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Found 200 results

  1. This is more or less for the locals, but I have a sit-down Neo-Geo MVS cabinet I am looking to sell. The monitor works and the MVS board includes a 120-in-1 multicart. Both joystick panels work (Player 1 stick and buttons were replaced with new parts; new parts will be included for Player 2 side in case you want to install them). Includes cash box, but there are no locks on the coin door (cheap fix). I'm looking to get $300 for it (firm). If you are interested, send me a PM. I am located in Fairfax, VA. I live on the second floor, but this is pretty lightweight and I can easily strap it to an appliance dolly and take it down on my own. Will probably be willing to trade towards console video game items, but cash is nicer.
  2. Hey guys, I am happy to finally announce the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo. It is taking place November 11-13, 2016 at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs right outside Nashville, TN. We have 20,000 sq ft of event space. It is primarily an Arcade and Pinball Expo, but we plan to run some console game tournaments as well. There is room for a lot of machines, vendors, etc. All games on free-play for the weekend. You can visit the website at www.GrandOleExpo.com for details. You can buy tickets and book your hotel room now. Details on tournaments and signups for volunteers will come later. I hope you are excited about the event and plan to attend. Contact me with any questions. You can email me through the website. I also set up a Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/GrandOleExpo/
  3. I like arcade games. I like the 1980s. I like movies. So one day in class, I thought, "What if I made a movie about 1980s arcade games?" And thus, High Score was born. It is set in 1982 and follows a preteen girl, Tiffany Willis, and her best friend, Dave Bryant, who live in uptown NYC and are both huge video game fanatics. Tiffany gets tons of scores on games both at the arcade at the mall and the local arcade down the street. She's a legend at the latter, always gathering up a crowd of people watching her play. She gets her Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and Intellivision fix at the game store nearby. When the arcade is holding a tournament at the end of the year, Tiffany is determined to win. So she and Dave prove they're the best by setting the high score on every arcade across their country. I am setting up my basement to be the Meril Valley Mall's arcade, and Flash Forward Arcade will be shot at, of course, Funspot. I'm writing the script and playing Tiffany! Follow the progress at PlotBot! http://www.plotbot.com/screenplays/high_score/ Questions about the film can be put in the replies! See you soon!
  4. Ok, this doesn't count me possibly finding a Computer Space in the future, but it is time for me to consider what to get for the final arcade cab in my collection. I've already decided it will be a black and white raster (unless I somehow score a Star Wars!). Since I have a Chicago Coin Speedway (needing some help) and am getting a working Pole Position II, I have been pondering it being a black and white racing game. So far I have three choices: Gran Trak 10, Lemans, or Sprint 2. Now which one would be the best, easiest (even cheapest) to get, and what should I look out for on them?
  5. On Retrousb.com they sell a Vs Super Mario Bros cartridge for the nes. What I was wondering, is, Would it be possible to Port Vs Duck Hunt to the nes as well since I heard it has many differences compared to the nes version.
  6. This is a step-by-step of our newest creation..The Atari Jaguar Arcade Cabinet! It also houses a 7800!! First we build a frame (this is our own plan devised by me..Papa.).. ..if you look in the background you can see that we've done this sort of thing before.. Shelves are added. The lowest shelf lifts up for easy access to power. The others are screwed in with room on each side for cords to drop down through. We use a 4X8 cut down the middle and shortened for both sides. The angle cut from the top flips over and becomes the sides for the panel! A basic layout for the control panel is conceived.. ..as are the art schemes. Everything is done in a certain order. The marquee is added and stabilizes the top. The paint is added.. ..the panel is cut (special methods are used to cut plexiglass without cracking!!) Panel art is embedded. The panel is finished!! The panel is added, the screen is set, and inside paint is done (not in that order..) The front panel is prepared.. ..and test fitted! A massive amount of soldering went into this cabinet.. Ultimately, 164 solder points are made!! Trim is added. The system is tested and safety corners are added. Plexiglass is added to the front along with the decorative cover.. I present.. The Jaguar Arcade Cabinet!! From Rayman to Rampage! Jaguar and 7800 (and,of course, 2600) compatibility!! Thanks for viewing!!
  7. Eugene Jarvis - Arcade Legend - Podcast Interview - Creator of Robotron: 2084, Defender & Smash TV This is probably my favourite interview to date as I have a long and in-depth chat with arcade, Atari and Williams legend Eugene Jarvis. Eugene shares some great stories of working at Atari, what it was like working with Nolan Bushnell, creating Defender and Stargate. He also talks what inspired him to make Robotron: 2084, Smash T.V. and loads more. He also looks at his current work at Raw Thrills where he keeping arcades alive with amazing innovations. He also talks about his views on the Jeff Minter's Defender 2000 on the Jaguar. Eugene also spends a bit of time discussing his work on pinball machines and the earlier arcade machines. The 1 hour 30 mins chat with Arcade Attack is honest, funny and really insightful. I would be so honoured if you checked it out and shared your feedback. The links to various platforms are listed below: Apple Podcasts / iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/eugene-jarvis-interview/id1174983594?i=1000474625155 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0Db70NAAhCA7SxonnrZWpG Podbean:https://arcadeattackpodcast.podbean.com/e/eugene-jarvis-interview/ YouTube: If you did like the interview, please do consider subscribing to our podcast and YouTube channel and even leave us a nice review! We have also interviewed other legends in the past such as Trip Hawkins, John Tobias, Tommy Tallarico and many more.
  8. I much prefer battling robots to battling viruses, so I've been inside spending a lot of time on Berzerk in the last few weeks. I wrote up an animated strategy guide and attempted to backwards engineer the AI. So tell me about your experiences with the game. Are the ports any good? And why doesn't Evil Otto have his own game yet?
  9. Hi, I have restarted my old company: Awesome Arcades. Its now selling Atari styled USB versions of the CX40 joysticks, Desktop arcade controls (So far I've only posted up the 7800 versions (Left & Right hand) and I need to update the photo's as they include built in paddle controls as well. I'll be posting on in the coming days the 2600 version, USB versions and some specialized desktop arcade controls like a dedicated Asteroids control panel for both 9 pin game/computer consoles and a USB version. I have a Missile Command one but I am awaiting the special buttons to make it arcade realistic. So, if you are interested, please stop by the site, sign up for an account and make a purchase, thanks. https://thejoystickshop.com Here are some of the products:
  10. As a way to gather feedback, answer questions, and provide a good single source of collected information as it relates to the AtGames Legends Ultimate Home Arcade Machine, I wanted to start a dedicated topic. To summarize what has been announced so far (again, more features to be revealed): The Legends Ultimate Home Arcade features 400 built-in arcade and home games, including Tetris and other legends from iconic publishers. As a full-sized home arcade machine, the Legends Ultimate Home Arcade offers a gameplay experience like no other. Each game plays just like at the arcade thanks to an authentic control panel that features a matching set of premium joysticks and six buttons for two player fun, as well as a professional trackball controller. The built-in, low latency, high definition 21.5” LCD monitor features HDMI inputs so you can display content from other consoles and media players on the same great machine. The built-in software is similarly impressive, with scan line filtering, an intuitive menu system, save and resume game functionality, and the ability to rewind a game in progress to recover from a play misstep. The philosophy behind this product is simple. While AtGames has traditionally worked within the restrictions of low-cost video game hardware and software, we saw an opportunity to work in a more premium space, where there would be far fewer restrictions. So that means arcade-quality parts and underlying hardware (and software) that's far more powerful than anything previously possible. So while we're still stressing Affordable Family Fun, we're now doing it with a different class of product with an entirely different set of (higher) expectations. Although the price will be low, the experience is going to be premium, including post-purchase. While I can't answer that much until the additional reveals take place (like amazing publishing partners, games, how this will be sold, etc.) - which I'll make sure are reflected here - I'll try to anticipate a few of the questions to start. Q - Is this DIY friendly? A - Yes. Although this will use arcade-style parts, you should have little trouble swapping in joystick styles and button types of your own preference. Q - What kind of games are on here? A - There is a massive selection of real arcade games, obviously, but also a generous selection of home games from top consoles. Q - Is this just a plug and play console stuck inside a full-size arcade cabinet? A - No! This is much higher-end hardware than is possible in any plug and play, and supports higher-performance/higher demand games. You'll also notice significant user interface, emulation, and other differences.
  11. MAME 0.213 It's really about time we released MAME 0.213, with more of everything we know you all love. First of all, we’re proud to present support for the first Hegener + Glaser product: the “brikett” chess computers, Mephisto, Mephisto II and Mephisto III. As you can probably guess, there’s an addition from Nintendo’s Game & Watch line. This month it’s Mario’s Bombs Away. On a related note, we’ve also added Elektronika’s Kosmicheskiy Most, exported as Space Bridge, which is an unlicensed total conversion of the Game & Watch title Fire. If you haven’t played any of the handheld LCD games in MAME, you’re missing something special – they look superb with external scanned and traced artwork. On the arcade side, we’ve added The Destroyer From Jail (a rare Philko game), and alternate regional versions of Block Out and Super Shanghai Dragon’s Eye. The CD for Simpsons Bowling has been re-dumped, resolving some long-standing issues. With its protection microcontroller dumped and emulated, Birdie Try is now fully playable. Protection microcontrollers for The Deep and Last Mission have also been dumped and emulated. Improvements to Seibu hardware emulation mean Banpresto’s SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki is now playable, and sprite priorities in Seibu Cup Soccer have been improved. In computer emulation, two interesting DOS compatible machines based on the Intel 80186 CPU are now working: the Mindset Personal Computer, and the Dulmont Magnum. The Apple II software lists have been updated to include almost all known clean cracks and original flux dumps, and the Apple II gameport ComputerEyes frame grabber is now emulated. We’ve received a series of submissions that greatly improve emulation of the SWTPC S/09 and SS-30 bus cards. On the SGI front, the 4D/20 now has fully-working IRIX 4.0.5 via serial console, and a whole host of improvements have gone into the Indy “Newport” graphics board emulation. Finally, MAME now supports HDI, 2MG and raw hard disk image files. As always, you can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.
  12. This site has some interesting tidbits about Williams arcade machines, including a multi-game cabinet that runs real (not emulated) versions of Joust, Sinistar, Robotron, Splat, and Bubbles. http://www.seanriddle.com/willy2.html#pics Why do this? Well at the time (and possibly today as well) there were slight differences in blitter operations between the real machines and the emulated versions. Here's an excerpt: In older versions of MAME and in several xx-in-one boards, blits happen pretty much instantaneously, unlike the real games where the Special Chips have a maximum throughput of 1 MB/second (not counting the time it takes to write to the registers to start the blit). This results in games that appear normal at the beginning levels, but become much harder at the later levels. Robotron can have so many enemies on screen at once that all cannot be moved in one video frame. So the game moves as many as possible, then moves the rest in the next frame. With an "instantaneous blitter", all the enemies can be moved in one video frame, making the game play much faster. ... About 13% of the blits had different results in MAME than on the real game, and about 11% of the blits took a different amount of time in MAME than on the real game. I'm sure that these blits represent a very small proportion of blits done in actual game play, but they may still contribute to game play anomalies. http://seanriddle.com/blitter.html ​ Defender and Stargate are included in the cabinet too, although those two don't actually implement blitter code.
  13. I am starting this thread to document the work on my Atari Red Baron cockpit and to help keep me going on this project. When I got my Red Baron, it had been advertised as working and the pictures on the Craigslist ad definitely seemed to prove that. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of a horrid heat wave and, while I was on my way up and her husband was out, the wife decided to play a quick game on it. Well, the heat outside was around 100 degrees and in the garage was much worse, which caused an already old component to finally give out! Even knowing it was rare, I could not really spend $500 on a broken machine, but a deal was finally struck for $300 and I hauled it home in an old truck with no AC! By the way, I was sick for the rest of the day. Anyways, all I could get at most from it was a loud hum and a flashing screen of garbage. Swapping in another matching AR board did finally wake the machine up, but it still hummed and wasn't stable. Tonight I decided to try it again, but it was basically the same as before. An accidental bump of a control pot on the AR board made things worse! It got a really loud hum and would not fire up the monitor! So, taking a bit of a lead from 'hum controls' on some early radios, I took a small screwdriver and carefully adjusted the control until the hum disappeared and the monitor came back up again. While still not perfect, I managed to get a couple games in and the monitor stayed up this time around. So, my initial diagnosis is: Get the monitor recapped and see if the original AR board cam be rebuilt as well. Since that board handles the power, it is rather critical. Also, it seems these vector units really rely on the monitor working properly or they just up and die.
  14. Stumbled across a site that contains video game sprites. For example, here are the sprites for the arcade version of Mr. Do: http://www.spriters-resource.com/arcade/mrdo/sheet/60489/ http://www.spriters-resource.com/arcade/mrdo/sheet/59538/ http://www.spriters-resource.com/arcade/mrdo/sheet/60490/ http://www.spriters-resource.com/arcade/mrdo/sheet/60488/
  15. http://replayfx.org/ Really excited for this year's show. The main course is pinball with a side of arcade and console games. I plan on visiting Pinball PA (formerly known as the PA Coin-op Hall of Fame) Thursday night and then I will be at ReplayFX Friday & Saturday nights and all day Sunday. Here's a video tour of last year's show: https://youtu.be/N2yg0t44qz4
  16. Ok, I keep looking up info about the Atari Basketball I saw and one thing strikes me as odd. All the sites set the depth of machine at 78 inches, yet the one I looked at seemed to be alot smaller than that depth-wise and the owner seemed to recall that it was actually around 30in by 30in in width and depth. How big are these things actually? Was the depth listed on the flyers a misprint or was there another version of thise game that was bigger?
  17. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I recently completed this project. Built it from scratch. I've converted gutted arcade cabinets in the past, but I never did anything like this before. I think it turned out well. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks!
  18. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I recently completed this project. Built it from scratch. I've converted gutted arcade cabinets in the past, but I never did anything like this before. I think it turned out well. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks!
  19. Video game Compilation and Anthology sets are a great value and often reveal hidden gems for collectors. I really enjoy collecting these types sets and here are some of my favorites. Which collections would you like to see in Part 2?
  20. I tried to do this once, but I can't program my way out of a wet paper bag. It would be soooo awesome if there was a level editor hack for the arcade version of Mr. Do. I'm thinking of something really simple. Just start by selecting a screen-fill of a certain pattern and color. Then use the joystick to subtract the stuff you don't want on screen (almost like an eraser tool in a paint program). Set the number of baddies. Place the apples, cherries, and start position for the player. and that's about it. Player 1 button = Previous menu item Player 2 button = Next menu item Fire button = Select/confirm Joystick for placement Both Player 1 and Player 2 = Hide menu. Menu would include: - Save level - Load level into editor (and level select with up-down for previous/next item and left-right for previous/next page list of levels) - Select fill color and pattern - Select item (apple, cherry, earth, Mr. Do character) - Input number of enemies to be spawned from the center of the screen. I wouldn't want any extra features or power-ups or anything like that. Just what the arcade includes, since it's fun the way it is.
  21. Papa

    Sega cabinet

    From the album: Custom Arcade

    Here is Golden Axe from the 6-in-1 cartridge!

    © Jay "Papa" Caraway 2015

  22. You've probably seen a few interviews with Eugene here and there over the years, or some of you have interviewed him, but I will be doing a live stream interview with him on Monday around 9:35 AM PST/12:35 PM EST. I'm not sure if he's done a live stream before; If not, then this will be the first. Before that starts, I'll premiere a Raw Thrills product showcase, then when that finishes the stream will begin, and we'll talk about the pandemic and it affecting both his company and arcades, game design, what they're working on at RT next, and whatever else he might like to discuss that comes up from the chat stream. The stream link will pop-up on Arcade Heroes as soon as I hit "Live." See you there!
  23. Hello, I have a used PAT 9000 that I am ready to sell. I figured I would put it here first before ebay or Craigslist. It was tested and working back in the late 1990s (by Dunis in Portland, OR), but has sat unused for years. It powers up, but I have no way to test it. The XY monitor was tested back then and was not working - diagnosed as a flyback issue. It comes with a mess of plugs, the PAT 9000 manual, some assorted game manuals, and at least 2 Ampliphone deflection boards - untested, condition unknown. Everything is being sold AS-IS. DM me with your best offer. Sorry, I can't ship this - way too heavy! I live in the San Jose, CA area. Own a unique piece of Atari history!! https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1-tqG-7dPjIVDedUjWnIIDimyQfmEnBJM
  24. This is a video talking about the 2600 version of the classic coin-op Crazy Climber, along with some gameplay. Go for it!
  25. After experimenting for weeks I have found a way to get lag-free control on the 5200 digital games as well as a few of the Trakball titles with the X-arcade Tankstick and my custom Tron 80's Arcade Multicontroller (which includes a spinner). This is done with daisy-chained adapters/cables and all the components are currently in production, so it's possible for anyone to get this set up. In the presentation I show a number of 5200 games being played in ways you've not seen them played before on the 5200 including Pac-Man, Beamrider, Choplifter, Dreadnaught Factor, Meteorites, Star Trek, and Zone Ranger. Hope some of you can benefit from this:
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