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Found 40 results

  1. From the album: INTV

    New daughter board used for Inty RGB mod - made wiring/soldering mini DIN connector much easier.

    © TJW 2019

  2. From the album: INTV

    Inty RGB board soldered up

    © TJW 2019

  3. From the album: INTV

    Intellivision RGB mod installed. RGB board mounted on mobo instead of inside case.

    © TJW2019

  4. So I made a bunch of RGB, S-Video, and AV mod kits for various systems. They are all licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 I do not know anything about who has the intellectual property rights to the circuits themselves, I only designed the boards. [i will eventually go back and either link sources or come up with my own circuits to negate potential claims] on a related note I need an O-scope If someone has a claim and does not want these listed/sold etc, PM me or something. I only sell the ones that I have rights to. (To clarify the THS7314 RGB mod kits I sell are pretty much exactly what is in the specs in the PDF for the thing itself. I have rights only over the physical board design) Specifically for personal use and or installing inside of other peoples systems I don't care at all if you print these and install them as part of a 'mod service'. https://easyeda.com/hotdog6394
  5. Links Website Notes Composite, S-Video, and RGB output Easy install if TIA is socketed Six different color palettes Supports NTSC and PAL Premade kit available 4 Switcher Installation Guide
  6. From the album: INTV

    The Intellivision RGB mod, all buttoned up in a Sears SVA and looking mighty fine on my 43" Vizio D series HDTV, in glorious 1080p.

    © TJW 2019

  7. SiLic0ne t0aD

    Inty RGB

    From the album: INTV

    Intellivision RGB mod completed. Testing before reassembly. Using cheap Chinese converter/scaler since timing is incompatible with OSSC.

    © TJW 2019

  8. From the album: SCART-Genie

    SCART-Genie v1.0 designed by Chris Schneider (me). Allows for easy connect of Geneve 9640 to a SCART enabled monitor. Sync Cleaner enabled circuit Internally powered Internal/External speaker selection

    © Copyright 2018 Chris Schneider

  9. Shift838

    SCART-Geneive v1.0

    From the album: SCART-Genie

    SCART-Genie v1.0 designed by Chris Schneider (me). Allows for easy connect of Geneve 9640 to a SCART enabled monitor. Sync Cleaner enabled circuit Internally powered Internal/External speaker selection

    © Copyright 2018 Chris Schneider

  10. I recently acquired a CGL M5. Its a machine I've wanted since they first came out. I loved the design of the Sord M5, and even though the CGL version doesn't share the Sord's elegant "M5" logo, it wasn't very expensive and allowed me to explore the great "M5 Multi II" multi-game ROM made and sold by Charlie Robson. Now this post may be in the wrong forum. But you guys know TI hardware better than anyone, and the CGL M5 uses the TMS9929A VDP also found in European spec TI99/4As among many other machines. The M5 then converts the R-Y, Y, B-Y output to composite PAL. But my monitor is a North American Commodore 1084, and expects composite NTSC or RGB. I've looked around for a 9929A to RGB conversion schematic, and there are a few, including the one linked in this document from a Sega SC3000 forum: http://www.smspower.org/forums/2325-RYBYYOutputFromSC3000VDPTMS9929 But I also see that some people have tried this approach and met with mixed results, including one ColecoVision owner who it seemed may have fried his machine in the effort (see post 26) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/110598-colecovision-av-out/page-2 This guy has a neat looking board that it seems would make pulling RGB from the TMS9929A straight forward, and has generously shared all the schematics and build files, but since I have never had a board made before I am way out of my depth on this one: https://hackaday.io/project/13056-tms9929a-rgb-and-component-adapter So another approach might be to convert the CGL M5 to use a TMS9918A instead? Can that be done? From an evening spent looking at websites, it seems I might be able to remove the 9929A and insert the 9918A. Leave pins 35 and 38 NC, and then drive pin 36 directly to the RCA jack. I'd need to replace the oscillator too to get the right color signal for NTSC, and probably burn a Sord NTSC BIOS so that the unit reports itself as NTSC to those games that depend on timing. So how insane is the replacement plan? Would it work in theory? Assuming there isn't something else in the Sord's design that prevents it? Can you tap composite NTSC right off pin 36 of the VDP? What else would I need? Diodes? Resistors? And if these questions are worthy of a face palm, should I just go hunt for a native NTSC Sord model? I can also lug my Sony PVM out of the closet which has PAL and NTSC Composite and S-Video, but doesn't have RGB, so the Amiga and ST displays look awful. Thanks for any pointers.
  11. I put together a few INTYs with RGB and power LED, I've one for sale now. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 232273666426 I realize I'm no veteran so here are links to my work... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/262378-intellivision-rgb-install/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/263108-intellivision-power-led-light-pipe/
  12. Does anyone happen to have the precise RGB color codes for the standard TI-99/4A color palette? I am trying my hand at porting some of my old programs and want to keep a similar aesthetic. TI Color Codes: 2 - Black 3 - Medium Green 4 - Light Green 5 - Dark Blue 6 - Light Blue 7 - Dark Red 8 - Cyan 9 - Medium Red 10 - Light Red 11 - Dark Yellow 12 - Light Yellow 13 - Dark Green 14 - Magenta 15 - Gray 16 - White RGB Equivalents? ... Thanks! Zachary
  13. Evening guys, I originally had a broadcast signal converter that I could plug all my 8 and 16 bit'ers into and fed nicely into the VGA port on a 25" Philips monitor but unfortunately DHL in my local country have made sure I'm never going to get it back after sending it for repair. The signal converter allowed lots of different resolutions and aspect ratios and was virtually limitless in the signals it would accept. Here in Ecuador there are a huge amount of 15-17" CRT's and LCD's and virtually nothing with S-Video inputs or that will accept happily the PAL composite video that my 800XL is knocking out. I have tried a $20 S-Video/Composite to VGA converter which gave me nice multicoloured blurred text on everything that I plugged into it (including a Raspberry Pi). So I'm looking to connect to VGA, especially as I still prefer the look of CRT's for my vintage machines. So, rather than going UAV now, I'm looking at getting a Sophia Board. I've tried reading through the Sophia threads but struggling to get a clear answer to some queries before I start hassling Simius with an order. I could do with hearing some experiences of other users findings. Firstly, the Sophia Rev.B is shown as RGB. Is this directly compatible with VGA or would it feed into one of the Arcade RGB to VGA GBS8200 converters found on Ebay? I ask about this board in particular because I'm getting one for an Amstrad CPC 6128 and could probably build a switch to shift between the tow machines. Secondly, regardless of this going VGA directly, or through an RGB converter, do I need to determine the resolution when I order the Sophia? Some of the monitors here are 1024 x768 and others 1280x1024. Are these the correct aspect ratios to be as similar as possible to old CRT TV's that the Atari's would have plugged into originally? Thirdly, if I end up having to order the DVI version, presumably there's a 1280x1024 option available, will I get black bars on the left and right of my full HD monitor to keep the aspect ratio or is it more likely to stretch to the whole screen or black borders on all sides with a tiny image in the middle? Lastly, is Simius based in Europe, or in the US, as I need to find out the best method of getting it to me without using couriers? USPS tracked service is ideal, but if it's coming from Europe then I'd need to get it shipped to the UK first to be forwarded by Royal Mail. Apologies for the long post and multiple questions. If you've any further advice or help to offer (unused Sophia Board??) please let me know, and thank you in advance.
  14. I have a Magnavox 8CM515 monitor that I would like to use with a Genesis or SNES. However the analog RGB input has H and V sync while my game consoles have composite sync. Does anybody know if the 8CM515 will work with composite sync? Do I have to make a sync separator? What about the Commodore 1902A? I swear it looks like the same monitor from the back.
  15. Hello all Signed up here to ask for help regarding RGB output for G7000 / G7400. In short, I need to record a bunch of videos of various Videopac games for my project 8bitmemoirs.com For this reason, one of my mates have modded my G7000 to have RGB output, but it's displaying wrong colours. I found a video on YouTube demonstrating the exact same problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct6Wv3eyPzM#t=2m20s Notice the red and blue is way too dark. That's not how the colours are supposed to look in that game ("Race"). So for a short while I gave up on RGB and asked my mate to instead put in a composite mod, which he did, and it works but the picture is just as awful as an RF signal. Therefor I'm back to hunting a good RGB solution signal now. So I have 3 questions for you all: 1) Does anyone know why the colours are too dark with an RGB mod for G7000? Is there anything we can do about it? 2) Is the RGB output better on the G7400? And is it easy to add an RGB mod to the G7400 that doesn't come with one pre-installed? 3) Are there anyone here who has a spare G7400 with RGB output they'd be interesting in selling? Some pictures demonstrating my problem: http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?88818-Help-requested-for-RGB-output-for-Philips-G7000-Videopac Thanks!
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