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Found 49 results

  1. This week Microsoft announced a new subscription based program called Xbox All Access, which you can find the full details on here: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/08/27/xbox-all-access/ The short version is that for $22 a month you get a brand new Xbox One S system, 24 months of Xbox Live Gold, and 24 months of their Game Pass service (which is much like Netflix for video games). Alternately, for $35 a month you can get an Xbox One X instead of a One S. The catch is that you're locked into a 24 month contract, but once the 24 months is up you own the system and get to keep it; similar to the way mobile phone companies sell phones these days. Personally I think it's a brilliant idea, as there's probably quite a few people who would like to play current generation video games but might not be able to plunk down hundreds of dollars up front for a system. The only hitch in the plan is that it's pretty common knowledge that Microsoft and Sony plan to roll out their next gen systems in a year or so, which makes being locked into a 2 year contract for an aging system a little less attractive. On the flip side, I know that if Nintendo offered the same kind of deal where you got a Switch with their own Game Pass type service that had 100+ current generation games to download for $22 a month I'd run out and sign up today. So I'm curious what you guys and gals think of this new service? Is it something you'd be interested in and could it be the future of console and game distribution?
  2. Found all of this through Facebook a few days ago, all for $35 (the Wii wasn't mentioned in the ad, but it was in the bag). The PS2 (model number 79001) didn't have any cables, so I tested it with my own. Disk didn't spin at first, but that was because a piece of plastic broke off the lid, so it wasn't hitting the trigger. Fixed that and it works great. Haven't tried the Wii yet, but inside is an official 2 gb SD card. I'm going to clean them both up and remove the stickers. I'm probably going to sell them cheap, since they are duplicates. It's nice to find some Atari 2600 games, even common ones like these. I've always wanted Lost Luggage, heard it was fun!
  3. I keep all my ripped movies on an external hard drive and even though I have a dedicated media player for movie watching, I recently started using my Xbox One more and mote (not just for games, but YouTube, radio and other things.) So what's the best media player for the console? I tried the stock app, but it's not very good and I was wondering what other people are using for watching movies on their Xbox One consoles. I want something that supports a lot of files, like MKV, AVI, MP4 and so on and something that's easy to use/setup. Really looking forward to your recommendations! Thanks in advance.
  4. Cleaned, polished, tested, working, and PRICES ARE SHIPPED. Feel free to bundle! I prefer cash or trading a bundle of my stuff for one or two items of similar value. Much love, folks. Thanks for all the games you've given a good home thus far ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NES: Dragon Warrior (in clamshell case) - $12 Metroid (Yellow Label/in clamshell case) - $20 NES OEM controller - $10 Nintendo OEM NES clamshell protective cases (not pictured, about 15 in total) - $5 apiece SNES: Donkey Kong Country 3 - $25 SOLD Final Fantasy II - $40 Gradius III (manual only) - $10 Mario Paint w/ manual - $10 MLBPA Baseball - $6 Mortal Kombat - $15 Pilotwings - $15 Secret of Mana 2 (PAL Reproduction) - $40 Super Mario All-Stars w/ manual - $25 Star Ocean (Reproduction Cart) - $55 Super Metroid - $40 Super Street Fighter 2 - $20 Terranigma (Repro) - $40 AC Adaptor (3rd Party) - $7 N64: Donkey Kong 64 w/ manual and paperwork - $22 (no custom case, can be created if requested) GameShark Pro V3.3 - $35 Goldeneye 007 w/ manual - $25 Mario Kart 64 - $35 Mario Tennis w/ manual - $25 Perfect Dark (Factory Sealed) - $45 Star Wars Episode I Racer w/ manual and paperwork - $13 Super Smash Bros. (CIB) - $90 N64 AC Adapter (3rd Party) - $11 Gamecube: Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue (missing manual) - $12 Hitman 2 - $10 Mario Party 5 - $45 Lego Star Wars - $8 Controllers: Interact SuperPad Black - $14 Mad Catz MicroCon Black - $17 Nyko AirFlo w/ built-in fan - $18 Game Boy Advance: Action Replay GBA (missing logo) - $60 Game Boy Advance Cobalt Blue (battery fully functional, no charger) - $35 Game Shark SP (CIB w/manual, CD rom, USB cable, and promo card) - $180 Pokémon Sapphire (cart only with Nyko protective case, needs new battery) - $17 Wii: Epic Mickey - $8 Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 - $15 Super Paper Mario - $15 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - $15 Wii console box (complete with manual and all inserts/bags/cardboard) - $20 Sega Genesis: (Custom case games in top row, original case/CIB games in bottom row) Alien Storm (game only in custom case) - $20 Bulls Vs. Blazers (Game, new case, all original inserts) - $8 Cool Spot (game in original case) - $13 Mortal Kombat 3 (CIB) - $20 NBA Jam (CIB) - $15 Phantasy Star IV (game only in custom case) - $45 Shaq Fu (game only in custom case) - $8 Sonic the Hedgehog (game and Sega Classic Box) - $15 Super Baseball 2020 (game and original case) - $15 Wayne’s World (game only in custom case) - $13 OEM Genesis 3-Button Controller - $14 Sega Saturn: High Frequency Controller - $15 Daytona USA - $8 Dragon Force - $75 SOLD Fighters Megamix (JAP manual only) - $5 Nights Into Dreams (US Not for Resale Version CIB) - $28 Pebble Beach Golf Links (game, custom case, original back insert and manual, no longbox case) - $8 Sonic R - $35 Virtua Cop (US Not for Resale Jewel Case Version) - $13 Virtua Cop (game and custom case) - $10 Virtua Fighter (US Not for Resale Version CIB) - $15 Imports (CIB except where noted): Astal - $55 Last Bronx - $25 Magical Hoppers - $25 Nights Into Dreams (Game only) - $12 Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash (Satakore) - $80 Sega Dreamcast: Dreamcast Magazine Vol. 4 and 11 in custom cases - $6 each Phantasy Star Online I case only - $6 Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram JAP (Manual Only) - $5 Web Browser 1.0 - $6 XBOX: Original Xbox (console only, untested) - $35 Tetris Worlds/Star Wars: The Clone Wars CIB (includes Xbox Live Trial Promo Card) - $6 Miscellaneous (PS1, PS2, DS): Diddy Kong Racing DS (Case and Game) - $13 Enter the Matrix Player's Guide - $5 NBA Live 2003 CIB (includes NBA Livestyle soundtrack) - $6 Spyro: Year of the Dragon CIB (Greatest Hits) - $23
  5. Is anyone interested in an Xbox One Elite (1TB SSHD) console without the controller? It has been lightly used and it is excellent cosmetic and working condition. It includes the original AC adapter as well as a Nyko Intercooler that connects by USB and attaches to the top of the console. No controller or HDMI cable will be included. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you!
  6. June 9th Update: New items added. June 8th Update: Prices dropped. Working on adding more. I'm looking to sell all the duplicates from my collection. I'm currently going through my collection, removing items as I go. As I find duplicates, I will post them here for sale. All items are priced on the low side to help them move. Free shipping on purchases that contain three or more items. I am Paypal verified. PS3 Game(s): Grand Theft Auto IV (Complete) $8 + Shipping (ALL PS2 games $3.50 ea. + shipping unless otherwise noted) PS2 Game(s): Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Complete) Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (Complete) Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (Brand-New/Factory Sealed) $7.00 + Shipping EOE: Eve of Extinction (No Manual) Xbox: Unreal II: The Awakening (Complete) $5.00 + Shipping Texas Instruments: Parsec (Complete, but writing on box by previous owner.) $6.00 + Shipping Atari 5200: Blue Print (Cartridge Only) $7.50+ Shipping More to come! Thank you for looking. Edit: Added photos.
  7. Well, It's time for The Great Dreygor House Clearing Sale Extravaganza! I am having a convergence of events that dictate that I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff .. building a new house and not wanting to move a bunch of stuff when I move .. taking on a new expensive hobby project (renovating and converting arcade machine .. wouldn't be so bad if I was reselling it, but I am keeping it when I am done) .. and the wife plain simply says I have too much crap laying around and I need to get rid of it! I will be listing everything and will range from video games, toys, IT gear (computers, switches, and other cool stuff) and stuff you did not know you absolutely needed! each post will say what I am looking for however I am open to you making me an offer or even trading .. what my wife doesnt know I aquire wont hurt her! What you see in the picture is what you are getting. I will add stuff in groups at a time as it's time consuming. So it won't all be listed in one day. I would keep checking back to make sure you don't miss that one item you need! PAYMENT: All prices are USD. I accept PayPal ONLY. All sales are final and tech support is not included in the price (that will be extra .. although I do not have much time at the moment). PM me what you want and your offer. I will PM you back either acccepting you offer along with my PayPal address or I will PM you back with a counter offer of telling you to please reconsider your offer. You PayPal me the money the item is yours and I mark it as sold. Easy as that! SHIPPING: I do not tell you how much shipping is up front. I will combine shipping, but let me know everything you are buying so I can try to figure out how to package it for shipment. I will tell you the wieght and the size of the box. At that point you tell me how you want it shipped and pay for it via PayPal. If I get to the post office or UPS and what you paid me is not enough you will get a msg stating what the difference is. If the difference is great enough I will notify you of what USPS and UPS says the cost actually is.. I will ship anywhere in the world you want to pay me to ship it, however you assume all the risk if you do not pay for insurance. By the way this stuff is getting list on multiple sites so if you are thinking about getting something don't wait too long. Original Xbox Games Would like to get rid of these all in one lot. Make me an offer. These are all in cases, almost all have the instructions, and are in good shape. Every game plays. PlayStation 2 Games Would like to get rid of these all in one lot. Make me an offer. These are all in cases, almost all have the instructions, and are in good shape. Some games have surface scratches but does not affect how the game plays. StarTech.com PCIUSB3S4 4-Port PCI SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Adapter Card with SATA/SP4 Power $35 + shipping. Brand new still in sealed box. StarTech HSB4SATSASBA 4 Bay Aluminum Trayless Hot Swap Mobile Rack Backplane for 3.5in SAS II/SATA III - 6 Gbps HDD $65 + shipping. Brand new, unused StarTech.com ICUSBAUDIOB USB Stereo Audio Adapter External Sound Card $8.00 +shipping each. Slightly used, no driver disc you have to download from website. I have four (4) for sale. EnGenius EAP600 N600 High-Power Dual-Band Gigabit Indoor Wireless Access Point $60 + shipping. Brand new and un-used. I have two (2) for sale. EnGenius 802.3af PoE Injector I have two of these for sale. $20 + shipping for the new one and $12 + shipping for the used one NetGear R6300v2 – Smart Wi-Fi Router AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit $35 + shipping. Used but in very good shape. Motorola SurfBoard Extreme SBG6782-AC DOCSIS 3.0 AC1750 Cable Modem WiFi Router with build in MoCA (SBG6782-AC) I am selling two of these.I will let the brand new boxed one go for $150 + shipping and the used one go for $90 + shipping More to come later!
  8. I have 3 Original XBoxs. All of which I was able to softmod. The first one flawless, added a SATA HDD using an adapter(after reading that a 80 wire IDE cable was needed). They way I did was: 1 - Copy Splinter Cell game same to hdd 2 - Copy SID 5.12 game save to hdd 3 - Launch Splinter Cell 4 - Create Backups 5 - Load the dash 6 - FTP to my PC 7 - Copy CHIMP 2.6.8 to hdd 8 - Copy C, E, X, Y, Z drives to PC 9 - Run Xboxhdmv1.9, putting files where they need to be 10 - Run the linux.iso, option 1 11 - Run Xboxhd 12 - Generate Eeprom (opt. 6) 13 - Create Dos Floppy w/Locking tools (opt. 7) 14 - Build New Xbox HD (option 1) 15 - Start Xbox (original Softmodded hdd) 16 - Attach new hdd as slave removing the DVD 17 - Run Chimp 18 - Lock Slave Drive from eeprom.bin 19 - Reboot with new drive as master..Works like a champ Now for #2 and #3 same steps followed but with both of these I could not get chimp to run, was able to lock the disks with xboxhdm but the xboxes would not unlock them. (ERROR 06) And yes I used the eeprom.bin files from the appropriate xboxs. I went through the same process each time. I am able to unlock the drives using xboxhdm. Also, tried 4 different versions of CHIMP no different. Any advise, besides buy a modchip?
  9. UPDATE: now offering 128MB RAM upgrades Email for info. We use NEW chips (not pulled) YouTube video someone did illustrating benefits of having more RAM https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aQvLCdN4ZbQ This is especially good for Coinops users. Cost is $150 for just the motherboard ... discounted costs for TSOP and other features listed below: Send in your Xbox (email for instructions) Base fee for TSOP/soft mod of your sent in Xbox: $160 Additional charges apply for larger hard drive & parts if 2TB is desired. (email me) Base Shipping is always $16 Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box (Just console, no wires or cables) Buy My Pre Modded Xbox: V1.6x can only be softmodded unless you use a mod chip I can get & install mod chips, I can also add SATA drives up to 2TB - PM for pricing Up for sale is a refurbished and custom clear case Original Xbox with a fully operational DVD optical drive that has been TSOP flashed with the EVOX bios & it plays backups, DVD Movies and Commercial Games. It will also boot Sega CD & Turbo Duo CD if you use either emulator correctly... a very nice feature although a bunch of those disc based games are already on board. As well as PS1. While it won't boot PSX discs the PS1 emulator works very well. $200 (clear or custom case mods w/250GB - more if larger drive is desired) UPDATE: added TSOP option where you can have XBMC as a hi-def 720p Dashboard. All content is high def capable already but using XBMC as a dashboard really makes it look nice. Shooting for my mods to work like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KumB340gtUo Coinops 8 R8 combined with a 720p XBMC front end looks amazing With the emulators that are pre-installed you can play everything from the Atari 2600 era all the way up to N64 / PSX era gaming which is quite amazing. I use mine in my arcade cabinet and it performs beautifully that way. Far more reliable than a PC. You can customize the HD yourself using simple FTP apps. Several well known websites have free archives for everything you could ever need for original Xbox. This has every major console emulator w full cartridge libraries on it as well as a full "massive" install of Coinops 8 R4 on either a 250GB, 300GB, or 320GB IDE HD or up to 2TB Western Digital SATA drives Check out what is new in Coinops 8 R4 which was released earlier this month, Including major graphic tweaks that really shine on the Xbox using hi-def component cables (see photo) http://coinopsproject.freeforums.org/coinops-8-r4-released-t5802.html I've itemized costs below so you can save on cost and shipping depending on what you would like Base Cost (no cables or controllers) $175 for 250GB (many available) $185 for 300GB (1 left) $200 for 320GB (2 left) PM for SATA prices Free shipping within USA for just console Add hi def A/V & Power cables: $15 Media Player Wireless Remote: $5 Add "Duke" original Xbox controller or third party "s style" controllers: $5ea Add original Xbox S style controller: $15ea Heavy duty canvas case (holds all cables and a controller): $20 Shipping is additional if you add controllers depending on where you live. I'll cover base shipping cost of $12, anything over that you pay. Check photo for cool clear case and green LED light over refurbished Optical Drive Full 90 Day Warranty Each order comes with a free pair of TORX Allen wrenches so you can take apart the Xbox should you need to
  10. Hey..I have 4 Original Xbox Consoles that I acquired from a yard sale. They all power up and play games nicely. I could care less about Xbox games, I want to make these in to Emulation/Media Boxes. I read dozens of posts and instructions and it all seems fairly straight forward for the softmod with the exception that I do not have a memory card and in October of 2016 you can find a usb stick (off the shelf) that can be read in the console or formatted FATx. So before I spend more money and run into road blocks I had a few questions: 1. Softmod or Mod Chip, do the both do the same thing? Again I don't care Xbox games/backups/Imports, just emulation and a larger hd 2. Which Softmod technique 3. Which Mod Chip Thanks for reading...I always get the best answers here..
  11. Cleaning out some stuff in my collection that I don't need anymore. Everything has been confirmed to be working in the past few months and will be tested before shipping and payment if possible. See photos for the exact condition each item is in. If you want to offer a different price on anything then feel free to send me a PM. All games include manuals unless stated otherwise. Atari 2600: Pair of 2 Keyboard Controllers - $9 Arcade Golf - $3.50 Basic Programming - $12 Crystal Castles - $4 Dig Dig - $8 Frogger - $6 Golf (No Manual) - $2 Grand Prix (No Manual) - $2 Home Run - $1 Ice Hockey - $5 Joust - $6 Kaboom - $3 Missile Command - $3 Pele's Soccer - $1 Spy Hunter - $22 Telegames Backgammon - $3.50 Telegames Basketball - $2 Telegames Chess - $3 Telegames Golf - $1.50 Telegames Othello (No Manual) - $2 Video Pinball (No Manual) - $1.50 ColecoVision: Burgertime - $15 Congo Bongo - $15 Destructor - $8 Q-Bert - $1 (missing original label) Slither - $8 Turbo Coleco - $8 Victory Coleco - $6 Nintendo 64: Turok II N64 (no manual) - $4 Armorines Project S.W.A.R.M N64 (no manual) - $3.50 PSP: Little Big Planet - $4 Burnout Dominator (no manual) - $4 Original Xbox: Fight Night Round 2 - $2 Pariah - $1.50 Project Snowblind Xbox - $1.50 Rallisport Challenge Xbox - $4 Street Racing Syndicate - $2.50 (missing original case, in replacement black case) Original Playstation: Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - $7 Grand Theft Auto Collectors' Edition - $14 (numbers written on game disks, should be removable with magic eraser. Only has the GTA London poster, missing GTA/GTA2 posters.) Small Box/Sleeved Windows: Dungeon Siege - $5 Dugeon Siege Legends of Aranna - $8 Silent Hunter 3 - $3 Big Box Windows/DOS: Baldur's Gate 1 - $12 Baldur's Gate 2 - $12 Far Gate - $4 Lords of Magic - $8 MechWarrior 2 Mercenaries - $10 Sim Farm CD-ROM Classics - $10 Test Drive 4 CD-ROM Classics - $4 Jewel Case Windows/DOS: Driver - $1 Microsoft Pandora's Box - $10 Nascar Racing II - $1 Rome Total War - $1 Red Baron II - $2 Space Hulk - $3 Star Trek Armada - $15 Star Wars Force Commander - $4 All pictures can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/kn2HL
  12. I know that when Atari was building up to the original Xbox launch, the Atari brand was tarnished in many ways, but it did (and still does) have a huge amount of cache as a hugely influental American game and game console maker. From a marketing and business standpoint there are a lot of good arguments for them to have cheaply bought the established name and slapped in on their first game console. For example Atari 9600, by Microsoft, or something along those lines. I bet there was at least some consideration of the idea at Microsoft at the time. Instant brand recognition and cache from the American gaming public was up for grabs, but they passed. What do you think?
  13. From the album: My Game Collection

    Xbox console Given to me by a friend. works good.
  14. Polybius

    Xbox 360 GTAV

    From the album: My Game Collection

    Current modern game im playing, GTA 5.
  15. From the album: My Game Collection

    yet again, another games shot.
  16. Polybius

    Xbox 360 Games 1

    From the album: My Game Collection

    some of the xbox 360 games I own.
  17. Polybius

    Xbox 360

    From the album: My Game Collection

    My Xbox 360 Arcade Edition (standard) console. I have about 25 games for it. the modern (post 2000) console I play the most. I figured i collect for the modern stuff too!
  18. I have been buying and selling on eBay for about 8 years now. Lately I have been looking at purchasing various old games, but the other bidders are either scammers, have money to waste, or don't understand how much something is really worth.... The past few days various auctions have been high as hell, and crap like this is starting to piss me off because it is setting a higher standard for other sellers. Am I the only one that feels like eBay is starting to get a bit worthless? I feel craigslist is the only place inline that has decent deals nowadays.
  19. I remember growing up playing Atari and NES, and reaching various points on a level and BAM! One game that comes to mind was Ninja Gaiden when I would jump, and a dam bat would hit me in the air and I would have to start the level over again. I don't know how I didn't break my controller, but my wall had some serious marks in the drywall. Of course I wouldn't do that with today's game consoles controllers. Their controllers are made like a piece of $hit. I have to say in my opinion the NES controllers were built to last! What games parts really pissed you off?
  20. PS3, PS2, PS1, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, 24 Games left All $1.00 Each + Shipping. Everything works great. Message me for a shipping quote. PayPal only. Most games with cases have manuals. Every thing in the photos is $1.00: SOLD ITEMS:Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent and Bonus DVD SOLD, MLB 12 The Show SOLD, Terminator 2 Judgment Day SOLD, Warhawk SOLD, Counter Strike SOLD, World Series of Poker 2 SOLD, MLB 08 the Show SOLD, Madden NFL 10 SOLD, Create SOLD, Battleship SOLD, Tecmo Super Baseball SOLD, Olympic Gold Barcelona 92 SOLD, TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament 96 SOLD, Sega Bass Fishing SOLD, LHX Attack Chopper SOLD, F-15 Strike Eagle II SOLD, Emergency Heroes SOLD, Star Wars Clone Wars/ Tetris Worlds Combo SOLD, Monster Garage SOLD, Guitar Hero Aerosmith SOLD, Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 2 SOLD, Tourist Trophy SOLD, Madden NFL 13 SOLD, Battlefield Bad Company 2 SOLD, NHL 2K9 SOLD, Duke Nuekum Forever SOLD, Knockout Kings 2003 SOLD, Truth or Lies SOLD, Wheel of Fortune SOLD, UFC Throwdown SOLD,The Dark Knight Rises SOLD, Bakugan Battle Brawlers SOLD, Lego Racers SOLD, WWE Backstage Assault SOLD, Monaco Grand Prix SOLD, Madden 10 SOLD, Carnival Games SOLD, Star Wars Light saber Duels SOLD, Star Wars The Force Unleashed II SOLD, Madden NFL 10 SOLD, Open Season SOLD, Kick-Ass UMD Movie SOLD,Open Season UMD Movie SOLD, Rock band SOLD, Hitman 2 Silent Assassin SOLD, Guitar Hero World Tour SOLD, NHL 2006 SOLD, NBA 2k12 SOLD,halo 2 SOLD, American chopper 2 SOLD, Atv off road fury 3 SOLD, the sweet dreams game SOLD, hulk SOLD, nascar thunder 2002 SOLD, spider man 2 SOLD, pirates of the Caribbean SOLD, cabelas dangerous hunt SOLD, amped SOLD, conflict Vietnam SOLD, blood wake SOLD, narc SOLD, max payne SOLD, max payne 2 SOLD, hitman 2 SOLD, Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2 SOLD, MLB Slugfest 2003 SOLD, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat SOLD, Alone in the Dark SOLD, Red Steel SOLD, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 SOLD, Fantasy Aquarium SOLD, SSX Blur SOLD, Looney Toons: Acme Arsenal SOLD, Pirates of the Caribbean SOLD, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance SOLD, NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup SOLD, Conflict: Vietnam SOLD, Bad Boys Miami Takedown SOLD, IHRA Motorsports: Drag Racing 2 SOLD, Strike Force Bowling SOLD, DT Racer - PlayStation 2 SOLD, Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk SOLD, Da Vinci Code SOLD, Asteroids SOLD, IHRA Drag Racing SOLD, Test Drive 5 SOLD, NASCAR Thunder 2003 SOLD, SONIC THE HEGEHOG 2 & SONIC TAILS SOLD, NFL Quarterback Club SOLD, WWF War Zone SOLD, Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 SOLD, Madden NFL 07 SOLD, NCAA Football 09 SOLD, FIFA 10 SOLD, Battlefield 3 SOLD, Madden NFL 2004 SOLD, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 SOLD, NBA Live 2002 SOLD, ESPN NFL Football SOLD, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 SOLD, ESPN NHL 2K5 SOLD, NCAA Football 10 SOLD, Madden NFL 2001 SOLD, Tony Hawk Ride SOLD, NPLL Championship Paintball SOLD, Bakugan SOLD, Top Spin 3 SOLD, Madden NFL 11 SOLD, NCAA Football 11 SOLD
  21. Zsuttle


    From the album: Consoles

  22. Seattle collector Emilio found an extremely rare orange HALO original XBOX at a garage sale near Microsoft HQ in Redmond Washington.. There was only one made by a Microsoft employee and here is the story.
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