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Found 51 results

  1. Rather than open a thread each time I had a question, I thought I might just open a thread and consolidate all my questions here. Basically I'm developing a game, called Bike Night. It's a horizontal scroller, with a motorcycle going up and down on a track. In that sense its similar to Excitebike. But unlike Excitebike the goal is not to win a race against other bikes but to do tricks. I am learning assembler - I've written games - for the Ti-99, Colecovision, Palm Pilot and iOS devices. Ti-99 was a extended basic game back in the day - Colecovision & Palm Pilot in C, and for iOS I use the titanium framework to write in javascript. The reason I'm giving you my background so you can understand I've always been a high level programmer. I don't understand how the hardware works - and never had to, but now I want to know. I've decided to split my screen into 3 parts. There will be a top level area which is primarily just there to add color to the screen. It'll horizontal scroll, and you'll see flags, colors, bright lights, etc. Then the 2nd part of the screen is the track area. and the 3rd area of the screen at the bottom will display the score and messages like "Wheelie jump" or "Big Air" - it's a bike trick game, so you get the immediate feedback when completing a trick. OK, so today's question, I am getting started on some coding, and I have made a character set for the track area. I've read some old articles about Atari fine scrolling. My understanding (please correct if wrong) is the hardware can do fine scrolling for a character or two. But the way you got it to scroll over several screens is you combined fine scrolling with coarse scrolling. After you fine scrolled say 8 pixels, then you did a coarse scroll by a character (which involved just changing the pointer to where the screen memory began) OK question take a look at this source from the book "Atari Roots" 10 ; 20 ; THE VISITOR 30 ; 35 TXTBUF=$5041 40 OPNSCR=$5003 50 PRNTLN=$5031 70 ; 80 *=$600 90 ; 0100 TEXT .BYTE $54,$41,$4B,$45,$20,$4D,$45,$20 0110 .BYTE $54,$4F,$20,$59,$4F,$55,$52,$20 0120 .BYTE $4C,$45,$41,$44,$45,$52,$21 0130 ; 0140 VIZTOR 0150 ; 0160 LDX #0 0170 LOOP LDA TEXT,X 0180 STA TXTBUF,X 0190 INX 0200 CPX #23 0210 BNE LOOP 0220 JSR OPNSCR 0230 JSR PRNTLN 0240 INFIN JMP INFIN OK, now, you have the assembler pseudo op ".BYTE" And apparently one is looping through and using the data stored there - how to use it, I get. lets say I have all this data for screens and I put it in .BYTE directives in my source. And I loop through and I place the screen data into memory. What I don't get - this may sound like a ludicrous question, but what I don't get is am I doubling the amount of memory being used??? By that I mean - how does an executable itself work. Lets say my executable is called bnight.exe - when I run that, does the entire game load into memory? If so, do I have the entire screen data loaded into memory and when I copy it to the screen area, I've essentially just doubled the amount of memory being used for this data? Would it make more sense, if trying to save bytes, to leave the screen data in a separate file on disk, and then programatically retrieve it and then load it into the appropriate area, rather than using a byte directive and having that data part of code? Am I completely confused? Thanks!
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