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Found 710 results

  1. Hello, I am a new member at Atariage despite my frequently viewing the site I would like to know other's opinions on which arcade ports are best so that I have an idea of what to purchase in the future In terms of best, accuracy does not bother me too much- as long as the game is enjoyable After searching online a bit, I have become interested in the following games: Battlezone Gravitar Phoenix Ms. Pac-Man Crystal Castles Joust and of course many more =) I own a few common ones such as Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Missile Command, and Popeye- its only that I hope to expand my library with my favorite genre of games; Arcade =D I would love to hear any comments, recommendations, or any other feedback Thanks in advance
  2. Anyone in the Jacksonville area or nearby who might want some beer and benjamins to help me with my centipede upright cabinet and my phoenix cocktail cabinet (and possibly a pleadies cabinet, but not as high priority,) (descriptions at the bottom.) Thanks in advance, for reading this and your time. "number six" directed me to the villagebbs where I have posted and got some good general tips but no other replies. I am working to start an interactive arts museum, in Jacksonville, Florida. To me, arcade games are a large part of that. www.facebook.com/theimagic I will be displaying at the one spark event in jacksonville, florida, downtown. To promote the museum and gather funding. http://www.beonespark.com/registered_creators/118 The venue I am displaying at is 'The Phoenix Taproom,' and I would really love to have the phoenix cocktail working as part of the display there. Descriptions: The phoenix cocktail is my top priority, and I have not really had any time to examine it. IIRC all I had time to do was plug it in and see that I got no response. Pleiades works but the monitor fades/goes out. centipede details : I picked up the centipede recently from a local thrift, I couldn't pass up the condition it was. There is a tag inside it that says 'led out 6t' hope thats not a bad omen. This cab is in great shape for 30+ years old really clean inside too... Found a switch on the back that says 'cherry' on it that was taped in perma-on, but the tape came off. I re-taped the switch... Initially the marque and one coin slot lit up! Then I did my standard round of cleaning, cleaned mb edge connectors, checked all the couplings, visually checked all the fuses. Now not even the marque lights come one! gah! (So that is what I've had time for, so far.) (This text was copied from here, it has some pictures, too. http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/204734-my-new-baby%3B-an-arcade-stand-up-centipede/
  3. LOT OF 3 HANHELD ATARI LYNX SYSTEMS : eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230898173641 LEMMINGS AND 1 LYNX CONSOLE : eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230898153829 SOLD IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES - THANKS ATARIAGE MEMBERS! 75+ INTELLIVISION GAMES FOR SALE eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230898185215 Many RARE - GREAT START OR FINISH TO A COLLECTION
  4. I AM SELLING ALL THESE ITEMS ON EBAY NOW PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected] WITH ANY QUESTIONS! Video Jogger for 2600 atari - in preety good shape it has a little discoloring in one spot, the label is on there good. - SOLD Lemmings for Atari LYNX Handheld With Handheld System - eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230898153829 3 Atari Lynx Handlheld Systems - eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230898173641 They all work great - good color great SOUND! The best thing about these were the intense audio speaker so much more bad ass than gameboy - these make gameboy look like a whimp console! Big strong sturdy - in the area where your hands go the plastic paint wore a bit - can be easily restored I just didnt want to do this because it is original the way it is - I could do a nice paint job with Plastic Fusing Paint and it would look brand new for the right price.. SO MANY MATTEL INTELLIVISION GAMES! 75-80? - SOME RARE SOME AVERAGE - ILL SELL THE LOT eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230898185215
  5. http://youtu.be/_cRIFhsMSTU Just did this mod the other night. It was simple but great. It almost feels like I'm cheating with this thing. I played the ASTROIDS! emulator and centipede with it. It's crazy I can do this rocking thing where If I time it right I can tick my movements around with real precision. You can't go to fast or the atari doesn't seem to get it. But if I click click away at the right speed it almost feels like I can move fame for frame on centipede and my asteroids game has gotten way better too! I didn't get the low profile switches like the dude in the video just cuz I cannibalized some switches from something I was tossing out. I will get low profile next time cuz I had to modify the bottom of my joystick skeleton and my button a lot more than the dude in the video did, and it was a pain in the ass. The results were still awesome.
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a French SCART Atari 7800 to hook up to my PVM. Anyone have one they are willing to sell and ship to the US? Thanks for your help. C
  7. I just picked up my second 2600 today for $10. It had 2 joysticks, paddles, 2 racing paddles, and 5 games nothing rare, no boxes but not bad for $10. It's a four switch. My first one is a six switch, (not a heavy sixer). I was considering doing some mods to one of them but I wanted to leave the one that's more collectable stock. Are these things pretty equal as far as collectability? And since I'm asking the question could someone possibly give me a list showing me the order of the most sought after 2600's .I know there are quite a few and I really don't know what's rare other then the heavy sixer........ I also know there are a lot of off brands, are any of these considered more or less collectable then an official Atari 2600.
  8. Well, it appears that I have a major issue going on with the Basketball cab I just got. I got the controllers to work, then after adjusting the switches on the board to free play, the left start button quit working and the right track ball quit detecting left and right motion. I blamed this on the main controller connector as it seemed a bit crappy looking inside. Turns out this might not be the real issue. Upon unplugging the board again, I was surprised to have small pieces of the plug connectors come raining out into my hand. About 4 or 5 of the connectors in the board plug had disintegrated! Now, how can I go about repairing this short of replacing the whole harness? I assume I can get these connectors out of the plug if I know how and possibly replace them. Should I do that, or try to find a better harness, if one is even available? Either way, I'm shutting down the project for a while until I get some bills paid. What started out being a simple cleaning and controller rebuild is starting to snowball.
  9. http://youtu.be/qRqCbifUaD0 Love your Atari 2600 and buy good games for it. Please don't play games that suck. Hope you guys like the video!
  10. BLACKOUT! Is officially released and ready for purchase! For the moment we only have 23 copies available (out of the planned 25 due to bad chips). If these copies do well, we will do a second release of 25 carts, and then a third larger release for CD. Followed by the free binary release! Key features of the game: • BJL Loader. Yes, that’s right! This game can also be used as a development tool for aspiring coders! • Game Box Printed in non-laminated uncoated cardstock similar to the original box style and designs used for old Jaguar releases. We went against the glossy boxes because lamination peels over time. This release includes original Atari bags, white cardstock inserts, and game instruction card. Each box is numbered. • Game Features 4+stages with over 40 levels total. Power-ups, a timer, pumping music by C-Trix, and some goofy extras. This game is more than just another lights out. Media: NOTE: 50hz PAL Mode is disabled in this release. This is due to originally starting with buggy video code and finding this out much later in development. Reworking to accommodate PAL video mode would be more trouble than its currently worth at the moment, which would delay the release considerably. We apologize in advance for those using only PAL systems, however a 50/60HZ Mod switch will take care of this as the video mode for the game only runs in NTSC 60hz. If booted on a PAL machine it will display an error message informing of the swap necessary. Future developments have already had this issue resolved and should not be a problem. We personally dont believe in releasing a certain number of hard copies and then not making it available to download for those that have missed out and causing people to resell releases for insane prices. Hence the free release later on. We hope this helps curb the issue a little bit... Your continued support of homebrew development releases from ANY group will allow developers to continue releasing hard copies for those that would like them. Check out website for a Paypal purchase link and please limit to 1 copy if possible so everyone may have a chance. If the link doesn’t allow you to purchase anything, that means we ran out of copies. Enjoy!! www.stormworksinteractive.com
  11. I'm not really a big sports game fan, but this evening when I went to buy another Battlezone I was offered up a complete Basketball by the owner for $75. Supposedly it powers up fine, but needs both trakballs rebuilt asn they are pretty much frozen up. Overall, it is in decent enough shape. Just the cabinet bottom needs some attention and of course the control panel either repainted or re-decaled. He is pondering just parting it out and making the cabinet into a custom refrigerator. It is kinda cool looking for a sports game, but I am pondering if I want to take up the roughly 30 by 30 inch floor space. It was a bit burried, but I managed to shoot a photo of it before leaving for home.
  12. I have been busy scanning all covers of my Atari Software collection. The first step is complete! The 8-bit cover database is live with over 1150 pictures all scanned by myself, so not stolen from any other site There are quite a lot of images in my database, which are not available on other sites like Atarimania. Next steps: the ST, 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx and Jaguar collection. The images have been resized and watermarked. If you need a hi-res scan, please contact me and I will email the original scan. The coverdatabase can be found here: https://atarimuseum.nl/?page_id=842 Enjoy!
  13. From the album: RetroElectroDad Game Collection

    Encounter for the 8-bit Atari and its sequel Backlash for the Atari ST.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  14. From the album: RetroElectroDad Game Collection

    I lost so many hours to Alternate Reality - The Dungeon and many late nights. One of the few games I play through again every so often.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  15. RetroElectroDad

    Atari Lynx

    From the album: RetroElectroDad Console Collection

    Atari Lynx running Batman.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  16. RetroElectroDad

    Atari 2600 Jr

    From the album: RetroElectroDad Console Collection

    Atari 2600 Jr running Adventure.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  17. Oh my, there has been quite the delay from the preliminary round to the first round. All things considered, these 2600 games have been around for years, so a few months won't matter. So the 12 qualifiers from the preliminary round, join another 20 games for the 32 contenders in the first-round. The match-ups were done randomly, the only restrictions are: preliminary participants don't get paired together we keep games from the same company separate in the first round So the match-ups for the 1st round are: BMX Airmaster (TNT Games) vs Realsports Football (Atari) California Games (Epyx) vs Realsports Baseball (Atari) Enduro (Activision) vs Realsports Soccer (Atari Golf (Atari) vs Skiing (Activision) Grand Prix (Activision) vs Winter Games (Epyx) Indy 500 (Atari) vs Decathlon (Activision) Motorodeo (Atari) vs Tennis (Activision) Sprintmaster (Atari) vs My Golf (HES) Pole Position (Atari) vs Ice Hockey (Activision) Titlematch Pro Wrestling (Absolute) vs Realsports Boxing (Atari) Trick Shot (Imagic) vs Realsports Volleyball (Atari) Pete Rose Baseball (Absolute) vs Super Baseball (Atari) Super Football (Atari) vs Super Challenge Football (M-Network) Summer Games (Epyx) vs Realsports Tennis (Atari) Track&Field (Atari) vs Skate Boardin' (Absolute) Street Racer (Atari) vs Super Challenge Baseball (M-Network) 1. BMX Airmaster (TNT Games) vs Realsports Football (Atari) BMX Airmaster had an easy contest in the previous round against Homerun and barely broke a sweat. In the first round it is facing a very strong contender in Realsports Football. One of the three football games in the 1st round, Realsports brought a lot of innovative play into the VCS. Graphically BMX looks stunning and has some great control mechanism. Football is certainly pushing it with 10 concurrent players on a 2D field and a very simple colour scheme. The calling of plays in Football is certainly an acquired taste, and as you control the player you can basically do what you want. BMX Airmaster is just a more polished game considering it was released in 1990 vs the silver age of Atari gaming for the Realsports series. Winner by unanimous decision: BMX Airmaster. 2. California Games (Epyx) vs Realsports Baseball (Atari) A stalwart from the 8bit computer line, CG comes into the first round with a lot of swagger after obliterating 2kb Basketball previously. Realsports Baseball comes in to provide a more solid challenge, but its simplistic graphics, bird noises for sounds, frustrating control and strange pitching cannot muster a strong enough challenge for CG with all of its events which play as good as most stand-alone games, multi-player and great music. Baseball put a brave fight but doesn't last long. Winner by 2nd round KO: California Games! 3. Enduro (Activision) vs Realsports Soccer (Atari) Enduro was somewhat offended even having to contest an initial bout with Night Driver which it completely destroyed. Realsports Soccer comes in to put in a good challenge but it is simply overwhelmed. Graphically and sound-wise, Soccer has not response to Enduro's crisp display, great animation and solid sound effects. Enduro just motors past Realsports Soccer leaving it writhing in the penalty box in what is a clear dive. Winner by 1st round KO: Enduro!! 4. Golf (Atari) vs Skiing (Activision) The pundits cannot believe the upset of the previous round and it has been rewarded by facing another game from the slopes: Skiing. Skiing comes running smoothly with the clean execution of a simple and straight-forward gameplay zig-zagging ahead of Golf which today seems to have an off-day. Way too many drives into the rough and it seems that Golf's worse graphics and specialized audience just can't complete with the crisper and cooler Skiing. Winner by split-decision: Skiing 5. Grand Prix (Activision) vs Winter Games (Epyx) Grand Prix had a lucky initial draw which allowed it to beat meaker opposition previously. Unfortunately it has to face a strong opponent in Winter Games. As a later-generation VCS game, Winter Games bring in the multi-game which flashier graphics, multi-player, national anthems, and challenging games. Grand Prix tries to evade Winter Games and is ultimately completely outmatched. Winner by 2nd round TKO: Winter Games 6. Indy 500 (Atari) vs Decathlon (Activision) Indy 500 made it into the first round after putting up a good qualifying fight previously. Unfortunately it's facing a game from the Bronze Age and coming from one of the best in the business. Even though exhausted after doing the 1,500m run and damaging two joysticks, it's multi-player and multi-event game just leaves the crowd roaring after Indy 500 hits the canvas for the 2nd time and doesn't get back up. Winner by 1st round KO: Decathlon 7. Motorodeo (Atari) vs Tennis (Activision) Motorodeo strides in with a lot of horse power against one of the trusted favourites in everyone's library: Activision's Tennis. Probably one of the best games to pick up quickly with the expected quality and level of control that makes it very popular. Average graphics and simple sounds against the graphical extravaganza of Motorodeo. It basically comes down to what is more playable and Tennis just perseveres Winner by split-decision: Tennis 8. Sprintmaster (Atari) vs My Golf (HES) Sprintmaster brings to the 2600 a coin-up classic against the only original title from HES. And what a game it is. Excellent graphics, a swing control later seen in modern consoles and arcades, club selection and more detailed putting. The sounds are poor compared to the roaring engines of Sprintmaster, but My Golf is just an excellent golf. Winner by KO in the 3rd round: My Golf! 9. Pole Position (Atari) vs Ice Hockey (Activision) The classic racing game Pole Position faces one of the few sports games that Activision has produced. Ice-Hockey brings in 3v3 action that makes the usual VCS limitations very clear. It doesn't generate the fun and excitement that you would expect from a fast-paced Hockey game. Pole Position brings in the arcade tracks to the 70s console and straight away races past everyone. Ice Hockey is down for the count. Winner by KO in the 2nd round: Pole Position 10. Titlematch Pro Wrestling (Absolute) vs Realsports Boxing (Atari) Two ring entrants. Both have four characters to choose from and both have a complex control scheme. This one goes really back and forth. Graphically similar, they are both games from the later era of VCS games. At the end there is a not a lot separating both entrants and Realsports Boxing edges Titlematch. Winner by split-decision: Realsports Boxing. 11. Trick Shot (Imagic) vs Realsports Volleyball (Atari) The crowd takes the opportunity to grab some refreshments while this match goes on. Trick Shot becomes a one-trick pony very quickly and struggles to mount a good defence on top of a non-existent offence. Volleyball just spikes the opponent to the canvas with its control, cleaner graphics and simply more fun gameplay. Winner by KO in the 2nd round: Realsports Volleyball 12. Pete Rose Baseball (Absolute) vs Super Baseball (Atari) The two giants of Baseball games on the 2600 face-off to determine who is the best baseball game. I wouldn't bet on it, but Pete Rose Baseball had a massive edge on the graphical front, with detailed graphics in sections of the diamonds as well as supporting different pitches. Super Baseball takes a refined approach that makes it the best game for a quick baseball round, but ultimately, the sheer technical advancement of Pete Rose Baseball takes Super Baseball down. Winner by KO in the 1st round: Pete Rose Baseball 13. Super Football (Atari) vs Super Challenge Football (M-Network) And now we have the Football face-off! Here we have the Atari version with it's 3D-like view, jumbotron and ability to select plays. Mattel's version looks tired, simple and way out of its league. This was a non-contest from the beginning. Winner by TKO in the 1st round: Super Football 14. Summer Games (Epyx) vs Realsports Tennis (Atari) Summer Games comes into the mix with a solid computer gaming background while facing amember of the Realsports family, Tennis. While perhaps the least fun member of the Epyx 2600 collection, it boasts a good set of games, great sound effects and multi-player. Tennis brings in a more advanced version of the game that even allows you to enter your initials. At the end of the day, the variety and technical advancement just makes Summer Games too powerful to beat. Winner by KO in the 2nd round: Summer Games 15. Skate Boardin' (Absolute) vs Track&Field (Atari) Skate Boardin' had a solid initial fight and showed us what it was made of. Unfortunately Track&Field has no intention of going down easy. A solid arcade conversion of a popular game, it brings in a multi-event game for up to four player, while SB shows off a massive map in which too explore. Both are very good at what they do. It comes down to fun and replay. Track&Field just wins across the board. Winner by unanimous decision: Track&Field 16. Street Racer (Atari) vs Super Challenge Baseball (M-Network) The last bout gives people the chance to leave early and get out of the parking lot before it gets busy. Super Challenge Baseball looks bemused at Street Racer, this is a lightweight bout and the SCB just brings a more fun game. A better layout for the diamond and playability just trumps across the board for Street Racer. This was over even before it began. Winner by KO in the first round: Super Challenge Baseball And so we have it, a great first round with some great battles and some mismatches. Will Enduro and California Games maintain their momentum? Will we see another same sport match-up with Tennis vs Realsports Tennis, or Pete Rose Baseball against Super Challenge Baseball? Find out soon, as will do random draws and may see company games fighting against each other From Epyx (3), Atari (5), or Activision (4). We have 16 games advancing to the next round: BMX Airmaster (TNT Games) California Games (Epyx) Enduro (Activision) Winter Games (Epyx) Skiing (Activision) Decathlon (Activision) Tennis (Activision) My Golf (HES) Pole Position (Atari) Realsports Boxing (Atari) Realsports Volleyball (Atari) Pete Rose Baseball (Absolute) Super Football (Atari) Summer Games (Epyx) Track&Field (Atari) Super Challenge Baseball (M-Network)
  18. DoctorSpuds

    Jungle Hunt (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

  19. DoctorSpuds

    Dig Dug (Atari)

    From the album: My Collection

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