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Found 110 results

  1. I'm building an Adventure-ish game in Batari BASIC. How do you add multiple screens?
  2. I'm developing a scavenger hunt-like game based on the 1979 film, Alien. I realize there's already an Alien game on the Atari 2600, but I wanna make a game that's not a Pac-man clone. Anyway, I'm not very good at creating nice-looking sprites. Does anyone have any advice or tips on making sprites?
  3. I need help with my 4 switch 2600. Whenever you put a game in, it does not show any image, unless you put in Asteroids, then a couple of small fat red lines come on the screen. Is it a soldering issue? Please help
  4. Hey all, I recently purchased a Philips VG8020/00 MSX Home Computer. I'm having some trouble getting a decent video signal out of the thing. When I hook it up to my VCR/DVD Combo via the RF out and convert the signal into composite, I get a glitchy screen, jumping from left to right, going from color to black and white. However, the MSX boot up text is present, and when I press keys on the keyboard, they do get added to the screen. I used the automatic tuning options on my VCR/DVD combo, but it sadly does not improve the quality. I also tried connecting a Sega Mega Drive RGB connector to the Monitor out on the computer, but that didn't do anything apart from making some pop noises. I might have to get a different cable to test that out. I also know for sure that my set-up isn't the problem; I've connected other coaxial game-consoles the same way (Atari 2600, Videopac G7000) and they all work. The unit looks fine and all (no mayor external damage). What I did notice though, was some noises inside the machine when I held it sideways; there could be some dirt in there. Also, some buttons get stuck from time to time (especially the directional buttons). I'll open it up and give it a good clean one of these days. Has anyone here experienced similar problems and got them solved? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! I hope the damage (if it has any) is not to severe; would be awesome to get it up and running again! Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am a complete noob to Batari basic. So far I have made a spinoff of a tutorial I have watched on YouTube. I would like to change the player1 sprite movement but I don't know how. I would like for player1 sprite to move vertically down the screen to where if you let the sprite pass you and exit the screen, you lose a life. Right now the sprite will move to your location. Sorry for my lack of knowledge. Thanks You can look at the .bas file to see what I'm talking about. Tie Fighter.bas
  6. I know it's pretty early in the morning and my brain hasn't finished spinning up but I don't see whatis wrong. It should be right here and in plain site but I can't see it. The issue I'm having is pretty straight forward. Here's my code 5940 IF YP<>129 THEN 6010 5950 IF LO0T(1,9)<>96 THEN 5970 5960 ZED1=1 :: CALL POSITION(#18,YZ1,XZ1):: CALL POSITION(#1,YP,XP):: DET2=LO0T(2,14)::DET1=LO0T(2,9)::IF XP>=XZ1 THEN ZED1=0:: GOTO 5980 5970 ZED1=0 5980 IF LO0T(1,10)<>96 THEN 6000 5990 ZED2=1 :: CALL POSITION(#19,YZ2,XZ2):: CALL POSITION(#1,YP,XP):: DET2=LO0T(2,14)::DET2=LO0T(2,10)::IF XP>=XZ2 THEN ZED2=0:: GOTO 6670 6000 ZED2=0 :: GOTO 6670 When I run TRACE, everything matches up with what I am observing in game except when it doesn't at the end. Here is my trace: <5940><5950><5970><5980><5990><6000> Everything checks out fine except this: <5990><6000>. How is it possible that the program is advancing to line 6000 from line 5990 when the last statement in 5990 is a GOTO statement to a bunch of other functions? OK, I see an unrelated issue. I'm not sure how DET2 gets assigned 2 different times in one line. That is very strange. I wonder if classic99 or my PC is scrambling things up on me.
  7. OMG this is frustrating .. I have installed my Incognito, and as far as I can tell it seems to be working.... BUT.. I cannot get SDX (I dont know another OS for this) to read the FAT16 partition on the CF card. The cf card is a 8gb sandisk Ultra - BIOS (FJC latest) reads card.. Fdisk inits it, partitions it.. I can put in in a PC and format the Fat16 I get all OKs on the chkfat. The partition seems fine. APT partitions I can build directories, I can transfer files etc.. no issues - it seems to be just the FAT16 - In the BIOS SIDE LOADER - I can see the FAT16 partition fine. FJC has loaded this CF image into Altirra and it works fine (Image is available for anyone) BUT - if I just load SDX 4.47 from the incognito, (I am waiting for a 192k GUI friendly size 448) .. I get 148 unknown file system (SO?? is Fatfs.sys loading from 447?? FJC works on Altirra?) IF I run fatfs.sys from the 4.48 toolkit.. and try and dir d3: the system locks up - I can do nothing.. but after reset (not cold - so 448 fatfs.sys is still in there) I run dir again - I get 181 file system corrupt.. I can run a chkdisk on it.. but nothing else. FJC and I have tried as much as we can see .. he thinks hardware... I really dont have and idea.. Any one know enough.. Could one of the wires that are specific to PBI function on the build be an issue?? Looking for ideas please!!! James
  8. Hello. I am need of help! I have recently modded my 2600 to use AV and although I am getting color, the screen flickers like nuts... This mod required the removal of the resistor R209 and the transistor Q201/2 - I had to jump R209 to get color so I though maybe R209 was at fault - but tit was dumb luck that I did not throw R209 away so I tested it out, and the same thing happened so I know that R209 is not at fault. I decided that maybe the TIA is at fault so I bough a TIA Chip and it did not make a difference. Please help... Thanks! The Flashing on Combat: The Flashing on Pole Positn(-: My board (If that helps):
  9. When I compile the following code and run it, I get a strange (to me) result: MODE 1 #A1 = $0800 #A2 = $0816 PRINT AT 160 COLOR 7, <>#A1 PRINT AT 180 COLOR 7, <>#A2 WHILE 1:WAIT:WEND This prints 65535 twice. What's going on here? Is there something involving variable assignment that I'm just not getting? Thanks! (Edit: I'm using the --jlp switch.) (Edit 2: Compiling without the switch makes the error go away. Do I have to do something special to use the variable space afforded in the switch?)
  10. Ive got the INTY basic sdk, some of helpful tools posted here, and the sdk-1600. Now what?
  11. Hi guys! Im in the uk and I have a problem with my intellivision that I hope you can help me out with. A few weeks back I got the console from eBay. It was working fine apart from a small colour issue, the greens were red etc. But after 20 or so minutes the games would correct the colour. It suddenly went to a blank screen when i turned the console on or pressed reset. After taking it apart and giving it a dust down as well as cleaning the port with a credit card and a lint free cloth the title screen comes on, all in the right colours. Sometimes I have to hold the reset button and release it at the same time as switching it on to get the title screen. But as soon as I press any key or the d pad on either controller the screen goes blank. On mazeatron I get the title screen with the intro music, but, again, as soon as I press anything it goes blank. On demon I get the title screen and the graphics moving about, but does absolutely nothing when I press any key, it doesn't go blank, just stays on the title screen. I also tried leaving it on for a while on just the title screen to see if it would turn itself off as it did before, but it just stayed on the title screen for almost 20 minutes before i turned it off. I noted that underneath was quite warm. When i opened it up i couldnt see any damage, but then, i dont really know what im looking for. I have never attempted to fix anything like this before, i dont even know how to solder and i have no computer or electronic skills at all, i have absolutely no idea what im doing. Please help! Many thanks for reading!!
  12. Hey guys, yesterday I opened up my atari 2600 4 switch because the picture on the screen hasn't been the best lately. Sometimes it has good picture and sometimes it doesn't :I Anyways, I opened it up and found that the rca cable that leads into the system has a small cut at the very end. This is most likely the picture problem. I tried to pull it off and switch the chord, but I couldn't! It was stuck! I applied some force to it, but nothing. I don't want to put TOO MUCH force, because I don't want to break the thing. Is anyone else's Atari 2600 stuck like this as well? I believe this is the original cable.
  13. Using the SIO2PC, is it possible to save BASIC programs from my Atari 800XL to PC? I can send ATR images from PC to Atari, but can it go other way round? Do I need DOS or something? Thanks, sorry if this seems like a silly question
  14. Hi there I was recently trying to hook up an early 2000s epson printer to my Acorn Archimedes which got me thinking about whether its possible to connect them to an Atari? Can you get the centronics adapter for an atari? I seem to remember seeing a Commodore one on eBay. Plus the drivers. I presume if you have the driver for an old epson printer it would connect, just with limited functionality? Forgive me if these seem like silly questions, I'm 16 and sadly don't have the benefit of experience. Thanks for your time!
  15. Alien syndrome in particular has this problem for me. It will not recognize my Logictech Attack 3 joystick. I don't know exactly how to amend this? Do I go to command line and do trial and error with path and related commands, or is it the ROM's fault? Any ideas?
  16. Hello AtariAge! I am making my first game, and all I really need to add is sound effects, and possibly music. I understand how setting AUDV0/1, AUDC0/1, and AUDF0/1 change the pitch, but I am stuck on even how to begin to write music or sound effects for it. Is there some sort of engine I can use in my game to play an arbitrary song or sound? The one engine I can find (right here) loops the music (which isn't what I want, except for perhaps a music track during the game), and doesn't work when I put it in my code.
  17. Hey Everyone. First off, I do love forums. I don't want to detract from Atari Age in any way whatsoever with this. Forums are awesome for long discussions, seeking opinons, and getting help from others when trying to solve problems. The only problem is that it can be really hard to find the solution to an issue when you have to dig through pages of posts, filtering out in your head all the other stuff like huge signatures and the like. Chances are good that everyone here has used a StackExchange site at some point, and if you have you'll know how effective they are. I've created a proposal for a Retro Computing site—I really think it'd be awesome to have a cross-community resource that covers all aspects of the computers we love. Any backing for the proposal here would be hugely appreciated! http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/94441/retro-computing
  18. I got a 4 switch atari that works perfectly fine but not so much for the rf cable so time for it to go. the atari has little space from the rf port to the top shell so I keep looking around I can't find a cord that will fit. Anyone got any recommendations
  19. Recently (May 2015), my Aunt, who is a Realtor, was selling a house for someone, the previous owner moved out and wanted to sell it, well, they left a ton of stuff, so my aunt tasked me with cleanup, in exchange for all the contents. one of the things was a Commodore SX-64 Executive Computer, a Commodore 1541 Floppy Drive, and a Commodore MP-48 Printer. I went to boot the Commodore, and Nothing Happened. the light was on, and i could see that the screen was on, but it was just a black screen. Any ideas?
  20. Hello everyone, Please use this thread for any discussion related to RespeQt. This includes but is not limited to questions, bug reports, feature requests, or asking for help. Everyone, feel free to help with any of the above. Thanks, Joe
  21. Hey guys! Just cleaned up an old 2600 Vader I got all boxed up for cheap! Works well, with one exception. I'm using an RF to Coax connector straight into my TV(s, i tried it on both a flat and CRT) and I get some decent static. Some games have a fair amount, some are a little crazy. Here's Donkey Kong and Yars Revenge for comparison and diagnosis. http://imgur.com/a/c5tBe Moving the RCA cable around DOES change the amount of static, and at one point I saw it completely gone! Please tell me this isn't a board issue, if it's the RCA cable I should be able to replace that... I'm a young dude with little experience with soldering and that jazz. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  22. So I'm tinkering with batari for the first time, and have gotten past the ENORMOUS headache of compiling issues to actually be able to make some neat little things. one of my sprites i.e. the player is even animated and looks awesome. I've got a second sprite however, that is making me go crazy. I am 100% new to coding in general, but this is something that I really want to successfully accomplish. Anyway.. the whole thing I want the main player to be able to do is chase mice and "munch" on them to earn as many points as possible before a timer runs out(I'll figure that out later) So far I've gotten my cat to be able to move everywhere flawlessly. the mouse just shows up right now and is chilling out. my question: How can I make it so that when the cat comes in contact with the mouse the player gets their points/ How can I get the mouse to "run away" from the cat and re-spawn when "eaten"? Forgive me for being a complete noob, but I'm at the point where I'm completely stuck, and google has run out of answers. The attached file is what I've come up with so far. Thanks!!!default.bas
  23. I recently bought a new atari 2600. It worked fine at first however I would occasionally have to jiggle the rf box in order to receive better video quality. A day or two later I turn on the atari and the sound was not playing. I tried buying a new coax adapter, but they didn't have the rca female to coax male so instead I bought an rca female to coax female and a coax male to cook male. I connected them together and the video worked, but the sound still does not play. I What is the problem and is it fixable? If so, then how?
  24. I need the foam rings that go on the switches on the atari 4 switch model. And one atari screw. I saw the foam on ebay for 10 but as a 15 year old I don't have much money, so if anyone has it for cheap then tell me.
  25. I just picked up a 1010 today and after setting it up it didn't play atari tapes. I thought the belt was broken until i played a music cassette with POKE 54018,52. So than I started fiddling with it and I noticed whenever you press the advance button it gets stuck and the 1010 produces a stuck hum like sound. Any suggestions? -EDIT- fixed. Was bad gear.
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