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Found 114 results

  1. Have the atari 5200 paddle controllers been found by any collectors yet?? and if so, are are any of them complete? :?
  2. From the album: Intellivision Overlay Reproductions

    This reproduction of the overlay for the Intellivision game Utopia is quite faithful to the original except for the typeface used in the text (the numerals, on the other hand, seem to be very close). I think the original overlay design uses Helvetica, while the closest clone I have is Swiss 721. I'll update this file with a more faithful version when it becomes available.

    © Illustration by The Eyeball Mural, no rights reserved. Intellivision intellectual properties belong to Intellivision Productions.

  3. Just purchased an empty PEB and want to find a disk drive and disk drive controller card for it. Also looking for a 32K Memory card.
  4. I have this strange gun that I don't know what system it was made for. It has no writing or imprints on it. Standard Genesis/2600/ etc. cord end. I tried using it on my Genesis to play lethal enforcers but pulling the trigger made the game reset and my tv go staticky for a second. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. I own an Atari 2600 heavy sixer and I'm looking for a little help diagnosing a problem. I've bought two sets of used paddle controllers (two controllers attached to one wire) and neither has worked. My problem is, I don't know if my controllers, or my joystick ports are to blame. After disassembling all four pots and cleaning them, there is no change. So I looked up a pinout of the 2600 joystick ports, and found this little number. http://atariage.com/forums/uploads/monthly_05_2014/post-32232-0-25905600-1400246916.gif I do happen to have the Video Touchpad controller, and testing it with Star Raiders shows it is in perfect working condition. I notice that pins 5 and 9 are shared by the touchpad and the paddles for input. If my touchpad works fine, am I correct in assuming that this eliminates the possibility of my joystick port(s) being bad? If so, what the heck is most likely wrong with my paddles? Where do these things fail most often? I'm looking to fix them, but I'm not sure if it is feasible.
  6. I've just started up my Atari collection and I bought a 2600 Jr bundle off a local selling page. Bundled in with it was this controller paddle by ''Dynacom''. Does anyone know anything more about them? I've been trying to research them for the past hour or so but can't find much. Apparently they were only sold in Brazil and are pretty hard to come by. I've only found a few mentions of them on the internet and nothing gives me any info on their value. Any help would be appreciated, cheers! This is the most I've found on them - Dynacom: Rare paddle controller that featured suction cups on the base. It was only available in Brazil. Description from ad: "The control of strong emotions. The Dynacom Paddle Controller is the only unique rotary controller for video games that allows precise and highly reliable shots. The Paddle Controller can be used in Dynavision and other games compatible with the Atari system. To ensure strong emotions with your Paddle Controller, the following games are already available." Sources - http://www.2600connection.com/faq/controllers/faq_controllers.html http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-614870198-raro-controles-paddle-dynacom-atari-2600-_JM Thanks, Superdead22 Image of the same paddles I found online.
  7. Hello all, If anyone is looking for a flashback controller adapter for the Intellivision model 2609 or similar version, I have some for sale. They are a little more expensive to make than the other adapter so I'll be charging $15 for one and $25 for two. Those prices are including shipping in the US. These adapters do require you to open you machine for installation but it's only 6 screws and then it's plug and play after that. Here are some pictures.
  8. hey all, new to the forum but have been creeping wtihout being a member for a while now.. a few months ago i bought a 7800 system without any cables or controllers, i had the video, ordering the power was easy enough, but given the general review of the proline controller, i decided to build my own controller from arcade parts. seems to have worked out okay for the most part, the 2600 and 2600 games recognize the controller right off. i used http://atariage.com/forums/topic/219466-diy-7800-arcade-stick-help/this post as a rough guide, including the pinout incorporated therein. the major difference is the base wire i'm using is chopped up cat5e, mostly because its what i had laying around the house. now for the particulars, i have 620 ohm resistors in the ground wires for each of the two buttons, and diodes in the lines running to pins 5 and 9. without the diodes i get a weird auto fire feature mentioned elsewhere in the forums. the ground wire for each button has its own line running to pin 8. as far as i can tell everything is wired "correctly" based against info found elsewhere in the forums. so thats good.... except using xevious as a test cart, i can use my joystick, but not the buttons. like i said running it against seaquest using the 7800... everything works fine. xevious or asteroids for the 7800... get me nothing. interesting side note, joust, robotron, and galaga all seem to work fine from what i can tell any ideas on what went wrong?
  9. Looking to buy my favorite CV controller of all time: the SpectraVision Quickshot III. Please contact if you have a working one available.
  10. I just found some pretty cool stuff in my parents basement. It's the last of my collection that I didn't have any idea that existed. I don't know what to say about it. The last time I used any of it was many many years ago. I'm taking offers. There can't be worth that much. So if you're interested shoot me a PM and we can work something out. I have the following: NES fourscore Playstation Dual Shock 2600 driving controller 2600 paddle controller x2 RF switch Suncom Tac-3 Goldstar 3D0 controller Sold R-Type for the Sega Master system Gone. Like I said earlier I haven't used these in many years. The last time I used these, they worked fine. I don't have a way of testing any of them. So I'm selling them as they are. Edit-I'm also up if someone has a copy of Nights for the Saturn if anyone has one available.
  11. Hi everyone. Yesterday i was configuring my control settings in Virtual Jaguar but accidentally delete the default setting and now i cant enter the controller setting because the emulator crash and closes inmediately. The question is: Its any way to reset the settings? I cant find the configuration file of Virtual Jaguar anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have an Arcade-X controller that I picked up way back to try to enjoy Mame a little more. Wondering if there is a way via an adapter or something to hook it up to a 7800 or 2600? I have done some googling and I see mentions of PS / NeoGeo adapter. But no real definitive solutions. So I am coming to the pro's here at AA. I already have a PS2 adapter for Arcade-X to use with the different arcade flashback discs that came out. Has anyone else pulled this off? Is it possible?
  13. Hi everyone. I tried asking this question in the other thread, however my issue has some different symptoms. I bought a Atari 7800 from the flea market, got an original power supply with it.. happy as a clam. I have a 7800 controller as well, the odd one. Issue: I plug in the controller to controller port 1, and nothing happens, I plug into controller port 2 and I have full control over player 2, but still nothing on port 1. I plugged in a sega genesis controller as I read it works with the 7800. It does the same thing, does not work on port 1, does on port 2. So I decided to try and open it up and look at the soldering points. I noticed the controller port itself moved ever so slightly when i pressed on it. Not much, but that was enough for me to think I should take a go at re soldering the pins. So i did, I suck at it, but i feel that the redo's were done with proper contact,, they are a little goopy, but they look like they should work. so I plugged everything back up, and still the same issue persists.. I'm happy that this place exists, and I am hoping that if many of you are good enough to successfully mod your 7800 to have composite video/S-video as i've been reading, that perhaps you can work with me on this to see if I can resolve it, thanks. side note, maybe I can take some pictures of my poor soldering job... but you guys know what the board already looks like I suppose.
  14. Hello everyone, I just joined the forum and I too have some questions about the Kat5200 emulator. I'm trying to run "Pole Position" on the thing and just like the op I'm having problems. I"m specifically can't get my controller to communicate with the game when I launch the game. I can get the controller to respond within the emulator when I calibrate it when I initially open the emulator to prepare it to run the game. But the controller won't work when I play the game in the emulator. The controller I have is a Phillips Recoil GGE909 usb controller. Oh, another problem I have with the Kat5200 is enlarging the box I'm playing the game in. It will only let me play in a small box about 1/32 or less the size of my computer screen. The emulator has the "full screen" option but after I click on it and have a check mark highlighted by it and then fire up the game in the emulator all I then get is that small box that I'm referring to. Also, just in case if anyone was wondering, the computer I'm running the Kat5200 on is a Windows7 machine. Any ideas on what I can try to fix both problems? Thank you all very much for your time.
  15. This has gotten really odd so I figure this is the best place to get some help. My Atari paddles were jittery at first, and I followed the instructions to clean them. After cleaning them, they were still jittery. I cleaned them again, and the issue persisted. To test if it was a broken pot, I modded a new one from Radio Shack onto one of the controllers, which also didn't change anything. I have a spare Flashback 4, so I tested the controllers on that. Both of the paddles played very smoothly, almost like new. And yet, when I plugged them into the actual system, they seemed broken. I noticed that the pins on the Flashback seemed smaller, so I tried to use the controllers with a serial port adapter with the same size pins, but it didn't work either. I get that I could just buy another pair, but the controllers aren't actually broken, so I don't think I should. Plus, I'm not sure buying another pair of paddle controllers would solve the problem. If it helps, the paddles are (2nd?) generation, the kind were the shaft of the pot is a lighter color. My 2600 is a Vader. Ideas? I'm pretty stuck at the moment
  16. Idea for a modular retro controller. Thoughts?
  17. Is anyone out there making improved controllers for the Colecovision? I know there's the action replay and some third party ones that have been made over the years but is anything being made now? I'd love to have a wide Genesis controller with a number pad in the middle.
  18. I know at least one person had asked about this in the past, so I'm posting this here. I just hooked one of my 5200 controllers up to my multimeter (if you don't know, there are needle-like probes you can insert into the sockets of the plug) and determined the range of the horizontal pot to be from 500Kohms to around 190Kohms. Which fits in with Kenneth Simon's schematic that's been floating around that says the controllers uses 640K pots. Hopefully this will be of use to someone (perhaps we could add it to the FAQ?)
  19. !!! ALL SOLD !!! This is an Atari 2600 Jr. with 8 controllers. All there wires and cords and connections are there and everything works. There are 59 games included. For all of it I am asking $110 or best offer and I am very willing to negotiate, I will also sell individual Items. X1 Atari 2600 Jr. controllerSOLD x3 original Atari joysticks,SOLD x2 sets of paddle controllersSOLD x2 Quick Shot joysticksSOLD Defender,SOLD Adventure,SOLD Video Pinball,SOLD Keystone Kapers,SOLD Kaboom!,SOLD Dig Dug,SOLD Circus Atari,SOLD Centipede,SOLD Ice Hockey,SOLD Starmaster,SOLD Bowling,SOLD Night Driver,SOLD Mario Bros.,SOLD Missile Command,SOLD Swordquest Fireworld,SOLD Galaxian,SOLD Berzerk,SOLD Tennis,SOLD Real Sports Baseball,SOLD Super Breakout,SOLD Jungle Hunt,SOLD Towering Inferno,SOLD Skiing,SOLD Combat,SOLD Pong Sports,SOLD Pac-Man,SOLD Dragonfire,SOLD Trick Shot,SOLD Vanguard,SOLD Kangaroo,SOLD E.T.,SOLD Asteroids,SOLD Yars' Revenge,SOLD Raiders of the Lost Ark,SOLD Warlords,SOLD Stampede,SOLD Joust,SOLD Crossbow,SOLD Donkey Kong Junior,SOLD Smurf,SOLD Venture,SOLD Donkey Kong,SOLD Moonsweeper,SOLD Riddle of the Sphinx,SOLD Armor Ambush,SOLD Adventures of TronSOLD, Space AttackSOLD, Airlock,SOLD Bugs,SOLD Sssnake,SOLD Journey Escape,SOLD Bermuda Triangle,SOLD Coconuts,SOLD Spiderman,SOLD Q*Bert,SOLD Frogger,SOLD Unknown gameSOLD (possibly a second copy of Frogger from what I recall), No Escape!,SOLD Demon AttackSOLD ALL SOLD
  20. Hello all, I'd like to begin by saying that I am by no means a negligent/careless owner. I was never rough with my Jag. However, despite this, it stopped working a while back for reasons currently beyond me. The last few times I'd played it, it had serious controller issues; on Cybermorph, the T-Griffon wouldn't stop jetting forward and moving upward, while on Tempest 2K, I couldn't stop shooting. Not long after these incidents, my Jag failed entirely, and won't even power on. All I know is that these consoles are very sensitive to electrical mishaps (shorts, overloads, etc.), and that something to do with the controller inputs failed/shorted out, and this somehow eventually led to total failure. Yet if that is the case, wouldn't that mean that one of my controllers is defective and causes shorts? I've no soldering skills, and even less of a clue on how to find the replacement parts necessary for this system, so the chances of me fixing this are slim. For the meantime, I've purchased a new Jag system (I shouldn't have to explain how expensive they've become), so I want to ensure that this doesn't happen again. The main things I want to know are: *What caused this? *Is this (cheaply) fixable? *What can prevent this? Sorry about the long post, but as a long-time Atari fan, I just want to ensure the fun doesn't stop here. Please feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know.
  21. Today I've got some information to share on how you can get your Playstation controller working on your Colecovision with adapters. This required some experimenting with using a current-day USB hub with power supply. Check out my results here: Here are the adapters you'll need: 1) 9 pin Sega Genesis extension cords (2) 2) Edladdin Seagull 78 controller adapter (converts Genesis controllers to be fully-compatible with the Atari 7800) 3) Tototek Joypad Converter version MD (converts Playstation controllers to be compatible with the Sega Genesis console) 4) PS1 Multitap 5) Speedlink Redeemer Beyond Total Control Playstation 2 mouse/keyboard adapter 6) powered USB hub with power supply The method: 1) Plug in a Colecovision controller into port 2 of your Colecovision (consider connecting a 9 pin extension cable to it in case you want to sit a little ways away from the console.) 2) Plug a 9 pin extension cable into port 1 of your Colecovision, but don't plug any adapter into it yet. (wait) 3) Connect all the above adapters/PS1 Multitap together but leave the Seagull78 adapter unconnected to the 9 pin extension cable that's plugged into port one of the console. 4) Plug your Playstation controller into port A of the multitap 5) Plug the Speedlink Redeemer into port B of the multitap 6) Connect a powered USB hub (with power supply plugged into the wall) to the lower USB connector of the Speedlink. 7) Turn on your Colecovision and use the keypad of the port 2 Colecovision controller to make your game selection and start up the game. 8 ) Now plug in the adapters to the extension cable that's plugged into port 1 of your Colecovision and play your game with the connected Playstation controller. This method works for many, but not all Colecovision games. The ones that are incompatible with this method are the ones which don't allow a keypad controller that's plugged into port 2 of the console to start up the game, but only a keypad that's plugged into port 1 of the console. If you want to know how to get around that with a 9 pin splitter cable method, take a look at the video presentation. The nice thing about using Playstation controllers is that both buttons- not just one button- will work in the games that have the 2 button access. Another really nice aspect is that you can use a flightstick to play games like Zaxxon and River Raid. Also, it's nice to be able to use an arcade stick to play games like Q-bert or Ladybug.
  22. i understand you need to use an optical mouse, but is there a way to use an actual ball instead of deodorant? like a softball? (to hold the trackball in place, i plan on using cardboard)
  23. I was thinking of modding a Playstation DDR pad for use on the 2600 / sega genesis. The question is what games do you think would be the most playable / fun, I will use your suggestions when I am testing. The ones I think so far would be fun are the maze games like Ms. Pacman, and Maze Craze. Some other ones will be Tapper, keystone kapers, freeway and frogger. What are your thoughts and suggestions?
  24. Good afternoon Atari friends hope everyone had a great turkey day! Several months ago I delved into the Atari 7800 world and I love this thing. Except for the Pain-Line controllers, I bought 4 of them, One almost new. None were very responsive and very hard to use. I think everyone could go on and on about these controllers and very few people actually like them. I love the "look" and that's about it. Thus, begins my journey... First I did the simple NES controller MOD. LOVE IT. You don't have to "think" about using the controller, It just feels natural. I figured, what the hell, I'll get some CX78s from best... $40!? Eek but worth it for the hardcore Atari collector. also, do not look on ebay for these things unless you want to pay $70+... insane. New old stock, they are nice but button placement is strange and the D-pad does not feel as natural as the NES Controller. I still went back to the NES controller... I found "new" SNES aftermarket controllers in my controller bin and thought, why not, and modded it to work with the 7800. utilizing every button. L & R bumpers all 4 buttons and start and select. The left bumper and the left buttons and select are all FIRE1 and the rest are FIRE2. This was a nightmare to mod, took too much time as I was also trying to wrap my head around the 7800 controller circuit. It works great, but too many buttons. Almost too confusing to play with. So I decided to make my own controller. Osgeld was kind enough to offer some guidance AND his controller plans, which were just to complicated for me to reproduce. I set off on learning some PCB creation software. I'm a hardware guy, so learning new software is a pain. 3 programs later I landed on a freeish program called Diptrace. I designed the PCB within this program and boy was I in for a treat. I have a hobbyists knowledge of circuits and CAD programs, in layman I knew nothing. I had to create this layout twice the first being a cleaner design but the files did not save properly. I rushed to get the second design printed and almost screwed up royally. SOLDER MASK GOES WHERE YOU DON'T WANT SOLDER MASK SOLDER MASK GOES WHERE YOU DON'T WANT SOLDER MASK SOLDER MASK GOES WHERE YOU DON'T WANT SOLDER MASK SOLDER MASK GOES WHERE YOU DON'T WANT SOLDER MASK so when you layout solder mask you have to put it in areas you do not want solder mask not where you WANT the solder mask... are you following? I didn't follow. I put it where I WANTED mask. This would have covered all my button contacts with solder mask making some expensive beer coasters. In the PCB world that is wrong, but I caught this RIGHT before I sent them In to print. Its all an acceptable learning process, this is an ultra simple PCB design and makes me appreciate real creators like Bryan and his UAV and Curt with the XM. After weeks of back a fouth with chinese suppliers I found a resonable place for black NES controller shells. I ordered the DB9 cables and PCBs and I'm off with a rolling start. I still would like to print custom labels for the controller but it was not cost effective ATM. Maybe If I ordered large bulk (100+) I could get costs down. This design is from a forum member as well but I cannot for the life of me find that post and would love to give credit where its due, but I also am not using this on this run. But this first run is just the prototype phase, which will always be more expensive. R&D is never cheap! What do ya'll think? Am I on the right path, or should I stop while I'm ahead?
  25. From the album: RetroIndieGamer's classic games collection

    This is the wireless controller I had for my Super Nintendo with it's receiver. While I don't have the console anymore (it died. ), I decided to keep the controllers.

    © Retro Indie Gamer 2013

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