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Found 604 results

  1. Papa

    Nic the programmer

    From the album: The Caraway Clan

    Finally done! Now to playtest it!!

    © Jay "Papa" Caraway

  2. As a way to gather feedback for future versions of the Blast! products, and to not muddy up the other threads, I wanted to start a dedicated topic for the Blast! family of products. While this year the focus for these low-cost products is on the mainstream market and fun for the average consumer/families versus something that specifically meets the needs of the retro gaming crowd, we hope to incorporate more features in the future that will appeal to that group at the same low price point. While we want to hear even the obvious stuff that we're already targeting for the future (perfect emulation, increased resolution and sharpness, etc.), we also want to hear any of the less obvious feedback. So let it fly! Also, please use this as an opportunity to discuss the current products, even though again, we realize they're not being targeted to the retro gaming crowd for this year. The official Website is here: https://blast.atgames.net/ (includes manuals and game lists) The current Blast! products announced so far (https://blast.atgames.net/blast_family): Bandai Namco Flashback Blast! Bandai Namco Flashback Blast! (Walmart exclusive) Atari Flashback Blast! vol. 1 Atari Flashback Blast! vol. 2 Atari Flashback Blast! vol. 3 (Walmart exclusive) Activision Flashback Blast! Player 2 Blast! Controller
  3. Hi everyone. First post here. I am looking to purchase a new (in box/unopened) Atari 2600. Are there any out here being sold? Thanks!
  4. Looking for help with pricing for a few sealed games I can't find much about I have Atari xe joust , moon patrol , blue max , caverns of mars all are sealed and I have doubles of all .. Hoping some one may have some info or could help me ..
  5. Hi all, I've recently ordered a 130XE from the US. I live in France but this kind of machine became recently hard to find. So it was easier and cheaper to buy it in the US. I'll soon receive it, but I have some question regarding the connection: - What kind of power cable do I need to plug it? Does something like that will do the job? http://www.amazon.fr/HQ-P-SUP-32-HQ-Convertisseur-tension-vers/dp/B000MRY5CU Also I'll need to plug to computer, but also the floppy drive, which comes from the same seller. - What's the best way to plug the 130XE on the TV screen? Can I use a Scart cable or a AV composite cable? Or is there a better way? Thanks. Can't wait to receive and play with it!
  6. lots of goodies up for sale right now on ebay. have lots of everything. check it out. http://www.ebay.com/sch/vanhalen909/m.html?item=252045534392&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  7. ___________________________________________ _ _ _ Passion de lulrik _ _ _ _____________________________________________ Hello ! in first sorry for some french and mistakes All pieces of my collection is EU models, except some objects, i choose 800x600 image for non fast connection. If you see a nonsens notify me in private message. I hope my collection will please you lulrik Gameroom : if you have any questions about an elements of my gameroom ... ___________________________________________ _ _ _ CONSOLES Atari SUPER PONG TEN [NTSC] Atari 2600 light sixer 6 switchs [PAL] Atari 2600 (VCS) wood 4 switchs [sECAM] Atari 2600 Classique AS & Classique GP [sECAM] Atari Classique 2600 AS leather [sECAM] Atari 2600 Junior Rainbow modèle A & Silver édition [PAL] Atari 2600 Junior model Black [PAL] Atari 2600 PIRATE unknow (hispanophone) [ 104 colors same at PAL] Atari 5200 [NTSC] Travel US to EU !! aprox 5700 km Atari 7800 [PAL RGB SCART model] Atari XE Game System Intellivision [sECAM] ColécoVision Fra [sECAM & SCART] Console Electronique Radiola PONG [sECAM] Sony Playsation 2 Fat Arcade N'styl [CGA] with Raiden II game ___________________________________________ _ _ _ COMPUTERS AND ELECTRONICS Tandy Radio-shack TRS-80 model 3 Kenitec 486SX-25 Oric Atmos 48k ___________________________________________ _ _ _ GAMES Atari loaner cartridge Pole position 145 My dog and my games ___________________________________________ _ _ _ ELECTRONICS TOYS AND TOYS Coléco space Blaster ___________________________________________ _ _ _ OTHERS Generator VHF AM-FM Ferisol 2 to 960MHz Minitel 2 and Alcatel TELIC Nikko FAM 450 and TRM 600 and TRM 230 platine philips 22GA228 Superkit 2, A version some instrument's Appareils de mesures : Global specialities - UDW4501 mulimeters Metrix MX22 - mulimeters Metrix MX 570 - mulimeters Metrix OX722 - Oscilloscope analogic 20MHz Shlumberger 5023 - Oscilloscope analogic 20Mhz (broken ) Metrix - VKS 220-16 Oscilloscope analogic/numeric 20MHz (broken ) Outils de mesures : Editest GE3421 - probe oscilloscope 10/100 Hight voltage 4 000VDC Metrix HA 0279 - probe Very Hight voltage !DANGER! 30 000 volt (prêt de M.Robin) Alimentation : Metrix AX503 - labo power supply Metrel HSG 0102 - Alternostat auto-transfo 0 à 250V 5A 1.25kVA *** thanks and if you have any question or if you go in french
  8. I've recently discovered these posters were a thing when I bought six of them on eBay and did research to discover there are a total of 10 of them, meaning I now really want the last four. I'm looking to buy the ones for Warlords, Centipede, Missile Command, and Star Raiders. I'd like them to to be in like new condition, preferred if tags still attached. Heres photos of the ones I have already and how I'm framing them-
  9. Papa

    Run Out!

    Here are some pics of my latest game, Run Out.. It's a high speed racing game with some iconic backgrounds and traffic. A download will be ready very soon!!
  10. Hi all, Rainbow 2.0 is now available. This is a major rewrite of the old version 1.x. It features better emulation, real joystick support and full screen display. Trace tools are also included. http://www.chrislam....it-emulator.htm Thanks, Chris.
  11. First a thanks to SoundGammon in my previous post. Since this forum doesn't seem to allow editing an already posted post, I must correct my mistake this way. It is NOT a Football I am looking at! Geeze, my brain must be more fried than I thought! I'm not really a big sports game fan, but this evening when I went to buy another Battlezone I was offered up a complete Basketball by the owner for $75. Supposedly it powers up fine, but needs both trakballs rebuilt asn they are pretty much frozen up. Overall, it is in decent enough shape. Just the cabinet bottom needs some attention and of course the control panel either repainted or re-decaled. He is pondering just parting it out and making the cabinet into a custom refrigerator. It is kinda cool looking for a sports game, but I am pondering if I want to take up the roughly 30 by 30 inch floor space. It was a bit burried, but I managed to shoot a photo of it before leaving for home.
  12. Hey, my ac adapter for my 2600 makes a very faint quiet buzzing noise that can be heard from about 4 inches away. Should I replace it?
  13. I have a Atari Falcon for sale with 14megs of ram and a toshiba hd in it. It looks like it has a 1 gig drive in it but I am not sure. I bought this back in 2006 off of epay and basically just installed Geneva and Neodesk on it and then put it back in the box. The cover screws were missing when I bought it but I might be able to find some in my other atari stuff. I will throw in all my old Atari magazines as they need a good home too. I also have a IDE to CF adapter from steve tucker which will get thrown in. I like this machine but I use my MEGA STE and it's a shame for the Falcon to languish in a box. The top cover is broken on a seam (see pics) and the drive plate is loose. But it works fine. PM me with offers and we'll see what we can do. I will admit I probably paid too much for it back then so I don't really expect to get that back. If additional photos are needed, just ask. THIS IS ON HOLD PENDING NEGOTIATIONS.
  14. Hey! Sorry, I know there is a forum for auctions, but I am not really promoting my auction. I am just posting it to help you help me. I got 20 chips and a tester for an atari 2600 in a lot I bought. The guy said his friend's mom worked for Atari, and brought these home one day.. I am only posting my auction here so you can check out the picture (the computer I am on doesn't have the pictures on it).. I am pretty sure these are not bootlegs or homebrew, but I really don't know.. theres a lot of stuff going around.. The chips I have are: Spider Fighter, Slot Racer, Sky Diver, Breakout, Demon Attack, River Raid, Frost Bite, Pac-Man, Sneek & Peek, I Want My Mommy, Skeet Shoot, Bezerk, Baseball, Q-Bert, Donkey Kong, Skiing, Bowling, Pitfall, Dragster, Night Driver, plus the tester I only threw one up on ebay to see if i caught anyones interest, but someone suggested talking to you guys! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 290735513276 Thanks so much for any help!
  15. As I mentioned in my last post, the reason why I got a lowered price on my Red Baron was because it developed a problem while I was there. Well, now time to discuss and possibly narrow down the problem! What is going on is the machine will power up, warm up, and then.. well the screen flashes on and off constantly. It will go into game mode and I can just make out that the game is playing and sounding right. I opened it up and was watching the LEDs on the main boards and the CRT board. The main and aux board LEDs light on start up and stay on. The LED on the monitor board lights up, stays on, then starts flashing off and on once everything powers up. If I unhook the main board (by accident there), the monitor LED lights and stays lit. So, do I have a board problem or a monitor problem? I an hoping it's an issue where I can just remove a component to have it repaired instead of trying to move the whole game. I have a couple minor cabinet repairs to make as it is because of the move. On a final note, I noticed that the power supply makes a rather distinct hum when it is on. Is this normal? It does have a whopper of a power transformer on there compared to my other games. Also, this Red Baron is using the Wells Garner monitor rather than the Electrohomes I ususually see. Hope someone here can help!
  16. FInally, I have found one! Thought I wasn't going to be able to get this, but because of a helpful family member and a glitch the machine developed, I came home with this nice unit for $300. It was my missing out on an upright one of these that got me started on my mad dash of arcade game collecting. I'm basically a poor person in a richer person's game. Anyways, onto pictures! This game has been like a holy grail to me and to find a cockpit is beyond my wildest dreams.
  17. Hey all— did a pretty thorough search the past few days on this issue, and I've honed in on the issue being either the .22 mF cap (chicklet) or the TIA chip. But I'm hoping it's something that I don't have to sell out to Radio Crack for… The reason for the new topic is because I completely rebuilt the power switch, which had solder cracks, but before I detected the breaks, the janky switch would yield color off-and-on while I was toggling it. Now it's just a faded sepia tone. Wondering if I pushed the fragile cap over the edge with the heat of the iron or what. This is a beautiful Sears Video Arcade and I want it to hummmmmmmm! Any help would be appreciated!
  18. For Sale printer interface for Atari 64 modem hes modem I volksmodem cable volksmodem commodore modem 1200 commodore modem 1520 printer plotter COMREX CR-220 brand new in box okimate 10 okidata microline turbo 184 1541 disk drives all versions' Joystick ""Y"" Adapter" Brother IF-50 commodore and amiga video cables 6ft 6din to 6din interface extension cable Atari joysticks Adjustable speed BLASTER Auto-fire module Mitey Mo c-64 Automodem Microtek cc-2064 printer interface cable & driver Gemini joystick commex Commander Joystick Blue Chip WordProcessing color NIB Printer For C-64 Epson Printer Interface Cartridge vicmodem volks 6420 modem volks 6480 modem datashare modem 300 Automodem DataFlyer1000 Enclosure
  19. Make me an offer on anything also I have a wii balance board missing battery cover but still works great. Atari games a lot of the labels are damaged check pictures. Paypal only.
  20. Rare LochJaw cart for sale on Game Gavel: http://www.gamegavel.com/item.cgi?show_item=0000593425
  21. We need a Vectrex Sub Topic in Classic Gaming General! Why? Well, I think there are enough threads on the vectrex or have something to do with it that we should have a designated sub topic. There are enough fans of the vectrex on atariage that it deserves one ;)
  22. I've been hunting for a copy of Quadrun for my collection, and found this one on eBay... http://www.ebay.com/itm/QUADRUN-Atari-2600-Game-Very-Rare-Authentic-/311968497661 It claims authenticity, but the font on the cartridge label does not seem like the pics I've seen of the game. Does anyone have opinions about whether this is an original cart?
  23. I have a heavy sixer that I would like to get working and possibly be modded for composite a/v. Anyone around here offer that service? Maybe I am not using the right keyboards but my searches for such services have yielded few results. Thanks.
  24. I've got 14 consoles, and I'm looking at getting an Extron Crosspoint to connect all of them too. My Atari and CV would run S-Video to BNC, while the rest of my consoles would be SCART to BNC. I'd then run component to my plasma. I'm also looking to find an SLG HD to get scanlines in component (if I can find one now). Besides cables, do I need any other devices to complete this setup?
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