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Found 95 results

  1. I'm developing a scavenger hunt-like game based on the 1979 film, Alien. I realize there's already an Alien game on the Atari 2600, but I wanna make a game that's not a Pac-man clone. Anyway, I'm not very good at creating nice-looking sprites. Does anyone have any advice or tips on making sprites?
  2. Hi all, Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place (just signed up). I recently acquired an Atari 2600, and have been having a few difficulties that I'm hoping you might be able to help me with. I first set-up the system using a switchbox. Couldn't get the tv to lock-on to the signal at first (switched between channels 3 & 4 on the console without success). When I tuned to those channels on the tv, I'd just get static—except for a brief period when I'd see the picture. In other words, if it the Atari was set to channel 3, and I had the tv tuned to channel 3, I wouldn't see a picture. But if I then pressed channel-up on the tv (ie, went up to channel 4), I'd get a brief flickering of the Atari signal before it fell back into static. Eventually I got the idea to use the auto-tune feature on the tv to see if it could lock on to the signal that way, and success! Had crystal clear picture and colour. Only played it for a few minutes each day over the next few days (as I had a lot going on). But the first day I had with time to sit down and really play, I noticed that after awhile the picture/colour went a bit fuzzy. Thinking the tv had simply "lost" the signal again, I auto-tuned it. No success this time. I can still see the signal when I switch between channels 3 and 4, but I can't make the darn tv lock on. I thought maybe there was an issue with my switchbox, so I just waited patiently until my rf-to-coax converter arrived (I'd already ordered one online). Once it arrived, I replacedt the switchbox with it and tried again. Still see the signal between channels 3 and 4, but I can't get it to lock on when I auto-tune the tv. Any ideas what the problem might be? Could it be that the output from the Atari has "wavered" over the past number of years, so that's it's not a clear 3 or 4 anymore (but somewhere in between). Anything you can think of to correct that signal output? The tv I'm using is not particularly new; it must be getting on 13 years old by now. Tried also setting it up on my 1-year old digital tv upstairs, but can't get any signal at all on that (I think I've heard somewhere along the line that really new tvs have trouble with Ataris). Thoughts?
  3. So I'm tinkering with batari for the first time, and have gotten past the ENORMOUS headache of compiling issues to actually be able to make some neat little things. one of my sprites i.e. the player is even animated and looks awesome. I've got a second sprite however, that is making me go crazy. I am 100% new to coding in general, but this is something that I really want to successfully accomplish. Anyway.. the whole thing I want the main player to be able to do is chase mice and "munch" on them to earn as many points as possible before a timer runs out(I'll figure that out later) So far I've gotten my cat to be able to move everywhere flawlessly. the mouse just shows up right now and is chilling out. my question: How can I make it so that when the cat comes in contact with the mouse the player gets their points/ How can I get the mouse to "run away" from the cat and re-spawn when "eaten"? Forgive me for being a complete noob, but I'm at the point where I'm completely stuck, and google has run out of answers. The attached file is what I've come up with so far. Thanks!!!default.bas
  4. Hello, recently got a Vectrex I bought working great, now I have one thing left on my lift of Vectrex items, A Multi-Cart for games. I know there are multiple carts out there that have all the official games on them (Some even have prototypes and homebrews) But it seems the only ones I've been able to turn up aren't sold anymore. Does anyone know of a good Multi-Cart that's currently being sold? Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Nick
  5. Hi everyone I've recently purchased a Jaguar off Ebay that is in great condition. Came with many games and extra contorler. However, the picture does not work properly. The sound works fine but when it is turned on, the picture flashes on and off. I have uploaded a video to youtube to demonstrate. It came with a standard scart output not RF. This model of Jaguar does not even have the RF out... At the end of the video, I show the telly using the same scart to display a Wii working perfectly just to prove it is not the telly. There are also some pictures at the bottom... Does anyone have any idea what is causing this issue, and how I can reslove it? Thanks Ali
  6. I hooked up my Atari today and video was full of static and has banded white dots. I'm not really sure how to explain it, so I made a video. The Atari is connected to the TV using a coax adapter from radio Shack (pictured below). I thought maybe the games were just dirty, so I cleaned all my cartridges and cartridge slot. Picture looks better but as you can see in video it didn't fix the problem. I'm not sure what else to try. I read somewhere on this forum about replacing a capacitor.. Can anyone tell if the white dots are due to a failed capacitor or something like that? Or is this being caused by my coax or adapter? Thanks everyone! http://youtu.be/K_n3QMxWVGI
  7. Hello! I'm having a problem with my Colecovision the past couple of days. It's been working great for a couple years now. It was working fine just a couple days ago, but suddenly now it only displays mostly static on the screen when I turn it on. There is no visual of any game/startup screen. The attached pic shows the pattern of static I see. Sorry, it's sideways. The top quarter of the tv is plain black, but then there's like a reddish line and the rest is static (although the bottom quarter seems yellowish). I've tried using different RF Adapters and cables and it's the same problem (maybe the colours a little less noticeable, but same issue). For now, I'm just using a direct cable connection to the tv. I've already taken apart the power switch to clean the contacts on its top and bottom halves. No change. Another piece of info. I recently checked out the voltage readings reaching the main board from the power supply. When the power is off: Blue: -4.6 V White: 4.75 V Red: 9.7 V --Wait, isn't that a bit far off? Then I turn the power on and here are the readings: Blue: -4.6 V (same as before) White: 4.75 V (same as before) Red: 6.4 V -- Is this supposed to happen when the power is turned on?? I'm worried that the problem could be the RF Modulator. But those power supply readings seem strange, but I don't know why the system would work fine for years and then suddenly this would be the problem. Anyway, based on this info, and the picture attached, does anyone have any suggestions/ideas of the problem and how to fix? Thanks, all.
  8. I'm different. I'm not like you. We are different beings altogether. I've learned that a degree does not mean much. You may go to a college and fit right in with the people around you and regurgitate the information given right back at a teacher and pass your tests. Schools are a tool of indoctrination. Quite a lot of what they teach is complete rubbish. Grade school up to the twelfth grade is usually a form of societal indoctrination where you spend seven or eight hours of your day doing things you don't want to have to do and learning a bit of social integration. You have a lunch break and are packed with others in rooms where you are directed to do what you're told by a teacher. This is like your boss at your job. When you're done you've probably learned more so how to remember something long enough to spit it back out a few days later and then flush it from your mind, rather than learn a skill that sticks with you. More increasingly children are coming to school with issues from the home that should have been worked out before ever going to school. My wife has worked in the school system for a long time now and is a witness to these problems. Children are incontinent, having not been properly trained to use a bathroom. They don't have even a basic understanding of, say, the difference between vowels or consonants, basic spelling, or even have the alphabet memorized! They lack any kind of basic math skills. Most communication turns into name calling or a blatant refusal to work, even physical violence. This has brought us to the point where simply declaring how you are or why you are the way you are is answered by right out name calling and attacking with words whenever anything other than their own way is presented! You've been taught the wrong way to think and the way things aren't since you came from the womb! Simple logic can defeat most of your so called facts or ideals with very little memorization of what schools may have taught, degree or not. This is why Ad Hominem resorts to name calling. It's the keyboard bullies weapon against the witness! It's the fool's retort! Here are ways I'm likely much different than you: 1) I'm a syncretist. I have studied religion to the point of seeing the interrelatedness of all things. All tongues, writing, ideals, come from the same source. The motions of the sun and moon and the stars. The zodiac has influenced most, if not all, religions heavily and therefor most religions are merely retelling the same story over and over again. The sun in the sky is moving through the constellations and writing the same story over and over. The sun chooses twelve servants, is born from a virgin, weighed on scales, stung by death, seen to be dead, placed on a cross, born again, made all things anew, over and over and over again. When you eat anything or drink anything you're eating and drinking the flesh and blood of the sun. Through time there have been noted ages. When an age was ruled by, say, Mars for instance, the world was notably marred by war. Obelisks were built, temples destroyed, ways of learning muddled. When Jupiter rules (the tail end of the age we are coming out of, Pisces, and into Aquarius) there is a marked period of great abundance, population booms, and gluttony. We are entering into an age of knowing. Symbols are being raised up with full knowing what the effect is on the human mind, like only was done the last time Aquarius ruled. McDonald's, for instance, uses the sign of the Ram combined with the Golden Gates of death. This draws people into eating there, as the Ram is noted as the 'head of the table'. This is programmed into our minds, inescapable. If I wanted to control you're mind all I would need is to know the proper symbols to raise up for you to pay homage. This is found repeatedly in history when this age came about. Every two thousand years the age cycles into the next sign and peoples minds and hearts reflect this. You can argue all you want, or call me names, but it is a lost and intentionally blocked science of which I am referring. When temples and libraries were burned it was because of this science being taught and controlling entities would have that knowledge to themselves to use against you. Today's most powerful signs are from knowing. The all-seeing eye, the eagle, the talisman, the ring, horns, and many other hand, face, or body symbols. The tongue of Shiva is widely used today, for instance, but is seen only as a rebellious or sexual symbol, and not a true call for death worship. Syncretism can be learned form many sources but is never taught by modern indoctrinating systems that wish to keep certain things from you. If you were indoctrinated into a mystery school (Modern Kabala, Illuminati, Skull & Bones) you would have learned everything I've spoken of and more. Here are some sources for truth seekers: http://universaltruthschool.com/ Santos Bonacci is a very soothing teacher. A speaker of over seven languages and truth seeker like few others. http://www.hiddenmeanings.com/ Bill Donahue is a refreshing and inspiring speaker that brings much of the missing connections together for listeners. Both have several videos on YouTube and are entertaining and soothing to those who continue to seek truth! 2) I'm a vegetarian for a myriad of reasons. If you ask me why I'm a vegetarian it will result in name calling from you, most definitely. I'm sure you don't even want to know why I'm a vegetarian but I'm going to tell you a handful of reasons why you shouldn't eat flesh! Spiritually animals are our brothers in this world. We share the earth and communicate with each other. All life is sacred and animals are intelligent beings that are here to live as much as you are. You judge them to death when you eat them. A lion eats a stray, weak, injured, or otherwise separated animal, a shark does the same thing. They are here to do that job and are equipped for it. Words hold a secret to this nature in the statement "Cain killed Abel." A cane is a weapon fashioned from a stick and a bull is your brother in this world. When a bull dies it is sacrificed, and so Abel's sacrifice is a pleasing act. A cane is a shoot of vegetation. It sacrifices vegetation, but there is little intelligence or suffering in a mindless plant. This is a spiritual syncretistic view that forms an interpretation for me. I don't expect someone that does not practice sycretism to understand it and I'm sure it draws criticisms, even mockery. I see a powerful meaning in the words that is allegorical and more than literal. This is not a religious statement, mind you, as I see that religion reverses books turning allegory into literal meaning and literal meaning into allegory. For instance, Christ walking on water, feeding thousands, being hung from a cross, turning water into wine, are all truly allegory for the sun through the zodiac or the Christ oil of the bodies ascension (the two sciences are linked), when the statement "I am the Sun and the Moon and the Bright Morning Star!" (the greater luminaries, or that which casts a shadow on the earth) is seen as an allegorical statement invoking worship (don't worship the Sun, worship Jesus, so to speak.). However, it is actually literal. He is making a literal confirmation of what he is. He is the Sun, the Moon, and The Bright Morning Star, literally! Again, I am not speaking of religion when I talk of the science of Syncretism. It is a valid and provable science. Parasites are a creation of the vibrations of Saturn. Poe wrote about this, to a degree. Directors have related this in hidden meanings within media. One instance is in Beetlejuice "..You've been to Saturn. Uh..Sandworms." Part of Kronus's power is that he is death. He decides your time in this world and few invisible manifestations inhibit man more totally than the parasite. Their job, like the lion or the shark, is to eat flesh when it is ready to die. The second you die your body fluids are completely coursing with worms that devour your flesh. Every living thing is a host to parasites somehow and there is no escape! You think you don't have worms and that is just what they want you to think. Just like a mocker of religion may announce in retort "They believe there is an invisible snake that talked to Adam and Eve and made them eat the fruit!"! But there is most definitely an invisible snake causing you to be evil! Your hormones balance your body and mind (the excreting glands of which line up with Chakras, by the way, or the Seven Golden Lampstands) and parasites secrete chemicals that block your hormones and make you out of balance. They thrive (like cancer, which they have been linked to) in acidic body types that consume dead things. Eat death and die, eat life and live! Parasitology has evolved in the past couple of decades to a far deeper understanding of the pervasiveness and controlling factors of the parasite. Modern colleges lack the deeper aspects of this teaching as it would overlap into the social and nutritional sciences and change them completely. Here is a quick video on a more modern understanding of parasites: Waste and pollution are rampant and ignored by modern society. Man has turned a blind eye to the terrible conditions of his home while throwing garbage out the window, spewing toxic chemicals into the air, and poisoning the mind of society. One of the biggest causes of waste and pollution is the Big Beef industry. The trucking and transport aspect spews more toxic substances into the air than any other industry! The abusive and disgusting practices of growing and harvesting animals has reached levels not seen since the time of Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle"! Bulls are fed corn, a substance they are not able to properly digest and this causes swelling and sickly conditions for the animals. They are killed by hanging from the hind leg and sawed from gusset to gullet with a flesh cutting chainsaw drenched in their own feces, which mix in with the meat. This type of death causes the meat to be full of adrenaline, which is toxic to consume. Chickens are fed ground up feathers and beaks, genetically modified corn, and are caged up, never seeing the light of day. In a society of supply and demand, the only way to stop them is to refuse them. Don't buy a toxic, carcinogenic Coke from them. Don't buy a heart clogging box of fries from them. Don't buy their death so they will have no power to control your decision making. You care so much about convenience and this is your undoing. Meat is not healthy or even proper to consume. Meat ferments and becomes acidic in the body. It takes a week or more to digest and clogs up the body, often strangling the intestines. When you see a person with a huge, distended belly, sausage fingers, triple chins, barrel-like wobbly legs, that is a combination of worms, fecal matter, candida, and undigested meat! Meat is full of parasites and their eggs. You may kill most of the parasites through cooking, but the eggs will survive and contaminate your body. Char causes cancer. Processed meats cause cancer. Eventually it will be common knowledge that eating meats cause cancer. If you argue that meat is essential for protein keep in mind that there are much better, cleaner sources of protein. Beans and rice are a protein. The bread of Ezekiel is a complete protein. Odd enough that the sin of the people Ezekiel was instructed to warn was that they ate dead meat or animals found dead. Ezekiel exclaimed that he had "...never eaten anything found dead or torn apart by wild animals!", to which he was given the recipe for a bread that just so happens to form a complete protein (a replacement for meat). He was instructed to have the people cook it over their own feces (this would infuse it with their own infestation), but he could burn manure. In fact, there are many instances in the Bible that cite meat as something unfit for consumption. Lazarus is tied to the gate (the Golden Gate of Death, syncretistically) of his rich relatives and fed meat not fit for dogs, while the dogs licked his sores and this led to his death! We are all Lazarus! We are tied to the golden gate of the rich and fed things not fit for dogs, while dogs lick us and infest us in what will eventually be the very death of us! Job was infected by parasites. His argument led to the statement "Man is but a maggot, the son of man, a worm!"! When the sons of god gathered to discuss Job, it is said that Satan accompanied them and explained that the only reason Job loved God was because god blessed him! If God were to let Satan have his way with him, but not kill him, then he would rebuke God. So all of Job's animals died, his family, and he was stricken with disease! This is not a statement about religion, rather, the hidden science within doctrine. Even Christ states that "...They will be in hell (the lower body and mind), where the worm does not die." The Book of the Essenes plainly states that Satan IS a parasite! The primary delivery system of parasites is MEAT! All of the unclean animals defined are one's that would be infested by diet! Logic. Why grow a plant so you can feed it to an animal, so you can grow the animal, so you can kill the animal, so you can eat the animal, when you could just eat the plant! Pure logic. Simple answers from the lower mind are the majority of the responses to this question. I am free and do what I want (A lie. You do what the worms living in you want.) It tastes good. (so do many things that are toxic. Aspartame is made from the excrement of E Coli. It was banned until Donald Rumsfield cooked the studies and enticed the courts. When your market is billions of people and only hundreds of thousands develop tumors, cancers, or die, this is what is called "Acceptable losses.") We are different. I am not responsible for what you are doing to the earth. I am alerting you to it so I cannot be held responsible for you. I am willing to change what I can in my own life to make a better future for my children (and people in general). I walk and don't drive. I drink clean water (never with Fluoride), eat vegetables and fruits primarily. I raise children and stay at home reading, studying, writing, playing music, meditating, and waiting for my best friend in the world, my only friend. My wife. Now lower yourselves to the level of name calling (the lowest form of debate).
  9. Hey all! I'm new here and this is my first post - please be gentle! I bought an Atari 2600 Jr. from a bootsale for £15 (~$25) including some games, with the promise that it worked. I got it home, plugged it in, and it did... sort of. The image was what I expected from an old Atari, but it had blurred lines rolling up and down the screen intermittantly. However, once I tried to turn it on and play a couple of days later, nothing... No image at all. I know the concole itself is working (as the red LED light is shining), but no image is being sent to the TV itself. I have bought a new lead to connect to my TV, but still the same result. It is also worth noting that my console has no switch to change between channels 2-3 (I opened it up, but there looks like there was never space for the switch anyway), and so I have tried manually tuning the console to the TV, with the above results. So far, I have tried the following: 1) New coax lead 2) Opening and removing dust 3) Different TVs 4) Different games 5) Manual tuning Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! (I am fairly new to Atari fixing, so baby-language would be appreciated!) Frenzii
  10. I need the foam rings that go on the switches on the atari 4 switch model. And one atari screw. I saw the foam on ebay for 10 but as a 15 year old I don't have much money, so if anyone has it for cheap then tell me.
  11. I thought myself well set for RF boxes for my TI-99/4a computers until tonight. One of my switch boxes just up and died and I came to find that the 5 pin din plug end on one somehow got crunched and now only works when it wants to. My other good working switchbox has fallen victim to the cheap, brittle antenna wire used for the TV connection and both ends simply fell off! I tried to repair them, but my soldering skills suck and it appears something shorted inside when the ends broke while connected to the TV. Ok... I found one that had an end replaced and taped on, luckily I was able to solder it enough to work and electrical taped it like crazy. Now, I really need to find a usable replacement for these. An AV cord for the TI would be nice, but I lack Paypal and forget soldering with me.
  12. Hi everyone, I just made this account as a last ditched effort to revive my Vectrex. Long story short I bought it for $50 hoping it would be an easy fix, boy was I wrong. I've adjusted every pot inside the thing, seated all socketed chips and even replaced the 6522 and mc34004p chips. Still no progress. Even accidentally removed a few solder pads in the process, even worse, my sound sometimes just decides not to work for some random reason... So just keep this in mind. Anyways onto the actually problem. My vectors don't connect/align properly. For example on Mine Storm my ship is a jumbled bit of lines and the enemies are either the same or 2/3 of a triangle or whatever they're supposed to be, some are connected while others just 'float out of place. I knew about the issue when I bought it but to be honest I had no idea it would be this much trouble trying to fix it. Is there anyone who can shed some light on this cursed vectrex? (I can even take pics and shoot a video later today and upload it) Thanks.
  13. So I bought an atari 2600 online and got it in the mail today. Hopefully the system itself works. But right now I am having trouble connecting it. My tv has 3 vhf screws(not really screws idk what to call them), one says ANT input, another converter output, and the last AUX Input. It also has 2 UHF screws below that. I have a TV/game/computer switch but it does not have prongs like most, it is only a copper wire sticking out of it. I also have the power cable. So what do I do exactly? =p
  14. I'm building an Adventure-ish game in Batari BASIC. How do you add multiple screens?
  15. I bought a an Atari 7800 at the pawn shop the other day. They plugged it in for me and everything seemed to work fine. I finally got around to playing with it(or trying) yesterday and it works fine for a few minutes and then the screen scrambles and makes a bunch of noise like i didnt have the cart in right to begin with(only after a couple minutes of playing fine). I replaced the voltage regulator attatched to the heatsink and all three capacitors but none of that did anything. Also something that looked odd to me was a resistor soldered to the leg of one of the chips. This could be normal but Ive never seen it before. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I don't know is I'm in the right forum but... I was installing the SMPS Player mod for Sonic & knucles collections by the instructions (without the HQ mod) but all seems quiet but the sfx (when I switch back the .dlls it seems to play fine, so the sound is on). P.S. I would ask on "sonic retro" but its pointless to make a forum account just to ask one question (I've done it before and now I'm bocked out of the raspberry pi forums because I forgot my username and password).
  17. Do you have to desolder the speaker wires in order to be able to put in a new polarizer film? Thank you :3
  18. For some Reason, when you die on the first screen, you go back to the main menu. I have no idea why. Te only reason the player should go back to the main menu is if the player runs out of lives. Yet is goes to the main menu even if the player has 3 lives. I can't see my logical error. I really appreciate everyone who's helped me out. Thank you all! v2.bas
  19. I know most people have probably stopped playing Game Room, but I still play it quite a bit. I have been trying to get the gold medal for point buster in Space Duel since it came out, but I can't even get close. I barely managed to get the silver medal. If anybody has any tips for racking up points in Space Duel please can you pass them along? I've watched a couple of gameplay videos to get some ideas but everybody in those videos seem to have some kind of rapid fire ability that I don't have.
  20. Hi, I would like to compete in the 2600 high score club, I just don't know where to begin. Somebody please tell me where do I start.
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