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Found 112 results

  1. Copied over from another page: Deciding to let about 3/4ths of my collection go. I'm wanting to get closer to my 100% CIB N64 goal, as well as money to buy another car. The only trades that I will consider are for Nintendo 64 game boxes, manuals, or CIBs. Not doing "game for game" trades. NES carts and boxes can be shipped in a plastic protector upon request. Games can be polished upon request as well. Please, no time wasters!!! Trying to do bigger deals so I can move all this stuff quickly! Please send me a message and comment that you have done so. There is a LOT MORE than what is pictured, so just ask. I have tons of other things! Thanks! P.S. I will only be available on the weekend but will try to respond to questions during the week. USA Shipping only! P.S.S. If you would like a list of the games, feel free to send me a message and I can get you a list ASAP!
  2. Up for sale or trade is a like new Super Retro Advance adapter for your SNES so you can play Gameboy Advance games on the tv and use the wonderful SNES controller. It comes with the A/V cables but no box. Looking for about $30 or I would very happily trade it for a gameboy player with disc for the gamecube so I could do what I originally intended and use my Ez Flash 4. PM me...
  3. Often the Japanese Super Famicom game covers are much different than the North American Super Nintendo covers. In this video I show and compare different covers. It’s East vs West! Does anybody collect Super Famicom games here?
  4. Selling (or trading for Amazon Gift Cards only ) my available list of games...I have a LOT of overstock from handhelds (gb/gba/gbc...some cib) to current gen...please take a look...I do make bundled discounts and sometimes give free shipping for bigger orders in U.S. Please PM me with any interest. Thanks for looking! Available list: http://gametz.com/usertab/FibroFreak78/tab/AllAvailable.html
  5. OK, I am clearing out a bunch of stuff I had in storage. I am on the east coast so shipping can get steep for west coasters. KLOV Feedback: http://forums.arcade...der.php?u=49124 Ebay Feedback: http://feedback.ebay...tab=AllFeedback Sears Video Arcade II w/ two controllers sans power adapter. I tested this using a Genesis power adapter and it tested out A-OK (on Hold Tom Brazil) Atari 7800 with 3 controllers, two power adapters. I am missing the TV adapter I tried using a NES/SMS adapter and both gave me static. Not sure if it is because of the adapter or if the 7800 is having issues. MMAO Odyssey 2 with 9 games. The original power adapter is bunk, but, works great with an NES adapter which I will include. $50 OBO Photos:http://s1209.photobu...2?sort=3&page=1 * denotes loose cart Hockey/Soccer The Quest for the Rings Conquest of the World Football (box pretty has come undone) Speedway/Spinout/Crypto-Logic Thunderball *Another Speedway/Spinout/Crypto-Logic *Bowling/Basketball *Invaders from Hyperspace SNES w/ 13 games. Missing original controllers, but I will toss in an arcade stick. All games have been tested and working. No yellowing on the console. (SOLD) Super Buster Bros. MKII PaperBoy 2 Star Wars Super Empire Strikes Back Scooby Doo Mystery Brett Hull Hockey Troy Aikman Football Ken Griffey JR NFL Quaterback Club Super PLay Action Football NCAA Football Championship Soccer 94 Techmo Super NBA Basketball
  6. So long story short, I'm cleaning out my closet of items I don't want or need. Almost everything here is free with the cost of shipping. There's a few items I'll have a price on, but most of it's going to be free in general. For the first three days, I'm going to limit how many free items you can claim. (This is to keep someone from just trying to claim everything and/or a majority in one shot.) Then I'll wait for three days to ship anything to give the free claiming people a chance to basically go to town on whatever is left. (Also to be sure I have proper packing material and boxes for what I'm shipping and to whom I'm shipping to.) After a week goes past, I'm going to toss anything that doesn't find a home. All games below have been tested and work. Any parts/pieces below should be in decent condition and are simply spare parts I've pulled off of items. I can give better details and pictures of anything upon request. AGAIN! Only a few of the items below have a price tag and most other things are simply being given away. I do require shipping money but that shouldn't be too bad. Final note!... Apologizing now for the order of the list here. There are a lot of random items, and I'm not putting it in any kind of specific order. EDIT - Added a few more items I found and forgot to post up. Nothing too fancy I'm afraid at this point. Newest items are at the top. BE SURE TO POST WHAT YOU ARE CLAIMING BEFORE YOU SEND A MESSAGE! Pokemon Black and White guide, Black and White 2 guide, and Black and White Pokedex. A card game I backed on Kickstarter. It's kind of a card-improv game. There are multiple ways to play, but basically it comes down to you describe how the person/creature/whatever on your card would win a fight. It need some work. (Also the company that made it went under COMPLETELY! LOL) Icewind Dale (Complete in Box) - It has everything with it, and it's all in great condition! I couldn't really test this one out, but the discs look very nice and mint. $8 I also have 8 spare computer power cables. Not sure how or even where I got them all at this point... (Nobody seems interested in these I guess? lol) Half a NDS lite shell and the buttons. Yeaaaah, I attempted to make a GBA Macro, DS phat, whatever you want to call it and failed. Here's the nicely painted bottom half and the buttons. Also have one of the speakers, the battery, the wifi adapter from inside it, and a replacement screen for a GBA SP. Also the screws! And finally... some music CDs and cassette tapes! Nothing overly wonderful here, but it all works so.... yeah. CDs left - Scott Pilgrim soundtrack and Metric - Fantasies.
  7. What happened to the SNES High Score Club? It's not listed with the other high score clubs on the main page. I see that it finished up its first season back in February. Does anyone else, besides myself, have any interest in continuing it? There's loads of great games that would be fun for a points challenge.
  8. 1) PRICES ARE SHIPPED IN U.S. w/ TRACKING (PP fee final total is there, or gifted PP is fine to w/o fees, ur choice) 2) PICS ARE OF ACTUAL ITEMS U WILL BE RECEIVING, ANY OTHER QUESTIONS ABOUT ITEMS, PLEASE ASK! NEED A PIC? SHOOT ME UR EMAIL! 3) SELLING ONLY, NO TRADES PLSE, I HAVE LESS THAN $60 TO MY NAME RIGHT NOW DO TO SOME UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES 4) BUNDLE PRICES CAN BE MADE!! 5) MORE ITEMS WILL SLOWLY BE ADDED, (CIB= Cart, inst, box...) *N64* (CIB) Ogre battle 64 90 (93 PP fees total) harvest moon 64 115 (118.74 pp fees total) *SNES* (CIB) Arcana 45 harvest moon 355 (365.91 pp fees total) dragon view 110 (113.60 pp fees total) soul blazer 125 *GB* (CIB) Sword of Hope II (w/ poster) $145 (149.64 pp fees total) Extra Oddities CIB VG+ $125 (129.00 pp fees total) CIB (discontinued from Retrozone) $110 (113.60 pp fees total) Link CD-I $110 (113.60 pp fees total) Robinson's Requiem 3DO w/Custom case $50 TMNT Hyperstone $50 ($51.80 PP fees) Phantasm (has all (8?) discs, case/art, etc) $95 ($97PP fees) **CLASSIC CARTS** Super Smash Bros. N64 Cart $50 LOZ Ocarina Cart vg $25 harvest moon 64 cart vg $50 Mario party cart vg $33 (w/ manual $38) Mario Kart 64 $30
  9. Has no rear art...disc in great shape w/ manual as shown. Looking for a couple small bundles, mix and match...like any of these: nes, genny, dreamcast, snes, saturn, n64, ps2...consoles MUST be tested prior and be working...no third party controllers - but must all have hook ups and original controller(s)...a game or 2 thrown in is cool too...lmk what ur offering and thanks!
  10. Hi all... VERY VERY long shot here, but i'm looking to put some of my systems away and want to get the boxes they originally came in. I'm looking for... SNES (Gen 1) - FOUND!!! Genesis (Gen 2) 32X Dreamcast Jaguar Atari STFM or E PS1 (Gen 1) PS2 - FOUND!!! Cardboard or styro inserts would be a huge plus, manuals and other media not important. Really hoping someone can help! Thanks for reading!!!
  11. Hello, my name is Gabe, I'm a classic gaming enthusiast & collector. Times are tough & I can no longer afford to keep my classic game collection. I am now selling it off. I am not a dealer. Once the games are sold, they're gone. Pictures of items can be found here: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/36418620/1/For%20Sale?h=9abe48 Prices for individual items have been set to aprox. 40%-off the most common going rates on-line. Item & price list can be found here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36418620/Craigslist%20Ad%20v3.html The entirety of the collection, minus sold items, is currently valued at $1,622.00. At 40% off it's $973.00 If you're interested in purchasing the entire collection, I'm willing to negotiate on price. Make me an offer. Again I'd like to point out that I'm just a classic game collector, not a professional internet vendor. Because of this, at this point in time I don't have little buyer feedback--I don't have a history of selling things via auction sites, or other sites like amazon.com. Anything sold in the past using the internet has been locally via craigslist. Because of this I can submit no immediate buyer feedback at this time. However, buyer's comfort, trust & satisfaction is very very important to me. If you send me a private message (PM)with your first name & the game titles you're interested in, I'll send you my phone number. We can discuss the specifics of the order over the phone. I believe if you have a chance to talk to me, you can get a better feel for who I am. Also I'm willing to negotiate for how the transaction is handled (example: a portion of the total sum paid up front, & the rest paid upon receipt of delivery). Your comfort, trust & satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me, & I will do my absolute best to accommodate you. And of course, If you're not satisfied with any item, I'll happily refund 100% of your money upon return receipt.
  12. Hey! I have a problem, and need some help I've tried connecting my SNES (and N64) to my Optoma HD20 projector. I've done this using a composite (yellow RCA), however the projector registers no signal. Using the same cable I had no problem connecting my Gamecube to the projector, works like a charm. So Ì've concluded that the projector and the cable works as the should, but why am I not getting a signal with the SNES or N64? Is it something with the signal the modern projectors can't use? Is there a work around? Tried googling around and couldn't find an answer. As I'm swedish, I'm using the PAL-version of all consoles. Thanks for any and all help!
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