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Found 47 results

  1. The interface for a good assembler is just like a text editor, with extra features added to make assembly easier. Take a look at this simulated screenshot, inspired by the Apple ][. This is a multiply routine for the Motorola 68000: There are several things that would make this more of an assembler than a word processor: Under the label "Multiply," there is a blue line stretching across the screen. You could toggle this on or off. Under this line can be shown information about the subroutine (e.g. input/output). Each line of code is indented automatically. The local labels have a period before them, and are not indented. There is a red "+" before the label. Clicking it changes it to a "-" and makes the code disappear. You could click the "-" to make the code reappear. Whether the code is folded or not, it's compiled when requested. When compiled, the branches with the ".s" extension will resolve to a ".b" (8-bit) or ".w" (16-bit) displacement, whichever is the shortest possible. If the extension is left off, assume it to be ".s". That way, you don't have to figure it out yourself. In this example, the screen is 480x360 pixels. Characters are 7 pixels across and 8 pixels down, just like on the Apple ][. In system RAM, this could be handled with one table telling which ASCII character to show (one byte per character), and another table to tell the background/foreground colors for each cell (in each byte, there are 4 bits for background color and 4 bits for background color). By default, the line under labels is enabled, tab width is 8 characters, lines after labels and code automatically indent, and code is not folded. When a mouse is used, the character that the mouse is pointing to is shown in a different color (for example, in the above screen, it would be shown as a white cell with a blue character). Characters would be stored as ASCII. The blue underline is toggled on/off with a control byte, and the tab width is also controlled using a certain byte. You could use any programming language you want, be it 6502, 68K, Z80, BASIC, etc. Regarding the keyboard, there could be additional keys based on what programming language you use. In addition to a regular ASCII keyboard, there could be attachments you could just snap on. For example, a 6502 keyboard attachment might have buttons labeled "LDA," "STA," "CLC," "SEC," "ADC," and "SBC." Next, I'll mention some enhancements you could make to the screen.
  2. Looking for the following games one each system- Make sure the labels are in great condition (No rips, discoloration, peeling, or fallen off) Sega Genesis- *Games MUST come with case and must be in great condition. Manual is optional though. *Also no Mega Hits versions Pac Mania $6 Chakan $6 Mutant League Football $8 Thunder Force II $12 Ghouls N' Ghosts $13 Phantasy Star 2 $15 Phantasy Star 3 $15 Phantasy Star 4 $15 Mystic Defender $7 Nintendo 64- *No Players Choice versions, please. *For Star Fox 64, please make sure the back labels say "Patents issued and pending" instead of the newer ones that say "More patents issued and pending" Gauntlet Legends $15 Star Fox 64 $10 Robotron 64 $10 Glover $10 Mortal Kombat 4 $10 Yoshi Story $10 Mario Golf $15 Ogre Battle 64 $30 Extreme-G $5 Sega Saturn- *All games must come COMPLETE IN BOX (Manual and Case), no broken hinges please. In the Hunt $25 Tempest 2000 $25 Mass Destruction $25 Clockwork Knight 2 $30 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 $30 Astal $30 Atari 2600- *Asking prices are 4 dollars for each Chopper Command Circus Atari (I will trade you my text label version for the picture label version) Demons to Diamonds (Picture Label Version) Jr. Pac Man Return of the Jedi Robot Tanx Star Wars Video Pinball (Lower Case Version) NES- *Make sure the contacts are clean - they are VERY difficult for me to clean for some odd reason. The Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link (Gold Cartridge) $15 Kirby's Adventure $15 Donkey Kong $10 Donkey Kong Jr. $10 Donkey Kong 3 $10 Balloon Fight $10 Mario Bros. (NOT Super Mario Bros.) $10 Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse $15 Ducktales $15 Mega Man 1-6 $15 each PlayStation 1- *No greatest hits variants, please. Make sure disc and case are in great condition. Jumping Flash 2 $15 Wild Arms $25 Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (I will trade you my greatest hits version for this one) Spyro the Dragon $10 (I will trade you my collector's edition version for this one) Spryo 2: Ripto's Rage (Disc Only, Original Version please) $10 Devil Dice $10 Doom (Longbox) $20 Die Hard Trilogy (I will trade you my greatest hits version for this one) Rayman $20 Pac Man World (I will trade you my greatest hits version for this one) Mortal Kombat Trilogy $15 Master System- *Complete in Box, please Alex Kidd in Miracle World $20 Rampage $10 Ghostbusters $15 Fantasy Zone $20 Penguin Land $10 Dreamcast- *No re-issues, please Outtrigger $15 Crazy Taxi 1 $10 Jet Grind Radio $15 Sonic Adventure 2 $20 Super Nintendo (SNES)- Killer Instinct $15 Super Mario RPG $40 Yoshi's Cookie $10 Tetris 2 $10 Tetris and Dr. Mario $15 Mortal Kombat 2 $10 Super Metroid $30 Secret of Mana $40 Super Castlevania IV $25 PM me if you have an offer and be sure to include pictures as well. Thanks!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQoGZ0yEdOI&feature=plcp Above is a Video of my Game Room. I know it is a little small and stuff is crammed in there but I am trying my best. The drums aren't always set up they fold away into the closet for the most part. Please enjoy and below is a list of ALL my systems. Thanks for looking and if you guys know why my Jag CD causes interference when attached please let me know. It does it now and it did it back when my Jag was brand new with a brand new CD attachement so I am not sure. XBOX 360 XBOX PS1 PS2 Neo Geo AES Neo Geo MVS Sega Genesis Sega CD Sega 32X Sega Saturn which I forgot to mention, it has Guardian Heros in it. Sega Dreamcast Colecovision Atari 2600 Expansion thingy for the Colecovision Starpath Supercharger. Supercharger interface multiplied the Atari 2600's RAM 49-fold, from its meager built-in 128 bytes to 6,272 bytes, i.e. giving it an extra 6 KB, allowing for larger games with higher resolution graphics. NES SNES N64 GameCube Gamboy Adapter which plays Gameboy, Gameboy color, and Gameboy Advance games Atari Jaguar Atari Jaguar CD Gameroom Classics Mini Arcade Machines The Video is too dark to show a stack of loose 32X carts next to the boxed games.
  4. Hey there guys and gals! I hadn't seen it discussed on here before so I thought I'd point out a neat product I learned about though one of my favorite YouTube tech podcasts: https://youtu.be/X6Z81G8hw8w https://coolnovelties.co.uk/coolnovelties/sega-master-system-1/264-sega-mega-drive-1-genesis-rca-cable-with-stereo-sound.html It seems like a really nice clutter-free way to get stereo sound out of your Model 1 Genesis without a tangled mess of RCA cables, and at $15 shipped to the US it's quite affordable. I went ahead and ordered one and I'll let you folks know what I think of it once it arrives in the mail from the UK in a week or two.
  5. Hey Guys! I love the Sega Genesis and it has always been one of my favorite consoles. I've owned a Sega Genesis for a few years now and have a decent amount of games. Lately, I've been feeling a bit curious and also conflicting with myself on buying a Sega CD or 32X. Are they just things you get for novelty sake? Will I actually have fun with them? If so, what games should I pick up?
  6. HUGE SALE! Just a heads up that I am offering a discount on all the games that I have helped publish. Note that this will be the last time these are available. See picture below for contents, as all games complete complete in case or box. When they are gone, they are gone. Do not wait for a chance to own a limited edition homebrew games for your collection! I am offering the following: Cowltiz Gamers Adventure Nes Homebrew-$40 plus shipping Game Panic II Genesis Homebrew-$30 plus shipping Game Panic II Sega CD Homebrew $15 plus shipping Game Panic Atari 2600 Homebrew $30 plus shipping Catacombs of Chaos Atari 2600 Homebrew $30 plus shipping Ature Atari 2600 Homebrew $30 plus shipping message me if interested. Willing to sign with any purchase.
  7. I know that there are alot of Sega fans here, so I wanted to share a video I did of my own experiences growing up with Sega consoles. What are yours?
  8. What you are about to see is the tip of the iceberg - this is ONLY part one - but if you've never seen an Intellivision or ColecoVision store kiosk before this will blow your freaking mind.
  9. I have one new DUO-M2 Sega Genesis Model 2 Power Adapter listed for sale here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RetroGameCave-DUO-M2-Power-Adapter-Premium-Sega-Genesis-Model-2-Sega-CD-Adapter/143029332841?hash=item214d366b69:g:XnAAAOSwkFZb~Jk- The awesome thing about this power adapter is that, it powers both the Model 2 Genesis and Sega CD with one Adapter. Freeing up one socket in a power strip. It is also very well designed. I am selling this adapter for $20 with free Priority Mail shipping. If you have been wanting to get one of these, here is your best chance.
  10. I was toying around with an inflation calculator and noticed that what Sega lost on the Saturn in its whole life span (267.7 million) adjusted for inflation still isn't as much as what Nintendo is losing on a yearly basis (around 400 million) with the Wii U. So how much poorer was Sega back then (more specifically 1992-1994) than Nintendo is now?
  11. Hey there guys and gals! Just like the title says I'm looking to find an official Sega 6 button Genesis controller (Model # MK-1653) and an official Sega 6 button Genesis arcade stick (Model # MK-1627) both in near mint / like-new condition. I don't need the boxes for either of them since I want them to play with rather than collect and I'm offering $25 shipped for the controller and $50 shipped for the arcade stick. Just shoot me a PM if you happen to have one of either of them in the condition I'm looking for that you'd be interested in selling.
  12. So I got a rather lovely condition copy of NBA Jam: Tournament Edition for the Genesis in the mail the other day, and the first thing I did was check to see if the save system was still working. I powered on the game, went to the saved initials list, and sure enough there were still a dozen or so saved games on the cart. Pleased that the save system was working I decided to clear out all the previous owner's saves by deleting them, then went and started my own game. It didn't take long to realize that the cart wasn't saving my initials and records after turning it off, and a little research revealed that when there are no saves on the cart it needs to be first "initialized" by playing one full head-to-head game with the initials XXX then one full head-to-head game with the initials NBA before it will start saving your games. I followed the instructions to the letter, but every time I power off the cart all the saves (including the one for NBA, it never records a save for XXX at all) are gone. Now clearly the previous owner was able to save their games just fine, but it seems that by deleting the original XXX and NBA initial save files I may have inadvertently killed the cart's ability to save games. Is there any way to fix this or have I just permanently bricked the cart's ability to save by deleting those original XXX and NBA save files? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Up for sale are four (4) flash / multi carts for systems I no longer have. I used them briefly when I bought them only to test them and see their capabilities. I fashioned some old VHS cases to house each cartridge and custom-made the insert from online documentation. The memory cards shown in the photos are included and can be formatted clean at buyer's request. I ship internaltionally out of Canada (C1A1K7) so if you're wondering what shipping costs will be, simply visit CanadaPost.ca and find out. Each cartridge/package measures 13cm x 21cm x 3cm x 0.25kg I accept PayPal only. Here are the flash/multi carts for sale ... Atari 5200 128-in-1 Flash Multi-Cart from Atarimax - asking $50 SOLD Atari 7800 Cuttle Cart 2 - asking $160 SOLD Channel F Multi-Cart - asking $100 SOLD Sega Genesis EverDrive Multi-Cart - asking $50.00 SOLD PM me if you have any questions regarding this sale. Thanks for looking!
  14. I am a small channel and from what all my research tells me to grow I am forced to go the review route. I posted my very first real review on a Sega Genesis game and if anyone can give me some constructive criticism on it I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  15. Greetings everybody and welcome to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive High Score Club League!! This is Season 4: Round 1. This round we are leading off by playing a trifecta of Genesis classics from the Genesis 6 Pak cart. This is the 36th Round of the Genesis/Mega Drive High Score Club on Atariage. I will kick it off a couple days earlier rather than the Sunday February 14th date. This round ends on Midnight Sunday February 21, 2016 Here is the three games from the Genesis 6-Pak that we will be playing this round. Title: Sonic the Hedgehog Developer: Sonic Team Publisher: Sega Released: June 23, 1991 Rules: Start at Green Hill Zone. 5 Bonus points if you beat the game collecting all of the Chaos Emeralds. 1 point bonus if you play the Master System or Game Gear version. Record Score: 279,110 (Retrogamer81081) Title: Columns Developer: Sega Publisher: Sega Released: June 29, 1990 Rules: Arcade Mode. Start at Easy (Level 0). 1 bonus point if you play the Master System or Game Gear Version. Record Score: 6,050,473 (DonPedro) Title: Streets of Rage Developer: Sega Publisher: Sega Released: September 1991 Rules: Normal Difficulty. 1 bonus point for playing the Master System or Game Gear Version. Record Score: 524,700 (NIKON) Scoring: The winner of this round will be the one who has the highest score accumulated in the 3 games combined. Your score in Sonic + Streets of Rage + Columns. And placing is determined from total accumulated scores. In addition to scoring if anyone beats the game's record score, they will receive a 5 point bonus as well. High Score Club Rules: The rules will be posted IN THIS THREAD ONLY. So I won't have to repeat it during each round. Games are to be played by an authentic Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console, clone system, flashback console, or emulation. Continues are not allowed. Game ends after a Game Over or completion of game. You can post your score however many times is neccessary as long as it's between the round's timeframe from start to finish. Cheats of any kind are NOT PERMITTED. No Cheat codes, Game Genies, Cartridge frying, or any other type of enhancer. Anybody caught cheating will be permanently BANNED from future participation in the league. Nobody likes a cheater. You must play the game between during the time it's posted to when it ends to earn points during league play. However you can post scores after the event to challenge the top scores. Scores must be presented between the round timeframe. No photographs of old scores or saved memory from an SD flash drive. Sorry I won't accept your Sonic the Hedgehog 2,000,000 point domination from 1992. Point pressing/farming is discouraged. Screenshots are encouraged but not required. Youtube videos of your performance is absolutley accepted. Scoring for each round is this: 1st Place: 15 Points 2nd Place: 12 Points 3rd Place: 10 Points 4th Place: 8 Points 5th Place: 5 Points 6th Place: 3 Points 7th Place: 2 Points 8th Place and beyond: 1 Point The High Score Club Moderator has the final say and reserves the right to accept and or reject any submitted score. I know there should be no problems as I know all of the participants are legit, very fair and , honest players. The number 1 rule is.......... Let's have some fun!!
  16. Hello! I am looking for a 6 Button controller for the Sega Genesis. I am looking for one with individual Turbo switches and a mode button. If Sega made one like this then that would be optimal but any brand will do if it's good. Also I would be interested in Sega Genesis games if anyone wants to sell a bunch for relatively cheap. That's it for the Genesis. If anyone has the Raiden game for the orginal PlayStation, I'd be interested. Also for the PlayStation, I'd be Market for a high capacity Memory Card, an original gray Dual Shock Controller and a couple of quality arcade sticks. I'm thinking of building a Raiden arcade machine that runs with a PS1.
  17. Hey Everyone! I have a couple of items for sale. I accept offers, so dont hesitate to PM me. My feedback thread here on AA. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/276358-colecogamer/ Will accept trades for any of the following Atari Jaguar games: Custodian Switchblade Escape 2042 Jeff Minter Classics Protector: Special Edition Rebooteroids Any of the ST Ports, minus Commando & Dragonbreed Wonderswan Color - Golden Axe (CIB) $89 OBO + Shipping Kings Valley Colecovision (Brand-New) $55 OBO + Shipping PS1 - Worms World Party (CIB) $25 OBO + Shipping NES - Astyanax (Cart Only) $5 + Shipping
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