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Found 49 results

  1. /RANT MODE ON Okay, heres the deal... the TI Joystick only has ONE FREAKING BUTTON! Now, even TI's most popular game of all time, Parsec, required buttons 1,2 & 3 for game play and P for pause. Many other games require ENTER, SPACE, 1 or 2 just to start the game play. Still other games require might require "Q" or "." to fire. So what does this mean? YOU CAN NEVER GET FAR FROM THE KEYBOARD when playing! What can be done about this? What method would you take to MODERNIZE the TI's game play ability? Going in and soldering on to the keyboard matrix is fine for a one-off or a custom job, but is there anyway a KIT could be made "for the masses"? Heck maybe even an interface board for an existing controller would work. Something needs to be done, my question is what and how? /RANT MODE OFF
  2. Hi, I have a Commodore 64 which I was able to expand to 4 joystick ports using Protovision 4 Player Interface http://www.protovision-online.com/hardw/4_player.php?language=en Is there an Atari 800 XL equivalent solution, Thanks
  3. It could be based on the Coin controls joystick, the Wico controller, or it could be designed like the colecovision Super action controller. another idea is to make reproductions of the plastic direction restrict-or that sat on top of the 5200 analog joystick, restricting its movement to 4 directions only, thus making games like Pacman, Ms,pacman, Q*bert, missile command, and Miner 2049er better to play. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :spidey:
  4. I have seen a lot of adapters to convert a controller/joystick for use on one system to use on a completely different system. Such as the PSX to Vectrex adapter. I have also seen USB adapters to allow the use of an original controller/joystick on a PC in order to have a better experience in an emulator. But I have not yet noticed an adapter to allow a smartphone/table (Android, iPhone, etc) to act as a replacement controller. Effectively turing the smartphone/table into a controller you can connect to an old/new console. Has anyone seen a adapter to connect a USB / Dock / Lightning port to an console port of a classic console? (Vectrex, Atari, Intellivision, SNES, Sega,etc) Would be nice to use a tablet or a smartphone as a replacement controller. While not a joystick, there could still be some upsides. Such as an virtual controller app that would allow the following: Remapping of the controls. Repositioning of the controls. Emulation of analog controls in the smartphone/tablet with corresponding analog output to the console. Such as a the analog joystick in the Vectrex and other systems. Emulation of keypad controls in the smartphone/tablet with corresponding output to the console. Such as a the keypad in the Intellivision and other systems. Macros for use during game play. Skins and other graphics to replicate to the look and feel of the original controller in the app on smartphone/tablet. In addition simply replacing the controller, I could see the adapter taking things further for those systems that have some two-way I/O capability possibility. Obviously some code would be needed on both the console and the smartphone/tablet app to allow for this interface to work. I can see many older systems supporting this idea. Even the Vectrex. The following features and more might be supported. Allow the smartphone/tablet to act as a rumble controller giving the player physical feedback. Emulation of other non-standard keypads, joysticks, and other controllers, etc. that are hard to obtain due to rarity or price. Allow the smartphone/tablet to provide audible feedback. Effectively turning the external device into another sound interface for the console. Beeps. full range sounds. Music. Voice synthesis, etc Allow the smartphone/tablet/other device act as a secondary display for the console to a limited degree. Obviously this would vary by system and communication speed on the console port. Other generalized I/O allowing other things to be accomplished not mentioned above . What do you all think? What have you already seen? .
  5. Looking for a pair of black 100% working and in nice condition. I can Pay via verified Paypal, please PM me if you have a set, also please include pics if you can and state your price shipped to 97007, Oregon, USA. Thanks
  6. PeBo

    CX10 and CX 40 parts

    If no one on these forums has any of these, would appreciate being pointed in the right direction to find them (or instructions on how to navigate the Best Electronics site to actually BUY something (or even FIND CX10 parts)!) I am looking for: - Replacement springs (x5) for a CX10 Heavy Sixer (will take larger quantity if required) - Plastic board (not sure what it's called) that CX10 springs fit into and that covers the PCB to depress the metal domes. (x1) - Button springs (x2) for CX40 - Replacement posts ((white post with ring on bottom that slides inside the rubber sleeve (x4)) for CX40 And if someone has one for sale(ya right)... a beige (grey?) CX40 as released with the XE game console. Will require shipping to Canada.
  7. I'm just wondering if anyone around here might still have a new old stock Wico Command Control bat top style joystick for Atari systems that they might be interested in selling? I do have a couple other purchases I have to make first so I wouldn't be in a position to buy one until April, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask around in advance and see if anyone had one they'd be interested in selling and if so what they'd like to get for it price wise. Just shoot me a PM if you happen to have one that you'd like to sell.
  8. For sale, Commodore 64 arcade joystick: The Commodore 64 Pro CX-1000 Arcade Joystick will work with both the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600. The Commodore 64 Pro is custom made with a genuine arcade quality Industrias Lorenzo 8-Way EuroJoystick with CHERRY microswitches. Button(s) are Happ concave buttons. The iL Eurojoystick may be better known as the original HAPP Competition. iL (Industrias Lorenzo) is a Spanish manufacturer of high quality and extremely durable arcade parts. Originally known for manufacturing HAPP parts (such as the Happ Competition Joystick) until HAPP moved production to SUZO facilities in China, iL continued to provide high quality parts under their own label. Highly sought out by cabinet builders since the quality standard is higher than the new, yet slightly lower quality HAPP standard. Shipping cost depends on location. It varies from $9 up to $18 (Priority mail with tracking). If you send your zip code I can give you an estimate. Paypal Accepted. $63.95
  9. ****UPDATED October 20, 2017**** Scroll down to see photo's. Atari, Commodore 64 and Sega Master System controllers for sale. I've tried to make these a bit more budget friendly but still have a nice design with quality parts. I can do button placement on the right or the left of the joystick. PM me with special requests. The joysticks are made with IL Eurostick joysticks* with cherry micro switches. The buttons are concave Happ buttons. Cables and strain relief boot are brand new. Nyloc nuts are used to prevent loosening over time. The Atari joysticks work with both the Atari 7800 (two buttons) and the Atari 2600 (both buttons act as "fire"). * The iL Eurojoystick may be better known as the original HAPP Competition. iL (Industrias Lorenzo) is a Spanish manufacturer of high quality and extremely durable arcade parts. Originally known for manufacturing HAPP parts (such as the Happ Competition Joystick) until HAPP moved production to SUZO facilities in China, iL continued to provide high quality parts under their own label. Poorly lit video demo of joystick in use: https://youtu.be/0KPjN-yAEDI What I have to offer: Standard Edition in both Black and White. $68.95 Special Edition Controllers with Atari characters (Boxing, Q-bert, Pitfall, Etc.) $75.95 AND UP (Depends on design - see photo's/pricing below) Single button 2600 Edition $63.95 (Works with the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600) Commodore 64 Joystick $63.95 (Works with the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600) Sega Master System (Mark III) $68.95 (Works with the Sega Master System) Orders are accepted for anything you see here. If it's not in stock I can make one for you. Lead time is usually 1 1/2 to 2 weeks depending on what parts I need to order. Shipping cost depends on location. It varies from $9 up to $17 (Priority mail with tracking). If you send your zip code I can give you an estimate. Paypal Accepted. STANDARD EDITION BLACK: ($68.95) STANDARD EDITION BLACK - RIGHT SIDE JOYSTICK: ($68.95) STANDARD EDITION WHITE: ($68.95) SPECIAL EDITION BOXING: ($74.95) SPECIAL EDITION Q-BERT: ($77.95) SPECIAL EDITION PAC-MAN: ($77.95) SPECIAL EDITION DONKEY KONG: ($77.95) SPECIAL EDITION PITFALL: ($85.95) SPECIAL EDITION DOUBLE DRAGON: ($77.95) 2600 SINGLE BUTTON EDITION: ($63.95) COMMODORE 64 EDITION: ($63.95) SEGA MASTER SYSTEM (MARK III): ($68.95)
  10. What can you possibly say about the WICO Command Control Joystick that hasn’t been written? Not much. I was able to clean the leaf spring switch contacts and restore the continuity but never could figure out how to dismantle the bat stick. There was little difference between the two joysticks that were rebuilt. Inside, one was marked 2/7/83 and the other 11/??/82. The color of the plastic changed but the design was similar. There are lots of posts and stops in the base that hold its inners in place. It was good fortune that the rattling sounds from inside were not broken pins. What was rattling around were the tits from the rubber feet that broke allowing the feet to fall off. It looked like they had melted and hardened. The old rubber was scrapped out and the feet were replaced with adhesive backed “Vinyl Pads” ½” diameter. (ACE hardware # 5182423). They probably sold more when they called them “Bumpers” rather than joystick feet replacements.
  11. A noted here, I got my 2 Classic USB Joystick Controllers from Legacy Engineering Group on Thursday, September 3, 2009. I ordered from Google Checkout on October 15, 2008, so they were a long time coming. L.E.G. had trouble with Google Checkout, they got many more orders than they anticipated (I think), and Curt Vendel of L.E.G. had some serious health issues that slowed him down a good bit. However, these joysticks were well worth the cost and the wait. There was no software to install. I just plugged them into my computer (running Windows XP) and was able to play games in Stella!
  12. From the album: My Home

    A photo of me in my Cammy (from Super Street Fighter II) costume playing Babylonian Twins on my Amiga 500 with a QuickShot Python joystick, my favourite non-arcade style joystick. Babylonian Twins has been updated and ported to iOS and Android devices now and is highly recommended if you have those systems.
  13. I just thought I could get a quick question about this project I found (http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/atari_usb/index_en.php) which uses a ATMega8a. In the schematic, they connect the analog pins the the Atari 9-pin port. This makes sense for pins 5 and 9, which are used for the POTs, but shouldn't the designer of the circuit use the digital pins for the joystick pins?
  14. Looking for a little help with the Windows version of Atari800 (not Atari800Win Plus) - over on the emulation board - joypad options... sTeVE
  15. Does anyone know a way, from the command line, that I can disable the built in joystick setup in this emulator? By default the emulator seems to work with any connected USB (or in my case bluetooth Xbox One Pad) - but the button layout is horrific, it assigns all buttons to fire!!! So I would like to use Xpadder to control the emulator and script my own buttons to hotkeys to control it better. But because the joypad is always being used I cannot do that. In the Windows version I can find no command line switch to turn off the pad - there is a "-nojoystick" in theSDL version :-( Anyone got any ideas? sTeVE
  16. Looking for at least 1 original Heavy Sixer Joystick controller. It doesn't have to work but it needs to have the original parts (with or without the Hex). Structurally sound and not cracked or chewed up. (Within UK or will post to UK) PM me if you happen to have any. -AJ UPDATE ---------------- FOUND SOME--------------------
  17. January 2017 Update: Per most recent post, I've acquired most of the items I had been looking for, but still looking for first year/first six issues of 99'er Magazine Volume 1, Nos. 1-6. And also would add that I'm looking for a Prostick II Joystick (Blue). Thanks everyone! ---------- Hello, I'm looking to buy the following: TI Color Monitor (PHA4100A) Operating Guide Slymoids (PHM3197) User Manual TI Editor/Assembler Disks (PHM3055) - Original Part A and Part B Floppy Disks First year/First six issues of 99'er Magazine Volume 1, Nos. 1-6 I have PDF versions of the guide, manual, and 99'er magazines listed above, but would like the original printed versions. I also have copies of the TI Editor/Assembler Disks, but would like the original TI supplied disks. As for the 99'er magazines, I have the 99'er Best Of that has most of the content from the first year of print (Volume 1), but would like to have the original six magazines which are likely rare (even copies with mailing labels are fine). Just trying to round out and complete my collection. Happy to pay for the above items and/or offer in trade any of my extra equipment (TI-99/4a Silver/Black console with power supply and documentation, speech synthesizer, PEB with cable and floppy disk drive - but no disk controller just the drive, black program recorder, beige program recorder, dual recorder cable, TI joysticks, TI-Writer Software, Extended Basic, Neurosurgeon, Adventure (cart only), Star Trek, TI Printer Manual - PHP2500). Everything is tested and works. I have the documentation for most of the stuff including TI-Writer, but I don't have the original TI-Writer binder and don't have any of the original packaging/boxes). Any offers/help appreciated. Thanks!
  18. Perhaps someone will find this useful. It is for testing the controller in the first port of an Atari 5200. JOYTEST.bin
  19. I recently purchased a few Wico Command Control joysticks for the 2600 from the flea market. I noticed when I got home and hooked them up that one of them is slightly off center. The joystick works in all directions except for down. I opened it up and took a look but I couldn't figure out any way to make an adjustment to it. Does anyone have any experience with this or know where I could look? I've attached a picture of the joystick so you can see that it's off. I can take a picture of the insides of need be. Thanks in advance!
  20. "OSx16 Jmice Adapter Device Driver" Installation : Connect Adapter To Serial Port Boot System With OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta Release Revision 6.22.02 Type : OSxJmice (Upper/Lower Case Allowed) To Run "OSx16 Game Commander" : Type : OSxGC (Upper/Lower Case Allowed) Also;You Can Use Atari CX40 Joystick (And/OR Compatible) In Skyroads, Skyroads (XMAS Special), Wolf3d DOS Games Via "OSx16 Jmice Adapter Device". + 340 Atari 2600 (Play All With "OSx16 Jmice Adapter" And Atari Joystick, Just Now) + 20 DOS + 5 NES + 2 SEGA + 3 C<64 Games. Best Choice For Old and New PCs & Laptops Without HDD, FDD, Sound Card, Huge RAM, ... For Simulation The Atari 2600, And Using Its Original Joystick. Adapter Picture In : http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246470-diy-osx16-joystick-mice-adapter-osxjmice/ CD-ROM ISO FILE : http://1drv.ms/1iE3ci3
  21. I have two joysticks, and they both work. However, on one the joystick is really has to move. Suggestions? I will post pic
  22. When I run STEEM with a disk game I can use my controller no problem, but when I make a folder and run games from the hard drive the joystick refuses to work. Anyway I can solve this issue?
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