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Found 64 results

  1. From the album: My Game Collection

    My Mattel Intellivision console
  2. I'm trying to get my head around the compatibility of the Aquarius mini-expander soundchip, It's seems that it is the less common AY-8914 is this correct? If so how does this effect porting sound from another Z80 based system that might use an AY-8910 or AY-8912 are they functionally identical in regards to programming? Finally is it exact same chip in the Intellivision? Barnie
  3. MY COLLECTION HI everyone, I'm Lorenzo, I'm collector of Intellivision cassettes and I live in Italy. I want to show my collection of various photographs, which I have done over of these years. It is detailed photos, which reveal all the contents of the cassettes. I would start with the photographs of the legendary 125, and I just took a cue from beautiful lists that made cmarts, in his post "original-125-checklist". Then they will have pictures of my entire collection, which now has 456 well-game cassettes Intellivision, with over 80 double boxes, 105 boxes NEW, and differences between various boxes, booklets and various versions. To put all my photos, I think it will take days, so, be patient .. There will also be photos showing the various versions of the box. Will follow in the end, more and more of miscellaneous photos of the magnificent Mattel world. I begin with 125, which in my case will be 124, because to me is still missing, Spyker Super Pro Volleyball, of which I have only the REPOBOX and 2 overlays ... you do not have one for me? ...Today the my 124... Action Network(14) Arcade Network(1) Gaming Network(4) Learning Network(2) Space Network(4) Sports Network(11) Strategy Network(5) Non Network Games(10) Intellivoice(4) INTV Corporation(21) Dextell Ltd(2) Activision(7) Atarisoft(3) Coleco( eight) Imagic(14) Interphase(2) Parker Brothers(6) Sega(1) Also I want to be a silver member ...to be continue...
  4. Hello, Back in the early 1980s I was yearning for the computer component for the Intellivision. I didn't get any magazines and the Internet was not around then so I had no clue that it was scrapped and the ECS would take its place. My parents knew that I wanted to get the computer expansion for my INTV and during the Xmas of 81 (maybe)my parents got me a new 13 inch color TV. I had been using a 12 inch black and white that was dying Anyway, one of the reasons my parents picked this particular TV out for me was that it was made for Mattel Electronics Aquarius Computer. I was not sure what the Aquarius was and it didn't really matter because later that year I got my Atari 800 XL. I have checked the net and didn't see any info regarding the TV. The set itself doesn't indicate anything about Mattel but the box does. I found the box in my parents attic. I still have the TV, but it is buried in my garage. As of 10-15 years ago it still works. Attached are the pictures of the box depicting the Mattel stickers. Does anyone know anything about this? The unit was purchased at Kiddie City a toy store competitor to Toys R Us. It was owned by the Lionel corporation.
  5. I've been playing around with REXPaint (A fork of Asciipaint) to find something to help with screen and graphics creation. As a start I've created some Aquarius font png's to drop into REXPaint: Download REXPaint and add the png's to the \data\fonts directory of the program and edit the _config.xt file to add the following lines: Still early day's yet, the default screen is bigger than on the Aquarius so may be possible to use it as a virtual map? I also need to have a look at exporting from REXPaint to make use of the data all help appreciated!
  6. Folks, At this point I'm wondering if anyone has a complete Intellivision for sale (all cables and hookups, controllers, a few games)? My interest in this system is starting to grow, so as of right now I'm inquiring to see if anyone has one available. It would have to have a few games for it, boxed or cart only. Please send me a price via PM so we can talk about it. I can also trade a Gamecube (silver) with some games if you'd like that. This would come with at least one controller, but I would have to do some hunting to find everything if you're interested in it. Powered up about a month ago and works fine. Thanks for looking! Steve
  7. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to part with, and tell me how much you want for it.
  8. I do a review and comparison of the two handheld electronic baseball games that started the craze in 1978.
  9. I'm looking to resurrect some of my attempts at Aquarius programming and seeing a activity on the ZX81 recently there is some mileage in lowres pixel style games. Is anyone planning or working on anything at the present?
  10. The Eyeball Mural

    M Network

    From the album: Logos

    The logo for M Network, the branch of Mattel Electronics that developed and published games for the Atari 2600.

    © Image by The Eyeball Mural, no rights reserved. M Network intellectual properties belong to Intellivision Productions.

  11. Intymike

    Price tag on Backgammon

    From the album: Intymike´s collection

    Price tag of a computer & videogame store that was once in Cologne Germany.

    © photo by Michael Luenzer

  12. From the album: My Collection

    Currently houses all but two games in my collection (boxes were too tall)
  13. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to part with, and tell me how much you want for it.
  14. BootLoader Basic is the new version to create bootable BASIC programs on the Aquarius. Together with the Virtual Aquarius, BL Basic provides a complete environment to create, test and dump your BASIC programs. No more hussle with external scripts to create your ROM. BL Basic adds the following commands and functions: - CLS - Clear screen Syntax: CLS - LOCATE - Position on screen Syntax: LOCATE col, row - OUT - I/O Output data to port Syntax: OUT port, data - PSG - Program PSG directly register, value Syntax: PSG register, value [, ...] - IN() - I/O Input data from port Syntax: n = IN( port ) - JOY() - Read joystick Syntax: j = JOY( n ) n - 0 will read left or right - 1 will read left joystick only - 2 will read right joystick only - LDUMP This command will export the BASIC program to ROM file using the printer interface of the Virtual Aquarius All these commands (except LDUMP) can be used in your own ROM file as well. To create your own BASIC ROM: Load the BLBASIC.ROM in the Virtual Aquarius. Next load your BASIC program by typing, quick type or load cassette. Type the command LDUMP IMPORTANT: Before pressing RETURN check the Virtual Aquarius printer settings! Go to Configure -> Printer and configure the "Filename for Printer Output" Make sure you send the output to a new file (!) After checking the printer settings press RETURN at the LDUMP command That's it! Rename the output file extension from .txt to .rom or .bin and load the file into the Virtual Aquarius. The zip file includes the following: README.TXT - this text BLBASIC.ROM - ROM to load into the Virtual Aquarius SOURCE.ZIP - Z80 assembly code to create BLBASIC BLBasic.zip Regs, Martin
  15. Hi all, I've been hunting for Peter Goode's rare Aquarius Program Book (mentioned in this old thread) for almost a year, and I finally tracked down an eBay UK seller who was willing to ship it my way. I've now scanned the book and uploaded it to the Internet Archive (and attached it to this thread), so it is rare no longer. I haven't typed in any of the programs yet, so if you do, please share the results here. ========== Nathan metopal.com pre83.com Peter Goode - The Aquarius Program Book (1983).pdf
  16. As a kid I got most of Mattel Electronics handhelds. Always treated them fairly well and kept the boxes, instructions, etc. For the last 30+ years, every few years or so, I'll take them out and play a few games. This week, when I took out Mattel Electronics Auto Race, it seemed to have died. After some fiddling, I managed to fix it. Here's a summary, in the hopes that someone else out there with a similar problem might be able to fix theirs also... Last time I played the game a few years ago, for the first time in maybe 7-8 years, I noticed that the LED's were kind of flickery (which I didn't remember them being years ago), and the game seemed to play slower than I remembered. Also, sometimes you'd have to turn the on/off switch a couple times to get the game to start....sometimes you'd turn it on and there'd just be faint blips scattered on the screen, or the screen would stay black. Oh well, it mostly worked, so I didn't mess with it. The other day I went to play the game and couldn't get it to play at all. Turning the switch to 'start' usually did nothing. Occasionally if you flicked back and forth, or wiggled it around a bit, you could get some random blips to show up, but it wouldn't actually play. So I decided to take it apart and take a look. The big problem with these Mattel handhelds? Those stupid triangle screws. 2 solutions that I know of. One (the good way), is to find a 3-sided, triangular shaped metal file that tapers to a small traingular point. I've got one from my grandfather, must be 75 years old, that just fits the screws pretty good. Not sure if they still make/sell files like this, but there ya go. Second (the bad way), is to just carefully drill out the screws using a drillbit just slightly smaller than the screw head. You'll get it apart, but will later have to superglue the case back together (or use rubber bands to hold it). Pull the steering button off - it was difficult on mine, but if you just keep pulling straight up and *carefully* wiggling it back and forth, it eventually pops off. Now you can remove the entire circuit board and take a good look. I assumed the problem was with the on/off switch. First I tried using wires with small alligator clips to jump the posts attaching the switch to the board, thus bypassing it and making the game always be "on". Doing that, the game would sometimes come on and play the way it had a few years ago....flickery LED's and seemingly slower gameplay. Sometimes the screen would just get random garbage blips on it. Sometimes it would start to play, and then crap out. Hmmm. Maybe not the switch, maybe one of the components is just fried. Then I was noticing a small "pot"...a little circular thing with a slot in it that you can turn with a screwdriver. You often see these in old computers (like the Atari 8-bits), and videogame systems, where it works as a color adjustment knob. Why is it in this Auto Race game??? I turned it a bit. After doing so, the game played flawlessly again....solid bright LED's, it played faster (the way I remember it being originally), and oddly enough the On/Off switch works fine all the time - it's no longer flakey. Turns out that little adjustment knob controls the speed of the game. If you play around with it you can make the game play slower or faster. So what happened? I guess after not being moved for 40 years the contacts got worn/corroded/whatever. Just moving it a bit moved the contacts to a 'fresh spot' and solved the problem. If you have a Mattel Electronics Auto Race game that seems dead, broken, acts strangely, or the start switch seems to be messed up, give this a shot. Hopefully someone else benefits from the info (because I myself was searching for "Mattel Auto Race repair" and came up with nothing!).
  17. From the album: My Collection

    These four consoles are by far the cheapest to buy and easiest to collect for. If you want to collect for Studio II, Astrocade, Channel F, Arcadia 2001 (Why are there so many of these?), APF-MP1000, Creativision, Adventure Vision, 5200(?), or vectrex (Sadly) you are a bit crazy perhaps. I'm looking at the Wikipedia page for second generation consoles... Why are there so many?!? No wonder the market crashed There were like... 18 different consoles worldwide... and that's just silly.
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