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Found 98 results

  1. Hi Atariage I found this mod on atarimuseum: http://atarimuseum.com/fb2hacks/ You have probably all heard about it before, but it allows an atari flashback 2 to play 2600 cartridges. My first question is: Is it possible to perform this mod on the flashback 4? I prefer the 4, since it has rca output, more built in games and wireless controller options. However, since i am not a modder, i would like to know if someone in here would be willing to mod the console for me, and what would you charge for it? - Buying a new console on ebay(i have already found a few). - Mod the console. - and send it to me(i live in Denmark). I will of course pay for console, shipping, materials and work hours(through paypal). P.S. Sorry for my potentially horrendous english, but as i stated before i am danish - so english is not my vernacular.
  2. Hello, I can't seem to figure this out. I want to program in the original Basic just like I used to on the Atari 800 when I was a kid. I'm using a windows 7 os and I have 32 at work and 64 at home. I have tried several times to download the link from the Batari Basic download page from the batari basic website. I can unzip the files and try to run 2600bas and it gives me a command prompt window that flashes and goes away quickly. I have tried several times. anybody know what I should do? I can hardly wait to get my feet wet coding with line numbers again.
  3. I recently bought a working Light Sixer and after 4 days the B/W switch went out. It works some of the time, but it can get stuck on B&W very easily. Sometimes it just goes to B/W for no reason. Typically when this happens if I leave it alone for a few days it'll be working but other times it won't. Also the reset switch sometimes does not respond. I have a second light sixer with a burnt out video capacitor on the MB. Would it be possible to use it's switches as parts for my newer system? Could it just be dirty contacts on the new system? Any suggestions? I can't solder to save my life but I feel comfortable opening stuff up, cleaning, and replacing easy parts. I have some friends that might be able to solder for me if that's my only option. I guess the other option would be to replace the "Chicklet" capacitor on the broken atari and hope that fixes it, but I tried to buy the part from Radio Shack a few years ago and just got shrugs. Anyway just throwing this out there looking for advice/suggestions.
  4. Not sure if this belongs in Modern gaming or not but some nice ideas for gamers: http://www.gamesradar.com/13-life-hacks-gamers/ The banana hook for headphones is pretty good and I never thought about toilet paper tubes for cords. I use Altoid cans to keep my loose memory cards and USB sticks. If anyone cares to pitch in there own tips.....
  5. I finally got one of those co-axials in the mail today. I've had a 2600 for a while, but I'd never had the chance to play it until now. I have one of those six-swtitch Ataris, and I plugged its' video/audio plug into the co-axial, which I then plugged into the back of my TV, but I'm not getting anything. Only static... I've noticed that whenever the channel is set to three there's a birght flash when I turn the power on, so I assume that's the channel I'll want it on to play, but there's only static on-screed. I'll supply any other info needed if that's not enough. Does anyone know what else I'll need to do to get this working? P.S., I'm sorry, but you guys probably gets topics like this a lot... EDIT: Also, my TV does have a plug-in for the Atari's AV plug, but it didn't work when I tried plugging it in, hence the use of a co-axial afterwards.
  6. set kernel_options playercolors player1colors dim zombiewalk=a dim zombiewalk2=b dim zombiewalkdelay=c dim zombiewalk2delay=d dim zombiespeed=e dim ballwasshot=f CTRLPF=$21 playfield: ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX end player0: %1101100 %0100100 %0100100 %0100100 %0100100 %0010100 %0001000 %0001011 %1111111 %1111111 %0101010 %0011100 %0001000 %0011100 %0100010 %1000001 %1000001 %1000001 %0100010 %0011100 end player1color: $F0 $F0 $F0 $F0 $F0 $F0 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $C4 $C4 $C4 $C4 $C4 $C4 end player1: %00011001 %00010010 %00010010 %00010010 %00011110 %00010000 %00011110 %10011100 %10011000 %10111101 %10111101 %10111001 %01111110 %00011100 %00011110 %00110001 %00111111 %00110101 %00111111 %00011110 end COLUBK=6 COLUPF=244 player0x=138 player0y=79 player1x=17 player1y=79 zombiespeed=20 ballheight=1 ballx=139 bally=71 ballwasshot=0 loop drawscreen player1: %00011001 %00010010 %00010010 %00010010 %00011110 %00010000 %00011110 %10011100 %10011000 %10111101 %10111101 %10111001 %01111110 %00011100 %00011110 %00110001 %00111111 %00110101 %00111111 %00011110 end if zombiewalk=1 then player1: %01100110 %01000100 %00100100 %00100100 %00011000 %00010000 %00011110 %10011100 %10111000 %10111010 %10111010 %10111010 %01111110 %00011100 %00011110 %00110001 %00111111 %00110101 %00111111 %00011110 end if switchreset then reboot if joy0left then player0x=player0x-1 if joy0right then player0x=player0x+1 if !joy0fire && !ballwasshot then ballx=player0x+1 if joy0fire then ballwasshot=1 if ballwasshot then ballx=ballx-2 if player0x>138 then player0x=138 if player0x<16 then player0x=16 if player1x>138 then player1x=138 if collision(ball,player1) then player1x=16:ballx=player0x+1:ballwasshot=0:score=score+1 zombiewalkdelay=zombiewalkdelay+1 if zombiewalkdelay=zombiespeed then zombiewalk=zombiewalk+1:zombiewalkdelay=0:player1x=player1x+1 if zombiewalk=2 then zombiewalk=0 goto loop The code was compiling and executing fine a while ago, but now, wherever I place my cursor, there is a syntax error there. Any tips?
  7. i got an atari 2600 recently at a thrift-store, then got a replacement cord. i cleaned the contacts repeatedly, and all i get is a black-screen when a game is inserted. sometimes a flash of the title screen, and without a game i get random stripes, sometimes buzzes, and sometimes black-screen. what do i do? its the wood-front model
  8. Hello, I recently purchased an atari 2600 junior and i have one of these: And was wondering if i could use this for hooking my atari up. Thanks, Archedhydra
  9. I thought myself well set for RF boxes for my TI-99/4a computers until tonight. One of my switch boxes just up and died and I came to find that the 5 pin din plug end on one somehow got crunched and now only works when it wants to. My other good working switchbox has fallen victim to the cheap, brittle antenna wire used for the TV connection and both ends simply fell off! I tried to repair them, but my soldering skills suck and it appears something shorted inside when the ends broke while connected to the TV. Ok... I found one that had an end replaced and taped on, luckily I was able to solder it enough to work and electrical taped it like crazy. Now, I really need to find a usable replacement for these. An AV cord for the TI would be nice, but I lack Paypal and forget soldering with me.
  10. Recently my trusty switch switch quit working. It had occurred after moving the difficulty switch from A to B (in space invaders) and an odd screen appeared. Afterwards I turned off the Atari, re-turned on and all that appears is a black screen with two slightly colored thin bars on both sides. I checked the power supply with another Atari and it seems to be working, the cartridge is not an issue of course, and after looking around online I would assume that it is the power/voltage regulator? Any advice would be appreciated- it truly saddens me when such events occur, a light six switch simply isn't a heavy one
  11. Well, since I have now locked myself into working on a pile of Apple IIes and parts, I should ask for some advice here. First, what should I look out for with the computers themselves? Common issues, possible fixes, etc. Next, how do I properly take apart the Unidisk drives and the monitors (both color and black and white)? I have pulled the older Apple Disk IIs apart with no issue, but the Unidisks baffle me. I tried to pull on apart a while back to work on it and I can't get the drive out of the shielding. Can get the cover off, but it will only pull a little ways out of the shield like there is still something holding it. Same with the Apple II color monitors. I was trying to pull one apart and had all visible exterior screws out, yet it would just wiggle in the case and that was it. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. I finally got my hands on a nice looking TRS-80 model I computer after years of looking for one today. Have had two monitors for years and an extra power pack, but no computer. This one is very complete with the manuals and looks pristine inside and out except the screws holding the case together have rusted for some odd reason. No signs of moisture on anything but those screws, must have been in a storage unit for a while. Anyways, the monitor is in good shape, but when I boot the computer up I just get garbage, diagonal lines across the screen and what looks like bit's of letters like it is trying to boot up. I pulled the unit apart and it looks fine inside, possibley even upgraded to level II from what I can tell. I found four adjusters on the board and fiddled with them a little, but no improvement. Anyone know what is causing this? If I have to, I'll get a picture tomorrow.
  13. Hello, I recently bought an Atari 2600 and It did not come with a power cord. I managed to find one, but there is a voltage switch on it, so I have to set the right voltage. If you know how many volts I need in order to play a PAL Atari 2600 in Europe and not make It blow up, leave an answer. By the way, the power cord is capable of giving me power from 3 volts up to 12 volts.
  14. So I bought an atari 2600 online and got it in the mail today. Hopefully the system itself works. But right now I am having trouble connecting it. My tv has 3 vhf screws(not really screws idk what to call them), one says ANT input, another converter output, and the last AUX Input. It also has 2 UHF screws below that. I have a TV/game/computer switch but it does not have prongs like most, it is only a copper wire sticking out of it. I also have the power cable. So what do I do exactly? =p
  15. Hey Everyone, I am currently trying to research and write an article for Hardcore Gaming 101 about Gulkave for the SG-1000/ColecoVision. I have a question though. At the bottom of the screen, there is a long power-up bar with squares. The power-ups come in 1, 3, or 5. Collecting these moves you up that many squares. I am confused as to what happens when that power-up bar fills up and resets. P.S. Is there anyway to take screen captures from an rf video game system? SG-1000 is RF only, and becuase it's so rare, I don't want to get it modded. Also, HG101 articles require lots of screenshots, so this is essential. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Hey just a quick question- does the gray ac adapter have the same amps, voltage, and polarity as the black one? I got a heavy sixer and I know they usually use a gray power supply, but the one i got came with a black one. Thanks.
  17. Austin

    Sony Vegas Tutorial

    Today I spent some time doing a tutorial on how to use Sony Vegas. Personally, I am using Vegas Pro 10, but what I demonstrate here should be able to be duplicated in the consumer-grade Vegas Movie Studio series as well. It's nothing terribly in-depth, and it is a bit long-winded, but if you want to know how to run some animations and add a few effects, then look no further than this video! ( )
  18. I know most people have probably stopped playing Game Room, but I still play it quite a bit. I have been trying to get the gold medal for point buster in Space Duel since it came out, but I can't even get close. I barely managed to get the silver medal. If anybody has any tips for racking up points in Space Duel please can you pass them along? I've watched a couple of gameplay videos to get some ideas but everybody in those videos seem to have some kind of rapid fire ability that I don't have.
  19. Hi, I would like to compete in the 2600 high score club, I just don't know where to begin. Somebody please tell me where do I start.
  20. Yesterday I was playing with my Atari 800 and I accidentally bumped the end of the power cord that goes into the computer. Much to my horror, a few moments later the computer just stopped working! After doing some testing, I came to find that the power supply seemed to be drawing power, but not putting anything out. The 800 fired right back up with my spare power pack. Now, a month ago I had ended up with two earlier versions of the power supply, ones that state 400/800 on them. One had bad cords and the other was DOA, so I found that those use screws under the rubber pads to get them apart. Sure enough, the DOA one had a blown fuse, but the fuse in the messed up one was perfect, so I swapped the fuse with my meager soldering skills and got the DOA one working again. Now, the other power pack that I suspect has a blown fuse is not made quite the same. It appears to be glued together and I am wondering, how do you get these things open short of destroying the case? Also wondering where these fuses can be found? I'm thinking Ace at least, but not sure.
  21. Every time I plug in my 2600 Jr.'s adaptor into the wall outlet or surge protector strip, it emits a very loud buzzing/droning noise, while the 2600 Jr. is perfectly fine. What could be causing this? It didn't do this a few months ago. Any idea what the problem is, and what can be done to fix it? Also, is it even safe to play the 2600 while it's buzzing?
  22. Breno


    I recently bought a jaguar with Iron soldier cartridge. It seems to be working fine, except that after a few minutes of playing, I didnt count bbut it feels like 15 or 20, it freezes/crashes. No sound, and the image disappear after a split second. I was hoping that somebody hear could help me out. Detail: I live in Brazil and bought a american jaguar through ebay. When it happens nothing seems wrong with the console like weird noises, glitches in the game, etc, and I cleaned the cartridge; so I think its not dirty, though I havent cleaned the console cartridge slot. Dont know if there was a place to posto this, so i made a new topic, hope you dont mind.
  23. I have a strange problem with my Atari 400. I have a new keyboard from BE, and the old semi faulty keyboard. When in MEMO PAD, the new keyboard is fine and registers all key presses, the old keyboard only registers a few keys. With BASIC cart inserted, neither keyboard is registered. I have tried the BASIC cart in my 800 and it works fine. I have also swapped the OS and the RAM from the 800 and get the same results. Please help me to save this 400, any ideas what else I should check? I only have basic tools and a digital multi meter. I have a very dead (red screen) 400 and a working 800 that I could swap parts from. Cheers
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