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Found 265 results

  1. Dear all, I am looking for 3 rare games for Intellivision and I hope there is a "samaritan" out there who wants to help me find them. The games I look for are: INTELLIVISION - Stadium Mud Buggies (complete, or at least the box only) - Learning Fun I (complete, or at least box and instructions) - Learning Fun II (complete, or at least box and instructions) I know these Intellivision games are among the hardest to find (only Spiker is even harder but I've got it). The most of you would probably prefer to put them on eBay, but I still hope to meet a generous samaritan who wants to sell his/her gems to a true, stubborn collector. I don't have interesting items to trade, and my only option is to pay for a reasonable (considering the rarity of the games) price. Thanks!
  2. If anyone is interested, I'm selling most of my Intellivision stuff on E-bay. A few rares, lots of commons...pretty wide collection of items. I don't actively play them anymore and I figure someone out there will get some enjoyment out of them. The game list is as follows: # Name Manual Box Overlays Sealed 1 Demon Attack x 2 Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong 4 Armor Battle x x 2 5 Dragonfire x x 2 6 Beauty & The Beast x x 1 7 Vectron x x 2 8 Motocross x x 2 9 NBA Basketball x x 2 10 NFL Football x x 2 11 Major League Baseball x x 2 12 Major League Baseball x x 2 13 Pitfall x x 14 Space Battle x x 2 15 Night Stalker x x 2 16 NASL Soccer x 17 Donkey Kong x x 18 Atlantis x x 2 19 NBA Basketball x x 2 20 Safecracker x x 2 21 Skiing x x 22 Skiing x x 2 23 Bowling x x 1 24 Q-bert x x 25 Q-bert x x 26 Horse Racing x x 2 27 Frog Bog x x 2 28 Frogger x x 29 Frogger x x 30 NHL Hockey x x 2 31 Beamrider x x 2 32 Centipede x x 33 Space Battle x x 2 34 Donkey Kong Jr x 35 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back x 36 Las Vegas BlackJack & Poker x 37 Loco-Motion x 38 NHL Hockey x 39 He-Man x 40 Las Vegas BlackJack & Poker x 41 Atlantis x 42 Space Armada x 43 Lock'N'Chase 44 Tennis x 45 Motocross x 46 Beauty & The Beast x 47 Astrosmash 48 NFL Football x 49 Burgertime x x 2 x 50 Sub Hunt x x 2 x 51 Sharp Shot x x 2 x 52 Vectron x x 2 x 53 Super Pro Football x x 2 x 54 Astrosmash x x 2 x 55 Shark Shark! x x 2 x 56 Treasure of Tarmin x x 2 x 57 Maze-A-Tron x x 2 x 58 NASL Soccer x x 2 x 59 Space Hawk x x 2 x 60 Space Armada x x 2 x 61 Armor Battle x x 2 x 62 Royal Dealer x x 2 x 63 Triple Action x x 2 x 64 Utopia x x 2 x 65 Snafu x x 2 x 66 Venture x x 2 x 67 Star Strike x x 2 x 68 Microsurgeon x x 2 x 69 Demo Attack x x 2 x 70 Lock'N'Chase x x 2 x 71 Tennis x x 2 x 72 Night Stalker x x 2 x 73 B-17 Bomber x x 2 Anyway, if you're interested, the auction is at http://www.ebay.com/itm/191643518394?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649. BTW - I took a total SWAG at the price for the listing. If anyone has a price for all this that is more "aligned with reality" I won't be offended by suggestions. Cheers!
  3. I was sorting through some old unsorted games and made an interesting discovery (to me). There is a variant within a variant for Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack. For those made in Hong Kong, on the bottom flap, some say "Manufactured for Mattel by Radofin Electronics (Far East) Ltd." instead of only "Manufactured for Mattel." This applies to the Keyboard Component box and the non-KC box too. So there are at least FOUR Hong Kong Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack box variants. Is anyone aware if other titles have the Radofin marking?
  4. The other day, I got a request from Steve Ettinger to help locate a lost Easter Egg in Spiker. A scant two hours after the request came in, I discovered what may be the earliest "production baby" announcement in video gaming history. And Egg-within-an-Egg: If you press 2 or 3 while Jessica's screen is up, it'll highlight the July 19th line or the 3:25 a.m. line (because really, under the hood, it's the first menu screen). I had previously found Kyle & Russell's menu. I guess I should have continued digging... To get Jessica's announcement, press [1] on left controller and [4] on right controller across reset. To get Kyle & Russell's menu, press [1] on both controllers across reset. And fun fact: I validated the Easter Egg on a real Intellivision using LTO Flash!'s Download & Play facility. Ever closer.... Enjoy!
  5. While I was looking at the intellivision service manual I noticed the sound chip has 3 outputs all tied together along with the external audio. I decided to try and put together a stereo mod to go along with my rgb mod and this is what I came up with. It seems like the three outputs are part of an internal DAC so I took the output of pin 3 and blended it into pins 4 and 38. This seemed to provide the most uniform sound output from either channel. The external audio is blended into both channels and has a 10pf capacitor to ground to eliminate hum. The two signals are then fed into a common base amplifier. Attached at the bottom you can find the audio recordings and other relevant info. Enjoy! Here is the schematic: This is a recording of the intro music from the crimson tower. The mono sample is taken from the solarfox av mod circuit. Here is the intro music to frogger. The mono sample is taken from the solarfox av mod circuit. Here is some audio from pitfall. The sound order is two log hits, jump, vine swing, then game over. Notice how only one channel is prominent in the stereo recording. Adding a jumper wire between the two emitters resulted in dual mono signals, so add either a switch or blend pot to the emitters if you like. This is the intro from b-17 bomber to demonstrate external audio. It's dual mono regardless of the emitter jumper discussed earlier. Edit - the 10pf capacitor should be 1nf stereo_mod_files.zip
  6. Hi all I'm thinking about releasing the OST of Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death (when the game is released for Colecovision), but I want to make a very high end release even if is only digital. My first idea was a Caverns Of Death OST with the music of every port of the game. But I think "Why not making a ENORMOUS RELEASE with the music of Sacred Tribe too and with music of at least 6 systems, an acoustic track and a bonus ROM with serial for the first 25 orders?". Basically like 60 tracks (or more) So, my idea is the next one: Sydney Hunter Definitive OST! - Sydney Hunter and the Shrine Of Perils music of Intellivision - Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe OST music of Intellivision, MSX, NES. - Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death OST music of Colecovision, Sega Master System FM Sound, Gameboy. - A special acoustic song of Sydney Hunter and Sacred Tribe. - First 25 orders gets a ROM with the OST of both games for Intellivision. (Yes, even the Caverns Of Death music!) - Digital release, high quality FLAC files without compression. - Physical release? If the people wants, sure! Any ideas? Anybody is interested? Thanks for reading c:
  7. Happy holidays, y'all! I've put together a nice jzIntv / SDK-1600 update to round out the year with. Updates in this release: Lots of documentation updates for existing and new AS1600 features in ./doc/utilities/as1600.txt Improved documentation on expression list support Improved documentation on CFGVAR support, including tables describing the supported metadata variables and their meaning. NEW: TODAY_STR_xxx and TODAY_VAL_xxx functions that return the current date and time NEW: Expression-list slicing and indexing Updates to cart.mac NEW: Better documentation regarding static vs. dynamic-paged ROM segments NEW: Explicitly mark which segments are static vs. dynamic, and adapt ROMSEGSZ to select among static segments. NEW: Add CURROMSEG and CURROMPAG symbols to query the current ROM segment number and, for dynamic-paged segments, what Mattel page number it's using. Switch to DZ-Jay's ECS detection algorithm Updates to AS1600: NEW: Add a -v flag to report assembler version (SVN revision number) NEW: Add long-option spellings for flags NEW: Add --help (aka. -h or -?) usage information NEW: TODAY_STR_xxx / TODAY_VAL_xxx support (mentioned above) Bugfixes to expression-list handling Updates to jzIntv: NEW: Reports SVN revision number Randomize JLP memory and Intellicart memory when given --rand-mem Document flags which control border area in --help output Rename tutorvision_compat to tv_compat, as it was already tv_compat most places in the source. Minor cleanups suggested by various sanitizers and warnings from different compiler environments. (Trying to keep it clean for -Werror.) Also, the Windows build is now built with GCC 7.2.0 rather than GCC 6.3.0. Not sure that makes a huge difference. Go check it out: http://spatula-city.org/~im14u2c/intv/
  8. One of my better outputs. songproto-BackInBlack.bas
  9. Hello, I just want to know how to be a member of the INTV Brotherhood ? Thank you ! Pascal
  10. I put a couple files up on Google Docs that might help people trying to get binaries working with jzIntv. Instructions: If the file's name has any spaces, consider removing the spaces. jzIntv has no problems with spaces in filenames, but the same can't be said of all the other software in the system. If the binary file is an odd number of bytes, it's probably a .ROM file. (Exception: If it's a multiple of 4096 plus one byte, it's a .BIN file that came from a particular website that added a mystery byte to their ROM images.) Rename to with the extension .ROM and try the file. If it works, stop there. If not, let's try it as a .BIN, and rename the file's extension to ".bin" [*]Look up the game title in the config list spreadsheet here: Intellivision Game Memory Maps Make a note of the memory map number in the rightmost column. [*]Copy the corresponding configuration file from this set of generic configurations to the same name as the game, only with .cfg as the extension. Example: You're trying to get diner.bin to work. Looking at the file size, it's 32768 bytes, so it's a .BIN file. Looking it up in the spreadsheet, you see it takes memory map #2. So, copy "2.cfg" from the ZIP file to "diner.cfg" et voila! It should start working. Example 2: You're trying to get diner.bin to work, but its file size 32829. That's most likely a .ROM file someone had renamed .BIN. Rename it to .ROM and it should start working.
  11. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283801281973 Intellivision Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man CIB with Comic Book Comes fully complete with box, cart, manual, 2 overlays & sleeves, game catalog, warranty card and THE COMIC BOOK! Cart is tested and working but sold as is (see pics 10-12). Item shipped in plastic game protector as shown and in a shipping box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence.
  12. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283801324403 Intellivision Super Pro Decathlon Complete in Box and Tested Actual items shown. All original and tested but sold as is. Item will be sent in a plastic game protector and mailed in an actual box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence.
  13. Intellivision Dig Dug Complete In Reproduction Box and Tested Game comes complete with reproduction box and reproduction manual. Actual items shown, tested and working but sold as is. Packed in plastic game protector and mailed in a shipping box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283808849412
  14. Hey, first-time AtariAge poster here. I came across this contest over the weekend and decided to give IntyBASIC a try. I found it to be well documented and also very easy to use, and I was surprised at how quickly that games can be prototyped with it. (In contrast, I have previously tried my hand at writing NES games, and found it to be much more difficult to get set up.) So thank you to the creators of IntyBASIC and this contest for getting me started on something that I had been wanting to try for quite some time! This is also my first time looking into the Intellivision and find the system to be quite fun to work with. For my first program prototype I chose to port the puzzle game MazezaM which was invented by Malcolm Tyrrell. The game is similar to Sokoban in the sense that you push boxes and cannot pull them. However, there are several differences: The goal is to escape the maze (as opposed to putting the boxes in particular locations). The boxes cannot be moved vertically. Horizontal pushes causes all boxes in that row to move simultaneously Malcolm first implemented the game for the ZX Spectrum in 2002 and released it under the GPL. Since then it has been ported to over 30 platforms by various programmers. This includes commercial releases on the ColecoVision and SNES (and on Android under the name 'Rote'), but as far as I can tell it has never appeared on the Intellivision. The following link includes an overview of the previous releases, and a link to a version of the game that you can play online in HTML5 using the PuzzleScript game engine: https://sites.google.com/site/malcolmsprojects/mazezam-home-page This first draft includes the 30 levels that shipped with Malcolm's 2010 release of the game. Overall, these puzzles are very challenging, and don't be surprised if you get stuck on one of the early levels for 10 minutes or more. You can restart a level by pressing any button (at least that is what the implementation is supposed to do). I have attached the .rom file and also a .zip file containing the source code (which is quite rough at this point). As mentioned above this has just been a weekend project thus far, so there are many ways in which I'd like to improve the game before the contest ends. However, I'd also like to hear your thoughts. Thank you for reading this somewhat long post and please enjoy! MazezaM_IntyBASIC_V1.zip MazezaM_V1.rom
  15. MATTEL ELECTRONICS NASL Soccer missing GFHK G2 box NBA Basketball missing GFUS box (with or without tray) NHL Hockey missing any box that doesn't mention keyboard component (with or without tray) Star Strike missing assumed GFHK box ABPA Backgammon missing Purple cartridge with no ABPA logo Auto Racing missing Full Color Purple manual Burger Time missing Korea cartridge missing white label cartridge with logo font Buzz Bombers missing HK manual missing white label that appears to be Mattel label Horse Racing missing US G2 manual NBA Basketball missingHK (B) manual NFL Football missing G1 Playbook missing (A) Hong Kong overlay Night Stalker missing Singapore cartridge (is there a Singapore box?) Space Hawk missing 920 HK manual Star Strike missing US 920 blue monochrome manual Sub Hunt missing US G1 manual Tennis missing 920 US manual missing US G1 manual (if it exists) missing US G2 manual (if it exists) Demo Carts Need Red Demonstration Cartridge Need Green Demonstration Cartridge Need International Demonstration Cartridge Mattel French Canadian APBA Backgammon in purple sleeve Bomb Squad Horse Racing in green sleeve Space Battle in red sleeve US Ski Team Skiing in blue sleeve Mattel International (slotted backs) ABPA Backgammon Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Auto Racing Checkers Frog Bog Las Vegas Roulette Math Fun (NBA) Basketball (NFL) Football (NHL) Hockey Night Stalker PBA Bowling PGA Golf Royal Dealer Star Strike TRON Maze-a-Tron SEARS complete Intellivision Inc: Auto Racing missing the G1 overlay with copyright removed Backgammon missing white label cartridge Buzz Bombers missing white label Singapore cartridge with 1982 date Checkers missing (only manual is known to exist, and I have that) Frog Bog missing B&W manual Golf missing B&W booklet style manual missing white label cartridge with copyright and USA missing white label cartridge with name only Loco-Motion missing box (may not exist) Masters of the Universe missing white label cartridge with no date Math Fun missing accordion manual Mr Basic missing B&W manual missing white label cartridge Pinball missing box with UPC code Royal Dealer missing white label US cartridge Soccer missing white label HK cartridge Super Series Big League Baseball missing TRON Solar Sailer missing B&W manual Word Fun missing white label cartridge missing overlay with no copyright line missing box (may not exist) Digiplay missing everything but Pitfall, Masters, Math Fun, Lock N Chase, Astrosmash, AD&D and Deadly Discs. INTV Corp Body Slam missing large text cartridge label Chip Shot missing accordion manual Commando missing small text cartridge label Diner missing clean box with 1-2 players and UPC code Pac-Man missing both boxes that say 1-2 players with UPC missing the cartridge with the smaller label without hyphen Slam Dunk could use box for cart variant that I have Spiker Need real box Need "Volleyball" cart Need "Super Pro Volleyball" cart Super Pro Football missing box with UPC code on left Tower of Doom missing box with UPC World Championship Baseball missing box with UPC code and Intellivision instead of game name on the bottom Activision - Happy Trails international manual River Raid overlays Coleco/CBS - Donkey Kong need CBS international AND French boxes Lady Bug need CBS German Turbo need French Canadian need CBS international Venture need CBS German Zaxxon need CBS UK, French need French Canadian cartridge Dextell - World Cup Soccer - need accordion fold manual Imagic Demon Attack need English 1B manuals Dracula need international edition Dragonfire need international edition Ice Trek need international edition Microsurgeon need international edition need 1A left overlay and 1B right overlay Nova Blast need international edition Safecracker need international edition Swords & Serpents need both international editions need 1b Box and 2A manual Tropical Trouble need international edition White Water need international edition Interphase - Blockade Runner - need B&W manual and text cartridge Parker Brothers Frogger need international version Popeye need French Canadian version need international version Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back need French Canadian version Super Cobra need French Canadian version Any box that is not shown for the game on https://www.history.blueskyrangers.com
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