller (compatible with VCS) paddle controller (works with Warlords, etc.) original power adapter Pacman cart (someone's name written on plastic) Frogger Pitfall (slightly dirty label) Warlords (name written on plastic) Everything works fine! Not sure what I'm looking for as I'm not an Atari collector, but I would like to sell all in one shot if possible. Also willing to throw in a few as-is VCS joysticks if desired (god knows I don't want them). Also for sale is a very special Pitfall II cart, which was used in this world record video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d53WTK8NG2s I can autograph the cart if desired. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hi everyone! I just fulfilled my childhood dream of getting an Atari Jaguar and a small handfull of games. The only real Problem is the price of controllers which are terribly expensive around here (60$ - 90$) :-( Is there a way to build an adaptor of modify a Sega Genesis or any other controller to work on a Jaguar? I'm thankful for any useful reply Bjoern
  4. PS3, PS2, PS1, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, 24 Games left All $1.00 Each + Shipping. Everything works great. Message me for a shipping quote. PayPal only. Most games with cases have manuals. Every thing in the photos is $1.00: SOLD ITEMS:Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent and Bonus DVD SOLD, MLB 12 The Show SOLD, Terminator 2 Judgment Day SOLD, Warhawk SOLD, Counter Strike SOLD, World Series of Poker 2 SOLD, MLB 08 the Show SOLD, Madden NFL 10 SOLD, Create SOLD, Battleship SOLD, Tecmo Super Baseball SOLD, Olympic Gold Barcelona 92 SOLD, TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament 96 SOLD, Sega Bass Fishing SOLD, LHX Attack Chopper SOLD, F-15 Strike Eagle II SOLD, Emergency Heroes SOLD, Star Wars Clone Wars/ Tetris Worlds Combo SOLD, Monster Garage SOLD, Guitar Hero Aerosmith SOLD, Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 2 SOLD, Tourist Trophy SOLD, Madden NFL 13 SOLD, Battlefield Bad Company 2 SOLD, NHL 2K9 SOLD, Duke Nuekum Forever SOLD, Knockout Kings 2003 SOLD, Truth or Lies SOLD, Wheel of Fortune SOLD, UFC Throwdown SOLD,The Dark Knight Rises SOLD, Bakugan Battle Brawlers SOLD, Lego Racers SOLD, WWE Backstage Assault SOLD, Monaco Grand Prix SOLD, Madden 10 SOLD, Carnival Games SOLD, Star Wars Light saber Duels SOLD, Star Wars The Force Unleashed II SOLD, Madden NFL 10 SOLD, Open Season SOLD, Kick-Ass UMD Movie SOLD,Open Season UMD Movie SOLD, Rock band SOLD, Hitman 2 Silent Assassin SOLD, Guitar Hero World Tour SOLD, NHL 2006 SOLD, NBA 2k12 SOLD,halo 2 SOLD, American chopper 2 SOLD, Atv off road fury 3 SOLD, the sweet dreams game SOLD, hulk SOLD, nascar thunder 2002 SOLD, spider man 2 SOLD, pirates of the Caribbean SOLD, cabelas dangerous hunt SOLD, amped SOLD, conflict Vietnam SOLD, blood wake SOLD, narc SOLD, max payne SOLD, max payne 2 SOLD, hitman 2 SOLD, Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2 SOLD, MLB Slugfest 2003 SOLD, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat SOLD, Alone in the Dark SOLD, Red Steel SOLD, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 SOLD, Fantasy Aquarium SOLD, SSX Blur SOLD, Looney Toons: Acme Arsenal SOLD, Pirates of the Caribbean SOLD, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance SOLD, NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup SOLD, Conflict: Vietnam SOLD, Bad Boys Miami Takedown SOLD, IHRA Motorsports: Drag Racing 2 SOLD, Strike Force Bowling SOLD, DT Racer - PlayStation 2 SOLD, Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk SOLD, Da Vinci Code SOLD, Asteroids SOLD, IHRA Drag Racing SOLD, Test Drive 5 SOLD, NASCAR Thunder 2003 SOLD, SONIC THE HEGEHOG 2 & SONIC TAILS SOLD, NFL Quarterback Club SOLD, WWF War Zone SOLD, Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 SOLD, Madden NFL 07 SOLD, NCAA Football 09 SOLD, FIFA 10 SOLD, Battlefield 3 SOLD, Madden NFL 2004 SOLD, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 SOLD, NBA Live 2002 SOLD, ESPN NFL Football SOLD, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 SOLD, ESPN NHL 2K5 SOLD, NCAA Football 10 SOLD, Madden NFL 2001 SOLD, Tony Hawk Ride SOLD, NPLL Championship Paintball SOLD, Bakugan SOLD, Top Spin 3 SOLD, Madden NFL 11 SOLD, NCAA Football 11 SOLD
  5. Has no rear art...disc in great shape w/ manual as shown. Looking for a couple small bundles, mix and match...like any of these: nes, genny, dreamcast, snes, saturn, n64, ps2...consoles MUST be tested prior and be working...no third party controllers - but must all have hook ups and original controller(s)...a game or 2 thrown in is cool too...lmk what ur offering and thanks!
  6. My first eBay listing in about 20 years! I have a big collection of games, action figures, and other toys that will eventually make their way to eBay but I am testing the waters with this listing first. [ebay]143110245067[/ebay] Thanks for looking!
  7. Hi all... VERY VERY long shot here, but i'm looking to put some of my systems away and want to get the boxes they originally came in. I'm looking for... SNES (Gen 1) - FOUND!!! Genesis (Gen 2) 32X Dreamcast Jaguar Atari STFM or E PS1 (Gen 1) PS2 - FOUND!!! Cardboard or styro inserts would be a huge plus, manuals and other media not important. Really hoping someone can help! Thanks for reading!!!
  8. For sale: Wico Command Control with Y-adapter for 5200. Works well, in good cosmetic shape. The sliding locks do loosen after a few minutes of play, but they quickly snap back. Sold! Lot of 5200 games including minty fresh / complete Q*Bert, Vanguard and Countermeasure (Countermeasure box has a couple of creases and a small sticker on top flap). Space Invaders and Centipede are complete with box and manual, manuals in good shape, but their boxes get a condition grade of "RC" for Real Crappy. Cart Only: Gyruss and Ms. Pac-Man have poor condition labels but play perfectly. Lot selling for $15 (shipping $5). Saturn games including Manx TT Superbike (CIB, good condition all around, some scuffs on case, no broken hinges), Crimewave (CIB, disc has a couple of scratches but plays perfectly, manual good condition, scuffs on case but no broken hinges), Nights (generally acceptable to poor condition; cardboard outer box has scratches, nicks and tears, game case cracked & missing hinge, game disc plastered with giant rental sticker but plays perfectly, no manual, 3d controller in good shape and works perfectly), disc only (all play perfectly): Mass Destruction, Mechwarrior 2, Daytona, Daytona Champ. Circuit, Warcraft II (only the console edition of WC2 lets you queue up units!). Sold! Sega CD games in working condition but with poor cases. Midnight Rangers, Links Golf, Tomcat Alley (missing back insert), Prize Fighter and game only Mortal Kombat. Sold! 2 CIB Genesis games from Blizzard: Rock n' Roll Racing (very likely my favorite video game of all time) and Lost Vikings. Both carts in 8.5/10 or better shape I'd say, RnRR manual 6.5/10 or so, Lost Vikings manual 7.5/10, both inserts 7.5/10 or so. Both games work perfectly. Rock 'n Roll Racing $21, Lost Vikings $7 (shipping $4 per game, or $5 to ship both) Box o' Broken Stuff, for the handy fix-it types with any skill whatsoever (apparently not me). 5200 2-port system (once got it to work for about 30 seconds after many trials; poor cosmetic condition, console only / no power supply) Suncom Power Stick (can get it to move left/right but not up/down), Atari Joystick (marked up with paint splotches, works pretty well but doesn't like going left, I'm too lazy to open / clean), Atari 7800 ProStick (works okay mostly but fire buttons quit / stick), 1 (pair coupled) Paddle controller, nonworking. $9.50 shipped, take these from me and fix them up! ( I think I'll be losing a buck or two on the shipping here, but I'd rather they went somewhere useful than just sat around or got thrown away) Sold! Paypal / US only. PM me to buy or with any questions. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, I just got finished listing over 40 factory sealed U.S. SMS games. I ship Worldwide as well but unfortunately I can no longer ship via First Class International to anywhere but Canada. It seems the USPS is using some cost saving measures (questionable subcontracting) to some locations that isn't working out very well. Even so, I will help keep shipping costs to those locations as low as possible, using flat-rate boxes if necessary, but Priority Mail International must be used. The best deal on worldwide shipping is $57 to ship 11 games. As always, offers through PM are welcomed and encouraged too.All Auctions:http://rover.ebay.co...o...=1==&_sop=1Thanks!.
  10. Hello, my name is Gabe, I'm a classic gaming enthusiast & collector. Times are tough & I can no longer afford to keep my classic game collection. I am now selling it off. I am not a dealer. Once the games are sold, they're gone. Pictures of items can be found here: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/36418620/1/For%20Sale?h=9abe48 Prices for individual items have been set to aprox. 40%-off the most common going rates on-line. Item & price list can be found here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36418620/Craigslist%20Ad%20v3.html The entirety of the collection, minus sold items, is currently valued at $1,622.00. At 40% off it's $973.00 If you're interested in purchasing the entire collection, I'm willing to negotiate on price. Make me an offer. Again I'd like to point out that I'm just a classic game collector, not a professional internet vendor. Because of this, at this point in time I don't have little buyer feedback--I don't have a history of selling things via auction sites, or other sites like amazon.com. Anything sold in the past using the internet has been locally via craigslist. Because of this I can submit no immediate buyer feedback at this time. However, buyer's comfort, trust & satisfaction is very very important to me. If you send me a private message (PM)with your first name & the game titles you're interested in, I'll send you my phone number. We can discuss the specifics of the order over the phone. I believe if you have a chance to talk to me, you can get a better feel for who I am. Also I'm willing to negotiate for how the transaction is handled (example: a portion of the total sum paid up front, & the rest paid upon receipt of delivery). Your comfort, trust & satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me, & I will do my absolute best to accommodate you. And of course, If you're not satisfied with any item, I'll happily refund 100% of your money upon return receipt.
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