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Found 33 results

  1. Was wondering how many there are out there... Have thought about doing it. Probably with Lynx as a handheld companion. Although i still have a pretty diverse collection; i would say Jaguar is my main focus and in the top three for systems I've invested in and regularly game on. Do you think it would limit your gaming experience to just play/collect for jag?
  2. As big Atari and classic gaming fans, i'm sure just about everyone here who collects has at least one Atari 2600 in our personal collections, and some games. Yesterday, I acquired a rather interesting title on eBay: "Popeye". However, this isn't the normal Parker Bros. release, this is the unlicensed "Taiwan Cooper" version. I bought in in the box for $11. When I think about it, this would be just about the rarest 2600 game currently in my collection. So, how about you guys? What's the rarest game you currently own? (Ps, Photo is from original eBay Listing, I can post additional photos once the game arrives in the mail).
  3. Just wondering what everyone's favourite 2600 game. Mine would have to be adventure. This was the first game I bought with my own money also the first game I ever beat. Even today I get it out and play it it is still fun and on 3rd setting can still be a bit of a challenge. Bezerk would have to be my second favourite. I would say Pac man is my 3rd Yes don't kill me for that LOL. I just loved the game I got it for my birthday and was so excited my friends loved it too. Back when this was first released most people loved it I think today it gets a bad rap yes it did suck by today's standards but all in all I liked it. any thoughts out there?
  4. I've put up the latest presentation that has to do with playing and collecting 5200 games. This is filled with a lot of game footage as well as info on controller adapters as well as the Trakball. Enjoy!
  5. If you could go back to when you first started gaming/collecting, be that 1977, 1985, or 1993, knowing what you know now, what, if anything would you do differently. This could range from: -I wouldn't throw out boxes and manuals -I would have never bought system X but instead would have focused on system Y -I wouldn't have lent games to friends, or let my little brother destroy my games -I would have bought system X that I never got into, etc. -I would have played more RPG's knowing that I wouldn't have time to as an adult -I would buy certain games/systems that I know would be valuable to sell later I will answer myself, but would like to see some thoughts on this first! Have fun
  6. Rockman and Mega Man games, Japanese imports, complete in box games, bargain hunting, gaming magazines, trading cards, travel vlogs, I've got it all! http://www.youtube.com/user/mmf187
  7. Many systems come and go for us. Which do you take the most seriously. I have 20-30 consoles, maybe more, but I really take 2-3 super seriously and have dedicated a lot of time and money to making them EXCELLENT collections. My top 1 is probably Jaguar, because i've been able to craft it as an adult with money and time and love of it's coolness and obscurity. My N64 is probably second...because i've owned the stuff since new and just built on it; and play it regularly by myself and with friends and have for years. My third is probably a tie between Saturn and Genesis, but I think i'm moving away from optical formats (too risky, high fail rates) towards collecting more seriously for just cartridge bases systems and preferably 8-16 bit systems with thriving homebrew scenes. So I think the Genesis is going to be moving up the ranks shortly as my Jaguar collection is more or less "complete" at this point. Anyway. What collections/systems of yours do YOU take the most seriously and why... I'm talking your top 1 to 3 systems.
  8. I'm at that point again where I want to get rid of a vast majority of my collection and am trying to get really serious about it. Right now it numbers over 500 videogame and computer systems from all eras and locations, countless thousands of software items, and all kinds of accessories, add-ons, and other materials. It takes up a good portion of a very large basement. I'm not looking to get rich, but I am looking to at least get pennies on the dollar rather than give the stuff away. I've contacted a few museums, but they're only interested in portions of the collection and there are other hoops that I'd have to go through that don't really make it worth it. So, outside of piecemeal on eBay for maximum dollars but probably a decade or more of my life, what other options are there? I was thinking about an estate sale place, but don't really know anything about that from first-hand experience. Anyone have any thoughts about that? Thanks for the thoughts in advance.
  9. Hello, I am a new collector for Atari 2600 I love the history and innovation that occurred during the run of the console. I also love that there is a vibrant community and homebrew scene that is still contributing to the platform. I have not been collecting as long as most collectors so there are many things that you might know or tips that may come in handy to new collectors. What tips would you have liked to have had and what tips would you give to new collectors. What practices or items helped you what do you think would help others? Thank you. EDIT: I play every game I collect, playing the games is an important part of my collection.
  10. Well what are yours? I think I will selectively add to my collection this year but overall it will be a slimming down year for me. Now that I have a lot of SD carts I realize I don't "need" to own a lot of games that are okay but not necessarily worthy of taking up physical space in my home when they could just as easily be a ROM on my cart. Also, having a game room now and fully unpacking my collection has made it apparent to me how much stuff I have and what I can afford to let go and what should probably stay. By the end of the year I plan to have a much leaner, but higher quality collection. Equal fun, less stuff. So in a nutshell: -Sell superfluous consoles/games/accessories/computers that I am just not using not intending to anytime ever (i.e do I really need 4 of every console? SELL!) -More high end SNES/Genesis carts, complete. (i.e. Track down a complete Streets of Rage III finally) -Get my NES collection in game cases with art -Finish souping up my vintage computer(s) -PLAY more this year, buy less -Track down Star Control for 3DO -Acquire a minty 2600 system changer for Intellivision -Figure out what to do with broken stuff
  11. ... and doesn't make you feel guilty for spending sound money on obsolete and dirty plastic objects?
  12. So, I posted on this elsewhere, but my wife gave me Mega Man (the original cart) for Valentine's Day. I'd never had it as a kid, or really even played it -- 2 and 3 were always more inviting to a kid without an NES who had to make due with limited playtime. Anyway, I had a good run later in the afternoon, and I ended up beating the game and (as a self-described "casual gamer") feeling pretty chuffed about it. I appreciated her gift, having put off buying it myself because of the high price tag it carries, so it was extra-satisfying to conquer. Also, to sorta "get my use out of" the actual cart, as I'm primarily an Everdrive user. So then I got to wondering... why is it such a pricey cart? I know the story. That it was initially a commercial dud in the US, but due to rentals and word-of-mouth it turned into a "sleeper hit" good enough to warrant a sequel in the developers' spare time at work. But surely if there were enough copies to rent, pass around, and generally talk about, why does it average $75 online (right now in February 2016, future historians) as opposed to Contra's $35 or even cult hits like River City Ransom's $25 or Clash At Demonhead's $15 price tags? Those must surely have had smaller print runs right? Most sources say that Mega Man sold "enough" for Capcom to validate a sequel, so if it was good enough to be "on the fence", it couldn't have been a total disaster, or a super-low-pressing one-off rarity like Little Samson (or even some of the later Mega Man sequels), right? OR... am I just misjudging how many there really are? Wouldn't they have pressed up another few batches after the sequels took off? Wikipedia mentions a September 1991 re-release (though I don't have the 9/91 issue of GamePro to verify!). How would one distinguish these from a "first pressing"? Online searches are turning up nothing for me. Are those cited "good enough" sales that justified the sequel really the Japanese numbers bumping up the average and there *really was* a super-limited supply in the US? Or is it just one of those weird market quirks -- a perfect storm of "good story", "beloved franchise", and a dash of rarity? I suppose it DID spawn the whole Mega Man universe. Oooooh, and that cover art. These are the things that keep me up at night, sorry. It's 5AM here now. This is just really food for discussion on the first Mega Man game. Though, does anyone have any other thoughts on the "classic 6" NES games? I've tried some of the spin-off series and they weren't my thing - no real interest. Haven't gotten around to getting MM9 or MM10 yet though... I suppose those should be next on my list.
  13. On the last episode of the CU Podcast, hosts Pat & Ian fielded a question on whether Atari 2600 collecting is dead. Ian, who works at a retro shop, responded that his workplace experience is 2600 interest has been growing over the past two years. The fits with my anecdotal experience: I've noticed over the past year 2600 hardware/carts that used to sit at thrift stores are vanishing faster. Prices in my local market for 2600 hardware (not games) seems to be ticking upwards as well. I've bumped into a few younger people (late teens/early twenties) at retro shops/thrift stores buying up Atari carts who genuinely seem interested in collecting for the system. I'm guessing its a case of a rising tide lifts all boats: NES/SNES gaming is growing in popularity and that interest is spilling over into other systems like the 2600. What does everyone else think? Link to the segment in question: https://youtu.be/RoFIAsGSW_Q
  14. I am collecting for about 25 years now and usualy i search for a lot of things. this time i am focused on some not so well known consoles and games This time i am looking for the following things: Koei Pasogo (prefered boxed complete) Sega Divers 2000 Marty Fm Towns HR II Model 20, only the Power Supply cause mine is dead Vectrex Harmageddon CIB Nintendo Othello (complete) Computer/Console Nintendo TV Game (sharp version) Coleco Total 4 (console boxed complete) Entex Select-a-game (only a few games) Entex Adventure Vision (complete and also games) i already have 2 Entex AV! but loose and one is working but missing 3 lines on display Some Atari Pong Consoles (i have only 1 with blue/white box) i do not know the specific names for the differnt types like super pong and so on. Atari Cosmic? RDI Halcyon Thank you and if you have something please p.m
  15. Kinsey collects Xbox 360 Controller variants and she brings some over to show us, including different colors, artwork, attachments and much more. Yes, it’s a THING & it’s pretty cool!
  16. The PS2 ROCKS with over 1,850 games released in North America! Here are a ton of great hidden gems for the console you may not know about. Games Shown: Legend of Kay Gungriffon Blaze Mister Mosquito Silpheed Lost Planet Disaster Report Maximo Ghost to Glory War of the Monsters Okage Shadow King Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil Aqua Aqua Primal
  17. The 7th Generation of consoles has ended, so lets look back and see what Xbox 360 Hidden Gems games are fun to play for collectors looking beyond the popular titles. Part 1 of 3. What games should be in Parts 2 and 3?
  18. Seattle Game Collector Reggie is back showing us some of his rarest or most unusual games from old to new generations. PS2 Sega PSP NES SNES GBA What do you typically use for pricing info when out game hunting?
  19. The mighty Nintendo DS handheld was a smashing world-wide success with over 150 million units sold since 2004. The DS is home to hundreds of fun & unique games in every genre...but in this video my friend Kinsey & I reveal some Hidden Gems or lesser known games that every DS gamer should have in their collection. What games would you like to see in Parts 2 & 3?
  20. Just occurred to me, other than a few new homebrews 99% of my collection is loose. Oh I have instructions for many and I have always considered myself a gamer more then a serious collector and so I rather save money buying loose. I do admit though I was just thinking just now, it must be pretty damn cool to obtain a classic original game and have it complete and presented as it was the day it was released. To open the box, take out the cartridge (or disk etc) and the manual and maybe some offers or other items that may of originally came with the release. Is it worth the premium usually associated with CIB? Clearly it is for some and there is no right or wrong only personal preference. I think sometime soon though I may attempt to pick up a classic game that is complete. Not necessarily and expensive or popular title, I just want to experience that feeling that I might have back in the day, I don't expect it to change my collecting habits really as they are bound by financial and practical reasons but I think I might treat myself. With that I I ask, what are you comments and thoughts about CIB? In your opinion the ups and downs, whether it is worth it etc. I figured I would make this poll also just to see how the votes go. THANKS.
  21. John Hancock shows some more of his favorite Dreamcast games that very few collectors know about. The visual differences in Bleem! are really quite striking... Hopefully that came across in the video...
  22. This was a bit surprising: http://www.gamesradar.com/most-valuable-wii-games/ But its no joke there is a love affair with horse games: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001DJ7PFA/ref=s9_simh_gw_p63_d0_i1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=1TJMV2RZBCE6T8ERJ0HQ&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=1630083502&pf_rd_i=507846 and the one in the article: http://www.amazon.com/My-Horse-Me-Riding-Gold-Nintendo/dp/B001M6AHHM/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1385566906&sr=1-1&keywords=My+Horse+and+Me%3A+Riding+for+Gold+-+Nintendo+wii 2 new from $200.00 12 used from $59.951 collectible from $99.99 So people still buy rare games just because they are rare?
  23. Hidden Gems for Super Nintendo! These are some of the best and most fun games few people know about. Mega game collector John Hancock (swlovinist) shows some of the games he recommends for SNES fans to play and add to their collection. What games would you like to see in Part 2?
  24. I show you the 35+ games across 10 systems that I have added to my collection recently with the helps of some fans of my channel. Lots of weird & cool stuff...including Turbo Dick! Who else is out there garage sale hunting each weekend? What have you found?
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