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Found 83 results

  1. Hello everyone: I am going to revive an old topic, emulating the Atari 8 Bit and Atari ST on the Nintendo Wii. I just picked up a Nintendo Wii, homebrewed it, and put on 5 Atari Emulators. I will post a few pictures here of what I have manaaged to get running after I fix the Hatari 0.005 on the Wii memeory card. I am using version 4.3U which allows me to use up to 128 Gig SD and USB sticks, have filled both up with games , the Atari 8 Bit games are a bit slow loading as I have over 2000 games on it, maybe I need to reformat the SD card into 4 32 Gig partitians IF the Will will support this. My Ultra Satan is using a super fast 16 GB SD card so I don't want to use it. Is anyone here interested in the Homebrew Installation process, as Nintendo no longer supports buying of games online and I must stress that IF I post a tutorial then its to be only for playing Atari emulators on the Wii. Anyone interested in this? I have looked everything up and there might be interest plus I know the best guides now. You can emulate the 2600, 5200, 8 Bit, 7800, and the Atari ST , Jaguar I am not sure about probably not although I have all of the roms that were ever made for these systems, and many more. My Mega Site is appoaching 225 Gigs of all good stuff, if needed I will post a link to it, just about every game that is missing here can be found on my site, I have been maintaining it for over 6 years at 1 TB of space and adding to it every month. Let me know if there is any interest here wth that too. Well back to my Wii Atari testing , pictures of games running on it are coming tonight. Sleep ???? You ask me ??? Whats that ???? Too busy with my Atari collection, oh ya I have a source of an Atari Portfolio ready in 14 days , the store has to hang on to it for 15 days and thnat was yesterday. He has told me its mine, anyone want it, comes with a 64 K card. Please post here if interested. Russ
  2. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    My current collection of Lynx computers; there are two Lynx 96 computers, two Lynx 48 computers (one of which has been upgraded to 96K spec) - and two Lynx 128 computers - one does not have the case badge.

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  3. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    To use a disk drive with the Camputers Lynx you need 96K or 128K, a disk drive with the Lynx Disk Controller - and the Lynx Disk ROM which connects to the back of the Lynx computer. The ROM adds several new commands to Lynx BASIC allowing the computer to boot from the disk drive, load and save files.

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  4. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    To use a disk drive with the Camputers Lynx you need 96K or 128K, a disk drive with the Lynx Disk Controller - and the Lynx Disk ROM which connects to the back of the Lynx computer. The ROM adds several new commands to Lynx BASIC allowing the computer to boot from the disk drive, load and save files.

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  5. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    The Lynx disk controller requires +5V and +12V lines. DO NOT GET THEM REVERSED - YOU WILL DESTROY THE DISK CONTROLLER!

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  6. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    Since I wanted to use an HxC 2001 floppy disk emulator with the Lynx, the disk controller was removed from the original Lynx disk drive and mounted inside the case of a broken Atari SF354. You can see how the Drive 1 line had to be soldered into the controller board, and the drive always reports READY, which is required as the Atari 14-pin cable does not carry the RDY line.

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  7. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    The Camputers Lynx used a disk controller with a WDC1793 chip. The first drive in the chain had the controller mounted inside the drive, and a second drive without a controller could be attached to the first

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  8. I wanted to share the letter I received in 1992 for Finishing Todd's Adventures in Slime World. If you found the real last exit in Arcade Mode, Todd gives you a message to write to Epyx, it says there is no reward, but I wrote to them, I don't remember what I wrote, but I ended up getting this signed letter from M. Peter Engelbrite. I thought this was a great reward.
  9. Hi everyone, PriorArt wishes you a "Funky Xmas 2018" Find attached our little christmas-card demo featuring my new audio engine and of course Jammer's great tune making use of it. (the zip file contains a full .LNX rom). 3 channels only since this routine is going to be implemented into our game project "Lacim's Legacy" and I want to keep a 4th channel completely free for SFX (yes, could be mixed but I prefer it this way . Diving into Lynx audio was quite some endeavour and I thank in particular sage, karri and lx.net for sharing their experience and sources. This would all sound lame and bad if it wasn't for Jammer and his technical skills composing within funny restrictions. This routine plays at 60Hz (so once per frame). You can press button 'A' to toggle on/off individual channels. No samples involved The awesome santa clause animation is by Bruno Moraes. Enjoy and a wonderful christmas time to all of you, enthusi & Jammer & all of PriorArt FunkyXmas.zip FunkyXmas.o
  10. My hard times is your opportunity! Below are linked my first two auctions. All shown in the picture are what I am looking to sell. I hate using eBay, but to be honest I'm in a position I need to get the highest return possible. If you see something you like then stay tuned. I plan on selling these all off spacing them apart depending on how they sell. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292807878570 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yastuna-2-The-Space-Incident-/292807869855?nav=SEARCH
  11. Atari Lynx Everon Console in Box. PM me, Call me, Stop on by anytime if you have one.
  12. Hello everyone. I have the following spare Lynx pins available for trade: A.P.B. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Blue Lightning Chip's Challenge Electrocop Gates of Zendocon Hockey Ishido: The Way of the Stones Ms. Pac-Man Ninja Gaiden Pac-Land Paperboy RoadBlasters Robo-Squash S.T.U.N. Runner Todd's Adventures in Slime World Tournament Cyberball 2072 Turbo Sub Viking Child Vindicators Warbirds Xenophobe Zarlor Mercenary Here is an actual picture of the pins listed above: I'd like to trade any of these pins for the Hard Drivin' pin and the Official Atari Lynx Club pin. Don't hesitate to PM me if you have any of those two pins and wish to make a trade. Thanks, Juan José.
  13. Hey folks! I'm hoping someone on here can help lend some insight as to how I can repair my Lynx. Here is the issue: When I power up the unit, it reads the TITLE screen clearly from any game I use, but then becomes scrambled after it tries to load the actual menu screen and/or game. See the attached pictures. It should also be noted that it was doing this BEFORE I replaced all of the capacitors, and have since done a full recap and absolutely NOTHING changed. The sound works and music plays when the main menu is loaded (but scrambled) and it even responds to the controls, but the center of the screen is shifted way over and half of the screen is scrambled. I'm fully aware of the dark lines in the LCD... I did a recap because I was hoping this would fix the issue and was going to do a McWill screen mod install, but since it's not reading games clearly, I don't want to waste all the time and money yet. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi, Anyone got one of the following (in order of preference) available to buy? - Complete Lynx 1 Shell (including battery cover, OK condition, paint chips accepted) - Lynx 1 front shell and battery cover - Lynx 1 battery cover only Im in the UK, will buy from anywhere in the EU. Thanks! Chris
  15. I've been running Atari Gamer, a website focusing on Atari Lynx history and news, since January 2018 but it hasn't been until recently that I've got into a regular schedule of article posts. At the moment I'm limiting to one article a week, released on a Monday. I'm starting this thread to announce new articles as they become available. Any feedback, comments, article suggestions are very welcome. I hope you all enjoy reading some fresh new content about Atari Lynx! Last week's article was - Behind the scenes - making of the 48 in 1 Atari Lynx multicart. I'm also working with Mark aka MillipedeMan with promoting his Lynx Handycast. Past articles can be found here: Articles
  16. The latest Episode (#2, our third episode) is live. You can fins the podcast on all Podcast Catchers and here: http://www.8bitrocket.com/2018/05/17/15111/ Into the Vertical Blank: Growing Up Atari. Season 1 Episode 2: “A hole burned In my Pocket: Toys R Us And The Atari 7800″.
  17. Kaiju

    WTB/T Lynx Boxes

    Hey guys. Does anyone know a source for original lynx boxes and/or manuals? Specifically looking for Ms.pacman box, pit fighter box and manual, pinball jam box and basket brawl box
  18. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uWzUjvV5hsC7NAdC9aj5SGtMy9cpffCUo-EykDRr0nY Long ago I decided to cut some parts of the collection that I never use. I would rather trade this stuff for something cool, but I can also spend money on cool stuff so if you don't want to trade, or have nothing to trade I have no problem taking your money . As far as what I want in trade, I can't give you a full list. Hopefully you also have a list of things you could trade so we can work something out. I can say I would like a few Nintendo Power mags from the NES or SNES era just to have a few in the collection as examples. The same could be same for any magazine with Mortal Kombat 1 - Ultimate 3 or Street Fighter 2 related cover or articles. Other Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter swag would be on interest as well. I would like to get into the C64 and as of yet have nothing for it, so there could be a lot of room to trade there. I'm not only interested in hardware, but books of the C64. I know there were a lot of programming books and such BITD, I would like to have some of that around here too. I could always use more universal game cases. All disk games are likely to have some light scratches or marks on the game side. Every game has been tested in the last 2 weeks and all listed games work as they should. Most things are priced, somethings are not (mostly) because I have a hard time pricing foreign games. There will be more stuff coming to this list in the near future.
  19. What are some of the really good hacks that have been done to the Lynxes over the years? Aside from the McWill LCD screen/VGA output, mosfet, etc? i guess I should also mention replacing the speaker too. I remember when Candle was working on an LCD replacement solution, he was discussing adding a Sega MegaDrive/Genesis compatible DB9 port. I've seen some battery replacement solutions and also even a video of someone adding Bluetooth audio to their Lynx [it was a video on YouTube and in French]. So what else has been done? If possible, share pics and links...to the modded Lynxes.
  20. Sending MIDI commands (by serial, comlynx adapter) to two lynxes: http://lynxdev.atari.org/midi_synth_with_2x4_chan.webm using a pmidi and a modified ttymidi to play normal midi files.
  21. Hi there, Maybe a few of you wondered why there is (in the original BLL kit) a com program to interface the lynx with 31250baud to an Atari ST? Short answere: The Lynx has some very weird baud rate setttings. The onyl useable for a normal PC is 9600baud, but 31250 matches exactly the MIDI specifications. And the Atari ST comes with a MIDI port. Makes debuggin and uploading much much faster. BUT (now comes the bad things): MIDI is using a current loop (5V) while comlynx is level sensitive to 5V. Thus you risk either to damage something or you need some adapter. Nothign special, a simple optocoupler and a few resistors & diodes. Actually, the MIDI specs require that you decouple the MIDI In. PS: Did I mention that, if you "just" connect it by some passive resistors, the polarity of the signal is inverted? And, you need to set the serial setting to 31250E1, because the lynx expects ALWAYS a parity bit. Very bad, because the MIDI specs are 31250N1. This can be done easily if you have a ST or PC where you can set the port parameters. You just have to remember to do it. Q: Now, if I build me some adapter, could we use MIDI In to connect a Keyboard to comlynx? A: No. (Reason 2). The Keyboard will send out data withou parity bit. The Lynx will reject the data bytes (even if you disable parity checking!). A: Yes. If you but some "intelligence" inbetween. A simple microcontroller will do. Or a Laptop. So, You connect the keyboard with a midi adapter to your laptop and use an configurable(!) second adapter to send it out including parity. Or, to make it a bit simpler, you send out the data by a normal serial port with 9600E1 setting, which interfaces directly with a standard serial-comlynx interface. 9600 is a bit slow for MIDI, thus the timing is a bit ... inaccurate. But: Its working!
  22. My Atari Lynx is still in one piece after about 2 years of ownership(not counting some scratched off paint on the outer shell/casing). My main issue currently is that there is one old battery that won't come out, no matter how much I poke at it or shake the system. I've tried metallic tweezers; no luck. And I don't own a Lynx AC adapter. What can be done to remove it other than unscrewing the system(doing this would certainly void my Game Dude warranty, if there is any still left, as one of the screw holes is covered by the silver game dude sticker.). No, I am not planning on buying a Lynx model II anytime soon, so that's out of the question. Pic is not my individual Lynx, but it is the model Lynx I currently have.
  23. In case anyone who in interested isn't tracking... The 3DS, (specifically the New 3DS) has recently gotten ports of Stella, Prosystem, Handy, O2EM, Virtual Jaguar, 4DO, and more via RetroArch/LibRetro. Emulation of these systems run full speed: 2600 7800 Lynx Vectrex Odyssey2 Game & Watch Near full speed: CPS3 Interesting, but not fast enough to be considered playable: 3DO Jaguar These are not yet part of the official build, but can be found in posts by MrHuu in the thread at gbatemp. He plans to make a separate thread at some point, but as of the time of this posting, the builds are posted at page 270 (Stella, Vectrex, & Prosystem), page 273 (Handy, O2EM, VirtualJaguar, & 4DO), page 275 (Game & Watch), and page 279 (CPS3). MrHuu also posted a playlist generator here. Also interesting is that on a New 3DS (not XL), the screen size when set to "integer" is exactly the same as the screen size on a real Lynx.
  24. Hi i want to sell my Lynx Homebrew/Prototype Games. Raiden -complete- 115€ Alpine Games (Final Run) 150€
  25. I picked up my first Lynx and about 30 games at the weekend. It's a Lynx II in great condition, and with it came two other brand new and boxed but non-working Lynx IIs. They were dead on arrival when they were new, so even if I can't get them working they might be useful for spare parts. Dead Lynx A completely unresponsive: I tried with both fresh batteries and a Lynx PSU and there is no response when I press the 'on' button. I tried connecting the negative battery terminal to the negative (ground?) pin of the speaker jack (which I saw in a YouTube video) - when I did this the screen backlight comes on but there is still no response. Problem Lynx B works perfectly except for the screen display being fixed solid black. The backlight switches on and off, sound plays, buttons respond etc., but the 'brightness' setting does nothing. Again I tried both batteries and a PSU. I tried switching over the motherboards of these two machines, to see if Lynx B's problem is just with its screen, but there was still just a solid black image. I was wondering if I could swap a McWill screen into this machine, but I'm not sure if this problem would persist with that screen too- is there any way I can test whether that would work? Is there any other A/B testing I can do between these two machines to help identify the problem components? Are there any other standard things I can test for? Thanks in advance!
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