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Found 45 results

  1. So I have been trying to do some research on this canceled Atari Jaguar game for some time. I know that High Voltage was making it and that it was almost finished, and that a number of Mortal Kombat actors were involved, but what happened to the game's code and how did some of these builds get released? I actually spoke with Daniel Pesina and he said that he and Ho-Sung Pak actually wanted to finish the game and release it, but that never happened. I was able to get ahold of a few cartridges on eBay that somebody was selling with the Test, Alpha and Beta builds. Sorry if I seem like I'm repeating myself, I am just looking for information on this and how we could try to find a near-finished version since apparently at an old convention someone showed off a near finished build of the game.
  2. When I first started working on Zilch for the Jaguar, I had 3 primary goals: 1. Create an affordable 6MB game using the maximum allotted ROM size the Jaguar could use, although Atari never officially made/released any 6MB games. This forced me to create a custom 6MB PCB. Thankfully they work great! 2. Implement at least 40 voice over lines using a real female voice actor dedicated to the in-game character. Some run of the mill responses but packed with a playful personality and emotion, with lines like: •Shall we play a game? (Engaging Intro) •I was born to win! (Confident Win) •Let the good times roll. (Cheesy game start) •Haaa! (Sass win player loses round) ...and 100 other lines, some which include sighing, laughing, and frustration. 3. Create matching character animation graphics using recent facial capture technologies, to be rendered across an array of high-end NVIDIA GPUs (18,944 CUDA Cores for the tech junkies) That's a lot of work and horse power for just a single (seemingly simple on the surface) game but is far more complex to achieve the desired results of an animated, photo-realistic interactive title. Much to my surprise, far more voice lines managed to fit than I had originally expected. After some optimizing, there's now 122 to be exact and at the low cost of just 1.8MB of space at 16Khz, which proves to be perfect for voice audio playback. While experimenting with using 11Khz (it would have allowed for even more) the flip side was that there needed to be balance and the higher quality of audio is preferable. Seeing as how I have already tripled the expected amount of voice lines originally intended, increased audio resolution only made sense. The audio quality difference from 11Khz to 16Khz is quite drastic with a small price to pay on the ROM usage front. As it stands, there are more voice lines than will be used in the game but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It gives room for variety.. or room to breathe with options, while possibly adding replay value. A few will certainly get nixed in the end but I'll use as many as I can to ensure the game doesn't grow immediately stale after just a few rounds of playing. There has been a lot of progress in other areas of the game that I'll soon touch on but this one has been kind of surprising in terms of usable audio assets. DO THE MATH!
  3. Hey All! In a few weeks I'll be releasing my JAG2GEN Jaguar AV adapter. This adapter allows you to connect Sega Genesis (Model 2) AV cables to your Atari Jaguar. This provides a more common and readily available solution for connecting your Atari Jaguar to an SDTV or HDTV. The JAG2GEN works great with HD Retrovision cables (Genesis Model 2) and works even better with HD Retrovision cables connected to a scan converter like OSSC. I've created a sign up list for anyone interest: https://www.humblebazooka.com/product/jag2gen-jaguar-av-to-genesis-cables/ (pre-production shell subject to change upon release) Features: Supports Genesis Model 2 AV cabes Supports HD Retrovision cables Allows you to use an OSSC or RetroTink to upscale for better video quality Properly attenuated sync Custom designed and professionally assembled PCB Custom designed 3D printed shell FAQ: Q) What is the JAG2GEN? A) The JAG2GEN is an adapter that simply converts your Jaguar’s AV signal to that of a Genesis model 2 AV cable. Q) Will it make my picture quality look better A) Not by itself but the JAG2GEN captures your Jaguar’s RGB signals allowing a scan converter to make your Jaguar games look amazing. Q) Why not straight to HDMI? A) Converting and upscaling 240p signal from RGB requires a lot of development time in hardware and software, requiring hardware that would inflate the cost of this adapter to the end user. I wanted to develop something simple that anyone can afford and use. Q) Is this the same thing as Helder's "JAG2SNES" adapter? A) It's very similar and uses a similar circuit and components. The JAG2SNES was actually my idea I pitched to Helder who then made the PCBs. I designed the shell, did all the R&D testing, and we eventually got the adapter to market. I've learned from that experience and decided to make my own adapter and offer an option for people with Genesis model 2 AV cables. Q) Is this the same thing as Jody Hicks' (Judas-Prime) Jag AV adapters? A) Nope - same concept, different execution! This is a ground up solution I've developed. If you already own Jody's adapter, there's probably no reason to buy this if his performs how you want it to. I'm sure I don't need to tell you guys how awesome of a dude Jody is. But he openly endorsed Helder's and my JAG2SNES adapter via Twitter, which he didn't have to do.
  4. Hey All. I design and 3D print (FDM and MSLA) various parts for retro consoles and sell them on my shop. I've created a few items for the Atari Jaguar and Jag CD recently that cover the cartridge slot, controller ends, and controller ports. Links to my shop: Controller Port Cover - $9.95 Controller Caps - $4.95 Cartridge Slot Cover - $9.95 Jag CD Cartridge Slot Cover - $9.95 Thanks for looking!
  5. Hello JAGUAR fans all over the world! Here we are again with another nice piece of gear themed after your beloved 64-bit system. This time it's a Jaguar backpack with factory made elastic zipper-tag featuring beautiful "JAGUAR" logo! More details about our new product can be found, among others via eBay: eBay UK eBay USA
  6. This adapter was made to breakout the Atari Jaguar’s many video outputs to a more common and easily found set of cables the SNES Cables to allow you to play your classic games in better quality especially compared to the standard RF Audio/Video output. The RF output is very blurry and noisy out from the 90’s that is not a standard supported today. This adapter works great when paired with RGB Scart or HD Retrovision cables and run through a upscaler like the OSSC, RetroTink, or GBS! Features: Fits the back of the Jaguar without obstructing the Serial IO Link (DSP Port) Custom 3D enclosure designed by me Hand painted lettering on 3D enclosure to make it pop and match the Jaguar colors All SNES cables including official and 3rd party cables will work with this adapter Gold Plated contacts with a beveled edge for easy insertion of SNES Cables S-Video, Composite, RGB Scart, HD Retrovision Component cables all tested to work with the adapter Sync (C-Sync) has the proper filtering and attenuation to work with all upscalers Jaguar 9v regulated to 5v output for all proper RGB televisions and upscalers like the OSSC $25 USD + Shipping Purchase Here Demo video:
  7. Hello, all! I'm currently seeking the following to add to my Jaguar library: Missile Command 3D Zero 5 (Songbird Release) While CIB is ideal, I'm still open to loose copies with or without the manual, as long as they're in good shape. Missile Command 3D is at a higher priority at the moment. I understand that asking for Zero 5 might be a long shot, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I do have a few Jaguar games I'd like to trade if they equal the value for any of the three, or if it's a game you're looking for; but I'm also open to buying at a reasonable or negotiable price. If anyone's interested in trading, here's what I have for the Jag. I can send pictures of their condition, if requested via PM. I-War (CIB) - Right Side of Spine is damaged, but the rest of the box is fine. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (CIB) - In NOS box with very minor to no damage! Power Drive Rally (Cartridge Only) Thank you for your time and consideration! EDIT: Removed Ultra Vortek. I missed an eBay listing of MC3D this morning, so I'm still open to any offers if interested.
  8. Hello, all! I just recently got an Atari Jaguar and I'm happy to be a part of the community! I was hoping you guys could possibly help me with an issue. I ordered a few games since the tail end of June, and one I really looked forward to having was Zool 2. I just got it today, but when I tested it out there was no music playing at all. Sound effects played in levels, however. I thought I could fix it in Options, but there was no way to toggle the audio. I think it's a problem with the cart because my other games (Cybermorph, DOOM) worked fine, audio and all. I had a cartridge issue with my Jaguar before, as I was getting the Red Screen with my copy of Iron Soldier, and it finally worked after I cleaned the contacts and lifted the cartridge up slightly. But even after giving the contacts a light cleaning with some rubbing alcohol, my copy of Zool 2 still has the same problem. Did anyone else ever experience this with a Jag game?
  9. i ections are coveredHekki everyone: I am working very hard to make Spy Visits Spy BBS one of the best PC run Atari BBS's on the Internet, so far I have put 500 hours into the BBS, it can be dialed up at 1-226-647-0710, or Telnet into at spyvisitsspybbs.com:21, or HTTP (the best way to get files), at Spy Visits Spy BBS, also I have FTP at spyvisitsspybbs.com port 21. I have no idea if the fTP section is working yet, but I will set it up fully. I am running Winserver 6.4 right now, I will be updating to Winserver 8.0 soon.... I have over 2,000,000 files ready to go online , all of the Atari system that exists. , each Atari section has its own file group, and file sections within the file group. I have at present 3.5 TBs online, ut I have to back up drive C , the BBS part to Drive E, and reinstall WIndows 10 32 bit, right now I am running Windows 7 64 Bit, so I have a lot of work to do there too... I am aslo looking for some co-sysops, let me know if you want to be one , this is a huge BBS and iut probably wioll take more than 1 sysop to run it as I have over 900 file sections, and over 100 file groups, everything from A to Z will be going online. I am at the moment still adding files to the file sections, take a look as you log onto my web site, do not use the WC Navigator part, instead ues Web Browser. This will allow you to use all of the chat, mail, file, etc functions from HTTP. HTTPS is coming soon. Russ Campbell
  10. Hi. I recently bought an Atari Jaguar of eBay. It is PAL. It seems to power on and shows a green light. But when I hook it up to the TV, I see a distorted image (what you see when you don’t insert an Atari 2600 cartridge properly) I’ve been told by someone that the console is working as it should and the image I see is caused by the PAL system being used in an NTSC country. What do you think? By the way, I am using the AV signal. Is there something I need to buy to get it working? Thank you!
  11. Just a few things I'd like to get out of the way. Thanks for looking. 🙂 Lot of 3 Nintendo Carts: Power Puff (GBC); Home On The Range & Backyard Baseball (GBA) $5 shipped 4 Vintage Mac software CD's includes You Don't Know Jack & Scrabble $5 shipped Jaguar TV Game Switch $5 shipped Atari Action Pack 2 CD and disks vintage Mac $5 shipped Simpsons Cartoon Studio vintage Mac $5 shipped Casino for vintage Mac SEALED $6.80 shipped Lot of Apple II games: Zork I, Type Attack, Where in the World, Magazine disk SOLD Box Only for Atari Jaguar Dino Dudes $5 shipped SOLD Manual for TI-99/4A RS-232 PEB card $3 shipped SOLD
  12. Hey all! I’m a fairly new member here. Rekindled my fondness for the Jaguar last year and have gotten back into collecting big time and it’s been a blast! I’m looking at a few items on the AA Store that are cheaper here than on eBay. Curious how trustworthy the store is? I assume it’s legit, but I always get nervous buying from new places and putting my debit card info in. Anyone ever have any issues or have any insight at all into the store? Thanks!
  13. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lot of Bally Astrocade carts $35 plus shipping ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BASIC cart with cables, interface, cartridge, cassette, instructions, and box (worn, missing flap) Astro Battle 2009 boxed Panzer Dragon / Red Baron (label not attached, early Bally cassette case) Black Jack Poker / Acey Duecey (early Bally cassette case) 280 ZZZAP / Dodgem (early Bally cassette case) instructions for baseball/tennis/hockey/handball cart (I lost the cart) Please see photo. I'm asking $35 plus shipping in the continental US. I'll ship elsewhere with additional shipping costs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jag TV game switch box $8 shipped ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm asking $8 shipped within the continental US. I'll ship elsewhere with additional shipping costs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Memory Track cart (box & instructions, no insert tray) for Atari Jaguar (with CD player) ***SOLD*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm asking $32 shipped within the continental US. I'll ship elsewhere with additional shipping costs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fight for Life (loose) cartridge for Atari Jaguar $28 shipped ***SOLD*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm asking $28 shipped within the continental US. I'll ship elsewhere with additional shipping costs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Star Raiders (sealed) for Atari 8-bit computers $20 plus shipping ***SOLD*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm asking $20 plus shipping. I was saving this one for myself to open, but I decided to sell. It looks great from the front. The shrink wrap is squeezing the back side. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Demon Attack (loose) for the Odyssey 2 $25 shipped ***SOLD*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm asking $25 shipped within the continental US. I'll ship elsewhere with additional shipping costs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jag S-Video cable $20 shipped ***SOLD*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm asking $20 shipped within the continental US. I'll ship elsewhere with additional shipping costs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jag controller and extension cord $25 shipped ***SOLD*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This controller and extension cord are two of the leftovers I found after selling off most of my Jag stuff. I'm asking $25 shipped within the continental US. I'll ship elsewhere with additional shipping costs.
  14. I sold off most of my Jaguar collection recently. But this weekend I found some odds and ends leftover. I put them up on eBay. Thanks for looking. EDIT: Items sold and/or moved elsewhere.
  15. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 3 - Atari Jaguar with plenty of signs of usage. Comes with 3 boxed & 2 loose games. *** SOLD *** ============================================================================ I'm asking $225 shipped. I just tested the Jag and all carts with a universal psu (tested the universal first with meter) and it works. You get: Jag console one Jag controller composite video cable (red-white-yellow) Iron Soldier (not mint) with box and manual, missing insert tray, includes my receipt from 1994 Checkered Flag with box and manual, missing insert tray CIB Brutal Sports Football with box and manual loose Ulta Vortex loose Dino Dudes You can have the universal psu to use until you acquire a Jag or compatible Genesis psu. Its just safer. I don't think running a universal psu on a daily basis is a good idea. Way too easy to fry the Jag if the selector is on wrong setting or polarity is reversed. Everything will ship well packaged and padded. Please see pics. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 1 - Lynx Console, 30 carts, pouch, AC adapter ***SOLD*** ============================================================================ I'm am the original owner of the console. It has the original screen. This console was my "second" gaming console--it saw not nearly as much use as my main console, but more than my backup console. Of my Lynx consoles, this a close second for screen quality. The vertical lightness that follows moving objects on these old screens is only "mild" on this unit in my opinion. I am also the original owner of all 30 game carts. A Lynx pouch and AC adapter is also included. Please see photos. I'm asking $320 shipped. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 2 - Atari 7800 in great condition with 23 games (and 21 manuals) ***SOLD*** ============================================================================ I'm the original owner of the console and most of the games. I'm asking $225 shipped. Please see photos.
  16. Making more room.... thinning out my Atari collection today. Please PM if you have any questions. ============================================================================ /|\ Bundle 3 - Jaguar Console with composite cable, single controller, Jag AC Adapter, Tempest, Pitfall, Trevor McFur **** S O L D **** ============================================================================ A Jaguar with Tempest 2000 is instant fun. I've haven't played Pitfall & Trevor McFur much, but Tempest is the real star here. Console and games are loose. All are tested and from my personal collection (like my other items here). What's included: Atari Jaguar console (loose) Jaguar controller Jaguar composite cable (red-white-yellow) official Jaguar AC adapter Tempest 2000 cartridge (loose) Pitfall cartridge (loose) Trevor McFur cartridge (loose) $275 shipped in the US. ======================================================================== /|\ Bundle 2 - CIB Zaku & Atari Lynx console (loose) & Lynx Pouch **** S O L D **** ======================================================================== I'm am the original owner of the console. It is tested and works. It has the original screen. I haven't used this console much--it was my backup. I have several Lynx consoles and this has the best screen of my collection. The vertical lightness that follows moving objects on these old screens is only "mild" on this unit in my opinion. I am also the original owner of the boxed Zaku cart (never played). A Lynx pouch is also included. I'm asking $200 shipped. ======================================================================== /|\ Bundle 1 - Atari Lynx manuals and posters **** S O L D **** ======================================================================== I'm selling off my Atari Lynx manuals (and posters). I prefer to sell a single lot. They're all in good shape--collector quality. I bought them all new myself. $107 shipped for the whole lot in the US. Shipping would naturally cost more else where.
  17. While looking through some old photos recently, I found some pics of JagFest 2001. I thought it might be nice to upload them here since most of the old sources are gone or only accessible through web archive. I may remember something incorrectly or not remember at all, so feel free to add to or correct me if you were there. Highlights that I remember: Hosted by Dan Loosen (the Goat Store) I had a booth at this one where I demoed: the real Lynx AVP prototype (this was before it was widely available) a Phase Zero prototype a 3DO with the unreleased Jaguar games, such as Robinson's Requiem, Demolition Man, Creature Shock, etc. an Atari Jaguar with every released game an Atari ST with various games an Atari 7800 with every game an Atari 5200 with various games Micah Rowe had the Brett Hull Hockey cartridge for demo The Jaguar VR with Missile Command 3D Songbird Lynx tournaments: Ponx (1st place: me). I remember playing Championship Rally, but I don't remember if it was comlynxed or if there was a tournament. Carl demoing Total Carnage, Protector SE, and other Songbird releases Dan hosting a Ram It tournament (which was the 1st time I think I saw or played the game) 10 linked Jaguars for an awesome BattleShpere tournament (I thought I remembered 16, but just saw some old articles and it was 10) Iron Soldier 3 for demo on a NUON A museum of classic systems A PCFX for demo I won a copy of Hoverstrike CD for something, but don't remember what. Since I already owned every Jaguar game, I kept it sealed... still have it to this day. While typing this up, I decided to check on a few things and found this old writeup: Unfortunately, the only JagFests I was able to attend were 1998, 2001, and 2003 (which was combined with the Austin Gaming Expo and was the last year for a U.S. JagFest). While 2003 wasn't a dedicated JagFest, I still had a great time and was glad to make the trip with my friend DoctorClu.
  18. I went through some old pictures the other day and found some from JagFest 1998. I thought it might be nice to upload them here for posterity and see if anyone recognizes themselves or someone they know. Highlights that I remember: Hosted by Kevin Manne Battlesphere demo Thea Realm Fighters demo Steve Scavone showing Gorf 3D progress Aircars networked play Super Burnout tournament (1st place: Wes Powell) Tempest 2000 tournament (1st place: Wes Powell who absolutely crushed it) Psychedelic Pong tournament (1st place: Me) Ultra Vortek tournament (1st place: Wes Powell) Native demo (I believe this was the first time I saw/played it) Various homebrew for play loaded by bjl (if I remember correctly) Dave Bell talking about his wealth of knowledge on the Tramiels as well as his vaporware game, Defcon 1 (I believe it was his Alpine devkit that was displayed) Wes Powell successfully jumping over 2 tables Primal Rage soundtrack CD donated to me by Wes Powell (He said it was awful... I listened to it on the long drive back from New York... He was right... But I cherish it nonetheless ) Someone walking off with my copy of Secret Quest for the Atari 2600
  19. I have five (5) Atari Jaguar reproduction game boxes available: Alien vs. Predator Brutal Sports Football NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Rayman Wolfenstein 3D I had originally purchased these from eBay but they took three months (!) to arrive, so I wound up getting them from a different source in the meantime and no longer have a need for these. These are NOT universal game cases with a sleeve insert. Rather, these are game boxes made of thick paper/card stock similar to what you would get from the Atari ST ports by Gaztee but not quite up to the quality we have all come to expect from Marc O. and the AA Store. Would be happy to sell as a lot or piece out a la carte. Asking $10/box with free shipping. Each one also comes with a cartridge holder (as pictured). If you want more than one box, I can shave off some $$$.
  20. THEY'RE HERE! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? visit www.wave1games.net to order your copy today! The time has come! SAUCER WARS for the Atari Jaguar and Jaguar CD formats is finally available to order! I want to thank everyone who was involved in this project as it has become something I am really proud of! I really poured my heart and soul into this release and the folks who were involved in the playtesting did a great job as well! Jason Greene who did the artwork for the comic book and helped mold the storyline also did a phenomenal job as well! This is really something everyone involved with can be proud of! I also want to thank SainT for his assistance in making the game incompatible with the Jaguar SD device! What's Included? Jaguar Cartridge Version: *Saucer Wars Alien Green Cartridge *Saucer Wars Comic Book by Jason Greene *Instruction Manual *Controller Overlay *Jaguar Commercial Release Sized Saucer Wars Box *Clear Jaguar Game Box Protector Jaguar CD Version: *Saucer Wars Game Disk *Saucer Wars Comic Book by Jason Greene *Instruction Manual *Controller Overlay *New DVD Style Case Product Description: In Saucer Wars you take on the role of scientist Milo Marslender. Your mission is to stop an alien invasion of Earth with your home made laser turret prototype. The aliens use special rifts in space time to get to our planet faster. Your laser turret has accidentally tuned into the alien forces signal. A timer on your laser turret will count down to zero. Once your timer hits zero a new rift in space time will open up, transporting you and your laser turret to another location! Keep taking out the alien forces until you can reach the alien homeworld and destroy their Queen. It's up to you Dr Marslender, now get out there and save humanity! Below are a few pages from the 10 page comic book, as well as a few screenshots!
  21. So I just received my shiny new Jag CD (first one I’ve ever owned!) and I’m pretty stoked about it (mostly for collector’s sake). I already know which official games I plan on picking up but I’m also curious which are the best homebrew/posthumous releases for the CD. I’ve enjoyed some of the Jaguar HB games, now it’s time to look at the CD games. Thanks for any suggestions!
  22. Hey all! So I’m loading up on stuff for my newly purchased Jag CD. I keep coming across a “Bypass Cartridge” while looking for Memory Tracks. Curious if someone can tell me what that is? You’d think it would be easy to Google but for some reason I’m not having much luck through Google or YouTube. I’m assuming it’s completely different than a Memory Track? Any help would be super appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Lately I've seen some downright bizarre auctions on ShopGoodwill, where the prices shoot WAY up beyond eBay value. Here's one good example, an in-progress auction for three pretty common Jaguar games and the official gamer's guide: Checkered Flag CIB Club Drive CIB Theme Park CIB Gamer's Guide $216 and counting plus shipping with 36 hours to go...huh? Based on eBay sold listings, the value is around $100. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/70479842
  24. Help me finish my CIB Atari Jaguar *official release* cartridge collection! I only need Double Dragon V and AirCars at this point. If you have these games available to sell, please shoot me a PM. Willing to pay what it takes. Thanks!
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