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Found 117 results

  1. From the album: RetroIndieGamer's classic games collection

    This is the wireless controller I had for my Super Nintendo with it's receiver. While I don't have the console anymore (it died. ), I decided to keep the controllers.

    © Retro Indie Gamer 2013

  2. Not sure where else to post this, so I'l put it here... I have a Sega Saturn that was given to me. No controllers, cables, games, anything. I've been trying to get it working to no avail. I have an AV cable and a power cord and a controller. When I power the device on, the left direction on the controller doesn't work. I've replaced the carbon pads inside, as well as the controller board in the Saturn to no avail. I don't have any other accessories.Any ideas?
  3. Hi I have seen many 2600 paddle controllers for sale on ebay which are advertised as genuine and brand new. I really want to buy a couple of paddle controllers but I don't know if the ebay listings are legit (it seems a bit suspicious that 30 year old controllers can still be found relatively easily brand new) I really don't want to put down a fair bit of money for the controllers if they turn out to be fake/defective, I really don't have a lot of money ATM. Also, since I live in Australia shipping may be a big factor in price as well. Could someone please advise me on the best way to get my hands on a decent pair of paddle controllers? I wanna play Warlords and Video Olympics dammit! Cheers Sam
  4. I have a spare ColecoVision controller that has a non-working keypad, which I have been unable to repair. I was wondering if anyone has a keypad (not the entire controller) they are willing to part with. I'm in Canada.
  5. I've been doing some research on Atari 2600 controllers recently, because of a project I'm starting in 2 months or so. And I have a few questions for you guys, that no doubt know a lot more than I do on the subject matter. 1) Let's start easy: the CX-50 Keyboard Controllers, the Star Raiders video touch pad and the Kid's Controller are practically the same thing, there's only external differences right? 2) The trackballs. I've seen 2 different ones, the CX-22 and the Pro-Line. And correct me if I'm wrong but, not counting hacks, there are no original 2600 games that support the trackballs in "trackball mode", right? They only work when the trackballs behave like joysticks, is that right? 3) This one's about Wico joysticks, the Command Control ones. They are high-quality controllers, I've heard, with metal base and stick, and internally they use leaf switches. I've seen how leaf switches work, and they seem very easy to repair, if they ever malfunction. So I'm asking Wico owners here: how good are these Joysticks? I think they look cool, and maybe I'll buy one (or two) in the future, but give me some feedback first. 4) I own a pair of Atari Flashback 3 Joysticks. They should work just like regular CX-40 Joysticks, right? 5) I've seen sites selling new reproductions of Atari joysticks. Is anyone making repro paddles out there? 6) This one is less important, but I'm curious: can you use joysticks to play Indy 500? Or does it only work with racing controllers? Well, that's all for now. Also, tell me if there's some other controller that I should check out, I like controllers
  6. Hey guys! I've been playing with my CV a lot lately and recently got the game Nova Blast off of eBay. I cleaned and repaired everything on the CV a while ago including the controllers but just now found out that the ASTERISK (*) button on one of them doesn't seem to work. Nova Blast needs this button pressed to start the game. My question is, everything else (as far as I can tell) works on the keypad (even the # key) except the * button. Is there something I can do to locate the cause of the malfunction? In other words, I am not sure how 12 buttons on the keypad are translated into 1 or 2 wires that feed into the CV but it seems to me if all the buttons except this one work the problem may be with the ribbon cable? If so, is this something that can be repaired easily? Thanks, Larry
  7. I about soiled myself to get so lucky as to find this on Ebay and get the chance to purchase it. I made an unboxing video. While recording i accidently hit stop so there are 2 parts to the video here they are.
  8. So what's your favorite item that came packaged in with a video game? Is it the 2600 Omega Race Booster Grip or maybe the driving controller with Indy 500? Maybe you liked the Joyboard that came with Mogul Maniac. . . or coud it be that you liked the Atari 5200 controller coupler that came with Robotron 2084? I spent quite a bit of time researching the great pack-ins of video gaming, so check out my NerdkO article and see if you agree with me on what I think is the greatest pack-in of all time... http://n4g.com/news/....ed-with-a-game Let's here about your favorite!
  9. After selling well over 200 controllers I am working toward having these manufactured fully in china and packaged properly. This will take some time to sort through companies, in the mean time we are putting the store on hiatus eventually closing the etsy store due to fees. If I do manage to complete this task I will most likely find another store (or another way) of selling these controllers. Maybe amazon? Who know at this point. I can still have PCBs made if there is still enough interest. I'm also working on upgrading my printer that currently has 1200 hours on it we will sell 3D printed atari carts and label on AA. Just DM me and I can give you a quote! Thanks again for all of your interest!! The Atari 7800/2600 Controllers KITS ARE OUT OF STOCK! Fully assembled controllers OUT OF STOCK! PCBs & CUSTOM 3D PRINTED LABELS ARE OUT OF STOCK!! New updated instructions for kits here... Atari 7800 Controller Assembly Instructions (2).pdf Order here: http://www.itsallgeek3d.com Hello there AtariAgers! I wanted to make an official AA Marketplace post from the original forum post here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/272541-7800-controller-project/ Tired of the Pain-Lines or the bulky standard CX-40 joystick? Oh yeah, That’s right you are. Order now! Call today! Supplies are limited… no seriously, they are. This is the All-New V1.2 Atari 7800/2600/SMS NES style controller! Excellent! Two-Button Atari 7800 Action! Wow! Both buttons act as fire button with Atari 2600 games! Unbelievable! 3D Printed face label is a 2-Color print. Standard V1.2 Atari 7800/2600/SMS Controller is in a Silver/Black configuration. Although color can be customized for a fee, it is limited to the stock of filament colors I have. Which changes weekly. Keep in mind that the controller itself is black. The PCB is the new V1.2 can also be compatible with Sega Master System In theory. This is in BETA phase and has yet to be tested. There is no difference in the components of the SEGA/ATARI kits (SMS compatibility only available in kit form) It’s just a matter of swapping a wire or two during assembly of the kit. Three ways to buy! Full Brand New V1.2 Atari 7800/2600/SMS NES Style Black Controller New Redesigned V1.2 PCB w/DB9 Cable (Coming Soon!) Kit! New V1.2 PCB w/x2 620 ohm Resistors, DB9 Cable, Black NES Shell, D-Pad, Start/Select and Red ‘A’ and ‘B’ Buttons and all the rubber contacts. 3D printed label, you specify ‘ATARI’ or ‘SEGA’ Order Here: www.itsallgeek3d.com Also, the 7800 controller coupling will be in the store as well. For the AtariAgers that have a 3D printer here are the files... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2767791
  10. Hi Guys - my father has rheumatoid arthritis and loves to play video games. However his hands are very disfigured and it does not allow him to hold a older-style console joystick comfortably. Especially the one for the Atari 7800, that one even hurts my hands. So I searched around and could not really find any alternative NES-style / SMS-style control pads easily (except for these NES / SNES controller DB9 adapters available in Europe for about $45 each). Some I found don't work with 2 button on the 7800. He loves the the Atari 7800 old school games (he played these with me as a kid) - I searched all over, and found a way to convert one - and I was successful in taking an OEM NES controller and making it work with the Atari 7800 (2 button games) and 2600 (1 button games). It actually makes the 7800 2 button games more enjoyable such as Choplifter. Playing Megamania is more fun too. So now I am building these to order and have made a few available for purchase on eBay if you are interested. Not looking to get rich quick off of this, I just have some parts inventory from my retro-collection and want to start making some room on my shelves. You can see them here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/263557597264 Thanks for looking!
  11. Wanted to mention there's a controller out there for people who have injuries, lost an arm\ military vets, quadriplegic etc It's called a quadstick and works by using the mouth\lip and a combination of sipping and puffing. While, i'm not severely injured I do have tendonitis and to support this controller I decided to pick one up and test it out. It takes some getting used to but once you do it's probably a dream come true for people who can't play games due to their condition. Think it's really cool for someone to make these to help these people out. Just want to give a heads up if you know anybody in your life who's injured and enjoys video games, or simply spread the word.
  12. I received 3 free PS3 first party controllers from a freind last night. I don't want to put any additional strain on the power circuits of my lone remaining fat PS3 by trying to charge multiple controllers while gaming. Could I plug my PS3 controllers into any old USB socket and they will stop charging when full? Any reason I couldn't charge them off my Nintendo Switch USB ports, which will charge when the system is off? Thanks, trying to prolong the life of my first original early PS3, which has always worked great and I want to keep it that way.
  13. I need help for a colecovision repair. When I plug any controllers on port 2 of my colecovision, the triggers won't work, even if they work in port 1. I've ordered some controller chip and soldered a new one but the triggers still doesn't work. I don't know what to do anymore but I don't want to throw it away and buy another colecovision, this one is important for me. If someone could help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time^^
  14. My stock controllers are overly sensitive for some games... Just wondering which 3rd party controller Colecovision fans recommend?
  15. Hey everyone, This was in a lot of miscellaneous retro gaming stuff that I recently acquired, Ive never seen one and was wondering if anyone could help me identify it. It's stamped ElecronicArts and has Atari type controller ports, 4 ins and 2 outs. Thanks
  16. Hi! I just bought myself an Intellivision, an Intellivoice module, and 11 games all for around $80. My dad owned an Intellivision back when it first came out, he doesn't know what happened to it unfortunately. I've always liked vintage electronics like record players, cameras, and TVs, and I like computers. So naturally, I want to start collecting some old game consoles. I figured the Intellivision would be a great starting point especially with the great community I've seen from my little bit of research! So my particular Intellivision looks like it has gone through some repairs in the past, the power cord has been cut and a newer cord end has been added, and there were some screws missing when I went to clean the insides. Overall it works great, just one problem with the right controller, the 789, CLR 0 ENTER keys don't work right. I tried to open it and clean it following some step-by-steps online but I was only able to get it working briefly. I swapped the controllers to different ports and it's definitely the controller that is the issue. Now, I saw some tutorials on using conductive marker and some very precise adjustments, but I've never been good at things like that so I'd rather find a replacement if possible. Does anyone have any extra controllers or controller innards? I'll trade my broken one for someone who can repair it as well . If that's not gonna be possible to do, any ideas on cleaning or repair would be great. Thanks so much and looking forward to contributing! I also did a blog post and recorded some gameplay videos on my new intellivision, I write the blog to introduce my family and friends to retro technology that I enjoy, so it's probably not anything new to any of you but if you are interested in the pictures or videos here's the link: http://alexsretrotech.blogspot.com/2014/01/1979-mattel-electronics-intellivision.html
  17. I am rebuilding a Vectrex controller that had a hard life with a previous owner. I already fixed a bunch of broken traces on the buttons PCB and now those work great, but I also have a 3-legged pot that snapped off near the solder points. Attaching a picture of the part of the pot that broke. These pots latch onto the joystick. Has anybody managed to find a general purpose pot on the market (shack, mouser, etc.) that can be used to replace it?
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