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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I have an odd issue with an Apple IIe I bought about a month ago. It came with a working Disk II drive, and a controller that I was told by the seller that only worked on Channel 1. As a response to this I ended up getting 3 more controllers (dont ask). And after using all 3 to trouble shoot each other, I got 3 working fully, and ordered some chips to fix the 4th (not the original). To test, I am using a floppy Emu unit, with diagnostic disks on, and the Disc II drive, for channel 2. So the chips turned up and I swapped one into the broken card. Tested, nothing, so I took some chips out of the other cards, swapped in, and re-seated the new chip. Turned on the Apple and It did not power up correctly. The power LED on the mboard pulsed, and the keyboard light flickered. I checked the card and found that the new chip had not inserted one entire side of its pins, with the other inserted correctly. Erk! So I re-seated the chip, and tested again, and the floppy Emu booted. Phew. Back on solid land. At least I thought so, but... I then plugged the Disc II into the second channel on the fixed card. Booted. and Now the Floppy Emu unit would not boot, showed an error. Turned off, removed drive from channel 2, booted, fine. How odd. I thought, OK, there must be a deeper issue with this card, not just the one chip was faulty. So I now try the other 3, tested working cards. Same probem. So, now I removed the Floppy Emu from channel 1, and plugged the Disc II drive into it. And booted. Drive spins up, but never boots into the game. I tested this with 3 known working floppies. So.. to get the authentic feel of the Apple IIe I had bought Duo Disk unit. Which was shipped as working, but I had not tested it yet. So it came with an IO controller. I plugged this in, removed the Disc II controller. Same issue, physical drive spins, but it never boots. Now, some more supporting evidence. With the Duo Disk unit, I received a spare Apple Serial Card. So I tested this with (ADTPro) at least, that was the plan. I booted my PC, connected it to the card, made sure the cards dip switches and modem config were the right way. Plugged in, booted. Typed IN#2, pressed enter. And instead of it just going to another prompt. Instead the cursor went to the top of the display, and when I pressed CTRL + A, which would put it into serial connection mode, nothing happened. So, now I knew something REALLY odd is going on. I put my original KNOWN working Apple Serial Card in, and tried the same. Same issue, it does not work, as it had before. OK, so... Has anyone else encountered issues like this? The machine works superficially. I tested the ROMS, CPU and Memmory, all good. It runs at least the Diag software fine, from the Floppy Emu. But, I now CANNOT boot ANY physical floppy drive, and I cannot use the serial card. Further diagnostic info. I tested the Duo Disk unit in the Diag software, it showed an error, saying the drive speed was wrong. When I tested its speed, it showed it being between 295 to 298 RPM. The correct value being 300. I then tested my Disk II unit. It was kind of worse, no errors, or anything showing. And when I tested its speed, it would not show. So my guess is... when I put that chip in, in one side of the socket, but totally missing the other, something shorted, and damaged my PSU. Because of this, it is now running, but outputting the wrong voltages, maybe.. Im getting a Multi-Meter this weekend, So I'll be able to test this idea then. Alternatively, some chip, or other element, that powers the cards slots, is damaged, and this is delivering wonky power, to low, too high, who knowss. Its really odd that the machine seems to work in general, it processes, no memmory errors. But, both serial AND floppy drive units do not work, even though they are receiving power. Please, any help most appreciated. And my back story is. I neved originally owned an Apple II. Im from the UK, so I had an Atari 2600, then Dragon 32, then C64. The Apple II was too expensive in the UK at the time. But.. In 1985 I got a C64 floppy drive, plus £100 of games (it was s bundle) and one was Ultima III (Exodus) which I loved, and I never got to play Ultima I and II. So, I decided to get a real retro machine, BUT one I never actually had, and to try out the original Ultima I, II and III, as they were all developed on the Apple II.
  2. I got my floppy drive a couple days ago, and it worked perfectly. But all of a sudden today, it started to make buzzing sounds while it was running. It said something about an I/O error after a few minutes. Anyone know how to fix it? I know it's not my computer that's the problem, because i used it on other computers. Maybe it's because i put doom 2 across 5 of my disks? Or maybe im not existing properly. I looked up how to fix this, but my problem doesnt match anyone elses. Is my drive the problem? Please help me.
  3. I have an Atari 130XE and 2 disk drives that work fine. I added and 3rd and 4th, however, even with the switches set as 3 & 4 on the new drives I can access them. They work fine if I switch them to 1&2. Is there some limit on the 130XE or version of DOS. I have Atari DOS 2.0 and 2.5. Also when using a SIO2SD card reader (from Lotharek- which emulates up to 15 drives) it still won't see but drives 1 & 2. Any help? thanks DevDude
  4. I had bought a Twin Famicom off of ebay a month or so ago. I had been waiting for a disk card game to come in for over a month from Japan. Today I hooked up the system, flipped the switch to the disk side, inserted the game. The system says loading but all I hear is a buzzing noise and the game never loads. Could the belt need to be changed? The cartridge games work fine. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hello, I am new to the AtariAge forums but I am hoping someone here can help me. I recently purchased a vintage Atari 800xl with 1050 disk drive for my son as an X-mas present and it came with a used version of Ultima II on 5.25" floppy. The problem is that the Player Master disk for Ultima II is corrupt and we cannot create a new character disk for playing and saving the game. This is the disk you are supposed to copy for each new character you create. I have looked around for a backup of this disk and I figured if anyone would know where to find one it would be someone on this forum. Can anyone help me get a copy of this disk on 5.25" floppy? I have found a disk image for emulators on an old thread here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/85777-having-problems-in-getting-ultima-ii-started-with-the-atari-8-bit-or-the-apple-ii-version/ The problem is that I have no idea how to get this file from my PC onto an Atari 1050 formatted floppy. If there is anyone out there that has a Player Master disk for Ultima II and can make a copy for me, or who has the know-how to get this disk image onto a floppy for me, I would gladly pay you for your efforts or trade other vintage Atari cartridges or gear. I have blank floppies, I would be happy to snail mail someone a blank disk if they could make a duplicate for me and send it back. As you can imagine, it was very disappointing to set up the vintage machine and not be able to play the game because of a Player Disk error. If anyone out there can help me replace this disk you would be making an 11-year-old vintage computer geek very happy. Thanks!
  6. Just wondering - did Infocom have any copy protection on the disks for the Atari computers? I remember back in the day the C64 copied them without a hitch, and no fancy nibblers and such, just straight disk copy. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I just got a large box of floppies and a 1050 drive. While trying to load the disks, some work, some don't some kind of work. For example - Loderunner loads up, but the screen is reddish and all of the graphics are scrambled - this floppy is a copy, so that may be it. Forbidden forest starts to load and then hangs - this is a factory disk that states 'for all atari computers'. Some of the disks are labeled 130xe, but most just have a user printed label with the game name. The Ultima I disk (copy) has 'needs fix XL' written on it, and Ultima II or III won't load all the way either. Epyx Dragonriders of Pern doesn't finish loading (original). I've tried 2 different working drives and 2 different working 800XL's. Is there a way to check which system these games are supposed to be used on? Thanks!
  8. There is a new hardware for A8: SIO_FIFO. This device allows data transmission with up to 127kbps speed. Here is the movie with copying disk using this hardware, "US SECTOR COPIER 4" by E.Reuss and AspeQT emulator. SDX, IDE+ loader etc. also working at this baud rate. Form of device is small PCB between POKEY and mainboard. No cables, no solder (if there is a socket for POKEY on the MB). The device is yet in testing phase but will be available soon.
  9. I just purchased a 1040 STFM on ebay and low and behold, it turns on, the disk drive light comes on for a second and the monitor screen shows the usual top menu, but shows no files on the disk. I have tried many disks and have tried the disks on my other ST and the disks are fine. What would cause the system to not read the disk? The drive also does not make a sound. Thank you in advance.. LSC
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