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Found 604 results

  1. 1993 was the best Christmas ever for my brothers and I. With the help of an uncle in California, my folks managed to get a Jaguar for us. I wrote up a little blog post about it here: http://breakintochat...t-atari-jaguar/ I still have the Jaguar to this day, and in fact I am awaiting a new S-Video cable from thgill. When did you all get your Jags?
  2. Atari User Issue 20 is here We’re celebrating First Star Software Inc.’s 30th anniversary, and we’re doing it in style. Featuring an exclusive interview with First Star Software founder Richard M. Spitalny, we also bring you never seen before material and a bonus FREE First Star Anniversary PDF (download link within the magazine). We also feature another slice of Atari history, cover more great ST coin-op conversions and have an action-packed homebrew column plus cover some fantastic new releases for the Atari XL/XE. All this, and more inside. Subscribers are about to get their download links. The PDF edition is available to purchase from www.atariuser.com/portal , and print editions are available from magcloud.com and lulu.com . A massive thank you to everyone at First Star Software Inc, for their cooperation. Any subscribers who haven't had their download link within 24 hours, please check your spam folder, then PM me if you still haven't received it.
  3. Atari User Issue 20 is here We’re celebrating First Star Software Inc.’s 30th anniversary, and we’re doing it in style. Featuring an exclusive interview with First Star Software founder Richard M. Spitalny, we also bring you never seen before material and a bonus FREE First Star Anniversary PDF (download link within the magazine). We also feature another slice of Atari history, cover more great ST coin-op conversions and have an action-packed homebrew column plus cover some fantastic new releases for the Atari XL/XE. All this, and more inside Subscribers are about to get their download links. The PDF edition is available to purchase from www.atariuser.com/portal , and print editions are available from magcloud.com and lulu.com . A massive thank you to everyone at First Star Software Inc, for their cooperation.
  4. Okay so a while back i ran into a guy on craigslist who gave me 2 boxes of atari stuff for free. Turns out he was a programmer of an atari game: poussinet. In the box i found all of the blueprints, code books and tons of other neat one of kind stuff. There is a cassette labelled poussinet, and a few Floppys too. If anyone would be interested in these one of a kind items, i can get pics. and i may be willing to sell if the price is right If you have any interest at all just send me a pm !
  5. So at Saturday's Open House at the Personal Computer Museum we received an incredible donation. Coming in at a staggering 28 boxes of (mostly) Atari stuff, we haven't even BEGUN to sort through all of the vintage goodness in here. However, it deserves special attention and I thought I would share it with the community. The donor used to work with Richard Adams of Happy Computers Inc. and all of his computers and drives were totally modded and tricked out. He was kind enough to leave us some instructions from the switches and so on. If that wasn't great enough, there was a Heavy-Sixer Atari 2600 (in the original box I might add) and dozens of original text-only label Atari 2600 carts, and an ORIGINAL MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY complete in the original packaging (and even the OUTER packaging). You have to see it to believe it. There was even one of those Atari Mickey Mouse pins in the package. There is more to discover, but for now go to this link (with pictures) to see what we received: http://www.pcmuseum....n_raszewski.asp Let me know what you think!
  6. It is time once again as the 9th annual Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition thunders in! Date: June 16th, 2012 Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm Place: Spirit Bank Event Center - South Ballroom Admission: $5 for everyone ages 8 and up. Please contact me ASAP to reserve space for this year's event as several exhibitors have already claimed some space! Full details at the website: http://www.ovge.com Hope to see you all there for 2012 event!
  7. I have been so happy to have a working 2600jr in my collection and have been using it all weekend to test some games I got from a friend. Today I hooked it up, inserted a cartridge and... got a dark grey/black screen of death. Tried different cartridges, power supply, switch box, and even RF cord with the same results. I can see a little bit of the figures on some games, but that is it. What happened? I just found a better top for this thing and was going to swap tops this evening. Now I feel a little bummed.
  8. This is todays flea-market find. It appears to be some sort of homebrew test cartridge in an Activision case. Anybody ever seen one?
  9. Hi all, I'm doing a challenge on YouTube for people to try and get the highest score on Tempest. You can use any system, handheld or plug and play (if there are any), as long as it uses the traditional score system. Other versions are accepted but will be put into a seperate catagory. The video is here : Best regards and have fun! Steve.
  10. I recently got an atari 2600 Jr console from eBay the Console is in great conditions and the switches and all of the other parts of the console work flawlessly but when i put in the game spider fighter when the game boot sup and comes on the screen where you would see the copyright date and the publisher/developer (in this case Activision) the letters in Copyright are not being displayed correctly. as you can see from the pictures below. I was just wondering if anyone here has had the same problem and if It is the console or one of the switches or a RIOT chip problem. But like I said all of the other games work just fine like they do on all of the other 2600 consoles that I own except spider fighter. Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks
  11. I knew I would want more sooner or later so I made this thread if you want to see my vectrex "wantings" Click the link http://www.atariage...._1#entry2472800 Nothing Sealed Pls Anyways here's the list: Consoles Atari Lynx 2 Loose Gameboy Advance SP Spongebob Edition GameBoy Micro 20th annerversary of Mario thing CIB Intellivision 2 with hook ups Gameboy Light Macintosh Plus Macintosh Color Classic eMac iBook 1st gen blueberry color iPod Shuffle 1st gen Commodore PET Commodore 64 ZX Spectrum Any IBM computer from the 80s Cables Gameboy AC adapter Gameboy Micro AC adapter GBA Games I don't care if the game here are CIB boxed or comes with something Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu Atari 2600 Games loose pls will pay 50 cents each for the more common ones I would prefer if you sell to me a bunch of them in a lot or so. I also don't care for label variations Combat 2 Atari Video Cube 3D Rubiks Cube Football Air Sea Battle Casino Basic Math Golf Home Run Human Cannonball Indy 500 x2 Realsports Baseball Realsports Volleyball Realsports Football RealSports Tennis Sky Jinks Slot Racers Space Jockey Space War Street Racer Venture Star Raiders Trick Shot Haunted House Kangaroo Pele's Soccer Video Olympics Arcade Golf Canyon Bomber Bowling Frogs And Flies Tax Avoiders Grand Prix Laser Blast Megaforce Night Drivers Riddle of the Sphinx Star Trek Star Voyager Super Challenge Baseball Super Football Vanguard Video Pinball Carnival Freeway Othello Sky Diver Other things any IBM or Apple mouse any Talking Heads CD album More coming soon, I know, I'm slow
  12. So right when I sell it life turns around and I learn I could've kept it. So I'm looking for a nice 7800, but doesn't have to be perfect. Some light scratching is just fine. Must also have power adapter but I don't need anything else. Looking to spend about 40 + shipping.
  13. Hi! I've been thinking about adding a start up screen similar to the one that the 5200 has to one of my 2600, but I can't figure out what I should do to make the system boot from the internal ROM (with the start up screen) and then boot from the cartridge, also I'd like the system to boot from the internal ROM when it has no cartridge pluged. Do you guys think its possible? How could I make it work? Thanks!
  14. Monday just past was (cx-)2/6/12. In keeping with a tradition that was started in rec.games.video.classic but that sadly few remember, I wish to commemorate the 2012 edition of Atari Day for cart cx-2612, Street Racer. In keeping, and belated, happy Street Racer day to all Atari collectors in the USA. The PAL version of this day hits on June 2, or rather 2 June 2012 (2.6.12). jt
  15. You be the judge https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Columbia-Home-Arcade-Vintage-Console-Atari-2600/123351849046?hash=item1cb857d856:g:2IUAAOSwd~Zbj1Bf
  16. I picked up this cabinet today. I have plans for it, but my plans may change if I can figure out what was the original video game that came with the cabinet. Currently, as you can see, it has Ms. Pac-Man. This is not a Ms. Pac-Man cabinet. It looks like it had a Sega game in it at some point. I did look up model number 522, but I found nothing. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. Ok, I have a Vader, a Jr. and a 7800. I use the Jr. 99% of the time and I'm really happy with the performance of it. I find the picture quality to be better on the Jr. than on the Vader. I'm considering selling the Vader and the 7800 and putting the money toward a decent sixer. Don't get me wrong, I really like the 7800, but don't play it very often. I only have 4 games for it and I just can't afford some of the games I'd be interested in having for it. I figure there's someone out there who could give it a better home and actually get some enjoyment out of it. I've always like the look of the sixers, but when it comes to the difference between the light and the heavy, is it purely cosmetic or are there differences in the the actual electronics? Is the Sears version any different/better than the Atari version or is it just a matter of looks? I can tell you I like the look of the wood grain on the Sears more than the Atari, but I'm on the fence about the silver around the switches, so it's 50/50 for me. I wouldn't mind hearing how many people prefer the look of the Sears and how many like the look of the Atari version and why. I'm interested in hearing opinions on how people feel about the price difference between the light and the heavy. For someone on a tight budget, is it worth it to try and get a heavy or just be satisfied with the light sixer? I know the ones made in Sunnyvale are higher priced, for someone who just wants a nice looking sixer to play, is it worth the difference in price? Some of you know, I'm on a fixed income. So price plays a big factor in everything. The way I figure it, all I can spend is what I make from selling my Vader and 7800 and possibly some other stuff. I don't know if it will be enough to get a decent Heavy sixer or not, but that's my goal. I guess what I'm looking for is some reassurances that a light sixer is just as good, in case I can't raise enough money for a heavy. However, if you convince me that only a heavy sixer will do, then it might force me to dig up more stuff to sell, so I can get one. (I've got another stone lodged in my kidney, so if my post is a little "weird", it's because I'm on some serious pain medications right now.)
  18. Hi Guys Just thought I would share a friendly link to a nice interview with the Atari / Adventure legend Warren Robinett: http://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/warren-robinett/ Please enjoy. Adrian
  19. I'm looking for an original brown cover for the Atari 1050 disk drive. Located in PA.
  20. This is a bit of a ripoff of AstralPhaser but, I wanted to do what he did but play different games. I made a youtube series where I play a game from every year starting from 1977. Starting with Pong on Atari, Check it out!. My youtube channel used to be dumb, but a big change happened - I STOPPED PLAYING MINECRAFT. Anyway, here. I also hope it's rather entertaining it's hosted by a kid like me! Episode 2 (2600 Breakout) :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcq6Ab-FSGM And, PS: I own a real Atari. I just have to emulate it because I have no hardware to record my TV, don't feel like buying it, and Bandicam is nice and simple.
  21. History of Atari, History of the 2600, Developer Interviews. Interviewees: Nolan Bushnell, Howard Scott Warshaw, etc. More info: http://www.onceuponatari.com/ Price: $35 (everything) + shipping ($14)
  22. Update 6-24-2017: Update: I have decided to venture out into a new direction. Since the original run of cigar box joysticks have not sold well, I've decided to retire from up-cycling cigar boxes. Instead, any future controller boxes I build going forward will start with ready made woodcraft boxes and will be stained and finished prior to sale. I think it will benefit my business to move away from tobacco advertising and result in nicer finished product. I recently received a commission from for a custom Starplex controller from Sramirez2008 and the controller turned out so nice, I really didn't want to send it off. = = = = = = = = = = Introductory video: Hi guys. I am creating this thread to gauge interest to see if anybody is interested in buying homemade Cigar box joysticks. I found a supplier from a local cigar shop who sells cigar boxes for peanuts. The boxes are made from premium wood, are very sturdy, and each one is unique. I would like to convert these pretty boxes into functional joysticks to sell to the AtariAge community. Initial run will probably be about 10 or so custom joystick controllers. I haven't decided on a base price yet but the bill of materials is probably about $30 for a one button 2600 controller and goes up from there, not counting shipping. I don't work for free. I can produce the following configurations in either left or right handed variants: Atari 2600 one button Atari 2600 ambidextrous (dual fire with 7800 support) (+$10) Atari 7800 two button (+$10) "SMS Plus" (VCS, SMS, and VCS "extra button" homebrew compatible) (+$10) Starplex (+$15) Each joystick will come with a 6 foot detachable cable and black joystick knob by default. Add-ons (subject to availability) Additional 6 foot extension for 12 feet total (+$5) Hard Candy transparent or opaque joystick knobs (+$7.50) 10Hz Turbo fire switch install (for standard one button joystick and Starplex only; turbo function may not work properly on non-Atari systems that do not supply VCC to pin 7) (+$30) I will not be accepting payment for anything until the joysticks are ready to ship. Shipping will probably be around $15 domestic USA but is subject to change as I will get a final estimate later on. I may consider Canada but it will be expensive. As I use lead based solder, these joysticks are not RoHS compliant, and therefore I can not and will not ship to Europe or PAL territories. If interest is there, I may produce a small run of up to 10 joysticks in varying configurations and post them for sale here. If they sell out, I'll consider making more. ***Also be advised that these joysticks will be assembled in real used cigar boxes which were used to transport and sell cigars at retail. There may be slight cosmetic damage or imperfections to the box as the result of past handling as well as necessary modifications I must make to the box (ie drilling holes for components). Also as they were used to transport tobacco, they all have varying degrees of odor. I try to let them air out in the garage by storing them with the lids open, but the smell will not go away completely. As a non-smoker myself, I respect that certain people may have objections or sensitivities towards the scent of tobacco or incense. I do not find the odor disagreeable or overbearing but if you or a family member are sensitive to such smells, I suggest you do not buy one. There will be no refunds for "stinky joystick." Edit: I added a 6th question to the poll. Should I paint them or leave them with their original graphics intact?
  23. Hey guys. I've decided to sell my Atari Jaguar CD system. It's in LIKE NEW condition. Only ever opened it to test it and it still works. A while back I posted a thread about my discovery of many rare Jag stuff in my collection (My Dad and I collected all of our Atari Jaguar stuff in the 90s.) Auction - http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/122027822043? Here are some pics: This is a pretty stellar Jaguar CD. So hard to find working and especially in this kind of condition! I would love it to go to a good collector. Happy bidding!
  24. What Emulators run under OS X?
  25. This may be a strange newbie question but I noticed Atari 65xe and 130xe look a lot like Atari ST. What I'm interested is if the case is actually made of same or similar material and if the keyboard is of comparable quality? Is it like a mini ST, physically?
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